Sunday, December 13, 2020

Oyo South Senatorial District: Representative With Vision And Development - By Aliu Tolulope | Southwest-frontier News


December 13, 2020

Oyo south senatorial district remains the heartbeat of South West and only a qualified person with vision and development should represent and be the voice of the power house of the region.

Oyo south is the base of the best and first Institution, Health care, Culture, Political headquarter, Hotel, Iconic Building and just to say a few.

It was just like yesterday going into the polls with the main aim of not giving someone who would turn into an ex the opportunity to derail or shout our voice as we had seen with the Lautech, Pensioners and workers of the state.
We decide to vote for the unknown and we should cast our fears away and hope for the best. We supported and voted for a gentleman from an historical linage. We voted a man with a small mouth and plenty action.  

Since his emergence, this senatorial district has returned back to the front role it was meant to be and we remain distinguished from other district across the country. 
We have a senator that doesn't just bring development across party line or social cultural believe. He doesn't withhold items, neither would he only distribute to his own and create a social media noise.

Apart from speaking out at the floor of the House, he would always come back home and inform his people  about various opportunity available and which he can influence.
He creates a familiarity with various organizations, government agencies with a purpose of improving and encouraging them to improve the society.

The Senator representing this district in person of Sen. Dr. Muhammad Kola Balogun(MKB) has taken all this with a strong heart and soul which is evident. With the level of insight expected from this district, he has proven himself as not a noisemaker of achievement, but a action achiever. 
He has use less than 2 years in office, it's like an 8 years of representation. 

He has functioned from Bills, Empowerment, provision of basic amenities and social interaction.

MKB is the right man for this Job. 2023 KO WA NEGOTIABLE.

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