Thursday, December 31, 2020

Makinde Emerged Best Performing Governor For Year 2020 | Southwest-frontier News

Seyi Makinde's beats Counterparts in South-west, emerges The Best Performing Governor of the year,2020 and The Pride of Western Nigeria'

December 31, 2020

The Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde wins the merit award during The Southwest First Alert Leadership and Excellence Annual Award Program.

The online vote was organized by the @Southwest First Alert Communication, where many Nigerians perticipate through votes.

Based on numerous infrastructural projects embarked upon by the present administration lead by His Excellency, Oluwaseyi Makinde.

Other shortlisted governors for the merit award are Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State, Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State, Governor Akeredolu of Ondo State, Governor Oyetola of Osun State and Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State.

The SouthWest First Alert Leadership and  Excellence Annual Awards recognises best performances and challenges recipients to do more.

Source: Southwest First Alert New Edition!

2021: Welcome To A New Dawn - Sen Kola Balogun | Southwest-frontier News


December 31, 2020
The Senator representing the Oyo South district in the ninth national Assembly, Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has described 2021 as a new dawn, coming after the darkest night of 2020 which was marred with pandemic, recession, violence and spate of unpleasantness. 

According to the statement signed by the Special Adviser on Media, Senator Kola Balogun felicitates the good people of Oyo South, entire Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole for making it through the very eventful 2020.

According to Senator Balogun; "Though we still have the pandemic with us, we must enter 2021 with gratitude because God has been gracious in making us see 2021 and great hope of survival as we continue to follow Covid 19 prevention protocol until everyone can be vaccinated".

I wish us a joyful and prosperous 2021, devoid of crises and drama like we experienced in 2020. I must also use this opportunity to encourage my constituents that I will ensure dividends of democracy reach every nook and cranny of my district in this fiscal year, as improvement to all the various projects accomplished in 2020, despite the pandemic.


Rotimi Johnson
SA Media

Monday, December 28, 2020

We'll Extract Value From Miineral Resources, Agriculture To Develop Oyo - Makinde | Southwest-frontier News

We'll extract value from mineral resources, agriculture to develop Oyo - Makinde gov meets Obas, renders account of stewardship 

December 28, 2020
Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, has declared that his administration's determination to extract value from mineral resources abundant in the Oke Ogun area of the state, and the competitive advantage of the area in terms of agriculture to boost  agribusiness and the state's Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, remains on course.

The governor made this disclosure during a visit to the palace of the Okere of Saki, Oba Khalid Olabisi, where he met with traditional rulers from Oke Ogun Zone 1, assuring them that his government will continue to do everything possible to develop the state and uplift its people.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor was in Oke Ogun to inspect ongoing works at the headquarters of the Oyo State Agribusiness Development Agency (OYSADA), Saki.

Governor Makinde, who maintained that Oke Ogun is a treasure base for Oyo State, and that his government will treat it as such, highlighted some of the on-going projects aimed at developing the zone in line with the economic expansion agenda of the administration.

According to the governor, the on-going 68-kilometre Moniya-Iseyin Road, the on-going OYSADA Complex construction, the on-going Saki Township Road construction, as well as the location of the 72 Mobile Police Squadron base in Ago-Are, were some of the efforts to develop the zone as a treasure base of the state.

Commenting on the on-going OYSADA Complex, the governor said: "I have inspected the on-going project of OYSADA Headquarters that we brought here. Though they have made some progress, I am still not satisfied. They promised that it will be completed by 10th of December but they said there were challenges with evaluation and release of funds. Now, that is being resolved and I look forward to coming back here by the end of March. I will spend about 10 days; with the whole of government functionaries that will be here with me."

The governor added that he has already signed an agreement that all the mineral resources in Oke Ogun should be mapped so that the state will be able to extract value for itself and the Oke Ogun region.

The governor equally called on the traditional rulers to continue to support his government, stating that the progress being experienced by the state is an indication of the fact that the traditional rulers and other leaders were doing what they are supposed to do.

He said: "Apart from the fact that I came to greet Kabiyesi and other paramount chiefs that are here seated, I pray that we shall live to see the coming year and shall be a fulfilling one for us.

"I really want to appreciate you for the support you are giving to the current administration in Oyo State. It is your government too. If a state is progressing, it means the rulers at the helm of affairs are practically doing what they are supposed to do. And 2020 in particular has been a very challenging one. We can see that all of us are wearing face masks and observing other guidelines because we are faced with pandemic and economic meltdown. So, it was really tasking. Of course, in our locality here, the issue of banditry is also another issue.

"For instance, Saki shares an international border and it is more of an international issue because we have bandits all the way from Mali that are trying to cross. Once they gain entrance into anywhere they can operate, they will stay there. 

"When we inaugurated Amotekun, you gave us your support. When some bandits went to the bush at Kishi, we were able to flush them out with all the efforts of all of us here.

"So, we want to use this opportunity to say thank you to you all."
In his response, the Okere of Saki, appreciated the governor and his entourage, stating that the Makinde administration has done many things to make people happy, especially in Saki.

He said: "On Saki Township Road, we are gradually seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The speed at which the project is being done is commendable. Really speaking, in the Oke Ogun axis of the state, we have so many things to thank Governor Makinde for.

"Many of our people also asked us to thank you concerning the way you handled the LAUTECH divorce issue successfully. We have also heard that you are planning to make it a multi-campus institution. We want to beg you that we need two campuses here in Oke Ogun. 

"If you have observed, our axis is the only zone that is backward in Oyo State, which is not supposed to be so. I am saying this because we are blessed with many mineral resources. We just want someone that can support us a little bit. And who will? It is actually the government."

The meeting had in attendance the Speaker of the House of Assembly,  Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin; the chairman of the Oyo State Advisory Council, Senator Hosea Agboola; Deputy Chief of Staff, Hon. Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola; Commissioner for Establishment and Training, Alhaji Siju Lawal.

Others were the Director-General of OYSADA, Dr. Debo Akande; the Director-General, Due Process, Ms. Tara Adefope; Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Sustainable Development Goals, Hon. Kunle Yusuff; full-time Commissioner in the Local Government Service Commission, Hon. Oyesina Oyedeji, among others.

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

Friends Of Deji Ola (FOD) Gives Account For Year 2020 Achievements, Vows To Do More In 2021 | Southwest-frontier News

FRIENDS OF DEJI OLA (FOD) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religion organization with over 8000 volunteers from all the 33 Local Government in Oyo State.

December 28, 2020
Aside our routine activities, our volunteers can conveniently handle the following:

1. Community Drama
2. Go-afishing
3. Road show
4. Rally
5. Interpersonal Communication (IPC)
6. Capacity Building 

We also have considerable number of volunteers among Female Sexual workers (FSW), Transport Workers (TW), female out of shcool youths (FOSY), Males out of shcool youth (MOSY) Etc.

We are on a mission to positively change the naratives with H.E Engr Seyi Makinde while we continue to be part of positive history. For we are pace setters.

Below are some of our achievements in the year 2020

1. Skill Acquisition
60 youths were trained to celebrate Nigeria 60 year of independence

2. Environmental sanitation and awareness
We aggressively engaged  ourselves in Environmental Sanitation exercise just to compliment efforts of the state Government. We should not forget that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

3. Capacity Building
We continously trained our members and other interested groups on life building skills, self esteem, setting goals etc.

4. Free tutorial
At the peak of the pandemic (Covid-19), we organized free online tutorial for over 800 SSCE students using different platforms such as Zoom,  whatsapp etc.

5. Sharing of pallaitives
At the peak of the pandemic, we shared food material and other household items to the needy who were negatively affected by the novel virus causing disease call Covid-19

6. Clothe the needy
For we are fully aware that one in five children walk around without good clothing or with tattered cloth. This triggered our decision to clothe the needful and we were able to reach over 2000 beneficiaries.

7 Feed the needy
We also gave food items to those in need through the help of members and other volunteers.

8 HIV/AIDS awareness
On 1st December which is world's AIDS day, we shut all social platfoms down to reawake Nigerians about the deadly disease.
9  Covid-19 awareness
We also voluntarily contributed our quota in this big project and our roles was unprecedented

10 Free hand sanitizer and facemask
Over 400 face mask and hand sanitizer were shared to curtail the spread of covid-19 and other related disease.

11. One book one pen
Over 1800 exercise books were shared to public primary school children. 

12. Promotion of Good Governance
We continously promoted governance from federal government level to local government level.

13 Promotion of religion tolerance
Because of our zeal to always preach religion tolerance in our immediate environment, we collectively agreed to go for thanks giving in church and special jumat prayer where all members participated irrespective of religion differences.

14. Awareness against female genital mutilation
FGM is man-made evil against our girls and we have taken it as point of duty to always preach against it.

15 Awareness against gender based voilence
We recorded exceptional success stories in this campaign and we have started seeing a great change in our communities.

16. War against RAPE
Early this year, we pronounced war against rape and we have successfully completed the first phase while hoping to see Government swinging into action and apprehend those who were caught in the act in order to serve as deterrent for others.

We have great appetite to do more and never to relent on our mission to positively change the naratives.

Wishing you all prosperous new year ahead .




Speaking from both sides of the mouth is an idiomatic expression but after critically studying Pastor Tunde Bakare's attack on Yoruba leaders and support for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, I concluded that this is more than just speaking, he is living on double standard; promoting vices and virtues 
I make bold to declare that I have nothing against Jagaban's aspiration and I think it's too early for a Yoruba politician not in his party to declare or against him; let's see his opponents first. However, seeing the way my former Pastor took a swipe at the Yoruba leaders, I posted on Facebook that he needs our prayers as Christians. Not for supporting Asiwaju but for how and where he did it. So, let's analyse his public statements about the same subject and see how much of integrity can be ascribed to him.
Evidently from the last video, Pastor Tunde Bakare didn't say anything about Asiwaju Tinubu that was new but he tried to justify some of these things. In justifying them, he stated many facts but they contradicted his initial stand on same person:

In June 2011, Pastor Tunde Bakare claimed a bastard can't rule the Yorubas and he was referring to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. In 2020, he is saying those holding to such opinions are stupid and rancorous. Do we now conclude that Pastor Bakare was only being rancorous when he was attacking Tinubu? Remember, he claimed those opposing Tinubu are envious of him and they have not achieved what Tinubu has done. To me, it's not about who he supports but his person as vessel of honor.
In October 2019, Pastor Tunde Bakare claimed; "Unfortunately, Nigerian people, you celebrate your villains and crucify your heroes.” 14 months after, the same man is justifying why Asiwaju is a clean thief and learnt it from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The painful part of the sermon was when he charged his congregation or listeners to go and make their money too. Sincerely, that was no longer issue of whether Asiwaju stole or not, it was an issue of endorsing stealing public funds, but make sure you are not caught. Hmmm! That coming from the pulpit calls for prayers.
In November 1999, Pastor Tunde Bakare declared in a Sunday service how the then candidate of PDP would be killed before he could be sworn in as President. I was in the service that day and to say I was embarrassed by that sermon is an understatement. I invited two of my cousins to Church the first time that day but I had to apologise to them because the message was from the flesh, not the spirit of God.

Coincidentally, I shared the revelation I had before coming to Lagos on how God told me Obasanjo has won already because I was planning and praying for how to help him win.

This same Pst Bakare that didn't only speak against Obasanjo then but wanted him dead is the same person canvassing for Tinubu on the basis of tribe. I remembered how Pastor Tunde Bakare openly admitted in 1988 or thereabouts that he needed prayers and asked virgins and old women to come forward and pray for him. I think he needs to repeat that same exercise now because a single vessel can't spout both cold and hot water at the same time.

In early 2020, I saw this live interview on Channels television on how Pastor Tunde Bakare was so sure of his becoming President Buhari successor. Though he didn't affirm that God told him so and that was fair enough but for him to come to the public and declare something contrary without reference to the initial position is like playing on the intelligence of his congregation or listeners. Again, I think this is an issue of integrity, not about who he is supporting. 

My suspicion: The way Pastor Tunde Bakare read out that particular aspect of his sermon gave me the impression he was under duress and what he was to say was written out for him; that's in the manner of the Mafia operations of silencing their voliceferous oppositions. To butress my suspicion, Pastor Tunde Bakare stated all the things he complained about same Tinubu but condemned vehemently those holding same views in the message. The issue then is what has he done wrong or what does he want from the power that be?  If that's the case, he still needs our prayers because that is big compromise.. 

As much as I wish Asiwaju well in this particular aspiration, claiming that he fought many battles for the Yorubas and won is a lie from the pit of hell. What I expected Pastor Tunde Bakare to do was to see to how he would broker peace among the Yoruba leaders and encourage them to support Asiwaju or whoever he thinks, not condemning the tribal leaders because of Asiwaju because whether we like it or not, they are influencers and part of the electorate. 

Leadership Quote: "People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach". — David A. Bednar

 Sincerely, I would love to campaign for a Presidential aspirant if given the opportunity but integrity matters in how we go about it. Truly we all have past like Pastor Tunde Bakare said but the integrity of the messengers is very crucial to the success of the campaign. In this particular case, there is a big question mark before the personality of the messenger.

Rotimi Johnson Ojasope

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dare Adeleke Debunk Assertions, Says No Agreement Between Makinde & Party Leaders To Allow Olafeso Return As Zonal Chairman Of PDP | Southwest-frontier News

Dare Adeleke Debunk Assertions, Says No Agreement Between Makinde And Party Leaders To Allow Olafeso Return As Zonal Chairman Of PDP

December 27, 2020

PDP stalwart, Dare Adeleke has debunked assertions that there was an agreement between Govermor Seyi  Makinde of Oyo State and party leaders, to allow Eddy Olafeso return as Zonal Chairman of the party if he failed at the governorship race in Ondo State.

It will be recalled that Eddy Olafeso had resigned as Vice Chairman to pursue a gubernatorial ambition. 
Reacting to the statement credited to Adedeji Doherty, Chairman PDP Lagos, Adeleke insists that there was never any such agreement.

He explained that Ayo Fayose is causing all the confusion in the party for his own selfish reasons: "Ayo Fayose is  a perpetual traitor and highly selfish." Adeleke says.

"It is Fayose who thwarted the traditional zoning arrangements of the party. Eddy Olafeso, who was the former chairman in the zone, hails from Ondo State while the National Treasurer Aribisala Adewale, was imposed on the party, when Ayo Fayose was the Governor of Ekiti State. 

Traditionally Ekiti and Ondo States, share one position but with those two positions, they deprived  the other four states of their right. Normally the Treasurer is supposed to be given to Oyo state. Fayose has proven to be a stupid and irresponsible leader who is like a mad man determined to set his own house on fire".

Adeleke who has consistently maintained that Fayose is working with APC National Leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to deliver the South West Zone to Tinubu in 2023 says Ayo Fayose's plans against the party and the South West will never work: 

"Fayose is known as a perpetual traitor. He's a constant visitor at Tinubu's house. Of recent, the senators visited their colleagues, thank God, our most distinguished Senator Kola Balogun, was at the entourage of visiting senators to commensurate with Lagos state Govt. At this meeting, we got information that Tinubu reiterated his support for Fayose. He advised Senator Abiodun Olujinmi to reconcile with Fayose but our iron lady told him frankly that, he should advise Fayose to join him in APC. Everyone who is sincere to himself knows that the character, Fayose and his cohorts are working for Tinubu and are hell bent on polarising the party so he can lay claim to zonal leadership all for the purpose of helping Tinubu achieve his elusive dream of becoming President of Nigeria in 2023. That is how Fayose jumped from 
 Labour to ACN and the back to PDP when he could not achieve his devious aims. His antecedent is full of treachery."

" It is pertinent to point out that the Eddy Olafeso, that Ayo Fayose is promoting worked against Eyitayo Jegede during the last Ondo election. That is the same person Fayose wants as Vice Chairman of the party. The same person who helped him to sell the governorship to the APC. Can we now say they are  partners in crime?

It is also noteworthy that the APC Deputy  governor, Agboola Ajayi came to thank Fayose for his support during the Ondo State election.

It is therefore a very open secret that these men led by Fayose, worked against the PDP in Ondo." Adeleke stated.
The Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Services called on the national leadership of the party to be very wary of Ayo Fayose: " I advice the National leadership of our great party to be most mindful of listening to Fayose who is a turncoat and APC ally. They would do well to listen to advise from Seyi Makinde, a governor who is highly respected and has the ear of the people. 

A man who can never compromise the party's interest.  
Seyi Makinde, is a complete gentleman and highly resourceful unlike the rabble rousing traitor called Fayose.
The party must bear in mind that Makinde was recently named the most Performed Governor in the whole country. A man of proven integrity would lead the party towards desired success  when the elections hold in 2023, rather than one who is openly hobnobbing with the 'enemy'." He said.

Adeleke is emphatic that "the Zonal Chairmanship already zoned to Oyo state, no going back on that." He says.

Friday, December 25, 2020



....Celebrating, His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde at 53

December 25, 2020

I wish to join families, friends, relatives, acquaintances and the entire good people of Oyo State to heartily rejoice with our dexterous and exemplary Governor on his auspicious birthday anniversary

Your Excellency, you are an inspiration to the youths, many political office holders, and Oyo State masses at large.
Through your thoughtful leadership, great vision, sincerity and transparency
you have had positive impacts on all and sundry and every aspect of life in Oyo State.

I am thankful for you and pray that as you celebrate your birthday, you will be graced with many more fulfilling years with joy and sound health.

I pray that you will constantly evolve in positive lights in all sphere of life as your journey continues.

Congratulations sir!!!

Afolabi O. Akinfenwa 
Member, Oyo State PDP Media Team.

Hon Gbaroye Felicitates, Governor Makinde At 53, Describes Him A Sterling Motivator | Southwest-frontier News

Hon Gbaroye Felicitates, Governor Makinde At 53, Describes Him A Sterling Motivator 

December 25, 2020
Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye, A PDP Chieftain in Ona-Ara Local Government Area has describes the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency Governor. Seyi Makinde as a consequential and quintessential man of substance and inestimable worth

Hon. Gbaroye said, Governor. Makinde is an astonishing egghead whose quest for ken is insatiable
He further describes the celebrant Governor Makinde as a sterling motivator, A willing problem solver, soft tender, Loving and kind

Applying too much usage of words in giving a vivid description of His Excellency is not necessary because words can't tell it all

I celebrate our amiable and pragmatic Governor today and ever,  because He's a special being!

The Most High shall grant you according to your own heart and fulfill all your petitions sir

I pray God honours your wishes and utmost desires.
Greater heights in Jesus name. 


Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye 
PDP Chieftain, Ona Ara LGA

Opinion: Seyi Makinde Is Making Sense - By Moyosore Olamilekan (Ijoba Authority) | Southwest-frontier News

Gov. Seyi Makinde Is Making Sense

December 25, 2020
He is a bulldozer for Good Governance.

He is the Touch BEARER anyone can linked with.

He is a Trail Blazer and Speaking Voice to the Oppressed.

No wonder, Ijoba Authority Moe said , It can't be in the AGENDA of the Oppressors to Determine the Liberation of the Oppressed.

Little wonder, He was described as an Initiator and Action of Good Governance, better State in Oyo State Assured.

He is not a perfect being but an Indicator of Humility, Empathy, Transparency, Sincerity, Equity and Magnanimity.

He is a visionary Leader with broad 🦅 eye and bird's-eye view. He is such an accelerator, moderator and Rotor for peaceful coexistence of every Time, Dick and Harry.

GSM is a game changer, Inspirational Leader per Excellence, Motivator by Action...

He is never tired of making life better and conducive for his people, a SERVANTS to pieces, that nothing can be traded for irrespective of who the third party is/are.

A non Partisan Leader, ready to work and walk with anyone adding value to the system and MAP.




Hearty Cheers To The Architect Of Modern Oyo State – Oyo PDP Hails Governor Makinde At 53 | Southwest-frontier News

Hearty Cheers To The Architect Of Modern Oyo State – Oyo PDP Hails Governor Makinde @53

December 25, 2020
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Oyo state chapter has felicitated the executive governor of Oyo state, Engr Seyi Makinde as he clocks 53 years old.

The party's spokesman in the state, Engr Akeem Olatunji, in a felicitation statement on Thursday described governor Makinde as the architect of modern Oyo state.

He explained that there was no way anyone could argue the fact that governor Makinde has the hand of God upon his head to have attained such a global personality status at the age of 53 on 25th of December despite his humble beginning.

Olatunji maintained that governor Makinde's life will continue to be a reference for motivations among all age grades of persons for many generations to come.

The ruling party explained that the 'Seyi Makinde effect' still mesmerizes people particularly members of the opposition parties who never expected the Makinde magic wand across sectors of the state economy.

Olatunji, who likened governor Makinde with David in the Holy scriptures explained that his outstanding leadership skills and humility are both exceptional for a man so successful in life as governor Makinde.
"We as the ruling party in Oyo state join our hearts with others across the state, Nigeria, and the rest of the entire world to celebrate our leader, father, and mentor, His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde, the executive governor of Oyo state as he clocks 53 year old today.

"According to the Holy scripture, we are taught to count our blessings that we may be able to number our days and fully appreciate God's goodness in our lives, and in this likeness, we celebrate our dexterous and most performed governor in Nigeria on the auspicious occasion of his 53rd birthday.

"You are indeed, and unarguably the architect of modern Oyo state in which we now as citizens and residents have our sense of pride restored because you willingly abandoned your private life of great influence and affluence to serve humanity as the governor of the Pacesetter's state.

"With your approach to governance and purposeful leadership, it is now evidently obvious that with genuineness of the heart, indeed a lot can be achieved with so scarce resources. Our prayers are therefore, with you always to grow from strength to strength in good health and long life.

"You are a symbol of pride not just to Oyo state but Nigeria as a whole because your purposeful leadership has endeared the attention of international community to Oyo state and it is manifested in various partnerships, collaborations and synergies with the government of Oyo state under your leadership.

"The hand of God which is upon you will continue to increase you in wisdom, order your every step, even as you continue to battle with political hawks to take Oyo state to it's well deserved enviable height among committee of states in Nigeria." The statement reads.

Engr Akeem Olatunji
Publicity Secretary
Oyo State PDP



December 25, 2020
DR. Anthony Adepoju,  the Chairman Water Corporation of Oyo State   congratulates H.E Engr Seyi Makinde, the Executive Governor of Oyo State on the occasion of his 53rd birthday celebration.

Ìbàràpà kan join family members, friends, associates and all the good people of Oyo State to celebrate with the dynamic, dedicated and trailblazing Governor as  he celebrates his 53rd birthday.

Truly, Governor Seyi Makinde is a blessing to Oyo State, His act of delivery of good governance in all sector is exceptional. 

I join the good people of Oyo State to pray to  Almighty God to  continually grant His Excellency good health, wisdom and understanding and He propel the governance in Oyo State. 

The mark His Excellency have made in Oyo State has etched his name in gold, 

Conclusively, Dr. Anthony Adepoju, encouraged the good people of Ìbàràpà land to be watchful and vigilant as they go about celebrating Christmas; taking heed to continue in their strict adherence to the protocols of COVID-19.

The grace of God will envelope us all .

I wish you all a wonderful  Christmas.



December 25, 2020

The Association of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Assistants of Nigeria {AMELTAN} Oyo State Branch, South West Zone, and by Extension AMELTAN National Joins all well wishers,Political Associates, Family and Friends in Rejoicing with His Excellency Engr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde on this Special day of He's, indeed it is a day not Just Special to the Family of the Celebrant alone, but to all well meaning Citizens of Oyo State, South west Zone, and by extension the Federal Republic of Nigeria at Large.
Our Sincere heartfelt Prayers for you is that God would grant you long life, in good health to fulfill your calling and purpose for the State, South west Zone and by extension this great Country Nigeria.

Happy Birthday To an Exemplary Leader per Excellence Engr. Seyi MakindeThe Executive Governor of Oyo State

Comr. Ibekwe Simeon
Oyo State Secretary/
South West Zonal Publicity Secretary {AMELTAN}



December 25, 2020
The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and promise of peace and goodwill that comes with his birth is very relevant as we round up a year as tumultuous as 2020 has been.

Hon Dr Ajibola Muraina in celebrating with the good people of Oyo State in general and his constituents, the people of Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency in particular, prayed that the peace and goodwill of God will be established in our hearts as a people and in our nation, Nigeria.

Furthermore, the federal lawmaker, on behalf of the Obas, traditional rulers, the PDP family and the entire sons and daughters of Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency felicitates Governor Seyi Makinde who has the joyful distinction of having his birthday on Christmas day.

Finally, Hon Muraina appeals to all and sundry to take to heart the warnings about a second wave of Covid-19 pandemic and be circumspect in celebrating, taking care to observe all the necessary safety protocols so that everyone can keep safe and healthy into the coming new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous 2021 ahead.

Olubunmi Sodipo
S. A. Media
25th December, 2020

Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye Calls For Peace, Love And Restoration Of Lost Glory At Christmas | Southwest-frontier News

Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye Calls For Peace, Love And Restoration Of Lost Glory At Christmas 

December 25, 2020
I congratulate our Christian brothers and sisters on the celebration of this year’s Christmas 

The message of Christmas is filled with themes of love, faith, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, expectation and victory, as espoused in the Scriptures and the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate yet another Christmas, I urge our people in Ona-Ara to live peacefully with one another and do their utmost to be a good ambassador of Ona-Ara and Oyo state as a whole 

It is in our collective interest to live in peace because without peace, no meaningful and new development can take place. Our people must rediscover the values of peaceful co-existence, religious tolerance, dignity of labour and patriotism.

I enjoin our people to keep faith in the determination and ability of Governor Seyi Makinde's administration to change the Oyo Sate and Nigeria story for the good of all.

I wish all our people happy Christmas celebrations.

Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye
PDP Chieftain, Ona Ara LGA



December 25, 2020
The Senator representing the Oyo South district, Dr Mohammed Kola Balogun has joined other citizens, friends, followers and family members to say happy 53rd birthday to Engr Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde, the people's Governor of Oyo State.

In a brief statement issued by his Media Aide, Senator Kola Balogun describes Governor Seyi Makinde as someone who has many reasons to be grateful for on the occasion of this year's birthday and we join him in this gratitude to God almighty.

In Sen Kola Balogun's words; "we rejoice with our Governor, the Party's Southwest leader and we pray God continues to guide, guard and endow him with more divine wisdom so that his envisioned roadmap for accelerated development of Oyo State can be actualised"

Congratulations to our dear Governor.

Rotimi Johnson
SA Media

Hon. Nureni Akinteye Felicitates Governor Seyi Makinde At 53 | Southwest-frontier News

Hon. Nureni Akinteye Eulogizes Governor Seyi Makinde At 53

December 25, 2020

An Ibarapa north stalwarts of People's Democratic Party(PDP), grassroot mobilizer, an unrepentant advocate of Omititun campaign in the Ibarapa zones, also a chairmanship aspirant in Ibarapa north local government area has eulogized the Executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr Seyi Makinde as he marks his 53rd birthday on earth.

The Chairmanship aspirant said at 53, Egnr Seyi Makinde remains a symbol of peace, unity and progress not only in Oyo State but in the entire country.

Hon Akinteye noted that since becoming the Governor of Oyo state in 2019, Governor Makinde has become a blessing, a pillar and lover of his people.

Governor Makinde, today marks a commemorative day in your life as you clock 53 and we join millions of our citizens to wish you a happy 53rd birthday and God's continuous guidance, blessing and wisdom," Hon Akinteye said.

Afolabi Akinfenwa 
Media Aide

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Celebration: My Principal Gov Seyi Makinde At 53 - Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan (Ijoba Authority) | Southwest-frontier News


December 24, 2020
Today is your birthday. I thank God for all the good things He has put in your life, and I ask that He continue to bless you and Family.

I pray that God blesses you with all the happiness in this universe. May you prosper and shine everywhere you go.

I ask for God’s unconditional love and favour upon you as you celebrate the day on which you were ushered into this world. I wish you all the best in life and may you never lack in any ways.
Finally the highly anticipated birthday has arrived. I pray that on this special occasion, God’s awesome grace to do great Exploit be bestowed upon your life and may you meet with success in whatever you do. 

I pray for more Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding for you even as you journey in the mandate God and Oyo Masses placed in your open arms to deliver good GOVERNANCE and beyong.

Enjoy your birthday Sir.


Hon Akinteye Urges Christians To Show Love At Christmas | Southwest-frontier News

Hon Akinteye Urges Christians To Show Love At Christmas 

December 24, 2020
I congratulate our Christian brothers and sisters on the celebration of this year’s Christmas 

The message of Christmas is filled with themes of love, faith, sacrifice, dedication, commitment, expectation and victory, as espoused in the Scriptures and the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate yet another Christmas, I urge our people in Ibarapa north to live peacefully with one another and do their utmost to make Ibarapaland and Oyo state a beautiful place to reside.

I'm determined to restore the loss Glory of Ibarapa north local government area and God's willing Oyo state at large at destined time.
It is in our collective interest to live in peace because without peace, no meaningful and new development can take place. Our people must rediscover the values of peaceful co-existence, religious tolerance, dignity of labour and patriotism.

I enjoin our people to keep faith in the determination and ability of Governor Seyi Makinde's administration to change the Oyo Sate and Nigeria story for the good of all.

I wish all our people happy Christmas celebrations.

Afolabi Akinfenwa 
Media Aide



December 24, 2020
The Caretaker Chairman of Omi-Apata Local Council Development Area Hon Sheriff Adeojo has congratulated Christians for witnessing 2020 Christmas season.

Hon Sheriff Adeojo said " despite the challenges Nigerians faced such as COVID-19 pandemic, EndSars protests and the attendant effects, Christians still have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with family and friends.

He then charged them to be more prayerful in order to overcome all challenges of life and also emulate the situation surrounding the birth of Christ that symbolises humility.

Hon Sheriff Adeojo therefore enjoined all and sundry to imbibe spirit of love, forgiveness, unity, togetherness and humility.

The council boss also admonished them to be security conscious, celebrate in moderation and continue to adhere strictly to COVID-19 preventive measures by washing hands with liquid soap, using face masks and avoid large gatherings.

Mrs. Banke Adeyemo
DDESS/ Head, Information Unit
Omi-Apata LCDA

IT's A Thanksgiving Christmas - Sen Kola Balogun | Southwest-frontier News


December 24, 2020
The Senator representing the Oyo South district, Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has described 2020 Christmas as a Thanksgiving Christmas for all those whose God's mercy have allowed to be alive, Hale and hearty.

In his Christmas greeting released by his Media Aide, Senator Balogun felicitates the Christian brethren on the joyous anniversary of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and that it's has been an usual year for all asundry. 2020 is a levelling year all over the world; the mighty and the lowly have fallen to the pandemic and the attendant crises, so only those who have God's mercy are still standing.

According to Senator Balogun: "As we celebrate this year's Christmas, let's remember that it's the season to mark the birth of someone who gave himself as sacrifice and we should do our best to bring joy to many souls in the spirit of the season. Let's celebrate with others but let's do everything responsibly in accordance with Covid 19 protocol".

Once again, I wish you all a joyous Christmas and happy new year in advance.

Rotimi Johnson
Special Adviser, Media.

Oyo PDP Not Factionalized, Sen Balogun Is Our Pride - Dare Adeleke | Southwest-frontier News


December 24, 2020

A top member of PDP in the South West, Dare Adeleke has stated that the party is not factionalised in Oyo State.
Adeleke who is Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Company was reacting to a statement signed by 
A certain Babatunde Nafiu which derided Senator Kola Balogun for referring to Ayo Fayose, Ex- Governor of Ekiti State as a nuisance and an agent of instability.

Babatunde Nafiu in his statement published by the Vanguard Newspapers, among other things alleged that Senator Balogun's "track records is (sic) as almost empty like a warehouse without goods."
In his response Adeleke says there is no such individual as Babatunde Nafiu in Oyo PDP: "It is a fake name and such a person does not exist.  
They are all impostors a faceless, invisible, non-existent bunch. Nobody can fictionalise PDP Oyo state. I would like to point out the fact that the Distinguished Senator Kola Balogun, is in order.  Fayose doesn't have monopoly of gangsterism. Ibadan people are known to be warriors and conquerors. Those who are comparing APC with PDP are comparing light with darkness"
Continuing, Adeleke notes: "Ayo Fayose and his cohorts are avowed Tinubu's faction of the APC, it is not hidden."

"All the show of shame that they have been exhibiting will not change the hands of the clock.  We are resolute and determined to bring South West on victory track. Fayose and his cohorts will suffer everlasting humiliation"
If they say Distinguished Senator Balogun has no track record, they are rubbing their nose in the dung because Fayose himself tried to become a senator and failed. Today what is his track record? Impeachment, failure and disgrace. He is the laughing stock of the South West. Suddenly he has lost his voice, he cannot insult Buhari again, instead he has become an APC errand boy. What a poetic Justice for a man who has been a traitor all his political life!"

Adeleke stressed that, "Senator Kola Balogun is a blue blood prince, a pride of Ibadan land."

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Fayose Is Southwest Nuisances' Leader - Sen Kola Balogun | Southwest-frontier News


December 23, 2020
The Senator representing the Oyo South district in the ninth national Assembly, Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has described former Governor of Ekiti State, Mr Peter Ayodele Fayose as a nuisance who can only attract like minds with disputable characters. 

According to the press release by his Media Aide, Senator Balogun describes Mr Fayose as a divisive element who has always been insubordinate, rebellious and arrogant. The antecedents of Mr Fayose show that he has ulterior motive and is the APC agent in PDP; time will confirm the suspicions. 

"The Southwest PDP caucus in the ninth Assembly held a meeting and unanimously reaffirmed Governor Seyi Makinde as the Southwest leader of the PDP and the said meeting was Chaired by Senator Akinyelure of Ondo central district. So, it's not issue of Governor Makinde affirming himself as the leader in the Southwest zone, it's what the party confers and reaffirmed by the elected officials. When Fayose was the Southwest leader of the party, he was not the oldest or most experienced politician in the zone but it is the party's culture to ascribe leadership to the most senior elected official and that's not dependent on anyone's opinion. It's his sinister motive and mischief that are responsible for his vituperation".

It is important to note that former Governor Fayose is running from the EFCC and since his Governorship immunity expired, he has stopped attacking the President and romancing the ruling party, making efforts to cause distability within the PDP.

Senator Kola Balogun concluded by admonishing the people to regard comments from Mr Fayose as one from APC faction in PDP and their intentions are no longer hidden from the enlightened mind.

Rotimi Johnson
SA Media

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

We'll Continue To Improve Oyo's Health Sector - Makinde | Southwest-frontier News

We'll continue to improve Oyo's health sector - Makinde

...VVF repair project'll continue, gov says

...warns residents  not to let down guard on COVID-19

December 22, 2020
Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, on Monday, declared that his administration will continue to improve the health sector, noting that current developments in the sector point to the fact that  the incumbent administration in the state is on the right track.

He added that all health development initiatives in the state will factor in women and children because they are an important part of the effort to lift the people out of poverty to prosperity.

This was as the governor warned residents of the state to be alert amid talks of a second wave of COVID-19, stating that the disease is not yet over and that residents should not get tired of following all necessary precautions.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, quoted the governor as stating these at the Jericho Nursing Home, Jericho, Ibadan.

Governor Makinde, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the Omi Tuntun Free Vesico-Vagina Fistula (VVF) Surgical Repair Project, declared that the administration will continue to put its money where its mouth is in the health sector and other areas of development in the state.

He added that apart from the on-going infrastructure reform in the health sector, the government remains committed to the  T'omo T'iya programme, adding that the VVF repair project and other health initiatives will continue to receive the attention of the government.

“It is a great privilege for me to be here at the closing ceremony of this VVF repair project. What the testimonies that I have heard and the goodwill messages have validated to me, is the fact that we are on the right path focusing on our women and children.

“As a government, we are committed to transforming our landscape," he said.

The governor also promised to fix the road leading to the centre, adding that the road will be included in the zero pothole initiative of the administration.
He added: “We are committed to improving the health care status of our women and children, and on the T'omo T'iya programme, we are committed to it. It is just taking off and we will put our money where our mouth is, because if our children and women have that peace of mind, the entire populace will have peace of mind. So, in all, our health development initiatives, we will factor in our women and children because they are an important part of the on-going drive to lift our people up.

“When this programme commenced on the 23rd of November, I did not know the impact will be really profound. Prof. [Ojengbede] has appealed to me to let the programme continue. Well, the good news is, the programme will continue. Also, the Omituntun Health programme will continue."
Governor Makinde commended Professor Ojegbende for his efforts towards the progress and success achieved in the establishment of the VVF Repair Centre in the state, saying that the centre should serve the entire South-West, even as he promised to ensure that the state commits resources to make sure this happens. 

He equally recognised the contributions of the Federal Ministry of Health, the Fistula Foundation of Nigeria, UNFPA and Global Affairs, Canada, for coming to the aid of women suffering from the psychosocial disease. 

The governor, who appreciated all the members of the team, said: “I want to appreciate all other members of the team. I want to specially thank the frontline health workers in Oyo State. This has been a very challenging year for us. This is the first time since 1997 that, for 10 months, I did not go near an international Airport. But in the face of those challenges, you have stood your ground. You have supported this administration. You have done so well, looking after all of us and seeing us through the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to say thank you." 

He warned residents of the state against the second wave of COVID-19, adding that the people should not let down their guard or get tired, as, according to him, the state will continue to take the welfare of health workers as a top priority.

Earlier, the Oyo State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Bashir Bello, maintained that the governor has always been particular about the welfare and wellbeing of the residents of the state, especially women and children.

He said: “This Vesico-Vaginal Fisula Centre is to take care of all the complications that will arise from labour - be it surgical delivery in form of cesarean session, be it surgical repair in form of all surgical complications, that can arise post-natally. 

"Now, His Excellency had promised that he would not want to see anybody suffering during the process of bringing to life a new child. And should any of those arise, he is ready to give every support to the ministry, to the Hospital Management Board, and by extension, the Primary Health Care Board, that any woman that, perchance, have such complication, post-natally, that is after labour, he would made sure that such woman is carefully and medically taken care of at all costs. 

“And that is why, this programme is free of charge including medication.”

Similarly, Professor Ojengbede expressed elation that the effort to support the initiative of the governor has yielded positive fruits, saying that "the initiative is actually the first one in so many years in Oyo State. We tried to make it happen but it didn’t. But now that it has happened in your time, it is written in the books of record of your governance."

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

Congratulations To New Miss Oyo - Sen Kola Balogun | Southwest-frontier News


December 22, 2020
The news of the victory of Miss Adeyemi Adedoja (Princess) came to me as a cheering one. Many went into the contests for the star prize and it's not by chance she excelled others. I must commend the other contestants too who dared to compete in the pageant. 

I was represented at the Beauty pageant by my darling wife and glad with the feedback I got. I must congratulate Mayor Isaac Brown and his team for an outstanding performance and the great success recorded. 

The new Miss Oyo is now empowered to showcase talents, make impacts and promote the causes she believes while she holds the position for the next 12 months. 

Once again, I congratulate Princess Adedoja Adeyemi and I wish her glorious and impacting reign as Miss Oyo.

Rotimi Johnson
SA Media

Monday, December 21, 2020

Men Like Governor Makinde Mean What They Say And Say What They Mean - By Afolabi O. Akinfenwa | Southwest-frontier News

Men Like Governor Makinde Mean What They Say And Say What They Mean.

By Afolabi O. Akinfenwa 

December 21, 2020
Advancements in science, technology, economic development and social organization are vital to the improvement of the human condition. It is a philosophy on which the idea of progress is based.

Having Seyi Makinde as governor has created an expansion of opportunities for the people of Oyo State in healthcare, peaceful industrial and labor relations, education as well as in commerce, trade and economic activities.

This is not an attempt at self-adulation, knowing as we all do, that there are challenges ahead but to draw attention to a silent revolutionary, not the slogan-mouthing or fist-clenching type, but one who commands attention by his doings.

Seyi Makinde has completely convinced not only people of Oyo State but Nigeria as a whole that, to be democratic is not about the nomenclature or the symbol of a political party. It is about an unflinching resolve to seek the greatest good for the greatest majority of the people all the time.

And the masses will always respond positively to a leader with democratic ideals, that seeks their welfare and well being all the time.
Governor Makinde has the will and vision to take Oyo to very great heights. He is focussed and committed.

The Bureau of Investment is now reinvigorated and energized. The Oyo State Public Private Partnership Agency led by the Chairman, Hon Segun Oyunwuyi is seriously working on a number of investments that will bring job opportunities to the people of Oyo State while sports and other youths programmes are being organized through the Ministry for Youth and Sports led by the Honorable Commissioner for Youth and Sports in the person of Asiwaju Seun Fakorede.

May God preserve Seyi Makinde, imbue him with greater wisdom and steel to be able to tackle the jackals and hyenas that want business as usual in politics.

Men like Governor Makinde mean what they say and say what they mean.

#Omi-Titun, Igba Otun!!! 

We Will Complete Manny Infrastructure Projects in 2021, Makinde Tells Critics | Southwest-frontier News

We Will Complete Manny Infrastructure Projects in 2021, Makinde Tells Critics

...seeks more prayers for state, leaders

December 21, 2020
Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has declared that his administration will, in 2021, complete a host of infrastructure projects kickstarted by his government.

The governor, who stated this while speaking at the 2020 Christmas Carol Service and Nine Lessons, held at the Remembrance Arcade, opposite Government House, Agodi, Ibadan,  maintained that many roads and other infrastructure development projects embarked upon by the administration will be commissioned in 2021, adding that by then, residents of the state and his critics will see the efforts his government has made to transform the state.

He stated that projects such as Bus Interchanges, Apete-Awotan Road, Saki Township Road, Oroki-Gedu-Asipa Road, Moniya-Ijaiye-Iseyin Road, Akala Way and others will be commissioned in the New Year.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor equally called on residents of the state to intensify prayers for his administration, the state and leaders. 

He told the people not to relent in prayers for his administration so that it would succeed in the mandate committed into its hands, adding that  by the time the administration begins to commission projects in 2021, those criticising it will see that it has remained committed to its promise to transform the state.

He said: "Please, don't stop the prayers you have been praying to support us. As the governor, I need prayers. All the cabinet members and the entire Government of Oyo State need your prayers. If you continue to pray for us, I am sure that the Oyo State of our dream will unfold before us."

The governor promised that the good works already started by his administration will continue in 2021, noting that though there were several challenges in 2020 due to COVID-19 and the subsequent economic recession, God has been good to the state and the administration has been able to lay a solid foundation for the development of the state.

The governor added that his administration will continue to embark on programmes and projects that will take Oyo State from poverty to prosperity through quality health delivery, free education and many others.

He equally declared the government's commitment to continue to strengthen the security architecture of the state.
“We will keep getting our children off the streets. We will keep reducing the number of out-of-school children in Oyo State, because knowledge is what can set us free. We will keep up with using agriculture and agribusiness to expand our economy. We will keep developing our infrastructure. 
"All the roads we are doing; bus terminals, Apete-Awotan road, Saki Township Road, Oroki-gbedu, Asipa Road, Moniya-Ijaiye-Iseyin, Akala Way and junction improvement from New Garage to Apata, will be commissioned in the year 2021. 
"By then, our critics won't be able to call me 'audio governor' again, because everyone would have seen the projects I have done to transform the state physically,” Makinde said.
The governor also used the opportunity to appreciate those who supported him during the burial ceremony of his late mother, Mama Abigail Makinde.
Makinde said: "We were here last year and God has spared our lives till this moment. I pray that we will all be here to experience that of next year, 2021.
"This year, I won’t say much because it has been a very challenging year. The COVID-19 pandemic came upon the world in December 2019 and by February, it had gone to all corners of the world, including here in Oyo State. Since February, we have been battling the pandemic and it is still with us. 
"In certain parts of the world, we are talking about the second wave, then we had the issue of economic meltdown and there was also a drop in oil price. As if that was not enough, we had the #EndSARS protests. So, the Lord, who has been with us since the beginning of the year till this time, will not depart from us.
"The point I am making is, I am just like any of you. I will make mistakes like any of you. It is only God that is all-knowing and full of wisdom.”

While wishing Christians in the state and the country a merry Christmas, Makinde called on those bent on dividing the state with religion to desist from the act so as not to end up in shame, saying: "Finally, we will ensure that in Oyo State, those who don't have anything to do other than to divide us with religion will be put to shame. I wish us a merry Christmas."
Earlier, the pastor-in-charge, C.A.C, Mountain of Mercy, Pastor Isaiah Alade, in his sermon titled “Joy to our generation,” said that joy is the outcome of positive results, saying that Governor Makinde has brought joy to Oyo State.

He also said the essence of Christmas is to reconcile all differences, show love and embrace peace as exemplified by Jesus Christ, urging the people to absorb the virtues of Jesus Christ as the reason for the season.

The first, second and third lessons of the event were read by the Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin; the President, Oyo State Customary Court, Hon. Justice Aderonke Aderemi; and the Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Oyo State, Rev.Samson Ajetomobi, respectively.

Also, the seventh and eighth lessons of the event were read by the Secretary to the State Government, Mrs. Olubamiwo Adeosun and the  wife of the governor, Mrs. Tamunominini Makinde, while Governor Makinde read the ninth lesson.
Special prayers for widows, the state, first family, the State House of Assembly, civil servants and Nigeria, were conducted by Pastor Benjamin Akanmu, Dr. Sunday Ola Makinde, Most Rev. (Dr.) Olusegun Okubadejo, Arc. Gabriel ‘Leke Abegunrin, Prophet Ojo Olowere and Prophet Samuel Abiara.
Among those present at the service were Bishop Taiwo Adelakun, Pastor Femi Emmanuel, Pastor Francis Wale Oke, Evang. (Dr.) Bola Are, Evang. Funmi Aragbaiye, Rev. Dr. David Moradeyo, Most Revd. Dr. Joseph Akinfewa, members of the state executive council and traditional rulers.

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde



December 21, 2020
Historically, naming of location and areas  evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics.

Molete, was said to have been a shortened form of “Omoletege” which was the description given to a mad woman, who used to inhabit a spot- around a now famous roundabout, over which a fly-over now runs. What was found interesting about her was her neatness. The mad woman’s rags were said to be uniquely neat and her environment and surroundings were always spotless and radiant. She washed daily and kept her environment beautifully clean, hence the name- “Omoletege” which later gave the area the name, Molete.

Horatio built the first building at Molete, Horatio was the head of Ibadan Native Admin, he was  also the national president of FUNAS, Federal  Union of Native Administrative Staff while M.O Sowole of Isara was the Secretary and he also built his house across the olunloyo's house in Molete.

Horatio Olunloyo was Christian who built the first house in Olunloyo residence in early year of 19th century only slept for one day in the house before he died in 1948.

Horatio was the most brilliant student of his set, a good record keeper as he was able to manage the record involved his office very well even in the reign of baale Oyewole FÒKÒ who governed Ibadan in 1924 to 1929 and he was the last Baale of Ibadan as Chief Abass Aleshinloye later became the first  Olubadan of Ibadan land.

Molete in Ibadan can be overtly said as another business district of the city. This broad street is the seat of political structure of Adedibu dynasty. 
A huge market, surrounded by further countless offices, shops and stalls makes up the entirety of Molete.

Molete would be counted amongst the top 5 most popular areas in the city of Ibadan.The fire brigade service point as flanged by not less than two big event centres, long time founded secondary schools and churches are places to note within the proximity.

There is no how you describe Molete without mentioning OkeAdo. 
Oke-Ado was where the noveaux riches who arrived with independence lived, before the advent of Bodija Estate, which only came into being in 1958. Oke-Ado was the homes of Akin Deko, S.A Tinubu of Iresi, Justice Morgan, Chief Justice of the Western Region, who succeeded the Ghanaian QuarshieIdun as Chief Justice, Justice Olujide Somolu, who was Chief Awolowo’s best man in 1937, Daniel Olorunfemi Fagunwa on Ajanla street, Amos Tutuola, author of the Palm Wine Drinkard, the Otudekos, the Craigs, the Italian Construction firm of L. Dalberto, the home of popular textile trader and woman activist, Alhaja Humoani Alaga, built in 1951, Bola Babalakin, Ososami, Bola Ige, Chief Isamotu Ashiru, who built his first house in Oke-Ado in 1946, Victor and Wuraola Esan, Omololu Olunloyo, Duro Ogundiran and a host of others.

Victor Esan was one of Ibadan’s early lawyers, while his wife, Wuraola Esan was the founder of the People’s Girls’ Grammar School, Molete and Ibadan’s first woman senator.


Ibadan Grammar School was the first secondary school for Ibadan It was founded on 31st March 1913. Established as a Christian School in the best tradition of the Anglican Church, the Founder and first Principal of the school was Bishop (then Revd.) A. B Akinyele, a visionary clergyman who championed the cause of education, making great personal sacrifices, when western education was considered strange and unprofitable by the people.

Ibadan Grammar School started its journey as a leading Christian secondary school providing light in the darkness of heathenism and underdevelopment on 31st March, 1913 with twelve foundation students in a mud-built storey building owned by Mr. Samson Oke
and located at what was then Apampa Road at Alekuso, near Bere Square, Ibadan
St Anne’s School, Ibadan: The First Girls Secondary School In Nigeria
St. Anne’s School Molete , Ibadan is an amalgamation of two schools which were founded by the CMS mission for the education of the Girl child. CMS Girls Seminary, Lagos was founded in 1869 to provide secondary education for the Girl child. The 1870 prospectus of the school stated as its objective, the nurturing of “good wives, good mother and leading lights of society”.
In 1950, when the Broad Street, Lagos site of the school became too small for expansion, the CMS mission transferred the school to Ibadan and merged it with KUDETI GIRLS SCHOOL (founded 1899), another CMS mission school that was located in a vast forest area in Molete, Ibadan. 

The new name of St. Anne’s School was then given to the School.From its inception in 1869 and 1899, it has indeed produced leading lights of Nigerian society from the North, East and West. 

There are thousands of people wjo have passes through the school such as
Professor (Mrs) Bolanle Awe (Nee Fajembola)
She is a woman with multiple career paths as a historian, an educator, a teacher, an administrator and a social advocate for women.

Another product is LADY Kofoworola Ademola (Nee Moore) MBE, MFR. She was the first African female to attend Oxford University.
Anike Agbaje-Williams is another product of St. Anne's School. Mrs Anike Agbaje-Williams was born in Abeokuta on the 23rd of October, 1936. She was the first female TV Broadcaster.

Other schools are People Girls' School, Wuraola Esan was the founder of the People’s Girls’ Grammar School, Molete and Ibadan’s first woman senator, I.M.G.Primary School II Ibuko UMC Primary School, Ratibi Moslem Primary School, Yejide Girls who started from Àgbókojó by Victor and Wuraola Esan, Olubi  memorial, Community High School,St. Lukes, St. Andrew Primary and St. David School.

Molete has history with Politics, Dr. Victor Omololu Olunloyo has his political and academic office at Molete, he was a former governor of Old Oyo State. His father, Horatio Olunloyo was Christian who built the first house in Olunloyo residence in early year of 19th century  and his late mother Alhaja Bintu Tejumola Abebi Olunloyo who died October 2013 at 102-year- old.

Molete is the home of Late Chief Lamidi Ariyibi Akanji Adedibu. He was an aristocratic power broker in Oyo State, Nigeria. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo described him as the "father of the PDP". Adedibu was born on October 24, 1927 at Oja-Oba, Ibadan, a member of the Olupoyi chieftaincy ruling house.

Molete has a long bridge, which aid vehicular movement  and  This peculiar bridge can also serves as mean of advertisement. Any billboard on it covers a dual lane traffic and it guarantees 100% visibility to both vehicular and human traffic and it is ideal for advertiser aspiring vast heterogeneous audience along this highly tolled route. Company’s brand placed on this billboard is sure to gain rapid publicity as this is one of the built of Molete. 

NITEL headquarter in Ibadan formerly situated at Molete,  Leyland motor, Dideolu Awolowo, Odusote, Rosiji, Akande, Esan, Sanda, Daodu, Ogunlesi, AMORC and many more built their houses at Molete. 

Molete has a sister street and that is Bode.
 Bode market. Lets call this place the “herb street” of Ibadan – where till kingdom comes indigenous items can never go out of stock. Pictures can tell how heavily the sales of earthen pots, beads, herbs and alot more go down there. This place depicts the real cores of ibadan as a whole.

Bode market is a very large market in Ibadan where women sell a number of products including groceries, food products, medicines, clothes and so on. According to the same source there are about 20 different associations in the market, but all the associations have the same executive council.

Entering into Bode, a charmy market will welcome you. At the sister street of Bode, you can find Agboile but in Bode you can find as many as possible. Agbole Oloya, Olode-asipa, Elega,  Fanirungbontu, Asanpaowo, Okan, Abogun, Ile ibeji,  Ile ounponmo, Gbodu; the great Raji Gbodu was a warrior in his life time and the families are Alfa now, Agbole Aperin,  "Aperin omo olowofuja, omo aperin pefon,  aperin kari ayaba". Isale Bode has a boundary with Popoyemoja. Bode market is an herb market where you see varying degrees of herbs which are highly medicinal in value. Thus you will see Tagiri,  iginla,  ariwo, aworoso, kerewu, efun, o sun, ayu, muru, kanafuru,opele, etu, iyere, alamo, egusi aaye, atare.

Bode Oja as it is usually called also have section for beads(ìlèkè). We have bèbè, itùn, séséfun, odè-ifá, iyùn, àkún, śàngó and many more.

Yoruba believes that protection can be made through ring, òrùka. There are certain items a person can wear to keep themselves protected from evil spiritual entities, accident etc. Ide,  bàbà, elélò, àdó-ide, funfun, dùdú, edan, edan wéwé, olómoge, oníkaàrìn. All these has peculiar benefits after certain condiment must have been added. Mastery- you command respect wherever you go;It can prevent road accidents,robbery,sickness,problems with law agents and physical attacks;It can make the law agents stay away from you;It can improve your luck, change bad luck to good luck;It gives you protection from evil spirit and enemies that are waiting to ambush/harm you;It gives you signs when something is about to happen.

Agogo is a single or multiple bell now used throughout the world but with origins in traditional Yoruba music. Thus they use traditional agogo like  ide, ade orosa,  oje,  eley kan, dudu and many more. In Bode Oja,  you will thousands of traditional products such as Seeni esu (devil's chain), sékésekè, ifunpa and  òbe èsù(devil's knife).

In the broad street of Bode Oja, birds like owl -òwìwí;bat - àdán;bush fowl - àparò;sparrow - ẹgà;kite - àşá;hawk - àşádì;eagle – àwòdì;vulture - igún;kiwi - adiẹ-odò;duck - pẹpẹyẹ; guinea fowl - ẹtù; awó;fowl - adiẹ; cock -akukọ; hen - obídiẹ; chick - òròmọdìẹ; parrot - ayékòótọ;wood pecker – ẹyẹ àkókó;peacock feather – ọkín;dove – àdàbà;cuckoo - òdèrè

In Bode Oja, many animals you can see except on camera are widely available in the market such as lion skin - kìnìùn; lizard -alàngbá;camel - ràkúnmí;donkey - kẹtẹkẹtẹ; elephant tusk - iwo erin;wolf  -ìkòokò;hedgehog – túrùkúsnake- ejò;cat - olóngbo;horse - ẹşin;deer -èsúró;monkey head - ọbọ;leopard skin- amọtẹkun;tiger skin- ẹkun;tortoise – ìjàpá; ahun;fox l-kõlõkõlõ;buffalo - ẹfọn;squirrel - ọkẹrẹ;wall gecko - ọmọọle ;turtle – ahun odò;chameleon - ọgà;squirrel - ọkẹrẹ;Iguana – à-n-tà;hippopotamus – erinmilokun; erin-odó;crocodile - õni;alligator - ẹlëgungun and akalamagbo(Hornbill).

The beauty of Mòlété-Bodè is a fantastic one as you can't  find the stocks of traditional herbs and condiments at large stock in any where in Ibadan than Bode Market. The Adepoju and Adedigba has the house on the road of Bode,  Bola Odeleke,the first African woman to become a bishop is from Bode and her father  Late Chief Aboderin house is situated beside Adepoju house.

Molete market is about the Molete Roundway which is one of the gateway to the Ibadan interiors. The market is a strip on both side of the bridge. Food are varied and moderately priced. Yam, plantain, fish, beef and many more.

You get to buy few things at quite a cheaper rate compare to some other locations in Ibadan . There is a reshape of the market since the government stopped the market men and women from selling under the bridge.  You can link Molete market from any nearby location - like Oja Oba, Eyin Grammar, Challenge, Oke Ado etc.
     Writing by Industreet Bashorun

Federal Lawmaker Representing Ido/Ibarapa East Fed Constituency, Yemi Taiwo Trains & Empowers 4th Batch Of Youths On Snail Farming | Southwest-frontier News


December 21, 2020

In a bid to reduce search for white cola jobs young school leavers in Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency, numbers of youths from Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency, have taken part in free training programme on snail farming

The two days programme was put together by a lawmaker, member of House of Representatives, representing Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. Oluyemi Adewale Taiwo.

The participants were taught the practical aspect of snail farming and how to survive in the business.

The program was handled by Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in Collaboration with CAMP DAVID GLOBAL SYNERGY LIMITED.

Hon. Yemi Taiwo addressing the participants at the training
In a WhatsApp Video chat said ”the essence of the training is to diversify economy from oil to Agriculture as part of federal government agenda with the sole aim of making the youths self-employed.”
The lawmaker also made provisions for materials to all the participants that will help them in snail farming after the training. They also received certificates of participation in the training and Cash gifts as start up.

Empowerment of the youths is not the sole responsibility of the government but a collective responsibility of the generality of the citizenry.

In an interview with one of the participants, Adekunle Funmilayo appreciated the kind gesture of Hon. Yemi Taiwo saying the training to her is one of the best she has attended so far.
According to her, it is rather about bringing the youths in particular into limelight of how to fish for themselves rather than being fed with the fish.

“The training has motivated me to create a platform for other jobless youths. This training is not about academic qualifications, but about having something doing. I will also be an employer of labour with this training I have received on Snail farming”, Funmilayo added.

On his part, Kunle Saubana, another participant said He was interested in snail farming before coming to the training, saying the training served as an opening door for her to start hir own business.

The instructor, Mr. Oloyede encouraged unemployed youth in the country to embrace green collar jobs rather than their emphasis on white collar jobs. He further shared stories of how far Snail farming business has taken him in life so far from boarding plane to meeting and having handshake with a particular governor of Nigeria who requested he should be flown to his state to tutor some selected participants on snail farming.

Many people see snails here and there. Some people take it as meat. But quite a number don’t know how to go about rearing them. This is made worse because snails, which belong to the family of animal called MOLLUSCA, is an hermaphrodite. It has both the female and male sexual organs; so one cannot really distinguish between the male and female specie of it.
Many who are into snail farming in Nigeria are also unwilling to let others know about the farming methodology. The techniques are often shrouded in secrecy. But the plain truth is that snail farming is as easy as ABC. The only thing the snails may constantly demand from you is your attention and care. They hardly fall sick. You don’t have to buy their food and you may not have to spend much to create an abode for them. The beauty of it all is that the snails reproduce rapidly. They are capable of producing hundreds of eggs, which hatch into snails. It is now possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year. This is made possible because of the availability of very highly prolific ACHATINA ACHATINA species of snails, which lay 200-400 in one batch 2-3 times a year.

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