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Why Is Makinde A Promise Keeping Man - By Afolabi Akinfenwa | Southwest-frontier News

Why Is Makinde A Promise Keeping Man - By Afolabi Akinfenwa 

December 18, 2020
I find it as a doctrine of necessity not to play blind, deaf and dumb to this, because that would be bothersome if I decide to keep mute about the promise keeping man, Seyi Makinde

Engr Seyi Makinde, before he was democratically elected as the Executive Governor of Oyo State had generously contributed in no small measure and had given financially, morally and diligently in many ways to humanity. Some see or look up to him as a fantastic role model, while others see him as their BENEFACTOR, because whatever he says he will do, he will definitely do.
Readers should permit me the indulgence of refreshing their memory about what the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi said, about Seyi Makinde during the 2019 campaign period on his visit to the royal highness.
Alaafin, in his local dialect said, 'Aladehun l'omokunrin yi, ohun t'oba wi ni yi o se', i.e this young man is a promise keeping man, whatever he promises, he will do'. 

By inference, that implies that the royal father had known Seyi Makinde to be a promise keeping man before he was elected as Governor of the State.

Out of Seyi Makinde's love for the Oyo State Civil servants, he made many promises that were not hidden nor secret. We can easily find them being fulfilled one after the other.
To mention but a few, the prompt payment of salary on the 25th of every month as well as prompt payment of "leave off work bonuses" are two of them.

Seyi Makinde is trustworthy. We can count on him to fulfill his campaign promises. He is dependable, reliable and worthy of our trust. Makinde had already kept many of his great promises, by keeping the Oyo State pensioners that hitherto had been turned into beggars on our streets as a result of the non-payment of their monthly pensions by the previous administration, off the streets. It is an obvious fact they are no longer on the streets begging since Makinde had been fulfilling his promise by paying them as at when due.
If Makinde can fulfill this promise out of his love for Oyo State civil servants and pensioners, how can we doubt that he will keep the other promises he had made?

Makinde is faithful not just sometimes or when he wants to be, he is faithful in all he does. He is 100 percent devoted to his people and nothing will ever change that.

Some politicians will disappoint us. and, yes as much as we try, our confidence in many of them may be disappointed. But no matter what happens, we can hold on to this profound truth: Makinde is not God, but I'm so confident he will never break his promises to the people of Oyo State. He is trustworthy and faithful.

May Almighty God continue to guide him in the right and beautiful directions.

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