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Over 150 Participants Graduate From Hon Yemi Taiwo's Fish Production Training With Empowerment | Southwest-frontierNews

Beneficiaries of Hon. Yemi Taiwo Vocational Training And Empowerment Of Women and Youths In Fish Farming And Production In Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency 

November 30, 20200
Beneficiaries of Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency Youth and Women Empowerment Training on Fish Farming and Production organized by SCEL PREMIUM LIMITED.

Rt. Hon. Oluyemi Adewale Taiwo, Member Representing Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, has once again makes his Constituents happy by Facilitating  an empowerment training for them in Fish farming and Production which will help them be the Bosses of themselves.
Rt. Hon. Yemi Taiwo, was represented by Barr. Fasola, Ido LG Chairman and Alh. Akinsola Ayuba, Ido LG PDP Chairman who came around to flag off the program. Barr. Fasola admonished the participants to be focus, diligent, noting that “every great business started small and the Beneficiaries should also know that many are outside there more qualified than they are who also wishes to be here”. 

Alh. Akinsola Ayuba also enjoined them to keep faith with the vision of the training and seize the opportunity to advance into commercial farming.

He charged them to put into practice, every lesson and critical tips of the training, so that they can achieve financial independence and self sufficiency. 

The training facilitator, Hon. Yemi Taiwo, when on Live WhatsApp Video Call from Abuja with the Beneficiaries charged them to put into practice, every lesson and critical tips of the training, so that they can achieve financial independence and self sufficiency. He however advised those who are yet to benefit from the various programmes he facilitated like (Cassava, Paint Making/Marketing trainings) since last week to be patient, assuring them that their time will come.

The beneficiaries who spoke at the end of the 2-day programme, in Ido LG, also expressed gratitude to the officials from SCEL PREMIUM LIMITED who came download all the way from Abuja to train them. 

They further declared that, “Rt. Hon. Yemi Taiwo, has always earned the trust and support of the people through proactive leadership and consistent demonstration of goodwill. They assured him that they will reciprocate the gestures whenever the need arises.

The Centre Point of the programme was the presentation of starter packs, which includes cash grants and Mobile Tapolin Fish Pond and Certificates in the presence of Alh. Akinsola Ayuba, PDP Chairman Ido LG.

Adelowo Michael (CODED)
SA Media To Hon. Oluyemi Adewale Taiwo, Member Representing Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency in the National Assembly.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Lautech Ownership: How APC Stalwarts Mismanaged The School - Bashorun SaintAbey | Southwest-frontier News


November 29, 2020
LAUTECH was established by the old Oyo State on 23rd April 1990. Ladoke Akintola University of Technology is an autonomous public institution with the general function of providing liberal higher education and encouragement to the rapid advancement of learning throughout Nigeria. 

The University consists of Chancellor, pro-chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Council Senate, Congregation, all Graduates and Undergraduates of the University in accordance with the provisions of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Edict.

Historically,  graduates and some of the current students will never forget the act of evil, backwardness and generational waste of APC administration in Oyo State under Governor Ajimobi.


The conception of the University began in 1987 when Governor Adetunji Olurin, the then Military Governor of Oyo State, responding to a letter from the Governing Council of the Polytechnic Ibadan set up a seven member interministerial committee under the chairperson of Mrs. Oyinkan Ayoola. The Committee submitted its report in 1988 and recommended the establishment of a State University. 

In response to their submission, a 15-member committee of distinguished academicians under the chairmanship of Professor J. A. Akinpelu was inaugurated to further deliberate on the matter. The committee again retained the earlier verdict of the necessity for a new University in the then Oyo State. Several other committees, notably that of the Archdeacon (Dr) E. O. Alayande also deliberated on the viability of an Oyo State University.

Then in October 1989, an inter-ministerial committee set up by the Governor, Col. Sasaenia Adedeji Oresanya under the Chairperson of Mrs. Lydia Oyewumi Abimbola the State Commissioner for Education by then, conclusively approved the idea and launched the Higher Education Development Appeal Fund of the University. A total Sum of N19m was realized in both cash and pledges from the launching ceremonies conducted in the State Capital and in the 42 Local Government Areas of the State. Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola who was the chief launcher, donated a total sum of N2.05 million.

On the 9th of February 1990, the Abimbola Administerial committee established a Technical Committee of distinguished Academics chaired by Prof. (Chief) E. A. Tugbiyele to formulate the blue print for the infrastuctures and administration of the new University. The committee submitted its report, on 12th April 1990, to the Government who approved it immediately. On 13th March, 1990 the Federal Military Government had acceded to the State's request to set up the new University. Col. Oresanya later signed the Edict Establishing the University on 23rd April, 1990. He also announced on 2nd May, 1990 the Appointment of Professor Olusegun Ladimeji Oke, a distinguished Chemist and a Fellow of Academy of Science (FAS) as the first Vice-Chancellor of the University.
In addition, the names of the Pro-Chancellor, Prof. Ojetunji Aboyade and other members of the first Governing Council were announced on 28th May, 1990 and Col. Sasaenia Oresanya himself became the foundation Visitor to the University. Later Bashorun M.K.O. Abiola became the first Chancellor in January, 1991 with the approval of the succeeding visitor, Col. Abdulkarim Adisa. 

The first meeting of the University Governing Council was held on 7th June 1990, the first Senate meeting was convened on 13th February, 1991, the first Academic session began on 19th October 1990 with a total number of 436 candidates were offered admission to various courses in four faculties namely Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Management Sciences, and Pure and Applied Sciences.

The establishment of the College of Health Sciences was postponed for a year and later took effect in October 1991 with a student population of thirty (30). Arising from the creation of Osun State from the former Oyo State, the name of the University was changed from Oyo State University of Technology to Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso and the Edict that established the University was appropriately amended. 


Chief Bola Tinubu was appointed as Chancellor of LAUTECH on August 28, 2012. Chancellor is the Chairman of the university's board.
No student can graduate without the approval of the board. They work in non-executive roles, meaning they don't sit in an office in the university and manage the day to day affairs of the universities.

Recall that the choice of Chief Tinubu, a financial expert, accountant and administrator, was arrived at after extensive deliberations between the governments of the two owner-states. 
The former Lagos State Governor was expected to bring his administrative ingenuity and vast experience in public management to bear on the running of the institution, and reposition it to meet the standard of its peers all over the world. But what the LAUTECH students got from Chief Tinubu can be tagged as evil, darkness and generational waste. 

He has all it takes to reposition and restore the glory of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso but in his blood, there is no natural giving act for the masses or common goal except if it is done to gather votes.

His appointment, which many had thought would reposition the institution has only exposed the school to danger. Tinubu, who is bestowed with lot of responsibilities couldn’t lift a feather as he watches silently the final burial of the institution until Governor Seyi Makinde came into rescue.

I remember Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on April 23, 2015, where he  assured Nigerians of a better living condition under his party’s administration. He stated this at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, during his lecture to mark the institution’s 12th Convocation ceremony. He said emphatically while delivering his speech that “the APC administration would ensure economic growth and job opportunities for the nation’s teeming youths.

Since his investiture in 2012 as the 4th Chancellor of the Institution, crises have continued to loom; we keep seeing the broom of negative change as the wheels are revolving negatively. The school is not only faced with daunting challenges but gradually fading away.
As the National Leader of the All Pogressives Congress, and despite his influence, power, wealth, integrity, outstanding record in the society and his contribution in nation building, despair is what all LAUTECH students could get as a reward.

This dramatis personae is the incumbent Chancellor of LAUTECH , who couldn’t even lend a helping hand to a dying LAUTECH in the 8 years of Ajimobi administration . History has it that the late Business mogul and philanthropist, Chief Kashimowo Moshood Abiola, who was the chancellor in 1991 gave LAUTECH a huge sum of 2 million Naira and 1 million Naira each to the then tertiary institutions in Nigeria. One can imagine the value of such humongous amount as at that time.

Tinubu as open mouth leader visited Ataoja Palace to unveil the candidate of his party, but dramatically said that he’s richer than the state. He further mentioned that the APC candidate who is now governor is richer than Osun State and this same man failed to perform his duty as Chancellor.


LAUTECH is the main economic trigger of Ogbomoso. The university has over the years boosted economic activities such as Real
Estate, Banking, Hospitality, Transportation,
SME, Agribusiness and Trading. The community
thrives on the daily transactions of the 35,000+ students' population that were shut out of Ogbomoso for almost 23 months.
Unfortunately, the Abiola Ajimobi led APC administration in Oyo State practically saw
to the near extinction of LAUTECH within the
last 8 years resulting in the unprecedented
economic collapse of the town.The severe economic situation in the
town then was one major reasons why the people of Ogbomoso and its environ loathe anything  APC.

Ineffectively, it was this same period under review that OyoState 
had the worst outing in education generally.
This can be easily seen in the WAEC ranking of
Oyo state in particular.

LAUTECH was shut down and students have spent almost 18 months for a semester during APC government and Tinubu as Chancellor. 

The APC elements in the state ensured that
they demonized ASUU, SSANU, JAC and the
University management for mismanagement of
funds. More than a year after the forensic audit, no single member of LAUTECH management was indicted, arrested, or sacked for mismanagement of funds.
Rather, the government that claimed that there
was no money for LAUTECH began to build
another University, the Technical University,.
lbadan (TECH-U).


Today, there is a 750 capacity lecture theatre, popularly called MKO, among other numerous project executed with the money given by late MKO Abiola as Chancellor of the school.

Expressly,  I will like the public to be aware that the Chancellor of Oyo State Technical university, Chief Tunde Afolabi donated an ultra-modern hall that is worth about 200 million Naira LAUTECH.
The hall is situated at the back of LAUTECH Students’ Union building.

The menace of APC administration in Oyo State on LAUTECH was so bad to the level a group has to create #fundLAUTECH. This was so loud that within a short while, the LAUTECH stakeholders got an
invitation to meet with the Senate President, Dr
Bukola Saraki and the Senate Committee on
It was then, the then PDP Guber Candidate, Engr. Seyi Makinde,when nobody thought that LAUTECH issue will be one of the determinants of the outcome of the 9th March election, donated 2.5 million naira to the fundLAUTECH initiative in 2017, making him the highest single donor to the #FundLAUTECH project.

Interestingly, Senator Adewolu Ladoja also donated to the #fundLAUTECH, a group of Accord Party members in the
OYHA, Parents and from the general public that
range from 1million naira, 500,000, 100,000,
10,000, 5,000 and even 500 naira which is the
lowest from the public.

Both Ladoja and Makinde were on different
radio programs on multiple occasions to
address the issue of LAUTECH during the
#fundLAUTECH campaign.

Unfortunately, Bayo Adelabu of the APC, that
prides himself as a first-class university
graduate with respect for education stood aloof and silent because it is convenient for him to be a master in hell than to be servant in heaven at that point in time.

Forget about donation, there are thousands of
people that did not donate to #fundLAUTECH
but contributed by mounting pressure on the visitors of the school via tweeting, raising conversations in the media, mobilizing protests, praying in organized vigils e.t.c.

Curiosity,  APC that brand themselves as progressive has been regressive in Oyo State

They came in with billions of naira that they could not spend of LAUTECH at the wee hours of election.

All the billions of naira flowing like river in
Ogbomoso and Oyo State at this hour would
have cleared a pathway for the APC without
resistance, regardless of what Governor Ajimobi has done wrong if it had been used to salvage LAUTECH two years ago.

In all modesty, a newspaper headline like,
"Tinubu and Friends Bailout LAUTECH With 3.5 Billion Naira" would have given him unconditional respect.

While a lot of people from all works of life
donated and helped mount pressure on the
government, virtually all APC elements were nowhere to be found.

Sadly for the APC, Ogbomoso people rejected their billions.

Governor Seyi Makinde is much more interested in providing a solid educational background for indigene and residents of the
state. LAUTECH has been in his heart even before he assumed the position of authority. 

Governor Seyi Makinde has been able to increase the subvention of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso;granted approval for the payment of 2014 corrected CONMESS;the payment of COVID-19 hazard allowance to all health workers in Oyo State in which LAUTECH teaching hospital was captured; additional monthly fund for the payment of 2016 and 2017 arrears, as well as payment of 177 staff that were recently re-engaged and the governor cap it with the state ownership of LAUTECH.  With this LAUTECH can now fulfill its purpose as a university, following the termination of the joint ownership with Osun State.

November 21 2020 was a glorious day in Oyo State when the National Universities Commission (NUC) announced Sole Ownership of LAUTECH to the Oyo State.  

The agreement cancels the joint ownership of the 30-year old university by the two states.

The agreement also sees the ownership of Ladoke Akintola College of Health situated in Osogbo transferred to the Osun State Government.The agreement was extensive was after series of deliberations, negotiations and consultations, both owner states mutually agreed terms and the joint ownership of LAUTECH was formally dissolved. 

Evidently the memorandum was signed giving legal effect to the transfer of the ownership of LAUTECH to the Oyo State Government and of its College of Health Sciences to the Osun State Government. Oyo State will henceforth take full responsibility for running the university in Ogbomosho while the same goes for Osun State with the College of Medicine in Osogbo.

Question I pose to the public is ,will it be safe to conclude that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tunubu and his APC political cronies don’t have the love of LAUTECH at heart?

If yes, why wailing now when God has used the Omituntun and peoples governor to do the needful for the Ladokites,    and the entire good people of Oyo State.

Bashorun writes from Àgbókojó in Ibadan South West Local Government.

Oyo Commissioner For Youth & Sports Bags The Future Awards Africa 2020 Prize For Good Governance | Southwest-frontierNews


November 29, 2020
The Future Awards Africa, are a set of awards given by The Future Project, a social enterprise communications firm affiliated to Red Africa. The awards celebrate young people between the ages of 18 and 31, who have made outstanding achievement in the year under consideration.

Asiwaju Seun Fakorede is the current commisioner for youth and sports in Oyo State.
He has performed tremendously since he assumed the position.  

One key quality of all global achievers is that, they keep improving day after day. They set standards that they keep surpassing year after year. Asiwaju Seun Fakorede is a pure leader as Leaders with high esteem are high performers.

It is 15th year of this  Africa’s most prestigious award, The Future Awards Africa, Seun Fakorede is a Nigerian entrepreneur, speaker and politician. At 27, he became the youngest commissioner in Nigeria's history when he was appointed Commissioner for Youth and Sports in Oyo State in August 2019. 

Hon. Oluwaseun Temidayo Fakorede, professionally known as The Seun Fakorede, is a proactive, seasoned and dedicated professional with over ten years of experience providing comprehensive administrative, operational and managerial support to various organizations. Seun’s expertise lies in coordinating and leading administrative and operational functions for senior-level personnel and executives.

In August 2019, Seun was appointed as the Honorable Commissioner for Youth and Sports, by the executive Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Seyi Makinde. Furthermore, he firmly believes more African Millennials are going to lead a tremendous impact in the next few years of human history than ever before, and he is committed to raising more men to lead this vanguard.

A highly sought-after International Speaker and renowned Pan-African Leader, Seun is regularly booked to speak, facilitate workshops and deliver keynote speeches at notable high-profile events locally and Internationally. His passion and work have promoted leadership development and accountability for Millennials as critical indices to Africa’s development through seminars, conferences and other platforms.

An Engineer, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Author, Seun together with his fantastic team at Home Advantage Africa (HAA), the non-profit devoted to promoting local dominance and global stardom in Africa through digital storytelling and other sustainable development projects.

He won the The Future Awards Africa Prize for Governance in the year 2020. Other nominees are Adebusayo Olateru-Olagbegi and Jude Feranmi. This award is given to a technocrat who has made an outstanding

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Federal Law Maker, Hon Ajibola Muraina Facilitates Fisheries & Associated Chains Training For Ibarapa Central/Ibarapa North Youths | Southwest-frontier News


November 28, 2020
The Honourable Member representing Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North in the Federal House of Representatives, Hon Ajibola Muraina renewed his commitment to youths skills development and capacity building as he facilitated the training of several youths from his constituency in Fishries and Associated Chains.

Youths from all over the Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency were trained in the production and marketing of fishes and associated products. The one-day training programme which was facilitated by Hon Dr Ajibola Muraina was anchored by Border Communities Development Agency, an agency of the Federal Goverment of Nigeria.

According to a statement released by Mr Olubunmi Sodipo, Special Adviser on Media to the federal honourable, the training programme was held at a prestigious hotel in Ibarapa Central LG on Friday November 27, 2020, where the federal lawmaker was represented by the Chairman of People's Democratic Party, PDP in the Local Goverment, Alh Abiola Azeez. 

In his remarks, Hon Ajibola Muraina urged the youths to seize and apply themselves to the opportunity to be self-employed and productive so that they can achieve their personal development goals as well as contribute to the economic growth and development of their various towns and the Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency as a whole.

Recalling the three-day capacity building and empowerment of Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North youths in Organic Agricultural Systems, Products Conformity and Certification earlier in the year, March 2020, Hon Ajibola Muraina noted that the present Fishries and Associated Chains training is another in the same vein. He assured his constituents of his continued commitment to capacity building and youth empowerment, promising that he will continue to explore every opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of his constituency.

Olubunmi Sodipo
S. A. Media

Friday, November 27, 2020

Federal Rep, Oluyemi Taiwo Tasks Thousands Ido-Ibarapa Youths On Paint Making & Marketing Skills | Southwest-frontierNews


November 27, 2020

Honourable Member Representing Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency, Yemi Taiwo has advised the Ibarapa East/Ido Youth to be more Creative with their hands. As He Organized Two Days Training on Paint Making And Marketing For His Constituents

The Hon. Member Representing Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency, Hon. Yemi Taiwo, has advised the Ibarapa East Youth, Ido Youth, Oyo State Youth and Nigerian Youth to develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills, especially as it relates to the Paint Making sector.
According to his SA Media, Adelowo Michael Coded, Hon. Yemi Taiwo made the call at the closing ceremony of the Two Days Training And Empowerment of Youth In Paint Making And Marketing In Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency, Oyo State facilitated by him and organised by OMAETH PREMIUM LIMITED.

Commenting on the imperativeness of the empowerment training, the honorable member who was represented by the Chairman of PDP Ibarapa East LG, Mr. Adekunle Waheed said: “It gives majority of the Beneficiaries great opportunity to become major participants in the empowerment training, thereby making the training not just an enabler but a catalyst for economic growth.”

The honorable member, Yemi Taiwo also revealed through a live WhatsApp Video call put across to him in Abuja at the venue of the program by his SA Media, Adelowo Michael Coded  that the empowerment was targeted towards enhancing the creativity and entrepreneurial skills of the participants in Paint Making And Marketing as he has done for farmers in his just concluded Capacity building and empowerment of Farmers on Planting and Processing of Bio-Fortified Cassava which ended on Monday before the commencement of the paint making.

The Beneficiaries from Ibarapa East and Ido used the opportunity of the Live video calls in appreciating his efforts in helping to transform their lives positively and they also pledges their support to him always.

 In lieu of their appreciations, the honorable urged the youth to develop specialized skills in order to empower themselves, saying it would enable them to leave the caliber of job seekers.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fayose Not Suitable to Lead South West PDP - Dare Adeleke | Southwest-frontier News

Fayose Not Suitable to Lead South West PDP 

November 24, 2020
News that the Ogun State People's Democratic Party, PDP has endorsed ex - Governor Ayo Fayose as the party leader in the South West is indeed a pathetic tale of the desperation of one man to snatch by force what does not belong to him.
That Ayodele Fayose, two time failed ex - governor of Ekiti State thinks the vehicle for leadership of such a great party and politically sophisticated people of the South West is through desperation and grovelling at the feet of nonentities, is indeed unfortunate.
It is a known fact that Ayodele Fayose is working towards the inglorious ambition of the man who has singularly looted Lagos and acquired the state as his personal property. To think that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, still thinks that after all the damning revelations about his  profligacy, he can still be considered for the position of President of a great country like Nigeria, is one of the biggest jokes of the decade.
That some elements who call themselves Ogun State PDP members are currently romancing the political disaster and turncoat called Ayo  Fayose, shows the unseriousness of the whole bunch.
These so called bunch of ragtags namely,  Ladi Adebutu and  Dr Sikirulai Ogundele reportedly led all the 14 members of the State Working Committee, Local Govt Party Chairmen and some National Delegates to visit Fayose, in Lagos, did so without consulting the people they claim Fayose leads.
The proud and deeply egalitarian  people of the South West and the whole of the Yoruba race, cannot be represented by a few men from Ogun State whose only objective for that visit is seemingly, filthy lucre. 
Their pledge of loyalty to a man who is clearly selling out his own party at this moment shows what desperate men would do for money. 
Perfidy is not in the blood of the South West people and especially not within the membership of our great party, the PDP, therefore, these lone traitors are entirely on their own and do not speak for party members in the South West.
While they were busy lapping up Fayose's garbage like hungry dogs, the real leader of the the South West was leading the Yoruba race in an entirely opposite and worthy direction. A man who believes in progress, development, peace and protection of Yorubas people, their lands and property, His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde, launched a highly disciplined and well trained security force, Amotekun. A man not given to rhetorics, small talks, a man who believes in unity rather than division, a man who dialogues and consults, a man to whom service is non-negotiable has initiated and put to action a force to protect the people from invading marauders, protect their farmlands, their lives, push back bandits and kidnappers and restore Yoruba pride. 

Just recently, the Ladoke Akintola University, became solely owned by Oyo Government, with the leadership of Makinde, this is another  laudable educational  greatness for South West indigenes.

Those unruly band of miscreants from Ogun PDP should be told, if they don't already know, that leadership or the pronouncement of such is not by drooling saliva all over the place or pledging fake loyalty and making empty declarations, but by actions.
Governor Seyi Makinde has been appointed the leader of the South West PDP and that fact is non-contestable. 
By words and actions, Seyi Makinde has proved that he is worthy for the position of leadership of the Yorubas and General of the newly formed Amotekun, an initiative which was welcomed by Yorubas in Nigeria and indeed world over. 
Makinde is undeniably, the shinning star of leadership in Nigeria.  

Fayose on the other hand, seems to be living by the name he was Christiandom by the respected elder statesman, ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo who referred to him as a 'prodigal'. He has verbally and publicly challenged the decisions of the National Working committee, NWC and worked against the interest of the party, many times. Ayo Fayose has become an albatross to the PDP and means no good for the party anymore.
The National Chairman of the PDP, Chief Uche Secondus must be very wary of Fayose and his insistence on polarising the PDP in the South West.
The clowns who trooped to Fayose's Lagos residence for their share of 'stomach infrastructure' must remember that they will defecate it all out in the toilet of disgrace, someday soon.

The Ogun state PDP Leadership must first clear the mess they have with the Buruji Kasamu group, that laid claims to Ogun State Exco until the death or the senator. I implore Ladi Adebutu, to do the needful by making Ogun PDP a haven of zero factionalisation rather than hopping around romancing fallen politicians.

I must re-iterate that  Governor Seyi Makinde, believes in the great unity of the party, PDP. It's therefore silly for any one to parade the failed Eddy Olafeso, who contested and lost the governorship primaries of Ondo state for the position of Vice National Chairman, South West PDP. That will not happen. 

Dare Adeleke
Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Service

Federal Law Maker, Hon Yemi Taiwo Trains Farmers On Planting & Processing of Bio-Fortified Cassava | Southwest-frontier News

Hon. Yemi Taiwo Representing Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency Trains Constituents Farmers On Planting and Processing of Bio-Fortified Cassava.

November 24, 2020
In preparation of his Constituents to the commencement of the 2020 dry farming season,  farmers in Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency in Oyo State have been selected to participate in the capacity building and empowerment training.

Hon. Diji Odegoke who is the Chairman representing Ibarapa North East LCDA initiated the training explained that the gesture is to  equiped women and youths of his Constituency for enhanced agricultural production in order to make them economically self reliant.
      Hon. Diji Odegoke further informed the beneficiaries that the training was part of the constituency outreach of the Ibarapa East/Ido Federal Constituency representative aimed at guiding farmers on best farming practices to improve their yield and income.
While encouraging beneficiaries to ensure that they pay utmost seriousness to whatever they have gained from the training which can make them economically stable.

“The workshop which is anchored by ScelPremium Limited in conjunction with the National Commission For Refugees Migrants And Internally Displaced Persons is aimed at inculcating in the participants best dry season agricultural practices for enhanced productivity”
Dr. Simon Amos disclosed that the key areas of focus for the programme includes land selection and plant population, monitoring of the farm for sustainability, accountability and identifying the market for the products so that the locals farmer will not be cheated by middlemen.

Some of the Participants who spoke after the training including Mr. Olaosegba and Mrs. Adeniji applauded the initiative of Rt. Hon. Yemi Taiwo to  pulled Members of his Constituency out of abject poverty with a  promise to make judicious use of the knowledge and skills acquired to engage activetly to improve their future endeavors.

Re: A Death Trap Called Idi Ape-Bashorun Junction - Deji Ola | Southwest-frontier News


November 24, 2020
It's too early to forget that on September 10, 2020 I called out on the people-driven Governor of Oyo State on the above captioned. Interestingly, yesterday  23rd November 2020, I stumbled on the newly inscribed traffic marks on the road and this no doubt will serve as speed breaker. 

His Excellency Engr. Seyi Makinde has once again proved to the world that he is opened to constructive criticism.

I once said that I am not a trained or certified Engineer but as a student of history who follows trend with kin interest, it's always important to speak out when necessary as it's being practiced in the developed countries. The sole objective of my  previous piece was to call the attention of Oyo State Government to the man made death trap and I am happy to see this mind-blowing innovation. 

It's however important to advise people plying the road (both private and commercial) to always obey traffic rules and follow the caution signs  as inscribed on the road. 

Apparently, the most controversial part of the previous piece was the part where I confidently stated that we are blessed with a listening Governor who will act swiftly on my advise and today I am basking in euphoria of joy for *GSM* did not disappoint me.

Those who mocked me for calling him a "listening" leader can now burry their head in shame. If saying the obvious is a crime, should we all relocate to the planet where deceit is their core value?

I did captured the reason why Oyo state Government must  urgently take step to avert any further damage on the road. It was a call to duty. I also understand that my right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken serious. I appreciate Oyo state Government for doing the needful.

Deji Ola is my name from the ancient city of Ibadan

Monday, November 23, 2020

Lautech And Why Apc Will Remain In Opposition Forever - Rotimi Johnson (Ojasope) | Southwest-frontier News


November 23, 2020
Please permit me to make this a rejoinder to the official press statement by Oyo APC on the ceding of LAUTECH to Oyo State. It was about mid-day on Friday when the news of ceding Ladoke Akintola University of Technology to Oyo State by the National University Commission broke out.  The predominantly youthful population of the State broke out in spontaneous ectasy to celebrate the delivery of the much desired divorce of the union of the two states of the ownership of the institution. As laudable and worthy of celebration this giant stride is, it is preposterous and very immature to see a political party make attempts to dampen the excitement of the people in other to hit the ruling party and score Gov Makinde low at every point. 
I must appreciate the comment credited to Chief Niyi Akintola SAN and very few in the fold of Oyo APC who commended the Governor of Oyo State for this great feat because it suggests they are not all Lilliputians and myopic in the party. I have wondered after seeing the trend on the social media that Oyo APC members are giving the glory to Osun state Governor rather than the Oyo State counterpart but I could ignore such immaturity because commending something good in your opponent doesn't make you a loser or unpopular, it only shows you know and appreciates something good. In this particular instance, we can say the majority of Oyo APC members don't know what is good for the people of Oyo State.

LET'S ASSUME AKALA STARTED THE PROCESS TRULY: The claim that Akala started the process sounded like an afterthought and prevarication but let's assume the party spoke the truth for the first time: Akala was the Governor of Oyo State from 2007 to 2011 and it was Chief Olagunsoye Oyinlola that was the Governor of Osun state then, both of the PDP but still couldn't accomplish this feat. Governor Aregbesola came in 2010 and Late Governor Ajimobi came in 2011, both of the APC and of the Jagaban clan, the Pro Chancellor of the institution but that was the worst years of the formerly very great institution. Instead of channeling the resources and strength to own the institution since Oyo APC claimed it has location advantage, the former Governor Ajimobi only built a new institution and left LAUTECH to die a natural death.

So, Akala started the process but FAILED to complete it in four years? Ajimobi met the process but abandoned and inflamed it's extinction for 8yrs even when APC was the ruling party in both States and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was the Prochancellor? Then in 2018 when the PDP governorship candidate was making promise of working to make the sole ownership of LAUTECH Oyo State, no one challenged him not to bother since the process has started already but they condemned him then that it was impossible; what Oyo and Osun States couldn't fund under the great Ajimobi, where will they get the money to fund it. So, if you don't know how a shameless and callous political party looks like, then you've not met the staunch members of APC.

WORD OF ADVICE: To those of you who must condemn the good so that your opponent won't score any point, learn to commend things that the populace love and use them instead to score cheap point that you recognize quality things that are beneficial to the people and give further admonition just like Chief Niyi Akintola SAN did. Meanwhile, I don't ever pray you yield my advice because your party is known for power mongering without meaningful positive impacts on the people just as it's happening at the federal level. President Buhari spent over a decade to chase presidency without any clear vision but only brought untold hardship to the nation.

OUR DEAR YOUTHS OF OYO STATE, now you understand why qualitative education was a big deal understand the administration of APC in Oyo State because they are adverse to good things and would not pursue the good of the people despite being boisterous. Imagine a state chapter of a political party signed a press release by Assistant Publicity Secretary, Prince Adeyemo that Gov Makinde is known for fake promises; someone that made a public promise about LAUTECH and now came pass and was even magnanimous to appreciate the roles played by Gov Gboyega Oyetola and NUC? 
Congratulations to Governors Seyi Makinde and Gboyega Oyetola of Oyo and Osun states respectively for this great feat. I rejoice with the current students of this institution, the Staff and the Alumni who have had to be more conspicuous in the struggle for the liberation of the institution. 

Well, APC should know it is too late to puncture the excitement of the people of Oyo State and hit the ruling party below the belt, the referee has blown the whistle and the people know they have won already.

Thank God for delivering our people from the shackles of APC in Oyo State. 

Rotimi Johnson Ojasope

Sunday, November 22, 2020

What Napoleon Bonaparte Could Not Do: An Encomium That Fits Snuggly On GSM - Isiaka Kehinde | Southwest-frontierNews

What Napoleon Bonaparte could not do :An Encomium that fits snuggly on GSM.

November 22, 2020
My admiration for Napoleon is mountain high and I can say I feel disparaged at times that after recording so many laurels to his name as an invincible war leader , astute French statesman and  great conqueror of many Napoleonic wars, there still remains one thing that Napoleon could not do.

Even though the APC chieftain and Frontline leader borrowed the word as a metaphor to eulogise both GSM and Gov Oyetola for the sole ownership of LAUTECH , it was riveting that the comments came spick and span to celebrate the extra ordinary power of a Governor to think beyond the ordinary in 14 years.

It's for serving the purpose of refreshing our memory that Napoleon was an invincible French leader between 1769 - 1821 with so many delectable conquests tied to his name but he met his Waterloo when he was unable to subdue Britain despite having a more sophisticated and advanced arsenal in his kitty at Austerlity. 

Referencing to Napoleonic era  conveyed two meanings to me. One, not the brawn but brains is needed to surmount any hurdle. That Napoleon could not conquer an economically punctured Britain which he could have simply brought to a round table indicated that it's often good to jaw-jaw than war-war.

To be candid when I heard that an opposition leader was to come on air, I just remembered WS IN Page 5, of REPUBLIC OF LIARS " that an average Nigerian mind is a heaving hive of riotous fecundity, largely alas, straining to give birth to the next monstrosity of lie". I was proved wrong. This time, the opposition leader has come to say it , as it is. He has not come like others, to recalibrate a story and add a positive spin to an hopeless case.

 A leader who worths his salt should be able to think outside the box. When Napoleon was expected to use unorthodox technique and sailed directly to conquer his enemies, he entered from his rear and failed.

Secondly,, whoever has been able to untie a knotty rope which others before him also tried but couldn't accomplish, has , to push it more  tendetiously , really done what Napoleon could not do. 
 A leader who used his tact to achieve a great task without much Ado has done what Napoleon could not do. 

The legal pundit was not being at all  economical with the truth, when he was claiming  on a radio station that GSM has succeeded where those before him attempted but un successfully on LAUTECH issue. He has crossed the Rubicon and did what Napoleon could not do, . .. lesson learned. Truly, success is not a magic square. It's by divine favours. It indicates that if development depends on good government, underdeveloped state is a reflection of shaddy governance. OYO State is lucky to have a leader we can trust. 

Once again, I join numerous others ,most especially the SAN in congratulating GSM on the soul ownership of LAUTECH, it is a sign of better things to come.

Isiaka Kehinde is my name. I think therefore I am.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Opinion: Amotekun Has Come To Put Food On The Table Of 1500 Family In Oyo State - SaintAbey | Southwest-frontier News


November 20, 2020

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. The issue of security is always at the heart of the Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State. 

Order is the sanity of the mind, the health of the body, the peace of the city, the security of the state. Like beams in a house or bones to a body, so is order to all things. Oyo State Government has raised the bar of security network in Oyo State. With the state of the heart security architectures; acquisition of 100 security car with operational number for crime alert;  recommissioning of the expanded security control room and city watch facilities at the Oyo State Security Trust fund headquarters;
Ago-Are 72 squadron mobile police base; security committee in each local government and the new phase which is Amotekun.

Security is one of the pillars of this administration, Oyo state is a very large area, Governor Seyi Makinde  is doing everything possible to secure our state.

The state’s Security Network Agency, code-named Amotekun Corps has provided job for 1500 family in Oyo State. The 1,500 pioneer Amotekun Corps who passed out at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education Sports Complex, Main Campus, Oyo will be engaged and carry out their activities in 351 wards in Oyo State. 

Focusing on strengths is the surest way to greater job satisfaction, team performance and organizational excellence. With this new employment trend in Oyo State, the Amotekun corps will work to the nooks and crannies of Oyo State and this will reduce the crime rate.

Governor Seyi Makinde also reiterated his administration's commitment to making Oyo State safe and secure for all within the town, cities and its borders. 

Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspirations and expectation. With the effective roadmap being  displayed, Oyo State is widely accelerating into good developed state.

 Bashorun writes from Àgbókojó, Ibadan.

Thursday, November 19, 2020



November 19, 2020
Kindly pardon my decision to go triplicative today. I have been watching with kin interest, the latest development surrounding the decision of His Excellency Engr. Seyi Makinde to approve the purchase of 106 buses for the Mass Transit Scheme. The 9.3 billion Naira approved for this project will no doubt go a long way to reposition the state and ease our transportation while also generating revenue for the government.
The purchase of the buses will greatly assist the development of intra-city transportation in Ibadan and other parts of the state. It will also boost economic development. The total cost of the buses is N9,395,427,659.5 with all the taxes inclusive. Even an independent online monitoring agency that tracks allocation (TrackaNG) confirms this in their recent publication of public funds allocated for projects in Oyo state.

However, some antics of productivity have started criticizing this bold decision just to score cheap political scores. They centred their arguement on the amount approved and the road where those buses would be plying. While we are open to constructive criticism, it is essential to set the record straight.

On the former, I want to advise them to go all out and seek for adequate information. Good enough we are now in digital village where verifiable facts can be accessed with ease. On the later, our Principal, Engr. Seyi Makinde is working all round the clock to ensure that all roads are good for commercial and private use. One will wonder, if his predecessor had taken such productive steps in his first term in office, by now we wouldn't have been discussing such challenges. He waited till the eve of his second term in office to approved major road projects. Many thanks to GSM for promoting continuity in Government.

Pacesetter transport Service under kind supervision of Chief Dare Adeleke over one year has been struggling to work with the limited left over resources available at their disposal, especially the buses which the former administration failed to manage adequately. And I belief by the time the 106 buses arrive, there would be exceptional increase in their productivity. I wonder why some people who are still suffering from defeat infested syndrome are criticising GSM's decision. Dare Adeleke I know is a good manager of human cum material resources and can be trusted to increase our IGR through this Agency. 

It's time to support our masses-centric Governor while we move Oyo state to the greater height.

#renewed zealory

International Student's Day: Makinde Receives Award of Students Friendly And Best Performing Governor | Southwest-frontier News


November 19, 2020
Oyo State Government in partnership with Oyo State Student Bodies organised a summit for Oyo State Student in commemoration  of the 2020 International Student's Day Celebration.

The theme for this years summit is, create the future: learning from people, planet, prosperity and peace.

The host, SA student affairs to Oyo State Governor in his welcome address admonished the students8 to embrace peace and be of good character with focus on the society.

In his speech, the student host Comrade Opakunle Oluwafunmibi  admonished the students to be of good reputation, law abiding, and of good conduct stating that he wished to see more of such interactive session from the State government as the student body in Oyo State would be engaged intellectually by such activities and programme from the government. 
The guest speaker of the summit, Prof Adesola Ajayi, Chairman governing council of Oke Ogun Polytechnic Saki admonished the students in the importance of public relations and service to their fatherland.

The Panel discussion was an exchange of knowledge; an argument in exchange of ignorance. Panellists were driven on freedom which was hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate. The panellists are Yusuf A. Olaleye, best graduating student of law school; Funmi Shodipo; Prince Banky Ojutalayo, chairman of Triangle Africa; Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, Oxlade, a musical artist; and the panel moderator in person of the Honourable Commissioner for youth and sports, Asiwaju Seun Fakorede.
Bella Shmuda and Keanzo pèrformed to the dearing students.

Governor Seyi Makinde received the award of Student Friendly and Best Performing Governor from Oyo State Students Body. Engr. Dotun Sanusi, the CEO of Ilaji  farms and resort also received award of excellence for good support of student community. Commissioner for education, Barrister Olaleye Olasunkani also admonished the students to always ensure proper utilisation of the academic period.
Chief of Staff to the Governor, Chief Bisi Ilaka gave award of excellence  to student union leaders in Oyo State tertiary institutions. The award of excellence was given to the followings, Yusuf A Olelere as the best graduating student of law school for the year 2020; Tokunbo Adewale Toriola; Mrs Funmi Obisesan; Olajide Olabiyi; Akeju Olusegun; Hussein Akeem; Adewale Umar K; Ogundele Ebenezar; Salaudeen Adewale; Blessing Fadare; Monsuru Ridwan; Akintunde Daniel; Fakorede Daniel; Olayiwola Toheeb; Ilesanmi  Olamitosin; Ashaolu Victor; Oladipupo Emmanuel all received awards of Excellence for their effective role in office as the head of Student Union Government in their respective schools. 

Thousands of students from University of Ibadan, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State College for Agric and Tech, School of Statistics,  Federal Cooperative College, Oyo State College of Health and Tech, Federal College of Forestry, Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic, College of Education,  Lanlate; Federal College of Agric, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education,  College of Animal Health and Production Technology,  Federal School of Surveying Oyo, LAUTECH, Oke Ogun Polytechnic, Saki, SPED, Lead City, Aviva University,  Precious University,  Dominion University,  Kola Daisi University, NANS JJC executives, FOSSU executives, NAPS executives,FIBSU executives,  NAOS executives, FIBSA executives and other dignataries.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Amotekun Is Our Local Response To Crime, Says Makinde - Southwest-frontier News

Amotekun is our local response to crime, says Makinde

...As gov declares agency operational, calls for professionalism
...Says state police needed to surmount security challenges

....To present 2021 Budget to House of Assembly next week

November 18, 2020
Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Seyi Makinde, said, on Wednesday, that the Oyo State Security Network Agency, codenamed Amotekun Corps, is the state's local response to crime and criminality.

The governor also stated that the states of the South-West are ready to combat crimes through the security agency, which was initially launched in January 2020 as a South-West regional security outfit to combat crimes in collaboration with the police and other federal security agencies.

A statement by Mr. Taiwo Adisa, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Makinde, quoted the governor as saying this 

while speaking at the Passing-Out Parade of the 1,500 pioneer Amotekun Corps, held at the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo. 

He added that the six states of the region would fight a common enemy- elements who appear determined to cause commotion and perpetuate crimes.

He highlighted the efforts of his government in improving the security sector by supporting the federal security agencies in the state with the provision of patrol vehicles, communication gadgets and other logistic support.

He added that the approval and establishment of a Police Mobile Force 72 Squadron at Ago-Are, Oke Ogun area of the state by the Inspector-General of Police, as well as provision of vehicles and logistic support for the squadron was another step taken by his administration to boost security, adding that the government has equally requested for another Police Mobile Force base in Oyo town.

Governor Makinde, who noted that state policing is the way forward to tackle insecurity in the nooks and crannies of the country, said the Amotekun initiative by the South-West remained the next best thing in the absence of state police, as, according to him,  it would help to fight crimes in the nooks and crannies of the society.

He, however, expressed confidence that advocates of state police would, one day, get enough support at the national level to achieve the constitutional review.

He charged the Corps to exhibit the highest level of professionalism in the discharge of their duties, adding that none of them must be seen harassing individuals.

The governor also stated that the Agency will also be involved in routine day and night patrols on major roads and remote areas, as its members will be drafted to all the 351 wards in Oyo State.

He warned members of  the corps to be of good conduct and display excellent behaviour at all times.

He also told the gathering that the 2021 budget of the state has been approved by the state's executive council, adding that he would present it to members of the state House of Assembly next week.

The governor said: “As I said during the official launch of this outfit in January 2020, our regional integration, through Amotekun, should be seen in one light. We are coming together to fight a common enemy. That enemy is not Nigeria; the enemies are the elements among us and their affiliates, who are determined to cause commotion within our states' borders and threaten our peaceful coexistence.

“Never again will invaders come into Oyo State without a local response from us. Amotekun is our local response.

“When the story of the Western Nigeria Security Network, codenamed Amotekun is told, it will be on record that it was officially launched on January 9, 2020. However, the Amotekun journey began earlier. In July 2019, the six states of the South-West, namely Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, and Oyo States, agreed to set up this outfit.

“Amotekun is, indeed, a first of its kind security agency, because it is a regional security outfit initiated by one of Nigeria's six geopolitical zones. History will also state that the headquarters is here in Ibadan, Oyo State.

“Since its founding, we have been taking steps to ensure that the security outfit commences  operations. In March 2020, the Oyo State House of Assembly passed the Oyo State Security Network Agency Bill 2020, which I signed into law a few days later. 

“Although COVID-19 and other logistic issues delayed the recruitment process, we ran an open and transparent recruitment process that culminated in announcing the 1,500 successful candidates' names in October 2020. 

"Shortly after that, their training began in the first week of November. And today, we are here to witness the passing out parade of the pioneer members of the Amotekun Corps. And I am sure you have seen their performance. Was it awesome or not?

“Security has always been an issue close to my heart. While on the campaign trail, I spoke about how we could tackle insecurity in Oyo State. We outlined clear plans in our manifesto, the Roadmap to Accelerated Development in Oyo State 2019-2023. And so, when we came into office, we went ahead to make security one of the pillars of our administration."

Governor Makinde reiterated his position that he should be held responsible for the conduct of the Amotekun Corps in the state, saying: “As I said during one of my speeches following the End SARS protests, this is one outfit that I can boldly say, and I am saying it, 'hold me responsible for the actions of the members.

“Therefore, let me state that you, 1,500 pioneers of the Amotekun Corps, must remain excellent examples in service. 

"You are to work for the people. You are not called to harass or intimidate the people. Instead, exhibit the highest level of professionalism in the discharge of your duties. Remember that there are limits to your authority, and always follow directives from the chain of command.

“We have appointed two qualified men as chairman and commandant of the Amotekun Corps, the persons of retired General Ajibola Kunle Togun and retired Colonel Olayanju Olayinka. We also have other eminent persons on the board. I am confident that under them, the Amotekun Corps will live up to their objectives."

Earlier, in his remarks, the Commandant of the Amotekun, Col. Olayinka Olayanju (rtd ), promised to work effectively to secure the lives and properties of the people in the state.

“We promise you that we are ready to work hand in hand. They are well-informed and well-equipped to take care of how they conduct themselves and relate with other security agencies," he said.

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


November 17, 2020
A concept of good governance is a way of measuring how public institutions 
conduct public affairs and manage public resources. A golden approach of good governance in Oyo State is an indication of accelerated development in Oyo State.

The issue of #EndSars protest has exposed the weaknesses of many state leaders in Nigeria, but activities of Oyo State Governor has proved to the world that the governor of the state is truly an icon of unblemished character. 

Truly, SARS was set up in 1992 to tackle armed robbery, car theft and kidnapping, SARS has become a widely-loathed police unit, notorious for unlawful arrests, extortion, brutality and carrying out extrajudicial killings. In 2017, the #EndSARS social media campaign began. But the unrest has reached a flashpoint over the last two weeks, triggered by continued acts of police brutality. The youths in many state of the federation took to the streets to lay their protest against many ills in Nigeria.

Youth-led demonstrations had crippled vehicular movement in virtually major area in Ibadan, Ogbomoso, Oyo and Iseyin where several protesters were attacked and some lost their lives. 

In his wisdom,  the governor of Oyo State,  Engr Seyi Makinde, gave his support to the peaceful protests as he sees it as an important part of our democratic processes and he also believed no one should be aroused or brutalized for protesting. 

Governor Seyi Makinde also applied the love card to the protesters by  deploying members of Operation Burst to protect protesters and this has ensured no cases of disruptions of protest grounds in Oyo State since they started work.

When the peaceful protest was hijacked by hoodlums, Governor Seyi Makinde made an effort to walk round the trouble spots, a task many see as iconic.

While he was with the protesters, he assured them that the days of large-scale and wanton police brutality and injustice is a thing of the past and his ability to appeal and calm the situation of things down shows the leadership qualities in him.

Many had thought the state governor would have imposed curfew but Governor Seyi Makinde believe that since knowledge and ideas are an important part of  social interaction and business transactions, they retain a special value for our society,  logically, if the associated factors are put into consideration, we should place value,  preventive and detective measures where necessary to ensure peace reign again. This has been applied in Oyo State and the atmosphere is said to be better than neighbouring states. Schools were asked to closed down to prevent pupils and students from danger, the state governor also promised palliative programmes as well as engaging the youths in dialogue for effective solution to the problem of #EndSars. 

Essentially, leadership is the creation of an environment in which others are able to self-actualize in the process of completing the task, actions taken by the state governor has really impressed the good people of Oyo State. 

Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Good people of Oyo State have seen the value placed in the premium by Governor Seyi Makinde's Administration.  History has been made in Oyo State as Governor Seyi Makinde was able to give 
emotional vertical triband of green, white, and green to the good people of Oyo State and this has restored peace as preached by white colour of Nigeria flag and natural wealth with the green colour.

May the peace continue to reign in Oyo State and Nigeria as a whole.

Kamal Ganiyu GreatKamal writes from Ibadan North West Local Government.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Federal Rep, Hon Ajibola Muraina Prioritizes Growth And Development Of Ibarapaland | Southwest-frontier News


His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde, The Executive Governor Of Oyo State.
Rt. Hon. Edward Adebo Ogundoyin, Speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly.

Hon Peter Ojedokun, Member, Oyo State House Of Assembly, Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Constituency.

Hon Chief Mrs Orisadeyi Olufunmilayo Okikiolu J. P., Hon Commissioner for Special Duties. 

Dr Adebayo Anthony Adepoju, Chairman Water Corporation Of Oyo State.

The Caretaker Chairman, Ibarapa North LGA, Hon Liasu Ololade Shittu.

The Elempe of Tapaland, HRH Oba Titiloye Sunday Oyekanmi (Abioje 1)

Political and Community Leaders

Eminent Citizens of Tapaland.

Gentlemen Of The Press.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.

We thank and glorify the Almighty God for giving us the opportunity to witness today's Tapa Day celebration. We equally thank him for making this event a reality.

I will like to congratulate the Elempe of Tapaland,  HRH Oba Titiloye Sunday Oyekanmi, the members of the Tapa Progressive Union and all the sons and daughters of Tapaland on this auspicious day. 

The development of Ibarapaland, the welfare of our people, and the future of our children can only be guaranteed when each town in the Seven Ibarapas take responsibility for these objectives and work assiduously towards them. It therefore gives me a sense of pride that here in Tapaland, we are taking these issues seriously. 

Occasions such as today's, to celebrate our shared heritage as Tapa and to recognize worthy sons and daughters of Tapaland are necessary to assess our progress as a society and to encourage those who are making their impacts felt towards achieving such progress. 

To the organizers of this event, we however have one word of advice. Which is to give deep thoughts to the person and characters of those we would so recognize and honour because it is the qualities we consider worthy of merit today that our youths and children will consider worthy of emulation tomorrow. 

Having said this, I will like to congratulate all those that have been identified and chosen for special recognition today. It is a challenge to be role models and to continue to do more for the growth and development of Tapaland.

To the glory of God and in support of the efforts of the Governor Seyi Makinde-led Oyo State Goverment, we on our own part have initiated a four-point programme to encourage the educational growth and development of Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency. I urge students in all the schools in Tapaland to participate in and benefit from our scholarship, essay competition, football competition and balloon debate/ quiz competition initiatives. Committees have been set up to oversee these initiatives and contacts are being made with your various schools to obtain your participation. 

To everyone, young and old, we are partners with you in the development of Tapaland and we are highly delighted to join you in celebrating. Once again, congratulations to us all.

Olubunmi Sodipo
S. A. Media.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Oyinlola, Makinde And Others To Lead South-West PDP Reconciliation Committee | Southwest-frontier News

Oyinlola to chair South-West PDP reconciliation committee Makinde, other leaders harp on unity

November 12, 2020
Leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West geopolitical zone have harped on the need for unity and cohesion in the party, stating that the zone remains strategic to the PDP if it must win election at the national level.

The leaders, including the Oyo State governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, former Governors of Osun and Ekiti states, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Engr. Segun Oni as well as members of the Board of Trustees of the party, and party chairmen from the states, among others, called on the national leadership of the party to bring all aggrieved factions in the party together.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the party leaders met at the Government House, Agodi, Ibadan on Thursday and released a communique endorsed by the Acting National Vice Chairman, South-West, Hon. Dayo Ogungbenro.

In the communique, the South-West PDP leaders appointed a five-man reconciliation committee headed by Prince Oyinlola, which was charged with the responsibility to unite all factions in the geopolitical zone.

Other members of the committee, the statement noted, include: Chief Saka Balogun, Chief (Mrs.) Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele, Ambassador Omolade Oluwateru and Barr. Olayinka Kukoyi.

The statement further stated that the meeting also resolved that zonal executive positions of the party should be zoned to all states of the South-West, adding that it has become imperative for the party to unite ahead future elections across the zone.

The communique read: "We the leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West geopolitical zone held a meeting at the Government House, Agodi, Ibadan, today, November 12, 2020.

"The meeting, which was presided over by the Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde, FNSE, discussed the need for unity and cohesion in the Party in our geopolitical zone and across the country and the need to exercise caution on the proposed move to clampdown on social media by the All Progressives Congress (APC-led) Federal Government.

"After a careful appraisal of the political developments in the South-West, the urgent need to unite the PDP in the geopolitical zone and to ensure that all aggrieved members come together to build a great Party, we do hereby resolve as follow:
"That a 5-man Committee be set up to reconcile all aggrieved and warring factions in the South-West PDP in order to bring about peace and unity in the Party. 

"The Committee is to be chaired by former Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, with Chief Saka Balogun, Chief (Mrs.) Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele, Ambassador Omolade Oluwateru and Barr. Olayinka Kukoyi as members.

"That the 10 Zonal Executive Posts be zoned to all states of the South-West as follow: Zonal Chairman (Oyo State), Zonal Secretary (Lagos State), Zonal Publicity Secretary (Ekiti State), Zonal Organising Secretary (Ondo State), Zonal Financial Secretary (Osun State), Zonal Youth Leader (Osun State), Zonal Legal Officer (Ogun State), Zonal Treasurer (Ogun State), Zonal Women Leader (Oyo State) and Zonal Auditor (Lagos State).

"The meeting also resolved that, in the spirit of fairness and equity, additional slots of ex-officio members be given to Ekiti and Ondo states in view of the fact that they would occupy only one office each in the zone."

The PDP leaders also used the occasion to call on the Federal Government and the National Assembly not to go-ahead with the proposed clampdown on social media, saying the move will infringe on Nigerians' freedom of expression. 
They called on the Federal Government to strengthen existing laws to prevent the abuse of the freedom of expression.
In his remarks, Governor Makinde maintained that the meeting was convened to address the challenges facing the party in the South-West.

He said: "PDP South-West is the only place where if PDP wants to win nationally, it must get right. Once they fail to get the South-West right, they should forget the presidency.
“So, for us, we have to try to pull together and get things right. My observation is, in the past, some arrogated power to determine the fate of PDP in the South-West to a few individuals. And I am saying loud and clear here that being the only PDP governor in the South-West today, I don’t have such power. 

“If we pull together collectively, that is when we can achieve success. So, there are two things that stand out in this meeting. 
“In Ondo State, during the last election, it is not as if the people of the state don’t like our party or candidate, it was the party structure that failed to do the needful all over, which made us to be where we are currently. But I believe in God and I will tell you why. We were in this same position in Bayelsa. The governor-elect was already rehearsing before they brought him a letter that he is going nowhere. If you know how to pray, keep praying because I know there is nothing God cannot do, even in Ondo State for PDP.

“One of the major reasons why I said we need to come together is premised on unity in South-West PDP. We still have few elections ahead of us. We have a great task before us. Out of six states, there are three without state honourables at that level. 

“Though some of the aggrieved members may actually have legitimate reasons, we have to reach out to them. I am hoping that our leaders that are present here will assist us to bring about a unified front for the party in the South-West.

“One of the things I feel we will take away from this meeting is also to agree on the zoning for the positions available within the south-west exco. And anything that is zoned to a particular state, the leaders and stakeholders from that state will take it home and make a decision on how to populate that. Once we do that, when we get to zonal congress, we will do what we have to do and go home. This is how things have always been done in the South-West and we will go back to that tradition. The South-West must show leadership for the party nationally and the zone must show leadership for the country.”

Earlier, the acting zonal chairman of the South-West PDP, Hon. Ogungbenro said it was high time the party reclaimed the Presidency, saying it has become important to unite all members of the party.

He said: “I am appealing to our leaders of goodwill. I am happy we have a very full house of BoT members who are the conscience of our party. We have former governors here. We have good stakeholders here. We should, please, bury our hatchets and forge forward for unity, because it is only in unity that we can achieve what we have on ground.
“I, therefore, admonish all leaders of goodwill and all stakeholders to allow peace to reign in our different state chapters, because without peace, we cannot go anywhere.”

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

Opinion: Seyi Makinde, God's Own Project - By Olubunmi Sodipo | Southwest-frontier News


November 12, 2020
The love of the people and the desire to do the best for them has been the most distinguishing characteristic of the Gov Seyi Makinde administration.

It showed in his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic vis-a-vis the lockdown option. 

Again it showed in his handling of the ENDSARS protests and protesters.

When God reaches out to help a people, he chooses for them a worthy leader. Gov Seyi Makinde is God's own for Oyo State.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Security: Chief of Air Staff Visit Makinde, Reveals Plans To Address National Insecurity | Southwest-frontier News

Chief of air staff visit Makinde, discloses plans to fix structural gaps in addressing air operation in South West for national security

November 11, 2020
The chief of air staff, air marshal Sadique Abubakar has disclosed plans to address structural operational strategies of the air force across various units in the country in response to the nation's security exigencies

The chief of air staff made this known during a courtesy visit to Governor Seyi Makinde in his office as part of activities for his operational visit to Ibadan 

Air marshal Sadique Abubakar explained that he had visited the air force base in Ibadan to identify gaps in its organizational structures and boost its operational capacity in the South West inorder to empower the nation's air power 

He applauded the plans by Governor Seyi Makinde to expand the Ibadan airport and noted that the air force would partner with the state government as the airport expansion would afford its C130 aircraft operational base in Ibadan 

In his response, Governor Seyi Makinde said the attempt to identify structural gap in the air force would contribute in addressing national security challenges, while noting that the Ibadan airport expansion project was still on course as entry and exit roads around the airport environs were equally being fixed 

The Governor also promised to support the air force comprehensive school in Ibadan in addressing some of its social infrastructures particularly electricity supplies.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Covid-19: Oyo Urges Vigilance In Tertiary Institutions, Religious Centres, Workplaces | Southwest-frontier News

Oyo Urges Vigilance In Tertiary Institutions, Religious Centres, Workplaces Task Force discovers COVID-19 case in college, locks in school

November 7, 2020
The Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force has directed the management of schools, workplaces and religious centres to ensure strict compliance with established protocols aimed at curtailing the Coronavirus disease.

The Task Force, in a statement on Saturday, declared its readiness to shut down any institution, religious centre or workplace that violates the rules on the use of closed space settings, whether at schools, religious or social settings, adding that the general public is equally advised to remain vigilant.

A statement on behalf of the Task Force signed by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the advice became necessary following the discovery of a COVID-19 case in a tertiary institution in the state.

It added that the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) of the Task Force had immediately ordered a lock-in of the affected tertiary institution to keep staff, students and the general public safe.

The EOC has also kick-started contact tracing, while subjecting every possible contact to necessary surveillance, the statement added.

"The government of Oyo State wishes to draw the  attention of the general public to the recent resurgence of cases of coronavirus in the State. 

"Many of these cases were discovered in closed space settings such as offices and other workplaces.

"A reported case within a tertiary educational institution had also resulted in more cases being discovered through contact tracing. 

“The state government has taken appropriate steps to lock in the institution to prevent further spread and put in place other preventive measures. 

"Contact tracing has been intensified and the Emergency Operations Centre is working with the institution concerned to ensure that all students and staff of the institution are safe and well," the statement read.

It added that there is no need to panic, as according to the statement, all necessary protocols needed for effective management and psychosocial support have been instituted.  

The statement added that "the Oyo State, as a responsive  and responsible Government, wishes to  admonish all residents to ensure due compliance with the directives and all COVID-19 prevention protocols as earlier stipulated, to enable a successful limitation of  virus transmission.

"The Task Force essentially wishes to implore considerable restraint at closed gatherings and environments especially in closed educational, religious and social environments. 

"It is important to note that these measures are not in any way punitive but are essentially aimed at protecting the lives of all and sundry from the menace of the virus as well as prevent the spread of the virus within our communities," the Task Force said.

The statement further read: "All hygienic practices associated with the preventive protocols are to be properly adhered to, while the utilization of safety devices as well as social distancing should also be upheld.

"In Oyo State, the slogan has been 'own your action' #OYA. 

"It is expected that each and everyone of us takes responsibility for our actions in this pandemic, as such actions will have a collective impact on our lives."

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde.

BRT/Train Crash: Bus Driver Undergoes Psychiatric, Drug Tests; Begs For Forgiveness

The driver of the Lagos State Government Staff bus who was blamed for the incident that led to a train colliding with a bus...