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Dare Adeleke Debunk Assertions, Says No Agreement Between Makinde & Party Leaders To Allow Olafeso Return As Zonal Chairman Of PDP | Southwest-frontier News

Dare Adeleke Debunk Assertions, Says No Agreement Between Makinde And Party Leaders To Allow Olafeso Return As Zonal Chairman Of PDP

December 27, 2020

PDP stalwart, Dare Adeleke has debunked assertions that there was an agreement between Govermor Seyi  Makinde of Oyo State and party leaders, to allow Eddy Olafeso return as Zonal Chairman of the party if he failed at the governorship race in Ondo State.

It will be recalled that Eddy Olafeso had resigned as Vice Chairman to pursue a gubernatorial ambition. 
Reacting to the statement credited to Adedeji Doherty, Chairman PDP Lagos, Adeleke insists that there was never any such agreement.

He explained that Ayo Fayose is causing all the confusion in the party for his own selfish reasons: "Ayo Fayose is  a perpetual traitor and highly selfish." Adeleke says.

"It is Fayose who thwarted the traditional zoning arrangements of the party. Eddy Olafeso, who was the former chairman in the zone, hails from Ondo State while the National Treasurer Aribisala Adewale, was imposed on the party, when Ayo Fayose was the Governor of Ekiti State. 

Traditionally Ekiti and Ondo States, share one position but with those two positions, they deprived  the other four states of their right. Normally the Treasurer is supposed to be given to Oyo state. Fayose has proven to be a stupid and irresponsible leader who is like a mad man determined to set his own house on fire".

Adeleke who has consistently maintained that Fayose is working with APC National Leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to deliver the South West Zone to Tinubu in 2023 says Ayo Fayose's plans against the party and the South West will never work: 

"Fayose is known as a perpetual traitor. He's a constant visitor at Tinubu's house. Of recent, the senators visited their colleagues, thank God, our most distinguished Senator Kola Balogun, was at the entourage of visiting senators to commensurate with Lagos state Govt. At this meeting, we got information that Tinubu reiterated his support for Fayose. He advised Senator Abiodun Olujinmi to reconcile with Fayose but our iron lady told him frankly that, he should advise Fayose to join him in APC. Everyone who is sincere to himself knows that the character, Fayose and his cohorts are working for Tinubu and are hell bent on polarising the party so he can lay claim to zonal leadership all for the purpose of helping Tinubu achieve his elusive dream of becoming President of Nigeria in 2023. That is how Fayose jumped from 
 Labour to ACN and the back to PDP when he could not achieve his devious aims. His antecedent is full of treachery."

" It is pertinent to point out that the Eddy Olafeso, that Ayo Fayose is promoting worked against Eyitayo Jegede during the last Ondo election. That is the same person Fayose wants as Vice Chairman of the party. The same person who helped him to sell the governorship to the APC. Can we now say they are  partners in crime?

It is also noteworthy that the APC Deputy  governor, Agboola Ajayi came to thank Fayose for his support during the Ondo State election.

It is therefore a very open secret that these men led by Fayose, worked against the PDP in Ondo." Adeleke stated.
The Chairman, Oyo Pacesetters Transport Services called on the national leadership of the party to be very wary of Ayo Fayose: " I advice the National leadership of our great party to be most mindful of listening to Fayose who is a turncoat and APC ally. They would do well to listen to advise from Seyi Makinde, a governor who is highly respected and has the ear of the people. 

A man who can never compromise the party's interest.  
Seyi Makinde, is a complete gentleman and highly resourceful unlike the rabble rousing traitor called Fayose.
The party must bear in mind that Makinde was recently named the most Performed Governor in the whole country. A man of proven integrity would lead the party towards desired success  when the elections hold in 2023, rather than one who is openly hobnobbing with the 'enemy'." He said.

Adeleke is emphatic that "the Zonal Chairmanship already zoned to Oyo state, no going back on that." He says.

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