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Speaking from both sides of the mouth is an idiomatic expression but after critically studying Pastor Tunde Bakare's attack on Yoruba leaders and support for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, I concluded that this is more than just speaking, he is living on double standard; promoting vices and virtues 
I make bold to declare that I have nothing against Jagaban's aspiration and I think it's too early for a Yoruba politician not in his party to declare or against him; let's see his opponents first. However, seeing the way my former Pastor took a swipe at the Yoruba leaders, I posted on Facebook that he needs our prayers as Christians. Not for supporting Asiwaju but for how and where he did it. So, let's analyse his public statements about the same subject and see how much of integrity can be ascribed to him.
Evidently from the last video, Pastor Tunde Bakare didn't say anything about Asiwaju Tinubu that was new but he tried to justify some of these things. In justifying them, he stated many facts but they contradicted his initial stand on same person:

In June 2011, Pastor Tunde Bakare claimed a bastard can't rule the Yorubas and he was referring to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. In 2020, he is saying those holding to such opinions are stupid and rancorous. Do we now conclude that Pastor Bakare was only being rancorous when he was attacking Tinubu? Remember, he claimed those opposing Tinubu are envious of him and they have not achieved what Tinubu has done. To me, it's not about who he supports but his person as vessel of honor.
In October 2019, Pastor Tunde Bakare claimed; "Unfortunately, Nigerian people, you celebrate your villains and crucify your heroes.” 14 months after, the same man is justifying why Asiwaju is a clean thief and learnt it from Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The painful part of the sermon was when he charged his congregation or listeners to go and make their money too. Sincerely, that was no longer issue of whether Asiwaju stole or not, it was an issue of endorsing stealing public funds, but make sure you are not caught. Hmmm! That coming from the pulpit calls for prayers.
In November 1999, Pastor Tunde Bakare declared in a Sunday service how the then candidate of PDP would be killed before he could be sworn in as President. I was in the service that day and to say I was embarrassed by that sermon is an understatement. I invited two of my cousins to Church the first time that day but I had to apologise to them because the message was from the flesh, not the spirit of God.

Coincidentally, I shared the revelation I had before coming to Lagos on how God told me Obasanjo has won already because I was planning and praying for how to help him win.

This same Pst Bakare that didn't only speak against Obasanjo then but wanted him dead is the same person canvassing for Tinubu on the basis of tribe. I remembered how Pastor Tunde Bakare openly admitted in 1988 or thereabouts that he needed prayers and asked virgins and old women to come forward and pray for him. I think he needs to repeat that same exercise now because a single vessel can't spout both cold and hot water at the same time.

In early 2020, I saw this live interview on Channels television on how Pastor Tunde Bakare was so sure of his becoming President Buhari successor. Though he didn't affirm that God told him so and that was fair enough but for him to come to the public and declare something contrary without reference to the initial position is like playing on the intelligence of his congregation or listeners. Again, I think this is an issue of integrity, not about who he is supporting. 

My suspicion: The way Pastor Tunde Bakare read out that particular aspect of his sermon gave me the impression he was under duress and what he was to say was written out for him; that's in the manner of the Mafia operations of silencing their voliceferous oppositions. To butress my suspicion, Pastor Tunde Bakare stated all the things he complained about same Tinubu but condemned vehemently those holding same views in the message. The issue then is what has he done wrong or what does he want from the power that be?  If that's the case, he still needs our prayers because that is big compromise.. 

As much as I wish Asiwaju well in this particular aspiration, claiming that he fought many battles for the Yorubas and won is a lie from the pit of hell. What I expected Pastor Tunde Bakare to do was to see to how he would broker peace among the Yoruba leaders and encourage them to support Asiwaju or whoever he thinks, not condemning the tribal leaders because of Asiwaju because whether we like it or not, they are influencers and part of the electorate. 

Leadership Quote: "People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach". — David A. Bednar

 Sincerely, I would love to campaign for a Presidential aspirant if given the opportunity but integrity matters in how we go about it. Truly we all have past like Pastor Tunde Bakare said but the integrity of the messengers is very crucial to the success of the campaign. In this particular case, there is a big question mark before the personality of the messenger.

Rotimi Johnson Ojasope

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