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Local Government Election And It's Impact On The Grassroots Development, An X-ray On Oyo State | Southwest-frontier News


By Samuel Simeon

August 31, 2020
Local Government are non sovereign Communities with subordinate Status below the National government.

It is the 3rd tier of government that is Closest to the People and therefore responsible for serving the Political and Material needs of the People and Communities at a specific area.
It can be a city Council, Municipal, District or Village.

The Local Government in Nigeria is an indispensable tier of government in the Nigerian Federal system .
It is deeply rooted in the law of the Land and derives it's powers from the Constitution.

Section 7(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria States that, the system of local government by a democratically elected local government council is under this Constitution guaranteed.

From the above, it is clear that the local government is backed by law and administratively should have a democratically elected representative of the people who are charged with the responsibility of moving the government towards attaining sustainable growth for the State and National development.

Local government can also be defined as a Political authority which is purposefully created by law or Constitution for local Communities by which they manage their local public affairs within the Law/Constitution (Ogunna:1996)

 The Local Government Reforms

The Nigerian government has done a lot to ensure that the Local government is accorded responsibility and respect in the Committee of institutions in the Country through so many reforms which were properly outlined.

The 1976 Local government reform which is generally seen as the reform that gave teeth to the Local government institution and gave rural dwellers a sense of belonging was packaged by the Muritala/Obasanjo administration.
The reform for the first time recommended that the local government be seen as a tier of government and equally provided for statutory allocation for the local government from the Federation account according to Ogunna(1996).
This reform marked a turning point in the history of Local government in Nigeria for so many reasons, namely

The Local government were declared as and Started to be recognized as,"third tier government " with attendant implications.

It was the first reform in the Land which took all the local government in the Country into Consideration.

The Federal government for the first time started to give Statutory allocation to the local government.

A uniform system of local government was for the first time introduced in all States of the Federation.

The reform shows that the local government was granted financial autonomy which made them receive their allocation from Share of the Federal revenue and gave it a status of Third tier government thereby granting it autonomy with representatives who are elected by the local dwellers.
The reform also brought uniformity of government which allowed all the local government in the country to practice the Presidential system of government. Regrettably, this reform was short lived and was never implemented to the fullest despite the fact that it was enshrined in the 1979 Constitution.

The late Shehu Shagari administration tried to execute the reform in part but did not give more strength towards it's enforcement before it was ousted by General Buhari who did not do more towards the uplifting of the local government and had no reform to it's credit.

The Babangida Military administration reviewed the 1976 reform and brought out his own which he implemented and positioned the local government as centres of socio-economic development ground throughout the Country.
The various local government headquarters thus attracted increased and diversified economic , social and political activities hence designed to lay a solid political  and economic foundation for grassroots socio-economic and political development (Ogunna: 1996)

Some of the areas the local government is used to drive National development include:

Sensitization and Mobilization
Infrastructural development and

The local government as the third tier and grassroot government in Nigeria has suffered in the hands of the upper government and in the hands of it's officials who are representatives of the local people.
The problems encountered includes :

State overbearing influence 
Paucity of funds
Flagrant abuse of the rule of law
Lack of peace and stability.

Having said the above, it is pertinent to note that the Constitution which created the local government is the worst enemy of this government.
This is because, the Constitution which made it clear that the local government is the third tier government in the country, as such independent of other tiers unfortunately through it's fourth schedule empowers the State House of Assembly to make laws for the local government and to organize local government elections.
This is indirectly placing the activities of the local government in the hands of state government and runs foul to the autonomy granted.  According to the guardian Sunday magazine of the 26thJune, 2016, the last council election in Oyo state took place on December 15th, 2007 during the regime of former Governor Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala.
The ex Governor had shortly on assumption of office, sacked the council  Chairmen that emerged during the election conducted by his predecessor, Alhaji  Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja on the eve of his departure from office in 2007.
Oyo state past APC led government couldn't conduct the council election for the first four years in office based on what it described as legal impediment despite pressure from opposition parties who described the action as unconstitutional, illegal and anti-people capable of causing untold hardship for the people at the grassroot.
Despite the sanctity and importance of this tier of government, it was most disheartening to see that the past  APC led Oyo State government deemed it not fit to conduct election into the Council until the eve of her departure.
Taking  tour of what was left of the local government in the past APC led Oyo state administration, it is most saddening to see the moribund state the local government facilities had been left unattended to with most of the facilities left in a deplorable  state and of course when the local government is left in such a state, it culminates to poverty at the grassroot exhibited in the deplorable state of the councils primary health care centres, non functional water supply in major parts of the local government,  deplorable state of the local government road network e.t.c
On the above premise was Oyo state local government grassroot greeted with the good news stemming from the indication that the Oyo State PDP led government is set  to conduct election into the 33 local government in the State under the Leadership of His Excellency Engr Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde.
This is because the Governor had forwarded the list of Members of the Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYSIEC) to the State House of Assembly for Screening and Confirmation. The Speaker Rt. Hon Adebo Ogundoyin  on   Tuesday 26th  August, 2020 stated that the board of OYSIEC should have been constituted before now but for the court case instituted by the sacked local government Chairmen in the State while expressing happiness that the conduct of the local government election in the state would further help to bring dividends of democracy to the people while affirming that he had no doubt that when the board is constituted, it would conduct credible local government elections devoid of any rancor, violence and malpractice.
Indeed a new dawn has been birthed in Oyo State.

God Bless GSM!
God Bless Oyo State !!
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

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Effective Governance And Local Government Elections: A Noble Compass To Seyi Makinde Administration | Bashorun Saintabey


By Bashorun Saintabey 

August 30, 2020
The Local Government in Nigeria is an indispensable tier of government in the Nigerian federal system. It is deeply rooted in the law of the land and derives its powers from the constitution. Section 7(1) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, states that the system of Local government by a democratically elected local government council is under this constitution guaranteed. 

Local governments and elections are two essential features of modern democracies. 
They help to establish, nurture and sustain democracy and democratic political 
culture where people of each community in respective local government will be able to fill the impacts of the local government and burdens will be relieved from the state government and the federal government.

Local governments are viable instruments of grassroots political participation and 
socialization. Good conduct of elections into local governments provide the electorate with the power to freely participate in choosing their leaders and in providing the much-needed support and legitimacy to the state. 

Leaders are made accountable, and the institutions that create the stability of the political system are strengthened through effective monitoring of their elected officials.

There are five varied phases, during which local government’s fortune rose and ebbed in Nigeria 
The first phase, commencing in the early 1950s, witnessed early efforts at 
democratisation. It marked the end of ‘Indirect Rule’ system; the second phase which began in early 1960s and terminated with the end of the Civil War in 1970; the third phase inspired and epitomized by the local government reforms of 1976; the fourth phase within 1984 to 1993 where the first set of local government chairmen was elected at this phase; the last phase which is 1994 to date has been characterised by efforts to modify and resuscitate the system more, and the Federal capture it better with the autonomous power given to the local government where NGFIU, Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit, an agency of the Federal Government in a proactive manner to emasculate the 774 local councils from the ravenous and banditry grip of the states commenced a new financial regime of direct disbursement of monthly statutory allocation to strengthen the councils. Since June 2019, local governments all over the nation has been receiving statutory monthly allocation from Abuja.

In Oyo State, the legal tussle instituted by sacked ALGON has really created a big vacuum as caretakers has less authority over the local government fund and this has created a lot of gap in the effective delivery of  dividend of democracy across the local communities. 

With the intention of the Governor Seyi Makinde to conduct local government elections.Oyo State Citizens are being charged on this area :
a. What was the level of citizens’ participation in the last local government  election in the state?
b. Assess the challenges of local government elections in Oyo State in the last kangaroo election conducted by dissolved OYSIEC.
c. Which of the basic social services were provided by the local governments in Oyo State  from 1999 to date?

All these three are very important to the electorates and this will charge incoming elected officers to the various local government in Oyo State to know the task at hand.

Local government in Oyo State and all over the nation is equated with grassroots participatory democracy;it refers to self-government of the local community for local community 
by its elected local inhabitants; local council has substantial control over its local affairs 
as well as staffing and institutional and financial powers to initiate and direct theprovision of services and to determine and implement projects that complement the activities of the state and federal government in their areas;through through devolution of functions to the councils and through the active participation of the people and their traditional institutions, that local initiative and response to local needs and conditions are maximized; Local government council is at liberty to make bye-laws to enable it perform specific functions, have control over its finances, recruit and discipline its staff and formulate policies to usher in development programmes within the broad national objective(s); establish local representative government institutions through which appropriate services and development activities can be made more responsive to the local community; to provide opportunities for local communities to exercise their democratic right to self governance and determination at the local levels, and to encourage and develop initiatives and leadership potential; to mobilize human and material resources through the involvement of members of the public in their local development; and to provide a two way channel of communication between the local communities and the central government;potentials of Local Governments for Promoting Social and Economic Development .

Local governments have a role to play in the economic development of any nation; provision of infrastructure and related services; healthcare provision;development of locally-customized poverty alleviation initiatives; incentives for good governance at the local levels.

Governor Seyi Makinde believe that  openness and participation are antidotes to good governance and control of good administration and he has charged the newly constituted  OYSIEC, Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission which was established by the State Independent Electoral Commission Law, to go with the pursuant to Section 197 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 and conduct, organize and supervise local government election in the state.

The Local government as the third tier government in the Nigerian federation was born out of the clear need to better the lots of local citizens in the country.

A well packaged and articulate plan for Local 
government in Oyo State would reduce criminality, unemployment, rural-urban drift and encourage economic, agricultural growth and political education.

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Makinde Donates Operational Vehicle To Federal Airport Authority Of Nigeria | Southwest-frontier News


August 26, 2020
Oyo State governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, has donated an operational vehicle to the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Ibadan branch, for maximum security in all the nooks and crannies of the airport.
Governor Makinde, while presenting the vehicle to the management of FAAN, through his Special Adviser on Security, Commissioner of  Police Fatai Owoseni (rtd), maintained that the present administration in the state places premium on security of lives and properties of all the residents and organizations in the state.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the presentation took place at the Government House, Agodi, Ibadan, on Wednesday.
Makinde said the presentation of the vehicle was a gesture by the present administration to support the Federal Airport Authority management in its bid to make the airport conducive for the passengers.
In her response, Airport Manager, Ibadan Airport, Mrs Ayenuro Tega, on behalf of the management of the airport, appreciated the state government for the donation, which she said will enhance security in the airport and its environs.
She added that the governor has been supporting the Airport Authority since he assumed office as governor of the state.
She said: "On behalf of the airport management, Ibadan, we are very grateful to the governor for this donation to enhance security in the airport and the community around the airport.
"He has been of tremendous help to us since he came in. He has been helping us throughout the COVID-19 period. When we had issues on palliatives and materials to be used, the governor came to our aid by donating many hand sanitizers, shields and canopy to the Airport Complex. This is just an additional support."
The presentation was witnessed by government functionaries.

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

Help Stop The Killings In Southern Kaduna - Christian Group Appeals To President Buhari | Olubunmi Sodipo

Help Stop The Killings In Southern Kaduna - Christian Group Appeals To President Buhari

August 26, 2020
Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Oyo State chapter and Concerned Christian Citizens, have raised concern over the killings of Christians in Southern Kaduna, and calls on President Mohammadu Buhari to intervene before it become a major concern.

The group led in prayer by the Chairman of Oyo State Chapter of CAN, Apostle Joshua Akinyemiju, prayed for God's intervention on the killings and the unchecked violence perpetuated by suspected Fulani herdsmen and bandits etc. in Southern Kaduna. Speaking after the prayer meeting held by the christian group and CAN officials and members in Ibadan over the killings in Southern Kaduna, one of the Conveners of the programme, Mrs Foluso Makanjuola-Oyenuga said President Buhari must as a matter of urgency come to the aid of the people especially the Christians in Southern Kaduna, to stop the unchecked violence by Fulani herdsmen and bandits that have led to multiple death in the area.
"President Buhari as a matter of urgency should do whatever it takes to stop the unprovoked and unchecked violence caused by the bandits, fulani herdsmen and others, on the Southern Kaduna who are predominantly Christians, to avoid unnecessary chaos in the land.

Mrs Foluso Makanjuola-Oyenuga, one of the Conveners of the project at the event
"The killings has been going on for a long time and if not stopped now, may lead to further break down of law and order which will definitely give the country a bad image," Mrs Oyenuga said.
Explaining the rationale behind the prayer meeting, Apostle Akinyemiju said with the killings and the violence in Nigeria, the country needs God because human beings cannot do it alone by themselves.
"What we have done today, this is the way it is supposed to be. We are supposed to hand over Nigeria to God for peace to reign because what ever human beings cannot do, we hand it over to God and God is the Author and Finisher of our faith.
"So what we have done, we have handed over the killings and violence in Southern Kaduna to him to handle so that peace can reign," Apostle Akinyemiju, who is a retired Colonel said.
Also speaking, one of the leading voice of the prayer, Bishop Daniel Oluwajimade, Pastor of Emmanuel The Saint Sabba Evangelical Mission, Gbekuba, Apata, Ibadan, said Christians all over the world are not happy about what is happening in Southern Kaduna and that is why we are calling on God to help us end the ugly trend. "What we did here today is needful because if such a thing is not done people wouldn’t know that we are not happy. All Christians in Nigeria are not happy about what is happening in Southern Kaduna and the northern part of this country.
"It's not really a demonstration but a way of showing the Calvary heart that Christians carry to tell the government that what is happening in the northern part of Nigeria, especially in Southern Kaduna is not the best. The situation must be attended to, and certain things must be done about it."We have come to pray and we have prayed for the whole nation and whatever is going on, we believe in the power of prayer that the ugliness in that region is going to be arrested by the power of God," Bishop Oluwajimade said.

The coordinator of the project, Mr Olubunmi Sodipo said the plan of the Concerned Christian Citizens for starting the project is to create awareness for all people to see the plight of the Southern Kaduna people so the government would do the needful to stop the killings.
"The basic reason is to raise awareness about the plight of our brothers and sisters in Southern Kaduna, in the face of the killings and the denials.
"We believe it has gone on for this long because the rest of us and indeed the world, particularly we Christians have been largely quiet about this evil.
"To remedy this situation, we have decided to take action. We are the Body of Christ. If any part suffers the others suffer with it. Our chosen action involves Christians making a commitment to buy and wear branded T-Shirts to raise awareness and possible public outrage at the Southern Kaduna killings. Each T-Shirt costs N1,500 and we have been overwhelmed at the response we are getting." Mr Olubunmi Sodipo, the Project Coordinator said.
Among the Conveners is an octogenarian, Professor Adebisi Sowunmi, who is so passionate to see the end to this killings, and transformation of the country at large.

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Politics: National Working Committee Has Appointed Hon. Ajibola Muraina As Chairman Bayelsa Senatorial Bye-Election


August 24, 2020
Hon Ajibola Muraina has been appointed  by the National Working Committee,  NWC of the People's Democratic Party, PDP to serve as the Chairman, Screening Committee for the upcoming Bayelsa West and Bayelsa Central Senatorial District Bye Elections, for the purpose of screening all Aspirants of the party for the election. The exercise is scheduled to hold on Tuesday August 25, 2020 at the State Party Secretariat in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. 

The seasoned legislator who represents Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency of Oyo State at the House of Representatives was given notice of this party assignment in a letter dated Thursday August 20, 2020 and signed by Col Austin Akobundu (rtd)., the National Organizing Secretary of PDP.

Others on the Screening Committee are:
1. Hon Alfa Belel  -  Member.
2. Barrister (Mrs) Nneoma Ndu.  -  Member.
3. Ms Kemor Oromoni  -  Member.
4. Barrister Nicholas Obhiseh  -  Secretary.

Hon Ajibola Muraina is delighted to serve and contribute his quota towards the continued establishment of internal democracy in the People's Democratic Party.

Olubunmi Sodipo
S. A. Media.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Happy New Year Hijra 1442 Ah - Hon Ajibola Muraina, Congratulates Muslims | Southwest-frontier News

August 20, 2020
The Honourable representing Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency at the green  chamber, Hon. Muraina Ajibola has congratulated muslims faithful on new year hijra

Hon. Ajibola said, with all the Amir, Imams and Leaders, as well as the entire Ummah, Oyo State, we thank God for the opportunity to witness this new year Hijra 1442 AH. 

The power of life and death belongs to God and those of us he has kept alive must be continually grateful.

According to the release signed on behalf of Hon Muraina by his Special Adviser on Media, the honourable legislator concluded his greetings with prayer, "I pray that the provision and the protection of Almighty God will continually rest on us all and keep us through the dangers of this time. Ameen"

Happy New Year Hijra 1442 AH

Olubunmi Sodipo
SA Media

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Alleged Fire Outbreak: Ooni's Palace Intact | Southwest-frontier News


August 19, 2020
The Palace of the Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II, wishes to inform the entire public that a minor fire outbreak  involving a tiny part of one of the administrative buildings within the premises of the palace occurred at about 1:15pm today, Wednesday 19th, August 2020, leaving no harm to the oldest palace in Yoruba land. 

The minor inferno which lasted for about 20 minutes was immediately put out by collective efforts of people in the palace led by the Ooni's Chief Security, Kolawole Emmanuel, later joined by men of the fire services from the state government, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife.. 

Aside from the fact that there was no causality whatsoever, the fire was just a minor occurrence which was nothing to be compared to the misleading huge pictures being painted in the media, particularly the social media.

While it is suspected to have emanated from an electric spark, measures are currently in place to reveal the cause of the inferno.

We wish to thank men of the Osun State Fire service, Obafemi Awolowo University Fire Service and OAUTH Fire Service for their swift response, while efforts of well meaning Nigerians who reached out to the Palace for objective analysis are equally appreciated.

Once again, the ancient Palace of Ife remains as rich as before in culture, traditions and tourism.

Comrade Moses Olafare, 
Director of Media and Public Affairs,
Ooni's Palace.

A New and Modern Akesan Market and Its Impact on Oyo Economy | Southwest-frontier News


August 19, 2020
A market is one of the many varieties of systems,
institutions, procedures, social relations and Infrastructures
whereby parties engage in exchange. In recent years, the development of standard markets and its impact on the environs has become a burning issue in the minds of many
governments and people alike. Consequently, this article is poised to take a comprehensive look at the new and modern Akesan Market at Oyo Town, Oyo State with respect to the economic impact on the environs. 

Origin and Development of Akesan Market
Akesan is the mythical founder of Iperu, an ancient town in Ogun State, South-Western Nigeria. Oral history has it that Akesan was a daughter to an Alaafin who along with her husband Ajagbe migrated from Ile Ife to finally settle in Iperu around the 13th or 14th century. One of the school of thoughts i.e. oral African History says Akesan was said to have settled at the present Akesan market at Oyo Town in Oyo State where she sold cooked maize.

*Description and Geographical Location of Akesan Market*
The Akesan market is situated at Oyo Town in Oyo State. The city has four Local Goverment Areas viz: Atiba LGA, headquartered at Offa-Meta; Oyo East LGA, headquartered at Kosobo; Oyo West LGA, headquartered at Ojongbodu and Afijio LGA, headquartered at Jobele. The city is centrally located on the dual carriage A1 expressway from Lagos which links it from Ibadan all the way to "Ilorin. Originally, the market was a quintessence of
the African/Traditional market before the inferno in January, 2020. 

It will be recalled that, tragedy struck in Oyo Town in the early hours of Sunday, January 5, 2020, as fire razed Akesan Market, the town’s main commercial centre, where only few shops and a filling station were not affected during the incident.

The Oyo State Governor, Gov Seyi Makinde promised to rebuild Akesan Market, provide support to victims, when he visited the site of the inferno.

The governor, who stated this at the site of the inferno and at the palace of the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, said that rather than engage in buck-passing over the failure of the past administration to provide necessary fire-fighting tools, he would take responsibility for the failure of the system.

Gov Seyi Makinde led administration who came with the mindset to revamp the state’s economy, promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and resuscitate industrialization. The goal of the administration is to create wealth, improve living standards and reduce poverty. As a result, has not only shown considerable interest in the construction of the market and other ancillary activities and facilities around it, but also did the flag off  the construction of the new modern Akesan market.

New Face of Akesan  Modern Market
From the look of old structure before the inferno, noise and unhealthy sanitary practices are allowed to thrive there and in adequate parking spaces. The new Akesan Ultra Modern Market is envisaged as a multipurpose commercial and 
business area and will serve as a key destination for the city, its visitors and tourists. It shall consist of a combination of well-ventilated  lockup shops and open stalls, meeting hall, large warehousing facilities where traders can store goods purchased in bulk. The modern market will also have adequate parking spaces for cars, a mini police post , spaces for mini bank branches, a mini food court, customary court, administrative building, waste facilities and 
adequate sanitation facilities to cater for the traders and visitors. 

Economy Impact of Modern Akesan Market
The market will be in a good condition since it would be newly
built by the Oyo State Government, while the open market will be left at the mercy of the
shop/stall owners.
The economic impact which
the market will create to the economy development of Oyo State are as follows:

. The market will provide employment in the area as many people around, during my visit to the market affirmed that they work around the area
because of the immense trading and business opportunities
that abound within the area. Obviously, trading would
attract people to the vicinity/environs as many people
who work around there do so for some reasons related to trading. This will be made possible because of
the number of people that would  troop in and out of the market
daily from different parts of the state for their business

. The market will provide a conducive and secure environment for commercial activities in the city of Oyo. 
• It will bring under one area all unorganized trading points scattered across the
Oyo metropolis and halt the abuse of the Oyo township development master plan. 

. It will discourage local developers that indulge in doting shops all over the town. 
• It will propel the local economy, attract wholesale merchants from across the 
country and elevate commercial activity, which  will have a multiplier effect. 
• The market will also attract investment in other sectors of the state economy. 
• It will also reduce to some extent the unemployment in the state. Interested and 
qualified individuals can obtain loans through government programmes or from 
the private sector to start businesses. 
• It will be a good source of internally generated revenue for the state through taxes and levies on economic activities in the market. 
• It will serve as a meeting point for residents, visitors and tourists.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Akinyele Killings: Oyo Police Confirm Escape of Prime Suspect in Custody | Southwest-frontier News


August 16, 2020
19-year-old Sunday Sodipo, the prime suspect arrested over the series of kilings at Akinyele local government area of Oyo State has escaped from police custody.

This was announced by the police command in Oyo State in a statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of the command in the state, SP Fadeyi Olugbenga on Sunday morning.

According to him, the suspect who had been charged to court escaped from lawful custody on the 11th of August

He then urged the public to be on the lookout and inform the police command in the state about any information that can aid his re-arrest.

The statement read:”The Commissioner of Police, Oyo State Command, CP. Joe Nwachukwu Enwonwu, psc wishes to state that, the prime suspect in the serial killings at Akinyele Local Government Area, Moniya Ibadan of Oyo State, one Sunday Shodipe ‘m’ 19 years who was arrested and paraded along with two others at the Oyo State Police Command on 17th July, 2020 and later charged to court but remanded in Police custody escaped from lawful custody on 11/08/2020.

“Consequent upon this, the CP wishes to implore the general public to be on the lookout, arrest and immediately inform the Officers and men of the Command when sighted for immediate handing over for further action. He further seizes this opportunity to appeal to any member of the public with credible information as to the where about of the assailant not to hesitate in passing same to the Oyo State Police Command to assist in the apprehension of the offender who is now at large.

“The CP wishes to unequivocally state that, the Command is committed to the protection of lives and properties of the good people of Oyo State. He therefore assures that adequate security measures have been emplaced to enable all and sundry transact their lawful businesses in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, move from one place to another without any fear or molestation from any individual or groups as he sternly warns criminal elements to steer clear of Oyo State.

“He further advice angry youths/mobs from taking laws into their hands by carrying out jungle justice when suspected criminals are arrested, but such suspect(s) should be handed over to the Police. The photograph of Sunday Shodipe ‘m’ 19 years old is hereby attached for ease of identification.”

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Ibadan-Iseyin-Ogbomoso Road Corridor : Another Economic Hub in Oyo State | Southwest-frontier News

Another Economic Hub In Oyo State | By Bashorun Adeniji Saintabey

August 15, 2020
Infrastructure as a foundational service that  improves the efficiency of an economy in any area and with the adequate infrastructure in Oyo State, would bring about greater economic development in the state and this will improve quality of life, sustainability and social well being of the residents.

Governor Seyi Makinde approved the reconstruction of Moniya-Iseyin road few months ago, feelers within the state are aware that Iseyin road is the gateway/corridor to all the 10 Local Government in Oke-Ogun (Iseyin, Itesiwaju, Kajola, Iwajowa, Atisbo, Saki-West, Saki-East, Orelope, Olorunsogo, & Irepo.

Oke-Ogun is not only the food basket of Oyo state but also the geological basement of Nigeria in terms of Solid minerals.

The deplorable state of Oyo-Iseyin road has sub-optimized great investment opportunities in; Tourism, Mining and Agriculture.

Families have distanced themselves from taking a risk of visiting their ancestral homes due to the known agonies and difficulties of navigating Oyo-Iseyin road

The largest cassava farm in the southwest region of Nigeria is in Iseyin local government area.

Farmers are not able to transport produce to major cities and commercial capitals due to bad roads

Major farm settlement (Fashola Farm settlement)  also served by Oyo -Iseyin Road is also feeling the heat. 

Before the reconstruction of the road, travellers with goods usually offload their goods and push the vehicles across the muddy road. In the past, findings revealed that during the rainy season no vehicle was strong enough to complete end-to-end journey from Oyo to Iseyin without berthing at Ogun River for an onward delivery of passengers to the local crossers/ fishermen that subsequently carry passengers on their back and risk their lives to cross the flooded Ogun River to the other side. Governor Seyi Makinde has etched his name in gold with the reconstruction of the 65km road. While this is ongoing,  the governor also approved the 44km of the construction of Iseyin-Ogbomoso road.

In the discussion of Harvey S. Firestone, the founder of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, one of the first global tire company in the world to the American Business group, Harvey revealed that "the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership". Since the inception of governor Seyi Makinde, the Governor of Oyo State has been able to show to the good people of Oyo State that a successful economic development strategy must focus on improving the skills of the area's workforce, reducing the cost of doing business and making available the resources business needs to compete and thrive in today's global economy.  

Recalling the statement made by Governor Seyi Makinde in November 2019 that Moniya-Iseyin  road would be used as standard template for all other roads to be constructed in the state.

Truly, the asphalt overlay on Moniya-Iseyin is 50mm instead of 40mm and this will ensure durability. 

The construction company also engage the services of the youths in the area for the project as this is promoting  employment opportunities for the young and old that are interested in skilled jobs.

The National President, Iseyin Development Union (I.D.U), Alhaji Bayo Raji recently saluted the courage of the Governor for daring to take giant steps towards commercial development in the face of global economic crisis, occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Iseyin Council of Society's president,  Hope Adeoti Lukuman also revealed that ICS  is the umbrella body of all social groups in the ancient town and  he extended the gratitude of Iseyin people on the approval for construction of the 44kilometers Iseyin-Ogbomoso road, all this attest to the importance of the road in the development of economy in Oyo State.

The corridors of the Ibadan-Iseyin-Ogbomoso road will contribute to the growth of the state in the following areas :
● The construction has widened up the road, a huge construction

●The road will increase farm activities at ijaye farm settlement.

● will boast the economy of Iseyin community.

●uplift a lot of people out of poverty.

 ●The road lead the state capital to okeogun, the food basket of the state. 

● In completion the road will to a large extent solve the problem of moving farm produce from inner towns to Ibadan as farmers will make more money, 

● economy corridor  will spring up on the road as people are lifted out of poverty.

● The road would boost both intra and intercity transport links, improve trade, 

● drastically reduce intercity transport connection, encourage trade and investment as well as bring about better socio-economic development to the citizenry.

Activities of Governor Seyi Makinde offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance. In lieu of this, the governor is aware that the road serves as a gateway to Oke-Ogun,  the food basket of the state, goods, agricultural produce, as well as other vital items traverse this road and he promised adequate security on the road to ensure safety and proper use of the road.

A total commitment is  paramount to reaching the ultimate in performance. Governor Seyi Makinde has etched his name in gold in the minds of Iseyin and Ogbomoso people as the construction also held a particular significance of reconnecting Iseyin people with ancentral ties with the people of Ilorin in Kwara State.

Oyo State residents have observed that the fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person like Governor Seyi Makinde spreads in all directions.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Alaafin, Iyaloja & Akesan Market Traders Eulogize Seyi Makinde As He flagged off Construction of Utra-Modern Akesan Market Complex

Alaafin, Iyaloja & Akesan Market Traders eulogized Seyi Makinde, As he performed the flag -Off Ceremony of The Construction of An Utra-Modern Akesan Market Complex

August 12, 2020

It was an epoch Making event today where sons and daughters gathered today at the open space of the Akesan Market to witness the foundation laying ceremony of the New Utra-Modern Akesan Market.

It will be recalled that, earlier this year January, the inferno at Akesan Market destroyed properties worth Millions of Naira including the ancient structure of the entire Akesan Market.

The Governor had also directed the administration of Oyo East Local Government, led by Hon Arowosaye Saheed Adeyemi to Commence the process of Reconstructing the Utra-Modern Akesan Market through clearing of the burnt structures and inviting the Competent Contractor to handle the project.

Today, the Project awarded to an indigenous Contractor, MORTAYUS NIGERIA LIMITED and the flag-Off Ceremony was performed by the Executive Governor of the State, Engr Seyi Makinde.

In his welcome address, the Caretaker Chairman, Oyo East Local Government, appreciated the Governor for the support and trust reposed in him to handle this project and also applauded the Governor for the approval of many Masses oriented projects he has been embarked upon  through his approval via Ministry of Local Government & Chieftancy Matters. He further appealed to the Governor to put all machinery in motion so that, the Silo Project in Oyo-Awe Road and other abandoned Projects of the last administration be completed in earnest.

The Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, who received the Governor at the foundation laying ceremony, eulogized the Governor for fulfilling his promised as he always do and further described him as a politician with sound integrity.

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In another development, Arch Bishop Ayo Ladigbolu, who Spoke on behalf of the Indigenes appreciated the Governor's determination to write his name in GOLD in the history of Oyo town on this laudable project that would eventually be one of the International Market Standard.

The Iyaloja of Oyo Alaafin, Alhaja(Chief) Adepeju Bakare, who represented all the Traders prayed for the Governor for the spirit of philanthropism and selfless services to humanity that God endowed him. She thanked the Governor for the release of Ten Million Naira(#10,000,000;00) earlier donated to all the Traders who lost valuable properties that cushion the harsh  effect.

On a final note, The People's Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, during his speech urged the administration of AROSAD to be transparent in the allocation of shops when completed and those who still have interest can still apply. He mandated the Indigenous Contractor to do a quality and thorough job on this project, though, he refused to play politics with the Project as some notable people go against given the contract to u by linking you to the opposition.. the Governor said!

In the entourage of the Governor were the Deputy Governor, The Secretary to the State Government, The Chief of Staff, Commissioner for Energy, Commissioner for Commence, The Commissioner Designate for Environment and Natural Resources, Chairman, OYSTROMA, Chairman, OYCSDA and other Political Office holders.

Other dignitaries at the event includes, the OYOMESI, delegation of Oyo Global Forum (OGF) led by the Vice Chairman, Prince Ayo Sanda Ladigbolu, Engr A.K. Amodu (Amark), Chief Sunday Ogunlade, Alhaji Ademola Santos, Alhaji Isiaka Adebayo, Alhaji Ganiyu Alade, Alhaji Azeez Adeyemo and  host of others.

All the Caretaker Chairmen and their members in Oyo Federal Constituency who played the host today were in joyful mood to be part of the history today.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Kashamu Buruji: Deconstructing Nigeria’s “grassroots” Politics - Seun Kolade | Southwest-frontier News


Kashamu Buruji: deconstructing Nigeria’s “grassroots” politics

By Seun Kolade

The death of Ogun state Senator, Kashamu Buruji, has generated a lot of comments and reactions in the Nigerian public space. Former President Obasanjo, in his reaction, did not pull punches when he denounced the deceased as one who, in his lifetime, “used the manoeuvre of law and politics to escape from facing (sic) justice on alleged criminal offense in Nigeria and outside Nigeria”. Many commentators have suggested, rightly in my view, that General Obasanjo’s intervention is driven more by personal animosity than any commitment to higher principles of ethical conduct and accountability. Nevertheless more and more people agree that death does not confer sainthood, and Obasanjo is entitled to his view. I will not belabour this.

Instead, I want to turn attention to the recent statement from former Lagos Governor Tinubu, who in his own reaction, described the late Buruji as “a notable leader in the country and a true grassroots politician.” The part that caught my particular attention is the phrase “grassroots politician”. On the face of it, this phrase describes a politician with close connection with ordinary people, and one whose activities are directed towards the interest and welfare of the masses of ordinary people. In Nigeria, it has a distinctive flavour and connotations.

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In the aftermath of Kashamu’s death, multiple video clips have emerged of him spraying money in the streets. His funeral was attended with considerable fanfare, with a crowd of people defying all rules of social distancing in a chaotic frenzy. Unsurprisingly, some have taken this as further evidence of Kashamu’s “grassroots” credentials, even in death. I saw on one WhatsApp platform someone describing Kashamu as second only to Awolowo, at least in the politics of Ogun state!

It is not surprising that Tinubu hailed Kashamu as a “grassroots politician”. In many ways they are cut from the same cloth. The average Nigerian politician is heavily invested in poverty. It is the canvas from which they project paternal benevolence, and from which, for good measure, they can establish a structure of control. It is a simple and highly effective strategy. On the surface, handouts are the means by which the Nigerian politician endears himself to the masses of people. What is hardly considered, even if it is right in plain sight, is that handouts are also the means by which you debase a people by turning them into dependent beggarly spirits.

The tragic thing is that handouts, like drugs, are habit forming. People, after a while, become dependent on it. They embrace the illusion that hand outs are freebies, oblivious of the fact that it is at a huge cost to their dignity and agency as citizens. That is also why cheap populism, aka “stomach infrastructure”, is the modus operandi of the Nigerian politician. It is the effective “opium of the people”. That is how and why Tinubu has managed to control Lagos for so long. The people complaining and campaigning against the man’s hegemonic hold on Lagos are, by and large, long suffering tax payers who have had to pay more and more to, not the ones benefitting from “free” handouts.

It is easy, though, to focus attention on Tinubu and Kashamu. General Obasanjo himself is at least an admirer, if not a proponent, of this sort of “Amala” politics. It is why he not only eulogised the late Lamidi Adedibu, but also embraced and supported him as the kingsmaker in Oyo state. In one sense, we can’t entirely blame him, or any of these other politician. Until and unless a greater section of the populace see through Nigeria’s brand of grassroots politician for what it is, they will remain trapped under acquired dependency syndrome spearheaded by opportunistic politicians. And they will continue to be complicit in the country’s under-development.

Writer: Dr Seun Kolade 


Tuesday, August 4, 2020

FG: Hate speech fine increases from N500,000 to N5m | Southwest-frontier News


August 4, 2020
The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, made disclosed this in Lagos on Tuesday at the unveiling of the Reviewed Broadcasting Code.

According to a statement by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, titled, ‘Remarks By The Hon. Minister Of Information And Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, At The Unveiling Of The Reviewed Broadcasting Code In Lagos On Tuesday, Aug. 4th 2020,’ the government mandated broadcast stations to devote airtime for public education on emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the statement made available on the social media platforms of the ministry, Mohammed said the amendments were necessitated by a Presidential directive in the wake of the 2019 general elections for an inquiry into the regulatory role of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) as well as the conduct of the various broadcast stations before, during and after elections.

The minister noted that the recommendations were approved by President Muhammadu Buhari to reposition the NBC for better performance in its regulatory role in the areas of political broadcasting, local content, coverage of emergencies, advertising, and anti-competitive behaviour.

Mohammed, who explained that section 2h of the NBC Act empowers the commission to establish and disseminate a National Broadcasting Code, said: “There are many desirable provisions in the new Broadcasting Code”.

“The provisions on Exclusivity and Monopoly will boost local content and local industry due to laws prohibiting exclusive use of rights by broadcasters who intend to create monopolies and hold the entire market to themselves. It will encourage Open Access to premium content.

“The law prohibiting backlog of advertising debts will definitely promote sustainability for the station owners and producers of content.

“The law on registration of Web Broadcasting grants the country the opportunity to regulate negative foreign broadcasts that can harm us as a nation. Such harms could be in the area of security, protection for minors, protection of human dignity, economic fraud, privacy.

“The provision on responsibility of broadcast stations to devote airtime to national emergencies mandates terrestrial and Pay TV channels to make their services available to Nigerians at time of national emergencies – like the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic – for their education and enlightenment.

“The provision raising the fine for hate speech from 500,000 Naira to 5 million Naira,” the minister said.

He added: “The Broadcasting Code is not a static document. As we often say, broadcasting is dynamic. Therefore, even the 6th Edition of the Code shall be reviewed at the appropriate time. But, as it currently stands, the 6th edition and the amendments, which we are unveiling today, remain the regulations for broadcasting in Nigeria.

“For those who still have misgivings about the amendment to the 6th Edition of the Code, we expect you to meet with the regulator and present your views. As I said, there are opportunities for constant review of the Code, but please note that this latest amendment is signed, sealed and delivered, and we are committed to making it work for the good of the country".

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Cryptocurrency Webinar: Become A Cryptocurrency Webinar At Ease - Blockchain Certified Expert


August 3, 2020

Money is not just coins and banknotes; it’s anything that people are willing to use in order to represent systematically the value of other things for the purpose of exchanging goods and services. Money enables people to compare quickly and easily the value of different commodities, to easily exchange one thing for another, and to store wealth conveniently. Before coins and banknotes, different cultures chose objects or materials to represent value: shells, cattle, skins, salt, grain and cloth. 

Therefore, the new form of MONEY is the Digital Currency, also known as Cryptocurrency which is set to disrupt the way we deal with money generally. 

Upon completion of this Class, you will be able to:
• Understand and identify a real and viable Cryptocurrency. 
• How to buy, sell and make good profit on Cryptocurrency. 
• When to buy and sell; Where to buy from. 

• How to keep and secure your cryptocurrencies and Wallets
• You will learn how to create and manage a diversified portfolio. 
• You will understand ICO, Smart Contracts and Crypto-assets. 
• You will also understand why you need to invest in Bitcoins and other Altcoins. 
- You can't afford to miss it.

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Real Estate: Adron Homes And Property Is Offering Incentives To Prospective Customers| Southwest-frontier News

  ... Adron Homes And Property is offering incentives to prospective customers

August 3, 2020
The promo which will run concurrently was designed to ease the accommodation burden of artisans, market women and low-income earners in Nigeria
Over the years, it's observed that a lot of people are still not being able to own at least a plot of land and housing project has been very difficult in Nigeria unlike the developed countries where people can access mortgage facility with ease.
“We are taking advantage of the promo to create opportunities for Nigerians and our people in diaspora to own property in the country. We have our Estates in major south west state such as Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Abuja and we will expand our scope to other states”,

By introduction of the promo, individuals stand a chance of buying plots of land in a serene environment with initial deposit of N50,000 upward.
Recalling our success in the last seven years, we never thought we would get to this point where we will be boosting of over 1000 staff and numerous consultants. We have over 30 estates, few have been fully sold while the other ones are currently running. We have been able to leverage on our integrity of whom we are to be able to help provide accommodation for many Nigerians in Nigeria and diaspora, Our client base is about 50,000:”
We urged Nigerians to invest in real estate as it is a long term investment they will never regret.

“Our mission is to be the leading Pan Africa real estate development company to provide accessible, affordable while achieving housing global standard
Adron Homes
We provide residential and commercial land and property for both the high and low-income earners in Nigeria with the consciousness of growing absolute reputation for integrity and total satisfaction.

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Breaking: Lagos To Reopen Worship Centres August 7th | Southwest-frontier News


August 2, 2020

Governor of Lagos State, Mr Jide Sanwoolu has increased the limit for public gatherings from 20 to 50... While Religious Houses can be opened at 50% capacity on Fridays ONLY and Sundays ONLY for Muslims & Christians respectively.

Real Estate: Facility Management Services, Primarily Focusing On Building Maintenance, Cleaning Services | Southwest-frontier News

Facility Management Services, Primarily Focusing On Building Maintenance, Cleaning Services and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) maintenance services for commercial and residential properties.

Bethel Multibiz Global Concept is a firm of registered real estate consultants, facility management and General Merchandise, under corporate affairs commission (CAC), bonded and driven by a commitment to render the highest standard of professional practice built on competence, strong ethics, excellence and integrity for ensuring satisfaction of our clients.

Our structure for property/facility management is both peculiar and technology-driven for effective service delivery to our clients. We understand the extraordinary duty of care it takes to keep the facilities and services in their top form as well as managing the tenancies of multi-tenanted buildings. It is for this reason our esteemed clients are ever enamored with the style and approach of Bethel Multibiz Global Concept.
Other services we rendered include:
Home and Office Cleaning, Fumigation, Property Management(Agency)...
• Supply of Consumable Agricultural Products, Such As: Catfish, Cow Meat, Live & Frozen Chicken, Turkey, Pepper, Tomatoes, Yam Flour e.t.c

Tel: 07036745140, 08081526240

BREAKING: Oyo Lawmaker, Hon Popoola Is Dead

Hon. Ademola Olusegun Popoola, a lawmaker representing Ibadan Southeast con...