Thursday, April 30, 2020

Michael Ogunbiyi Hails Dad's On The Honorary Occasion Of 85th Birthday, Says He's A Doting Father Of Intellectual Capacity

Michael Ogunbiyi Hails Dad's On The Honorary Occasion Of 85th Birthday, Says He's A Doting Father Of Intellectual Capacity

April 30, 2020

Gangatuan Birthday Message To A Man Of Intellectual Capacity:
Professor. Theophilus Ayodeji Ogunbiyi

Here's to celebrate a man who has achieved so much, has been a true mentor with a no nonsense approach.

He has always provided for the family and enforced that we get the best of education. He is now a father, mentor, brother and friend to all his children.

He truly leaves a major positive mark everyone that has the pleasure of meeting him.

I'm sending you a special dedication on the auspicious occasion of your 85th birthday

it is with great joy and astonishing felicitation that I found this medium so imperative to write this piece to express my sincere wishes to you on this year anniversary of your birthday

You a quintessence of a model of hospitality, A beacon of glorious hope, A reservoir of inspiration and, 
A temple of motivation

Your living as definitely be an indelible marks and it's impacting beautifully and handsomely in lives of many people around you
A resourceful and dependable father of high repute, 
My leader and mentor, 
A conundrum solver and a philanthropist 

God has endowed you with wonderful wonderment, Bestowed on you truckloads of achievements, unannounced and announced mercy, blessings, uncountable favour and may more

Dad, for all these rare benefits that have come on your way, your enemies have been given a disappointing RED CARD, and to the eternity....

Continue to be ambitious and never look back in your way of life, the rest of your life is still very bright.

I celebrate you tremendously

I celebrate you ostentatiously

I celebrate you fantabulously

May the Almighty God crown your salient and concerted efforts and grand your heart desires.

May God in His special way of blessings honour you with longevity and spare your life for betterment of everyone around you, humanity and humanitarian services.....

Happy Birthday to you my Dad,
I celebrate your existence sir.

Michael Adebowale Ogunbiyi

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Covid-19: Oyo Task Force sensitises park managers, Tipper drivers, commercial motorcycle riders | Southwest-frontier News

Covid-19: Oyo Task Force sensitises park managers, Tipper drivers, commercial motorcycle riders

April 29, 2020
…We will abide by govt directive—Chairman Disciplinary Committee

The media sub-committee of the Oyo State Task Force Committee on Covid-19, on Wednesday, kickstarted another round of sensitisation drive among transport unions including Park Managers, Quarry Tipper Drivers, and commercial motorcycle riders under the aegis of the Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycles and Tricycles Owners, Repairers and Riders Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN).

The state’s Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun, who addressed the transporters from all the 33 Local Government Areas and 35 Local Council Development Areas said that the move was to help the state curtail the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in their various parks and in the state.

The commissioner, according to a statement issued by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, who also doubles as a member of the Task Force, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, also told the gathering which was composed of ten participants at an instance in line with the social distancing directives, said that the state was concerned about the adherence of the operators of the parks to the Covid-19 medical protocols.

He said that the enlightenment was targeted at the Park Managers, Quarry Tippers Drivers and the motorcycle riders because of the huge number of persons they come in contact with daily.

"This is the continuation of our community engagement and we believe that the operators of transport system are very key to our campaign just like market leaders and artisans are very key," the commissioner said.

 He further said: "We have met with Bus,  Cab and Tippers, Motor Cyclist Operators, who are in charge of the transportation in the state. We don't want anybody to carry more than one passenger on okada, while Marwa and Taxi should carry one passenger on the front seat and two at the back.

"For us to get this done we need them to key in to our campaign and we expected them to go back and enlighten, educate their colleagues.”

Speaking during the sensitisation, the Chairman, Park Managers Disciplinary Committee, Alhaji Mukaila Lamidi, promised the government that his members would abide by the laid down protocols on how to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus.

He said: “I can tell you that we appreciate the efforts of the government of Oyo State under the leadership of Governor Makinde concerning this.

“We can also see that everybody is supporting him. So, we pray that God Almighty will continue to support him.
“As transport workers, we have been sensitised on how to take to precautions so that we and our family members would not be part of those who will contract the virus.

"We were told to always use our face masks wherever we go and we should not carry passengers who fail to use their face masks. Any of us who disobey the rule will pay fine or be arrested.

The warnings they gave us do not only apply to bus drivers but also to commercial motorcycle owners and tricyclists in the state. Those who drive tricycles must not carry more than three passengers and the okada riders must carry just one passenger. Also, taxi drivers must, henceforth, carry one passenger at the front and two at the back. Similarly, bus drivers carrying four passengers on a seat must now carry only two.”

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor Seyi Makinde

Agony Of Disappointed Opposition And Its Inability To Break The Bond Between Makinde And His Loyal Deputy | Southwest-frontier News

Agony Of Disappointed Opposition And Its Inability To Break The Bond Between Makinde And His Loyal Deputy - By Davies Babalola

April 29, 2020

Anyone in Oyo state and by extension Nigeria who followed keenly turn of events in the state since 2011 till date would easily understand why some desperate elements could not be healed from the terrible ailment called 'pull down Makinde at all cost syndrome'  that has struck their camp but it is our prayer that they receive their healing soonest.

Even though politics is a game of trying to outwit rivals or opponents as the case may be, it should never be done outside decorum and every sense of caution else, human sanctity may be reduced to nothing.

It is of credible note that Governor Seyi Makinde has not only redefined leadership through delivery of good governance in the state, he has also successfully changed the political narratives from politics of bitterness to politics of friendship the way it is played in more civilized society by giving opportunities to almost everyone to contribute to governance of the state once you have the requisite skills regardless of political affiliation.

This approach which has continued to make Makinde the toast of many political elites even across party lines has become an unfathomable threat to opposition's political aspirations in Oyo state even as 2023 daily draws closer.

They (opposition) in actual fact made countless attempts at trying to discredit Makinde's government despite its giant strides that has has seen the state witnessed astronomic transformation in terms of the state  physical outlook, improved human welfare, dignity of labour, and the collective resolve by the people to support government to succeed.

The Makinde/Olaniyan team has been described by many political watchers and analysts in the state and across the country as the best combination that ever happened in the history of governance in Oyo state not only because they are from the same professional background but because the unity of purpose and bond of brotherhood between them has been incomparable as far as being governor and deputy governor are concerned in Oyo state.

We have witnessed in recent time past where a governor glorified his wife above his deputy, an absurd situation and despicable act  that never caught the attention of Makinde and Olaniyan detractors to make move to correct as long as they were not stripped of the rare privilege to bootlick.

We understand that there's an orchestrated plan to create disaffection between God sent man as people now preferred to call Makinde and his deputy whom pundits have labelled Makinde's brother from another mother because of the love and strong bond between them.

Governor Makinde since assumption of office has continued to nurture and grow the relationship between himself and his deputy, Engr Rauf Olaniyan by according deputy governor the full honour and benefits of the office of the deputy governor.

As a result of the bond and love between the governor and his deputy Engr Olaniyan has been cardinally instrumental to facilitation of some developmental projects and key political appointments especially from Oke ogun zone such as Ibadan-Iseyin road construction, resuscitation of Ikere dam, expansion of Saki township road among others.

Sane minds would ordinarily wonder if such move to create disaffection between a performing governor and his deputy was born out of deceitful move to divide the state along ethnicity and religion lines or part of calculated move in the race for 2023.

During the era of the last administration under former governor Abiola Ajimobi, we are all witnesses to how a sitting deputy governor was so relegated that he could not even make nomination for any appointment even as low as supervisory counsellor in any local government in oke-ogun let alone make inputs to any project throughout eight years.

Governor Makinde despite his vast knowledge and experience in civil engineering has continually relied on inputs from his loyal and versatile deputy with vast experience and high reputation in construction engineering which has led to the rapid development in road construction and rehabilitation across the state under the space of one year.

The deputy governor has represented and will continue to represent the governor at top government functions within the state and across Nigeria because of the trust the governor has in his deputy to hold forth in his stead anywhere anytime.

It is however shocking to us in PDP how members of the opposition out of hallucination and disillusionment could descend so low in its way of politicking to designed such evil, malicious, and none existent story to cause disaffection between two brilliant pairs.

We are not unmindful of the fact that a serving Senator who is reputed for what is now used in local parlance across the state as 'baba pakute' (trap setter) had made an unfounded allegation of the deputy governor's isolation from power while the governor was in self isolation for COVID-19 but we must stick it down their brains that the governor and his deputy are always on the same page.

We also understand that one of the adverse effects of desperation in humans according to psychologists is suicide tendencies, even though we as the ruling party expected vibrant opposition as it brings about the beauty of democracy, we can not help opposition party(s) especially the All Progressives Congress (APC) that has willingly chosen the path of political suicide from dying natural death in the state since it was labeled a 'political party that should never exist in any society'.

For the sake of records, Engrs Seyi Makinde and Rauf Olaniyan have no disaffection of any form or bad blood between them therefore, a case of denying the deputy governor the due honour and benefits of his office never arose as he has continued to diligently carry out his duties at his duty post with full benefits as the number two citizen in Oyo state.

Let it also be on record that now that another failed plan by the opposition to cause disaffection particularly along ethnic and religious lines have been bursted we expect their next onslaught in their usual way of playing mundane and old fashioned politics, and at the appropriate time their political party will be finally buried in Oyo state.

Davies Babalola lives in Iseyin.



April 29, 2020

Let me start by quoting Author Steven V. Thulon; “Conflict builds character. Crisis defines it. ”So, Covid 19, the non living, timid virus defines leaders. Corona Virus is not only novel, it has remained trending for the past 4 months, terrorizing many families in most nations of the world; it has changed our routines, appearances and our social lives.

Interestingly, no one knows for how long these shall be but more interesting is the fact that it's as if Covid 19 killed other life threatening diseases all over the world because death from Covid 19 is the only one in news recently. 

Leaders all over the world are experiencing a common defining moment or denominator and it doesn't matter whether you're a religious, political or traditional leader, this Virus has thrown up a new challenge that will differentiate great leaders from mere leaders and off course separate rulers from true leaders.

Many religious leaders that have built their existence around their congregations had difficulties in adapting to the new realities of no physical congregating; swift in adapting and getting the congregation to follow suit is an attestation to great leadership. We are aware of those who resisted the changes and denied the existence of Covid 19; it doesn't make them less spiritual but they are not good leaders.

In the Academia, many innovations greeted the realities of Covid 19 and many things that were not common in Nigeria have being introduced; Television classes, live online lectures, conferences and tutorials online. There have been mobile applications that have come to the rescue too; Zoom, Microsoft Teams. Many academic institutions are coming up with online activities while the Covid 19 lockdown continues. The innovation and promptness say a lot about the leadership of the institutions.

The main focus of this write up is about public/political leadership and how Covid 19 is a leveler, irrespective of race and development; Corona Virus will definitely determine who will be popular in the post-Covid era and those who will be notorious. Though any assessment now is just midterm assessment but at the end, we shall judge based on resources available, opportunities around, rate of death and sustainance of the people in the given period.

One thing I celebrate now is introspective approach to solving this pandemic and the first is Cuba.The Cubans have local solutions and are not particular about world health journals. I can't remember the last time I read or heard anything about Madagascar but that Nation has risen very well to the challenge of curbing the spread and curing the Virus. Senegal invented local testing apparatuses that have made her to stay ahead of the virus. Covid 19 is a war situation and the survival of sovereign nations should be paramount.

One thing is sacrosanct, good health facilities doesn't translate to healthy nation because Covid 19 deaths have been attributed largely to underlining sicknesses in the patients; so many nations with great health facilities have crumbled under the pressure of Corona. So it is pertinent to assume that Covid pattern in each environment is different based on some other factors. However, one thing that can have grave implications is copying other's approaches without adapting such to local realities.

I found the invitation of Chinese Doctors to Nigeria to fight Covid 19 nauseating because the Director General of NCDC was sent to China in early February to study about the Virus and I think we have done so well until the arrival of these Chinese. Also, with the clinical trial of Chloroquine, the fact that we have so many recoveries should have made us look inwards and proffer a lasting local solution. For instance, if FG announces N10b for herbal researches for Covid 19 cures, I am very positive we will have more than 100 mixtures submitted within 48hrs and these can be subjected to clinical trials, rather than going cap in hands for grants and loans that will be embezzled at the end of the day.
The management of human and material resources in this time of pandemic will definitely place some leaders ahead of their contemporaries; those of us on the sidelines and spectator seats can shout and make noise but those leaders on the hot seats are the real ones under pressure; they are the real generals on the battlefields, we are at home, just talking about the occasional missile drops in the cities.

People might condemn the particular leader now but after the whole lockdown, we shall see how the local economy has faired, the death rate and the curbing of the spread in the area under him as the common denominator of the leadership. I love the CNN documentary that claims nations with female leaders have done better in managing this crisis but at the end, we shall be able to ascertain this.

Great leaders keep talking about researches in their speeches and I give that to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State; he keeps talking about local remedies to curing Covid 19 and local economy realities and people's orientation in determining lockdown in each state. Yes, at the end of the era, we shall be able to ascertain his grade but something is sacrosanct and it's the fact that if complete lockdown has produced good results in Nigeria, many state Governors would have copied it.

Leadership is not about taking people to where they "want" to go but moving them from where they are to where they "need" to be and this often comes with a price. This is not a good time to envy political leaders because they are under immense pressures and it's a general defining moment to all; imagine Trump under pressure of hasty solution suggested ingestion of disinfectant and a Nigerian Governor who claims there's an App to detect who is Covid 19 positive? People respond to these great pressures differently and some leaders will be more concerned about their political posterity and financial aggrandizement than the health of their subjects.

According to Abraham Lincoln, “You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” The unfortunate thing is that Nigeria has not been looking inward to seize opportunities for growth, we always look for aids and interventions from outside, as if they can love us more than they love themselves, when we have refused to do our own growing.

Rotimi Johnson Ojasope

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Light-Up Project: Oyo State begins Phase II | Southwest-frontier News

April 28, 2020

Oyo State Government to commence the implementation of the second phase of 'Light-up Oyo State project' which shall spread across the five geo-political zones of the State. This is to consolidate on infrastructural development and growth in the State by Governor Seyi Makinde led administration.

This development was disclosed by the State Commissioner for Public Works and Transport, Professor Raphael Afonja while briefing pressmen immediately after the State's Executive Council meeting earlier today.

It could be recalled that the project was flagged-off late last year at 'Challenge interchange' near the old Ibadan Toll Gate of the Lagos/ Ibadan Expressway, the State Governor, HE Engineer Seyi Makinde described the project as one of the State's measures of improving the protection of lives and positioning the state for socio-economic drive.

According to Afonja, "

“The first phase of this project was successfully conducted in several interchanges of Ibadan, the State Capital last year and the second phase captured about 70 routes across all the five geo-political zones of the State."

FG Declares May 1, 2020 Public Holiday To Mark Workers’ Day Celebration | Southwest-frontier News

FG Declares May 1,2020 Public Holiday To Mark Workers’ Day Celebration


The Federal Government has declared Friday, May 1, 2020 as public holiday to mark this year’s International Workers’ Day Celebration.

The Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, who made the declaration on behalf of the Federal Government, commended Nigerian workers for their resilience, patience and understanding, particularly in their support of the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration’s efforts at stemming the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Aregbesola who further thanked Nigerians and the labour force for their sacrifices in the present period of trial, assured that their commitment and patience will complement the efforts being made by Government and other stakeholders to ensure the speedy control of the virus.

He said that with the cooperation of every citizen as well as strict adherence to the measures being put in place by relevant authorities, the challenges being faced by Nigerians as a result of the disease would soon be put behind.

The Minister expressed optimism that the economy of the country will rebound and be stronger after the COVID-19 experience, taking cognizance of the various economic stabilisation efforts by the Federal Government. He therefore, called on Nigerians to remain calm and be hopeful.

Ogbeni Aregbesola wishes all Nigerian workers a peaceful May Day Celebration.

Georgina E. Ehuriah, MON, NPOM
Permanent Secretary

Seyi Makinde: Understanding The Man And His Politics | Taiwo Adisa - Southwest-frontier News

Seyi Makinde: Understanding The Man And His Politics | Taiwo Adisa

April 28, 2020

Whether by chance or design, a medley of cacophonous soundbites has been targeting the governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde in recent weeks. As multi-layered as the critics come, their antics and desire appear perpetually narrow-ended: to burst the high-flying balloon of the Ibadan-born engineer turned politician.

Criticism is of natural occurrence. But those you see raising issues about Seyi Makinde tend to easily confuse and misconstrue the man. Overtime, you think they would understand.

However, at a point, the critics got furious and vicious, with some wearing the desperation of a hen, which has just been deprived of its last chic by the rampaging hawk. Whatever they see, they threw at the sky, peradventure it gets to haul down the balloon. His case became that of one man, many enemies.

But what is his offence? He hit the ground running as governor of Oyo State. Within the first 100 days, he had redefined governance in the Pacesetter State such that the workers had started comparing his 100 days record with the 96 months of his immediate predecessor. He kept his pre-election words and remained faithful to his book of government.

He cancelled the fees charged in public schools by his predecessor and replaced the same with subventions payable by the government. He is paying at least N526 million per term as grants to primary and secondary schools. He made welfare of workers and pensioners his priority and ensured that the only way to grow the local economy is to inject at least N8 billion(now N11 billion after approval of new minimum wage) into the local economy on a monthly basis through prompt payment of salaries. He said that infrastructural works would be tied to economic growth and diversification; he is ready to fight corruption and to him, security is key to service delivery.

What is obvious in his style of governance is that he has shown himself as a man for the masses and the downtrodden, who reeled out people-centred policies that are weaved around the four-point service agenda-Security; Health; Education and improved Economy.

Because he cruised past the 100 days in unlikely fashion, thumping records of all predecessors down the line, his waves shot to unprecedented heights locally and abroad. He caught fame and accolades from an appreciative public, which is always in search of heroes. Online, offline and everywhere, praises trailed his utterances and actions.

At home, the critics feared the worst, especially political extinction if the political whiz kid, sort of, is allowed to run without hiccups. They designed an agenda to tag him. The Association of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON) reared its head. Even when the election that brought them into office was held against a restraining order of injunction of the High Court, they claimed Seyi Makinde should allow their mandate to run. The critics went on a binge, attempting to tag the man with a name he was not christened. They said he was flipflopping, clueless, a traitor and an inexperienced administrator. Good enough, those bile-infested appellations went down without history. They claimed he was a traitor for allegedly dumping the coalescing parties that brought him to power; that he was clueless because he doesn’t know what to do. But it is clear that the authors were merely forum-shopping for unlikely headlines and so, their plots failed woefully.

Along the line, another set of critics showed up. It was in the aftermath of Seyi Makinde testing positive to COVID-19. The critics, some of whom had hitherto stayed aloof of the madding crowd entered the fray and questioned why Makinde only went into and out of the COVID-19 positive/negative ensemble in a jiffy.

It is a pity they delved into a science and precision arena with tools of speculation,mistrust and guesswork. They raised questions about the COVID-19 positive/negative case history of Governor Makinde and attempted to impugn the integrity of the tests conducted on the governor.

They also echoed a line similar to that of the Ibadan naysayers,who had said that the governor had on occasions been “forced” to recant public utterances and that he had been seen owning up to “gaffes in public actions” in a way they claimed were worthy of “severe reprimands.”

No matter how hard the writerstried to give sense to their claims, Seyi Makinde’s public life has given a lie to such claims. The governor’s public life clearly portrays the claims as hollow and formless.

Perhaps they want to lay credence to the March 20 post of the governor, in which the governor took responsibility for the highly-criticised March 18 unification rally of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

Well, Makinde’s comment on that occasion really was not a flip flop. He stated clearly that he took responsibility for that rally but that the event held in view of the information at the disposal of South West PDP leaders at the time. The truth is that there was no coronavirus patient in Oyo State as at the time. Hit was hours after the rally that information came that a coronavirus patient had actually spent some two weeks in Ibadan, en route Ado-Ekiti.

One of the instances the combined forces of critics had used in attempting to justify the destructive claim of flip flopping by Seyi Makinde was the governor’s comments on the Ibadan circular road project being handled by ENL Consortium.

Months back when the governor visited the project site, he made a “Stop Work” order and directed the management of that company to come for a meeting in his office thereafter. One or two reporters projected the stop work order as a revocation of the contract. That’s an error on the part of those reporters, because a day after, the governor had entertained a meeting with ENL’s management, he asked them to get back to site and see out the contract by May 2020, its terminal date. But the naysayers had latched onto the misrepresentation in a few reports to attempt to wear the flip flopping toga on Makinde. In reality, it is not just there.

But the recent voyage into the annals of Oyo State politics and some being released by the critics surprisingly showcased their determination to cause disaffection within the top echelons of Makinde’s administration, an eternal objective of the governor’s sworn critics.

Questions were being asked as to why the governor’s recovery from COVID-19 was that fast and dramatic; why the governor posted items he relied upon to boost his immunity while in isolation; and attempted to check on the veracity of the tests. You would want to wonder why anyone would wish the governor had stayed longer in isolation than he did and for whatever reason. Maybe that wish had its foundation in the posture of some Ibadan naysayers, one of whom had advised that Makinde (as if incapacitated) should have handed over power to his deputy to lead the fight against COVID-19, while he was in isolation. But the Abuja-based politician did not offer a similar advice to President Muhammadu Buhari, when the Secretary to the Government of the Federation was named Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 instead of vice-president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

I do not see any reason in that complaint. The world has been battling the rampaging coronavirus and some form of mystery was already massing up in its wake. We saw how a COVID-19 patient vigorously fought the plan byhealth officials of Oyo State, to evacuate him with an ambulance just to avoid the stigma. So, Makinde speaking out was to demystify the mystery around the virus and help propel local initiatives at searching out solutions. Days after, the PTF in Abuja had equally asked survivors of COVID-19 to speak out. Even at that, Makinde did not position himself as a medical expert or as someone making a prescription.

While critics of Makinde, are free to air their opinions, resorting to destructive criticisms, or not seeking a full understanding of the governor and his style of governance will make them blind critics. So, if they are confounded by Makinde’s smart moves in the Government House and his exquisite service delivery, maybe they need to take a peep into his upcoming autobiography, “Seyi Makinde: Thinking it out,” where he wrote: “People often ask me what drives my personal, professional and political passions. What keeps me running? I hope I have shown over time that my ultimate goal is to serve humanity with all the resources God has endowed me with. Service to humanity is the number one driving force in my life. I firmly believe in the adage which says that when a man sends a gift to the market, the market will reward him with a gift in return.”

Adisa is the Chief Press Secretary to Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Single Mothers Deserves To Be Treated With Love, Care And Utmost Sincerity - Afolabi Akinfenwa | Southwest-frontier News

Single Mothers Deserves To Be Treated With Love, Care And Utmost Sincerity
November 28, 2020

Former Assistant National Publicity Secretary Of Association for Ethical Awareness in Nigeria (South). And member Oyo State PDP Media
Mr Afolabi Akinfenwa has urged single mother's to keep hope alive in a message tagged 'Single Mothers Challenge'

Single mothers face a lot of challenge especially when trying to fill the gap. It becomes so hard some times when looking for a perfectly trustworthy man to start over with. And it could also look so hardly bearable to listen to men's approach due to one experience so far. Single mothers usually fall in hand of fake men, they fall for lies and charade because they eagerly want to resettle down.

One asked me, Fola why is it that when one is a single mother, men take her for granted and treat her anyhow? Another mother said, is it a crime to be a single mother, why does men use to fumble when they know you want them strongly?. Fola, hmm, single mother usually being duped, betrayed for a complete one year or above before she could find herself right. Said by a single mother.

There are series of question like that
Majority of the single mother want to remarry but thick fear visits their heart, they suffer fear of being duped or betrayed afterward.
Another challenge is that some get married behind a closed door, some face problem of house wives who are not emphatical with being a single mother, threatening them boundlessly when her husband trying to marry them rightly. 

There are lot of challenge they face that can even cause hypertension and unconscious health to them all in the name of being single mother. Many cries, feel sad and looking for a very good man and haven't gotten one. A single mother once asked " I need a man, please get me one, he don't need to be taking my responsibilities I can provide my needs, it is getting out of hand". The pain and loneliness life of a single mother kills faster than high blood pressure, too much loneliness causes lose of brain, dulling mood and kills inner happiness.
Being a single mother is not a bad omen, it's a predestination and it does not connotes that your creator dislike you. And it doesn't mean you will never find a better partner. Be prayerful and honest.

Oh single mother, however your status is, poor or rich never think that you're living miserably God have a beautiful plan for you, do not fall in love with a Godless man, if he can be Godless he will be careless.
May God fill the gap and give an everlasting joy you prky for.

Afolabi Akinfenwa

Covid-19: Ooni donates motorised modular fumigators to Oyo | Southwest-frontier News

Covid-19: Ooni donates motorised modular fumigators to Oyo 

April 25, 2020
The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, on Saturday, donated two locally-fabricated modular fumigators and drones to the Oyo State government to assist the state in its effort to contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Oba Ogunwusi, who was received at the Government House, Agodi, Ibadan, by the state governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, said the donations were his contribution towards assisting the state in the fight against the pandemic in the state.

A statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor received the donations, while also appreciating the monarch for his kind gesture towards the state.

The governor maintained that the fumigators would assist the state a lot in its bid to curtail the spread of coronavirus in the state.

He said: “We are glad to receive Kabiyesi here at the Government House today. We are happy with the fumigators he donated to us, because they will assist us in the fight against COVID-19. 

“Kabiyesi came from an enlightened and business background. So, he understands how the economy works and the multiplier effect of things like this. So, I am not surprised at all.”

While speaking, the Ooni said: “We have come to Oyo State to donate two modular fumigators to our forward-looking governor, who we are very pleased with. And we will continue from there.

“Coronavirus knows nobody. It is a leveller and we should all come together to fight it. 

“From my business background before I became king, I had a fabricating yard and we came up with a technology of converting liquid to fog and it is very uncommon in Nigeria the way we fumigate. So, we decided to make it 100 per cent home-grown modular fumigator. 

"It can be mounted at the back of any truck. We came up together with a lot of youths that are very agile to see how we can look at the opportunity from the disadvantage of the COVID-19 that is all over the world.

“That was why we came up with this initiative that will be useful post-COVID-19. It is useful in construction industry for anti-dust; useful during large gathering because we know our system and culture. We like to gather.”

The monarch promised to continually contribute his quota towards the development of the country.
Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde
April 25, 2020.
@ Ibadan, Nigeria

The Euphorbia Hirta Option - By Olubunmi Sodipo | Southwest-frontier News

April 26, 2020

Some  scientists at the University of Ibadan have recommended a plant called Euphorbia Hirta as a herbal alternative to mitigating some of the diseases associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the scientists, some of the diseases, which the plant can cure, include dry cough, respiratory failures and fever, among others.

The scientists, including Profs. Ademola Ladele and Rasheed Awodoyin, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan on Tuesday that the Euphorbia Hirta was commonly called Asthma plant.

Awodoyin, a Weed Ecologist, said that the plant was known as Asin Uloko in Edo, Nonon Kurciya in Hausa, Chamma Chamma in Kanuri, Endamyel in Fula-Fulfulde (Borno), Ba Ala in Owerri and Akun Esan in Yoruba.

He listed the scientists who worked on the plant to include Prof. Olaniyi Babayemi (Animal Scientist), Prof. Olapeju Aiyelaagbe (Chemist), Dr Ahmed Abu (Animal Scientist), Dr Adeoluwa (Organic Agriculturist), Dr Olajumoke Fayinminnu (Toxicologist) and Dr Funmilayo Adebiyi (Animal Scientist).
Others, the don said, were Dr Idayat Gbadamosi (Ethnobotanist) and Dr J. Badejo (Drug Development Specialist) and Prof. Ademola Ladele (Agricultural Extensionist).

He said that the plant was a herbal alternative to curing dry cough, respiratory failures, fever and some other related symptoms of chronic flu, all of which were associated with COVID-19.

Awodoyin told NAN that the plant, after being boiled, could be taken as tea and could serve as first aid treatment for dry cough, while further complex solutions to the pandemic could still be explored.

He said that the scientists were sparked up by shared information that mucus plug of the airways and nasal chamber, among others were the causes of seizure and death from COVID-19.

“Asthma plant tea softens dry cough, releases the mucus as phlegm. It is a safe herb tea, though not recommended for pregnant women and should be taken for six consecutive days.

Just get a handful of the plant, steep in boiling water for 15 minutes, drink freely, as the taste is pleasant. I use it at my family level. I don’t even use it for more than three days before getting immediate result,” Awodoyin said.
He emphasised that such medicinal plants had curative actions due to the presence of complex chemical constituents.

According to him, the plant contains triterpenes, phytosterols, tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids, essential oil, alkaloids, saponins, amino acids and minerals, with quercitrin, a flavanoid glycoside, isolated from the herb, showing anti-diarrhea activity.

Also speaking, the leader of the scientists, Prof. Ademola Ladele, said asthma plant could also be used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal parasitosis,) as well as bronchial and respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, flu).

“The aqueous extract from the plant exhibits anxiolytic, analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activities; the root decoction of the plant are also beneficial for nursing mothers deficient in milk (galactogogue).

“The aqueous extract shows antioxidant effect and a free radical scavenging activity. It is used to lower blood pressure, treat athletes foot, dengue fever and for production of blood platelets.

“It can also be used to relieve anxiety and stress. In South India, it is used as ear drops in the treatment of boils, sore and wounds; a decoction of the leaves induces milk flow and the leaf chewed with palm kernel for restoration of virility.

“It is also effective in treating ulcers, while the plant is also eaten as a vegetable; it is a powerful herb which should be used in moderation.

“In Benin City, the plant is pounded, mixed with palm oil and licked to treat any type of cough,” he said.
Ladele added that although the plant was reported to have anti-fertility activity, report from Guinea revealed that the plant extract had practically no toxicity towards man and guinea pigs.

According to him, using the plant may help COVID-19 patients to breathe with ease and remove the need for a ventilator for mild cases.

“There is no evidence yet that asthma plant can cure Coronavirus, but it can be useful in mitigating some of the symptoms like fever, coughing and respiratory challenges.
“A research group at the University of Ibadan is exploring the benefits of other similar plants for the adequate cure of chronic flu and other respiratory diseases, including COVID-19,” he said.

Euphoria hirta is one of the thirty-five weeds whose palynology and ethnobotany I studied to earn an MSc (Botany), from the University of Ibadan. There is no record or documentation that E. hirta has ever been cultivated or domesticated - it is a free growing weed - but maybe it is time we try. Talk to us if you will like to source and use E. hirta as recommended.

Olubunmi Sodipo
Olubunmi Sodipo Decorations.
Landscape and Gardens Services.
0809 803 0422
twitter @olubunmisodipo

Oyo State Covid-19 Task Force Update| Southwest-frontier News


APRIL 25, 2020
The COVID-19 confirmation test for three suspected cases from the University College Hospital, Ibadan, came back POSITIVE, today. So, there are currently nine active cases in Oyo State.

A total of 610 samples have been collected so far in Oyo State. 453 of these samples were collected at the COVID-19 drive-through/walk-through testing centre at Adamasingba Stadium. Testing is still ongoing at the centre. 

We urge the following categories of people who have not already done so, to call the Emergency Operations Centre on 08095394000 / 08095863000 / 08078288999 / 08078288800, for the ongoing drive-through/walk-through testing at Adamasingba Stadium;

People who believe they could have come into contact with a COVID-19 case in Oyo State;
People who returned to Nigeria from abroad within the last one month and their contacts; 
People with respiratory symptoms and 
Healthcare workers who have been in contact with the high-risk groups, above.

Please, keep following the directives of the Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force. Wash your hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, regularly. Also, continue to maintain social distancing. Gatherings in Oyo State are limited to a maximum of ten persons.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Ramadan: Hon. Ogunwuyi Felicitates With Muslims Faithful On Ramadan| Southwest-frontier News

Hon. Ogunwuyi Felicitates with Muslims faithful on Ramadan

April 24, 2020

The pioneer D.G on public Private Partnership and Investment promotions in Oyo State, Hon. Segun Ogunwuyi enjoined Muslims faithful to pray fervently during this year 2020 1441AH Ramadan period.

Hon. Ogunwuyi made the call in his Ramadan message through his media aide, Esther Oguntoye to the good people of Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole

While congratulating Muslim Ummah for witnessing 1441 AH Ramadan, the D.G charged all Muslims to pray fervently to Almighty Allah to heal the world of Covid -19 pandemic that has claimed many lives.

Hon. Ogunwuyi also admonished the people of Oyo state to comply with the state government and medical experts advice by washing hands regularly with soap and water, observing social distancing, using hand sanitizer, hand gloves and face masks in order to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

He therefore prayed to Almighty Allah for forgiveness of sins and shower abundant blessings on the people during the holy month and beyond.

Hon. Segun Ebenezer Ogunwuyi



April 24, 2020

This Senator for Oyo south district. Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has felicitated Muslims in his district and Oyo state in general for Ramadan that begins today, 24th April, 2020.

"I use this occasion to charge our Muslim brethren to pray for God to heal our land of Covid 19, heal those infected and peace all over Nigeria."

Senator Mohammed Kola Balogun

Omi-Apata Council Boss, Hon. Sheriff Adeojo Distributes 2nd Batch Of Relief Materials To Constituents Doorstep

Covid-19: Hon. Sheriff Adeojo Distributes 2nd Batch Of Relief Materials To Constituents Doorstep

April 24, 2020

The Caretaker Chairman Omi-Apata LCDA, Hon. Sheriff Adeojo has distributed 2nd batch of relief materials to thousand of people in Communities across the wards area of the council jurisdiction

The door to door distribution of palliatives to the beneficiaries was predicated upon an intention to cushion the effects of lockdown and current hardship being triggered by covid-19 pandemic.
The relief items distributed includes rice, beans, milk and other consumable items aimed at mitigating the effects of lockdown that is occasioned by the deadly disease.

Hon. Sheriff Adeojo while speaking through his media aide, Afolabi Akinfenwa disclosed that the distribution of palliatives to the people was facilitated by his intention and feelings to cushion the effects of lockdown in the council area, as welfarism of the people is his major concern.
Adeojo called on other influential and well to do in the council area to rise for charitable tasks of donating and presenting consumable items to people at this trying time.

Afolabi Akinfenwa reporting....


April 24, 2020

  Muslim brothers and sisters have been enjoined to pray fervently during this year 2020 1441AH Ramadan period.

  The Caretaker Chairman of Omi-Apata Local Council Development Area, Hon Sheriff Adeojo made the call in his Ramadan message to the people of the council area and Oyo state as a whole.

 While congratulating Muslim Ummah for witnessing 1441 AH Ramadan, the council boss charged them to pray fervently to Almighty Allah to heal the world of Covid -19 pandemic that has claimed many lives.

  Hon Sheriff Adeojo also admonished them to comply with the state government and medical experts advice by washing hands regularly with soap and water, observing social distancing, using hand sanitizer, hand gloves and face masks in order to curb COVID-19 pandemic.

He therefore prayed to Almighty Allah for forgiveness of sins and shower abundant blessings on the people during the holy month and beyond.

Banke Adeyemo
DDESS/Head,Info Unit
Omi-Apata LCDA

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Senator Kola Balogun Mourns Chief Akinjide; Says He Will Be Greatly Missed|Southwest-frontier News

April 21, 2020
Press Statement
The Senator for Oyo South district in the 9th national Assembly, Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has described the demise of Chief Richard Osuolale Akinjide (SAN) as a great loss to Nigeria and Oyo State in particular.

According to the Press release by the Senator's special Adviser on Media, Rotimi Johnson Ojasope, the death of the legal luminary per excellence and great democrat came as a shock, even though he came, fought a good fight and conquered, we would rather love to have him here with us longer. 

"Chief Akinjide has done us proud in Nigeria and Oyo State; as two time Minister, as the Lawyer of the famous "twelve two third postulation" and as the father to great men and women, amongst whom we have the former Minister for State for the Federal Capital Territory, Oloye Jumoke Akinjide. Baba was a living encyclopedia of Nigerian politics and constitution and we shall greatly miss him." Senator Kola Balogun said.

Senator Balogun concluded the statement by praying for the immediate family, the Governor and all the people of Oyo State, that God shall grant us the fortitude to bear this loss; our prayers and thoughts are with you. 

Rotimi Johnson Ojasope
SA Media

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Oyo-ile Investors' Forum Flagged Off Distribution Of Palliative Materials At Omi-Apata Lcda

April 19, 2020

The Oyo-ile investors' forum, has flagged off the distribution of palliative materials to the people of Omi-Apata local council development area to cushion the effect of the sit-at-home order among the vulnerable ones.
The leaders of the team Hon Segun Ogunwuyi, who is also the Director-General of Oyo State Investments and Public-Private Partnership Agency, (OYSIPPA) and Abiodun Oni, Executive Chairman of Oyo State's Mineral Development Agency appealed to the residents to support the government to ensure that the exercise succeeds.

Just as he called on the residents to have confidence in government and governance.
Receiving the items on behalf of his Council, the chairman of Omi-apata LCDA HON SHERIFF ADEOJO appreciated the Oyo-Ile investors' forum for the  palliatives, assuring that the items will go a long way to cushion the effect of the lockdown on the people in the Council.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Wasiu Ayinde Reacts Over Allege Extramarital Affair With Alaafin’s Youngest Queen

Wasiu Ayinde Reacts Over Allege Extramarital Affair With Alaafin’s Youngest Queen
April 16, 2020
Publisher: Afolabi Akinfenwa

Fuji Icon, Wasiu Ayinde popularly called KWAM1 has reacted to the allegations that he was having an extramarital affair with the youngest Queen of Alaafin of Oyo, Queen Badirat, describing it as useless claim.

KWAM1, who was recently given a title by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, as the Mayegun, added that the claim was wishful thought of his critics that were against his new title.

In a short video on his social media handle shortly after news started filtering around that the Oyo monarch allegedly chased Badirat out of the palace over extramarital affairs on Thursday, the fuji icon stressed that efforts by detractors to dent his image since he started his music career had often failed.

Kwam1 added urged his fans not to respond or argue with the purveyors of the claim, assuring them that their allegations will not affect his status or his music career that had spanned decades.

Before his statement, there has also been divergent views on the issue, while several of his fans claimed that if the story was true, KWAM1 should be dead by now while others claimed he could have consulted oracles before embarking on the action.

Elderly Woman Who Offered to Sleep With Any Man for N500 Shares Relief Materials With Neighbours

Elderly Woman Who Offered to Sleep With Any Man for N500 Shares Relief Materials With Neighbours
April 15, 2020

The elderly woman who offered to sleep with any Man for N500 in order to feed her children has decided to share part of the relief materials she was given with her neighbours.

Pictures emerged of the woman tying grains and distributing the same to her neighbours.

The woman  made headlines recently when she offered to sleep with any man for a pittance in order to feed her children.

Kolawole Atanda Adejojo, a journalist, had shared the touching video of the aged woman making this demand in Igbore, Abeokuta, Ogun State, on his Instagram page.

In the short clip, a man can be heard in the background talking to her in Yoruba dialect as he asked her what she intends doing. She answered, saying she is willing to sleep with any man who gives her N500 to get food for her children.

After the video went viral, Nigerian Music producer, Don Jazzy gave the woman N100,000. This prompted a flurry of donations from other well

Source: OperaNews

Monday, April 13, 2020


April 13, 2020

It was really appalling to read the discordant tunes from government officials on why Chinese Doctors have been invited to come and help Nigerians to fight Covid 19; I felt like gathering the decision makers together and order them flogged like erring pupils of those days. For the first time, I lost hope in this country and think this set of leaders "are never do well". 

The index case of Covid 19 was reported on the 27th of February, 2020 (46 days ago, with 323 confirmed cases, 85 recoveries and 10 death); we have done well in curtailing the spread in the country; . As a matter of fact, the increase in the cases can the traced to laxity on the part of the federal government that left our borders opened till there were more fresh cases from offshore. The government has been very swift in announcing release of money but there have not been corresponding actions and reactions to confirm the sincerity of the motive. 

The Italian index case recovered fully and was discharged but the question in the mind of reasonable Nigerians is how did we accomplish that great feat? Whatever medication we used on the Italian didn't come from Italy or China, though shodded in secrecy, we know it worked, except it was all a farce that we have Covid 19 in Nigeria in the first place. 

We must commend the Oyo state Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde that dared say "we will look inward and consider local alternatives to fight Covid 19". Those who understand leadership would know that's a forward-thinking leader, who dares to be different. I will return to write about that another day. 
My understanding of public leadership and international politics is that nations take advantage of crises to advance the interests of their countries and move higher in the rating of community of nations but that is the reverse in my father land; rather than boast of the success recorded in tackling the dreaded pandemic, the "longer-throat" (the cap-in hand- beggarly attitudes) for foreign aides  would not allow our leaders to see beyond the nose.

Seeing that good things hardly start from top to down in Nigeria: the younger the football teams, the greater the glory, the farther from the top, the better the dedication; "only that baboons dey work, monkey dey chop". The Monkeys in Nigeria can never jump from tree to tree, they are programmed to walk while the baboons work. That's why those Nigeria that are reasonable and patriotic shouldn't wait for our leaders, their endless propaganda and selfishness before celebrating men and women of the medical professions who have gone beyond professional ethics to put themselves in the forefront of the war against the pandemic while they beg the rest of us to stay at home, which they have chosen to sacrifice for the well being of us all. 

We should pray daily for these people of golden heart and selfless zeal; many of them are not appreciated by their organizations, particularly the government workers among them; the hazard allowance is peasant, the working environment is appalling, the equipments are obsolete but many that have chosen to remain in Nigeria are unrelenting in their dedication to saving lives.

When Dr Stella Ameyo Adadevoh (late Ebola heroine) put her own life in risk to prevent the spread of Ebola in 2014, nothing has been done by the Federal government to appreciate or immortalize her till date; you can imagine how demoralizing that would be to many others who would want to dare take risk for their father land. Our soldiers on the war front against terrorists are not well motivated too, the same is prevalent in all sectors of our nation's life in Nigeria.

Nigerians must arise, both corporate and individuals must arise to celebrate these men and women in the medical professional because as for our Federal Government leadership, they need deliverance from themselves and their conscience get stirred once they get inside Aso Rock; it is not peculiar to the present administration, just that the present is pretending to be different.

So, I commend the Publisher of the Nigerian Newspapers (Nigerian Tribune), who tolled this part recently but distributing relief and provisions for the medical workers who are in forefront of the fight in Nigeria; we need more of such gestures from good spirited people and organizations.

So, I give a big salute to Nigeria Medical Association, Association of Resident Doctors, the Nurses Associations, Chairmen and members of the Covid 19 task forces, the virologists, the laboratory scientists and the auxiliary staffs that are on duty to make the works of the Medics easier.

I pray God almighty keep you safe from this pandemic or any epidemic in Jesus name. Amen.

Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson

Oyo PDP Commends donors to Oyo's COVID-19 Endowment Fund

Oyo PDP Commends donors to Oyo's  COVID-19 Endowment Fund, Urges Christians To Maintain Virtues Of Christ After Easter
April 13, 2020

Oyo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has expressed its profound gratitude to all donors to the state's  COVID-19 Endowment Fund.
The party in a statement signed by the State Chairman, Alhaji Kunmi Mustapha, the Secretary, Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke and the Publicity Secretary,  Engineer Akeem Olatunji commended the donors for promptly heeding the clarion call to support the fight against COVID-19 in the state.
According to the statement, the support being rendered in cash and materials in support of governor Seyi Makinde's efforts at containing the dreaded Coronavirus is encouraging 

According to the statement, the party also urged Christians in the state to continue to maintain the virtues of Jesus Christ to love, forgive, persevere and remain compassionate to one another most especially to the less privileged noting that these were the main essence of Easter celebration.

The PDP further praised  the response of eminent Oyo sons and daughters as well as other well meaning Nigerians for turning out in their numbers to support Oyo state government's efforts to combat COVID-19.
It commended the state's  Task Force on COVID 19 headed by governor Seyi Makinde for taking bold steps in its determination to defeat the dreaded pandemic.

The party further stated that much is still expected from everyone as the disease is still very much around, even as the world is battling to get a cure.
 It urged some politicians who are attempting to cash in on the pandemic to engage in political campaigns to have a rethink.

The statement also admonished the people of Oyo State to note that the dreaded virus does does not respect social status or political affiliation addijg that the people should always adhere to laud down protocol by medical experts.
The statement read:
"We have to sound it loud enough that this is the time  politicians and political oppositions across the world are setting partisanship aside to join forces with government in the fight against coronavirus. Politics and political activities of any form can only thrive when the threat to human existence Is defeated.

"We also salute and appreciate the philanthropic gestures of Sir Bode Akindele, Aare Musulumi of Yoruba Land, Edo and Delta State, Alhaji Dauda Makanjuola D-Damak, Sen Rasheed Adewolu Ladoja, Bar Lateef Fagbemi (SAN), Engr Remi Oseni, Engr Dotun Sanusi, Banks, and other corporate bodies and other individuals who have contributed towards Oyo State's Endowment Fund."

The party equally urged eminent Oyo sons and daughters within and outside the state to set political party affiliations aside and join hands with Governor Seyi Makinde in the battle to defeat COVID-19.

Engr Akeem Olatunji
Publicity Secretary 
Oyo State PDP

Sunday, April 12, 2020

JUST IN: Oyo PDP Charges Residents On Love, Tolerance, And Forgiveness, Lauds Makinde's Action Plan

JUST IN: Oyo PDP Charges Residents On Love, Tolerance, And Forgiveness, Lauds Makinde's Action Plan

April12, 2020

The Oyo state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has charged Christians in the state to continue to show love, compassion, kindness, tolerance, and forgiveness as Nigeria and the rest of the world celebrate Easter.

The goodwill message was contained in a statement from the ruling party's office signed by the state publicity secretary, Engr Akeem Olatunji, and made available to newsmen in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital. 

The party urged residents to as a matter of civic responsibility continue show love, tolerance, and  forgiveness to one another noting that man could never attain perfection since only God is perfect.

Engr Olatunji stated that the fact that this Easter came at a time the entire world was grappled in a dilemma of finding a lasting solution to a pandemic that threatens human existence regardless of color, religion, or tribe was enough reason for sober reflection on the gains the essence of the season.

He stated further that human beings were created equal before politics placed demarcation on them on the basis of participation, personal and political influence,  as well as social strata, stressing that all man remains equal before God.

He charged Oyo residents especially the Christians to set all forms of political differences aside and emulate the love of Jesus Christ, who thought to love, tolerate, and to forgive one another at all times.

The party particularly lauded governor Seyi Makinde for his ruggedness and profound philosophy towards public administration stressing that Makinde's every move and approach to governance has consistently become a template for others to adopt.

The party stressed that Makinde's political philosophy has redefined political perception in the state and has already started impacting lives across party lines in Oyo state.

Engr Olatunji added that the fire brigade approach to solving problems has unconsciously led many unsuspecting Nigerians to accept it as an acceptable style noting that it was for that reason some expected the governor to declare a total lockdown in the State regardless of individual state's economic and socioeconomic peculiarities.

The party declared that governor Makinde has displayed uncommon leadership qualities by embracing an all inclusive government style in the face of stiffer political competition ridden on the backdrop of lies, deceit, and propaganda.

Engr Olatunji said that PDP in Oyo state noted with nostalgia how governor Makinde despite has been able to successfully keep the state safe from a larger outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic despite its close proximity to Lagos state which is the worst hit in Nigeria.

Engr Olatunji said that there could not be a better time for the state to match forward into light through a transparent and accountable government of Peoples Democratic Party in the state under the leadership of governor Seyi Makinde than now as the people have practically identified with Makinde led administration as one of the best in the country.

The party enjoined all residents to continue to pray for God's wisdom and divine intervention as the government battles the dreaded corona virus pandemic headlong.

He assured that the party will continue to provide all needed supports in terms of feedbacks and liaison between the people and the state government in order to continually give the people adequate sense of belonging.

BREAKING: Oyo Lawmaker, Hon Popoola Is Dead

Hon. Ademola Olusegun Popoola, a lawmaker representing Ibadan Southeast con...