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Fire In The Bone: An Open Letter To Governor Seyi Makinde | Southwest-frontier News


January 29, 2021
Scholastic brilliance is no happenstance, Perhaps this is not the best way to start a letter to a revered and honourable personality like you sir. I plead a plea!

Pleasant day to my ever dynamic and resourceful governor, I have been monitoring with great interest the way you have been paddlling the canoe of the State. I need to say without fear or favour,you are the Joseph the state has been waiting for.

Sir,as part of calling,as one of actors in the fourth relm of the government. The onus is on me to communicate and probably provide a public relations tools on how to tackle this "Bemuda idol" that recently faced the polity of the State.

I also need to give a good kudos to your team on public relations matter, in fact, they really analysis the critical part of the issues.

Sir, it is not a doubt that you are the chief security of the State. All the residents in the state have faith in you that their life is under a good hand.

Declaring the arrest of Sunday Igboho, is a good radiance to bad rubbish, I see a professional moves in that your action. Sir,you have acted intelligently well.

You have shown that,the unity of your dear country is germane in your heart. If not,or you sit on the fence, by now,the federal government must have issued a state of emergency. Your adversaries would have scored a cheap goal by that decision,if taken.

My governor sir, you have also allowed canality or power flow to becloud your human reasoning, Igboho, is your kins man, you should have set up a crisis management team before he declared his intention to give quick notice to the Fulani residing in Igangan community.

Sir,I will also want to advise you that, create a platform that will make the Fulanis to register their business with state government,and enforce taxation on them.i think this will give them a sense of belonging.

I believe that you have all what it takes to disarm anyone that is not licensed to carry arms in the state. This will be a beacon of hope to other federating states.

As a matter of urgency sir,don't allow anybody  to cause enemity between you and Sunday Igboho or Yoruba elders.

Let me use this medium to thank you for the youth inclusion in your of my own happens to be  one your special assistance. I plead gratitude.

I will continue to pray for you and the state you are governing.

Accept my sincere reflection sir!

Folarin Olaniyi Duro, is a passionate pen pusher. he writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

COVID-19: FG to lock down parts of Lagos, Abuja, Plateau, others | Southwest-frontier News

FG to lock down parts of Lagos, Abuja, Plateau, others

January 29, 2021

The Federal Government has hinted it is considering a second lockdown in parts of Lagos, Abuja, Plateau and other high density areas over rising COVID-19 cases.

The Presidential Taskforce (PTF) on COVID-19 National Incident Manager, Mukhtar Muhammed, disclosed this on Friday when he appeared as a guest on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

Describing the rising cases of COVID-19 infections recorded in three urban areas as alarming, Muhammed identified the states as Federal Capital Territory, Abuja; Lagos and Plateau States.

He said according to available data, urban local governments in the affected places recorded the highest cases of the virus during the second wave in the country.

On if the hotspot areas will be targeted for lockdown, he said: “That is exactly what we did, we have been analysing the data and we have been looking at the geographical areas that have been most affected and the different age groups.

“Certainly, even if we are going to have a lockdown, it is not going to be a total lockdown. A couple of weeks back, we analysed the data and we identified the hotspot local government areas.

“Mostly, the areas affected are the urban local governments in Lagos, Abuja, Kaduna, Plateau. Even in most other states, it is the urban areas that are involved.

“So, if we are going to have any restriction, it will be in these areas.

“The urban areas are the most affected and that is why we have these super spreaders and that is where we are going to target.

“We have analysed that and we are advising the states based on the data that these are the focused areas where these transmissions are more than the others.”

Thursday, January 28, 2021

You Have No Moral Justifications To Give Ultimatum, You Need To Work With The Government, Ooni Warns | Southwest-frontier News


January 28, 2021
Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, has told popular Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo, well known as Sunday Igboho, to watch out for politicians seeking to hijack his agitations against killer herdsmen in the South West.

According to the Nation Newspaper, he advised him not to take laws into his hands but allow constituted authorities handle the herdsmen menace.

The Ooni praised Igboho for taking on the campaign against herdsmen, saying he has done very well.

He however warned he should back down so that government can take over the battles to avoid politicians hijacking the movement.
Speaking on Arise TV in an interview, the monarch said: “Let us be very objective. He (Igboho) is being a mouthpiece for the downtrodden. He came up and everybody is listening now but my advice to him as a traditional ruler is that he needs to be very careful so that the politicians won’t hijack the whole motive from him.

“He has done well and we’ve already praised him but he shouldn’t take laws into his hands. We have the governor there, he is the chief security officer of the state and Mr President has invited him (Makinde). Let the right people that are being authorised to do what is right do it.
“He (Igboho) has done well and the world has heard him but everything should be done in moderation.”

He added: “We know that the bandits are everywhere. He shouldn’t take laws into his hands. We have laws in this country and we should follow it. Let the right people chosen do and follow what they are supposed to do.

Traditional rulers have a role to play. We should be very neutral and so far so good, we have been trying to be neutral. Whatever this government is doing, we always stand up to try and see how to support them.

“It is not as if we will now go out to criticise them. We are not politicians, we are traditional rulers; we should be respected, we should be neutral and we should accommodate all and sundry,” the monarch added.

A Land Grabber & Killer Can Never Be Our Hero, Shine Your Eyes, Amotekun Michael Fires Igboho | Southwest-frontier News


January 28, 2021
1. Now that reason is winning and parochial sentiments are been jettisoned, I want to share my thoughts on the "sudden hero" of Yoruba land.

2. Because of my background in students politics, I know very well how SENSATIONALISM works. What the "Sudden Hero" has done in the past few days is sensationalism. (You can read up about him)

3. During the Ife/Modakeke war that lasted for many years, our "Sudden Hero" was a War contractor (He said this himself). He was contracted to join the Modakeke Army in the fight against Ife.
He was prominent in that struggle, He was feared and dreaded those days. The mention of his names sends shock and fear down he spines of so many people.

4. Our "Sudden Hero" killed, massacred, maimed, annihilated, vilified and desecrated so many Yoruba sons and daughters during those crises. The Ife/Modakeke war was a battle between two Yoruba kingdoms, he chose a side and led the war from his side.

He didn't preach peace or remember our forefathers while he was killing people in Ife.

5. On many occasions, our "Sudden Hero" has agreed to the fact he was also scuttler of elections and a forceful political interest pusher. He has participated in so many election imbroglio or violent campaigns unleashing evil and mayhem on Yoruba sons and daughters in any state where he is contracted.

6. Our "Sudden Hero" is preaching peace in 2021 when as recently as 2019/2020, there are records of people in Soka, Boluwaji, Olorunsogo area where he has forcefully grabbed their land, ask them to repurchase or make very difficult demands from the people. I also heard the tentacles of our "Sudden hero" spreads to some parts of Ologuneru and Elebu

7. As a Yoruba man to the core, I understand that we are under a siege and I believe that somehow, God will raise people that will bring us out of the current quagmire we are as a Tribe.

8. We know our heroes. Those who actually reflect the Omoluabi ethos of our fathers and deceased leaders and this "Sudden Hero" is not one of them.

9. I hope that all security agencies will do all that is needed to bring perpetrators of crime to justice irrespective of their tribe, religion, affiliations and leanings.

10. I hope Buhari will instruct his mentees and kinsmen to desist from their carnage and deliberate destruction of the entity called Nigeria. Tí ó bá wo, bóyá kí kaluku má bá ti ẹ lọ o

11. I will not delete this post no matter what.

12. Thank you.

13. All Hail our "Sudden Hero" 


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Omi-Apata LCDA Chairman Charges Security Agencies To Synergise In Order To Reduce Crime | Southwest-frontier News


January 27, 2021
The caretaker chairman of Omi-Apata Local Council Development Area Hon Sheriff Adeojo has charged security agencies in Oyo state to synergise in order to reduce crime in the pacesetter state.

Hon Sheriff Adeojo gave the charge while addressing security agents during peace and security meeting held at the council secretariat, Omi Adio, Ibadan.
The council boss commended all security agencies within Omi-Apata LCDA for their support and cooperation throughout year 2020 and therefore called on all security agencies to embrace Amotekun  and be more tactical in handling hoodlums, armed robbers, hooligans  in order to have a peaceful society.

He then admonished them on the need to promote inter- agency collaboration in order to achieve desired result.

In their various contributions, representatives of NPF, NSCDC, FRSC, NIS,  DSS, chief imam, CAN chairman, CDC Chairman all within Omi-Apata LCDA jurisdiction promised to intensify efforts and also appealed to residents of the council to help security agents by providing useful information in order to reduce crime.

Secretary to the LG Omi-Apata LCDA Hon Olumuyiwa Busari, Acting Head of Local Government Administration Alhaji Amusat Busari, Director of Administration and General Services Mr. Kayode Bamgbade, Establishment Officer Mr Akinloye were also at the meeting.

Mrs Banke Adeyemo
DDESS/Head,Infor Unit 
Omi-Apata LCDA

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

OPINION:The Osogbo War Of 1840 | Southwest-frontier News


January 26, 2021
After the Fulanis systematically captured and made Ilorin their territory, they sacked the old Oyo Empire in 1835/1636 . 

They were still not satisfied with their victory; they wished to extend their rule deep into the heart of Yoruba land. Thus in 1840, they set to capture Osogbo , a Yoruba town. The Fulanis, under the command of Ali , the Hausa balogun of Ilorin, laid siege on Osogbo. 

When the king of Osogbo realized that the Ilorins were too strong for the Osogbo army, he summoned the Ibadans for help. Ibadan immediately sent some auxiliaries to Osogbo under the command of Obele alias Mobitan , and Alade Abimpagun. As this force could not stop the Ilorins, another contingent was sent to Osogbo under a more experienced leader. But still the Ilorins won every battle and gained more ground.
When Ibadan realized that the Ilorins were becoming more threatening to Yoruba land, they sent a large and stronger force under Balogun Oderinlo to crush the intruding forces and Jammas of Ilorin . When Oderinlo and his men arrived at the battlefield, they realized that things had gone worse than they thought. 

They could not show their faces in the open field for the fear of the Ilorin horses, and for about 20 days after their arrival at Osogbo, they could not fight outside the town thickets. Oderinlo suggested that Elepo, a brave Ibadan warrior was badly needed at the war-front. Elepo had been rejected by the war-chiefs of Ibadan for his actions at the late Agbamaja expedition. 

As soon as the message from Oderinlo reached Ibadan, the Bashorun wished he could send Elepo to Osogbo but could not go against the wish of other war-chiefs. The Bashorun gave Elepo a cow to worship his god, Ori , and pray for the victory of Ibadan at the war-front.
At the war-front, the Ibadan could not attack the Ilorins during the day because Osogbo was practically in a plain and the Ilorin horses might have advantage of them with disastrous results. 

They decided to attack at dusk when the Ilorins would no longer be able to use their horses. About 2:pm, the well prepared Ibadan army left the gate of Osogbo for the battlefield. They were to keep a strict watch and arrest anyone suspected to be a spy. 

About a mile from the Ilorin camp, they halted and arranged the order of the attack. 

The Osogbo army and the earlier auxiliaries were to handle the center of the battlefield, chiefs Abitiko and Labuju were to command the right wing, Balogun Oderinlo with the rest of the Ibadan war-chiefs were to form the left wing of the army. The Ilorin camp was then attacked at midnight. The watchword was “ Elo ni owo odo? ” (How much is the ferry fare?). 

The reason this watchword was chosen was because the river Osun had to be crossed in entering Osogbo from the south, and anyone who could not tell this was likely to be an enemy.

Stampede engulfed the Ilorin camp as the Ibadan army set it on fire. The Ilorins could not offer the slightest resistance; they were smoked with the gunpowder of the Ibadan guns. 

This attack was a success for the Ibadan. Some Ilorin war-chiefs were captured in the attack. Prominent ones were:
1. Jimba the head slave of the Emir;
2. One of the sons of Ali the commander in chief;
3. Chief Lateju;
4. Ajikobo the Yoruba Balogun of Ilorin.
The first two were released while the latter two, being Yoruba by birth, were regarded as traitors and were executed. This was a huge victory for the whole of Yoruba land.

After the Osogbo victory,
Ibokun, an Ijesa town not far from Osogbo was taken by the Ibadans for being an ally of Ilorin.
After this war, Ìbàdàn later became a force building a formidable war machinery than later prosecuted many other wars with resounding victory.
Notable among the wars was the KIRIJI WAR where the Ibadan warlords formed a historic alliance with the Igbajos. Even though Igbajo became the war front for many years that the war lasted, it was never captured by the raging Ekiti parapò warriors. Rather it was a place where many of them met their Waterloo.

Notable among the warriors were Fabunmi Okeemesi, Ogedengbe Agbogun gboro of the Ijesas, Apasikoto pasigegele of Igbajo and Latoosa of Ibadan to mention a few. There were many more great warriors of the time. 
It's worthy to note that the KIRIJI WAR was the last war in Yoruba land. It's also recorded as the longest native war between in Africa. 
Since then the Yoruba people have continued to build strong bonds among themselves and they have sustained the peace. 
We must continue to tell our children the history of the Yoruba people and the bond which our father had built so that we can continue to see ourselves as one. If the Ibadan people can sacrifice their lives for the people of Osogbo in other to safe other towns and villages in Yoruba land and in essence the carnage of innocent people were prevented, then, we the modern Yorubas have no reason to divide ourselves for political reasons or any reason at all. 

Our leaders must continue to put their lives in the forefront to safe the land from all aggression. 
And we have the responsibility to support, to advise and to pray for all our leaders.

Sunday Dare Is Only Demonstrating Fickle Mindedness — Taiwo Adisa Fires | Southwest-frontier News


January 26, 2021

Mr. Taiwo Adisa, The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi MKinde,  have warned opposition, especially the minister of youth and sport, Hon. Sunday Dare to stop playing politics with critical issues in the state, especially issues of security.

The governor’s aide maintained that most of the comments attributed to opposition elements on the security situation in the state missed the point due to pettiness, contempt and clear attempt to play to the gallery.

“Their utter attempt at showmanship and unpatriotic conduct portray them as babes and sucklings intervening on sensitive matters,” Adisa said.

According to him, if opposition elements were true lovers of the state, they should have used the occasion to demonstrate patriotism by empathising with the people of the state and coming up with their own ideas on how to address the situation.

He added that merely playing to the gallery only showcases them as ordinary politicians who do not think about the state but solely about the next election.

The statement by Adisa indicated that contrary to the picture being painted by the opposition, especially the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Sunday Dare, and some leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC), which suggested that the government did nothing on the Ibarapa security challenge, the Makinde administration took a number of steps.

Adisa wondered why a Sunday Dare could pass the buck on insecurity to Makinde when it was obvious that the lack of action and apparent dereliction of duty by the APC-led Federal Government brought the entire country to its knees, security-wise.

“Whereas Nigerians can count on their fingers the number of states ravaged by insecurity in 2015, today, none of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, is free of kidnapping, banditry, rape, and other crimes.

“It is unwise and completely unwarranted for Dare to fail to tell the world what positive thing he, as a member of the Federal Executive Council, has contributed to assist the state in its battles against insecurity.

“The state of affairs security-wise in virtually all geopolitical zones of the country has exposed the failure of Dare’s boss and that’s a reality no Nigerian can deny,” he said.

According to the governor’s media aide, Makinde had, at the height of the insecurity in Ibarapa, deployed Operation Burst, a state-backed security outfit comprising the Army, Nigeria Security, and Civil Defence Corps and the Police to Ibarapa in large numbers.

The governor had also caused to be deployed, men and officers of MOPOL 72, located strategically in Ago-Are in Oke-Ogun axis.

He added that the government followed-up that deployment with the mass deployment of the men of the Oyo State Security Network Agency, also known as Amotekun, to Ibarapa and Oke-Ogun axes to quench the rising insecurity.

Adisa maintained that the mass deployment of security operatives to the area had begun to yield positive results in the last few weeks, stating that on January 9, the Amotekun Corps worked with Vigilante Group of Nigeria, local hunters, and Miyetti Allah Vigilantes to comb forests straddling four local governments in Ibarapa and Iwajowa Local Government Areas of Oke-Ogun.

He maintained that as a fallout of that exercise, which was abruptly called off due to the massive deployment of fake news by haters of the Oyo people, the teams neutralized suspected kidnappers and criminals in Ayete area, while a number of the suspects were arrested and handed over to the Police.

Adisa said that the narrative being carved by the opposition, suggesting that Makinde had been idling away, was baseless and reckless, stating that the fact that the Makinde administration has not been engaging in showmanship on efforts to tame insecurity should not be taken as doing nothing.

Adisa said: “We have noted with concern the fickle-mindedness being demonstrated by opposition elements in Oyo State, especially individuals like the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Sunday Dare.

“It is sad that Mr. Dare has revealed himself as a small mind by playing to the gallery on insecurity in Oyo State, which is a fallout of the failure of the Federal Government on security issues.

“It is equally sad that such an individual serving in a government under whose watch the security system of the country has collapsed could turn around to point fingers at Makinde.

“While one would not have loved to join issues with Dare and other individuals whose desperation for relevance can make them stop at nothing, including setting their own state on fire, it becomes imperative to correct the erroneous statement that Governor Makinde is being cowed by fear in the handling of state matters.

“For the avoidance of doubt, before those fanning the embers of ethnic crisis and their Hosanna crowd went to town with their showmanship gimmicks, the government had made serious efforts to tame the insecurity situation in Ibarapa.

“Apart from initiating several peace meetings between Yoruba and Fulani residents of the axes, the government took steps to deploy a heavy security presence to Ibarapa and at a point, even backed a community-based effort to rid the forests of kidnappers and bandits.

“It would be recalled that the government had backed a similar approach in Kisi, Igbeti and Igboho axes of the state and was able to achieve a great success without necessarily making noise in the media about it.

“But since Dare, like his co-travelers in the APC, have ignorantly ventured into a matter they have little or no knowledge about, it has become important to point out to them that governance is not done by engaging in pointless garrulous displays in the media.

“It is equally sad that whereas Mr. Dare could pontificate about insecurity in the media, he has failed to do the same at the Executive Council chambers of Aso Rock which hosts the Federal Executive Council meetings, which obviously could have helped the APC government arrest the insecurity situation in the country.

“For sometime now, Dare and his journeymen have been grandstanding on issues in their home state, though they have failed to use their offices to canvass the same positions at the Federal Executive Council or make any meaningful impact in the state.

“We would like to adminish Dare and his fellows in the rat race for 2023 governorship to toe the path of honour and stop advertising ignorance and displaying unpatriotic tendencies when it comes to issues affecting the state.

“Let them adhere to the well-accepted maxim: power belongs to God and only He decides whom it fits at every instance.”

Monday, January 25, 2021

We'll Do Everything Possible To Secure Ibarapaland, Oyo Speaker Assures | Southwest-frontier News


.... holds security summit in the zone on Thursday.

January 25, 2021
The Speaker , Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon Adebo Ogundoyin says every necessary step is being perfected to address Insecurity in Ibarapaland as well as secure the lives and properties of the entire people of Ibarapaland.

The Speaker who said it was time for every son and daughter of the zone to come together for a synergy of plans and activities noted that this became imperative inorder to collectively free Ibarapaland from the grip and shackles of criminally minded persons.

Hon Ogundoyin stated this in a statement made available to newsmen on Monday while announcing a  security summit scheduled to hold on Thursday in Ibarapa Central Local Government.

According to him, the security summit will have in attendance different Security Chiefs, traditional rulers, religious and Community leaders, representatives of various ethnic groups , youths, farmers among others.
He said the unfolding scenario and the recurring security challenges in the zone call for a more pragmatic and systematic approach from everyone.

" Security and welfare of citizens is the primary responsibility of Government. My meetings with different stakeholders and security Chiefs in the last few weeks on the spate of kidnappings, armed robberies, assassination and other crimes in Ibarapaland have revealed the need for a synergy of plans. Normally security plans and strategies are not made public in crisis situation like this. However, we will work in tandem with the stakeholders and the security heads to ensure implementation of our strategies. This is why all stakeholders are expected to attend the summit so that we can further fine tune ways of securing our land and exposing the evil doers who are all out to shed our blood and dispossess us of our hard-earned money and properties. " The Speaker said.

He disclosed that the issue of Farmers/Herders clashes in Ibarapaland and across Oyo State which is another issue causing serious clashes will be addressed permanently once the law on anti-open hearing and grazing of livestock which was sponsored by him and passed by the Oyo State House of Assembly is fully implemented 

" I have always been championing the course of my people, even our farmers and this is evident in the anti-open hearing and grazing law which the house under my leadership worked assiduously to pass. I must say that the present administration in Oyo State is committed to promoting security and as part of the Government of the day I will never toy with the issue of insecurity in my zone, Ibarapaland. However, we must not allow the situation to degenerate into full blown tribal or ethnic feud.  We must avoid turning our land to a war zone. Everything possible must be done to ensure that our land does not become a battle field or a war zone. Nobody prays for war in our land and this is why we have to come to a round table so as to agree on how best to approach this issue. The debilitating effects of war and conflict are better imagined than experienced. Ibarapaland is a land of peace and must not be turned to a theatre of war. " The Speaker counselled.

Just In: Southwest Governors, MACBAN Ban Open, Night Grazing to Avert Farmer-Herders’ Crisis | Southwest-frontier News

BREAKING: Southwest Governors, MACBAN Ban Open, Night Grazing to Avert Farmer-Herders’ Crisis


The Governors from the Southwest region of Nigeria, Engineer Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State, Gboyega Oyetola of Osun State, Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state, on Monday, met with the national leadership of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, to find lasting solutions to the incessant killings, kidnapping, and crises between herdsmen and farmers in the region.

GOALPOACHER NEWS correspondent, who monitored the proceeding of the meeting held at the International Culture and Event Center in Akure, the Ondo state capital, reports that the governors of Jigawa state, Muhammad Badaru Abubakar, and the Kebbi State Governor, Abubakar Atiku Bagudu were present at the meeting while the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun were absent at the meeting.

In his address of welcome, the Chairman, Southwest Governors’ Forum, Rotimi Akeredolu, who debunked a statement credited to him that he ordered Fulanis to leave Ondo state, explained that based on a security report he received that bandits are using the state forest reserves as hideouts to carry out coordinated attacks, he directed that all illegal occupants of the forest reserves should vacate the area in a bid to further curb crime and criminality in his state and not to witch-hunt the Fulanis.

Also speaking, Oyo state Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, who promised at the meeting that his administration will not in the course of fighting criminality, commit another crime, assured all residents of Oyo state an adequate security of lives and property. His words:

“I am the only PDP person here. We are not here to play politics but to talk about a very serious challenge that we are all faced with. It is our own problem and we have to solve it our own way.”

“If you read some things on social media, there are some people who cannot even govern their own family but they talk as if they know more than the governor of a state. Quite frankly, what they are perpetrating are just ignorance.”

“I can tell you for a fact that when the Kishi area of Oyo State, which shares international border with Republic of Benin was invaded, all hands were on deck. MACBAN, Operation Burst, Amotekun all worked together to clear the bush. During my electioneering, a major decision I was going to take was to scrap all the LCDAs in Oyo State and stick with only the LGAs that are known to the constitution of Nigeria.”

” But when I got elected, all the people I met at a particular LCDA (I think it is Oriire South) were fulanis. And they told me I should not scrap the LCDA because it was the only LCDA dominated by the Fulani people, including the Chairman.”

“After I got elected, I decided I would not scrap the LCDAs again. I didn’t get such knowledge by sitting in the armchair in my house but by going out into the field and interacting with the people.”

“So, when people talk, you wonder if they have done any kind of comparison with what has happened elsewhere in the world. What are we going to do moving forward in Oyo State? Well, the first thing I will say is to tell you the things that we will not do; we will not use criminality to solve another criminality, because on the intended consequences of such an action, nobody can predict where it will end. And once you are drawn out to support criminality, you don’t know where it is going to end. So, what we are going to do is to continue to encourage our people to work together; to face our common enemies – the criminals, the kidnappers, the armed robbers and the bandits. Those are our common enemies.”

“When the new CP came to visit me last week, I told her that we have our work cut out for us because, at this particular time, it is fake new everywhere. So, we have to deal with it. When we hear or watch things on social media, what percentage of that should we believe in?

“We have to sieve whatever information people are putting out. We have to deal with fake news. There are some people who are stock-in-trade; they want power but it is only God that gives power to whomever he wants to give it to. Because they are seeking for power, they want to misinform the people and cause deep division amongst us, forgetting that as you lay your bed is also the way you will lie on it. For all of us here, our work is tenured. Those of us occupying offices will leave very soon and others will come in but our country will remain.

“So, we will continue to promote good neighborliness among our people and we will ensure that all of us go after the criminals together. We will continue to support our security agencies because they are also trying to maintain law and order in an atmosphere of pandemic and economic challenges. We will continue to provide support for the security agencies for them to do their work.

“One of the things we found out is that opportunities are very limited at the top. We will continue to do our best to strive to expand our economy and provide opportunities for a whole lot of our people. And we believe when we do that, the tension will definitely go down.

“I want to end by saying that our leaders should not be tired. They will abuse us but we should continue to strive to provide the leadership that this country require at this point in time.”

In his remark, the National President, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Alhaji Muhammadu Kiruwa, whose speech was delivered by the MACBAN National Secretary, Baba Othman Ngelzarma, directed the herders in the Southwest region and in Nigeria at large to with immediate effect stop open grazing, night grazing and under-age grazing in a bid to forestall incessant crisis between the herdsmen and farmers in the Southwest region and in the country at large. According to him,

“We are here to meet with you as the chairman of the Elders’ Forum concerning the escalating crisis between the farmers and herders. This is not the first time we have been here We cannot overemphasise the importance of a meeting like this in nation building as we believe that dialogue is key to activate this mission.”

“We will continue with our awareness campaign for members to appreciate the sensibilities of their host communities by ensuring that they live in peace. We are open to work with the government. We condemn every form of extra-judicial killings, criminalities and impunity. We stand for peace and justice to all and we pray that we will continually have a meeting like this from time to time to foster unity and harmony.”

“We will also continue to talk to our members who are particularly living in the southern part of the country to try as much as possible to work closely with government, security agencies and traditional institutions in their host areas. We will continue to appeal to them to be peace-loving and avoid allowing cows going to people’s farms.”

” They must also stop small boys from going on grazing. And night grazing must also stop whether in the south or Northern part of the country because we know this is what has been causing farmers/herders clashes across the country.”

While reading out the resolution of the meeting, the chairman, Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Governor Kayode Fayemi, stressed that no governor in the southwest region will order Fulanis to vacate their state, rather, the news circulated in the regard was misinterpreted.

He, however, noted that there must be a framework for the operation of MACBAN in the Southwest region, and ranches must be mandated for the herders so that cattle will no longer roam about and disrupt other persons’ livelihood.

Other dignitaries present at the meeting include various security chiefs in the Southwest region led by the AIG Zone 11, Olufemi Agunbiade, former Deputy Governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore; MACBAN state and national excos, among others.

Consider Us As Your Children, We Voted For You In 2019, Arrest Igboho Now, Myetti Allah Begs Makinde | Southwest-frontier News


January 25, 2021 
The Chairman of the Oyo chapter of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders of Nigeria, Alhaji Ibrahim Jiji, has appealed to Governor Seyi Makinde to ensure the arrest of Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Sunday Igboho.

Igboho who ordered herdsmen to vacate Igangan in Ibarapa North Local Government over incessant kidnap and rape of women had been condemned by Makinde, stating that Igboho had no powers to give such orders, asking the Commissioner of Police to treat such acts as criminal.

The chairman who begged Makinde to consider Fulani people as his children, saying Yoruba people are doing well in other parts of the country and not being intimidated said many Fulani people in the North are now afraid to visit the southwest states for fear of being attacked.

We want government to arrest Igboho now. He is not more powerful than the whole country. We want Makinde to consider us as part of his children. We also voted for him in 2019 and we want him to extend his hand of fellowship to us.

“Many of the affected people cannot recognise their family roots in the North again. In fact, many of them have not gone to their villages before. We are ready to work with Oyo State government to maintain peace and order,” he said.

Igangan: Why I Am Silent On Recent Attacks By Fulani Herdsmen, Gani Adams | Southwest-frontier News


January 25, 2020

The Aare Ona Kakanfo Of Yoruba Land, Gani Adams has broken silence on why he hasn’t spoken about the recent attacks against south west and the Fulani herdsmen crisis that rocked Nigeria in the last one week.

Gani Adams was called out by Nigerians after Sunday Igboho took some bold steps to curb the attacks against Yoruba land by Fulani herdsmen. The latter was praised for acting in the capacity of ‘Aare Ona Kankanfo’ while the former remained silent
However, Gani Adams has revealed that there is need for him to consult widely before taking action due to his position as the Aare Ona Kakanfo Of Yorubaland.

He made it known that his silence doesn’t portray him as a coward, but there is need to him to do lots of consultations before actions are being taken.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Oyo Govt Delegation, CP Tour Trouble Spots In Ibarapa, Oke-ogun | Southwest-frontier News


January 24, 2021
...we will ensure thorough investigation of all crimes -- CP

...51 suspects on trial for kidnapping, other offences in Oke-Ogun, Ibarapa areas - Owoseni

...traditional rulers demand justice, peaceful coexistence Fulani leaders seek peace 

A delegation of Oyo State Government officials and the new Commissioner of Police in the state, Mrs. Ngozi Onadeko, on Sunday, toured the trouble spots of Ibarapa and Oke-Ogun areas of  the state where they conducted on-the-spot assessment of the tenson-soaked communities.
The Commissioner of Police, who led senior Police officers including Deputy Commissioners of Police and Mobile Police Commanders on a tour of Igangan, Tede and Ago Are communities sued for peace, while also declaring the readiness of the Police to embark on a thorough investigation to ensure justice for victims of kidnapping, armed robbery, rape and other crimes.
The Special Adviser to Governor Seyi Makinde on Security, Commissioner of Police Fatai Owoseni (rtd), who led the government's delegation also appealed to community leaders, youths and Hausa-Fulani residents to eschew violence and live in peace.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, added that Owoseni told the people to be vigilant and ensure they identify the criminal elements among them for prosecution by the Police, declaring that no one should take laws into their hands.
He also debunked insinuations that the government of Governor Makinde has abandoned the people to their fate, adding that at least 51 suspected perpetrators of kidnapping, rape and banditry are currently in police net from Oke Ogun axes.
He said that government would ensure that justice prevails in the cases involving the arrested lot, adding, however, that the people must remain vigilant.
"If you see something, say something," Owoseni counseled residents of the visited communities.
The delegation also visited the razed home of the Seriki Fulani in Igangan, where it assessed the extent of damage and promised thorough investigation.
Secretary of Igangan Development Advocates,  Lawal Akeem, who spoke in Igangan, said that the people were tired of the antics of the Seriki Fulani, Alhaji Saliu Abdukadir, whom he accused of  complicity in different cases.
He also said that the community has been forced to pay about N50 million in ransom for different cases of kidnapping, while also accusing Fulani herders of regularly vandalising farms and raping women of the community.
Another youth in the town, Taiwo Adeagbo, said that no fewer than 15 women have been raped in recent weeks.
A member of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Hon. Peter Ojedokun, also told the delegation that Ibarapaland had been peaceful all the while but that the peace was affected recently when Fulani herders started attacking members of the community on their farms, kidnapping persons and committing crimes. 
Two Fulani leaders, the Seriki Fulani of Igbo Ora, Alhaji Idris Abubakar, and the Seriki Fulani of Eruwa, Alhaji Sule Mohammed, asked for forgiveness from those offended, adding that they are ready to facilitate a peaceful coexistence in Ibarapaland.
The Caretaker Chairman of Ibarapa North-West Local Council Development Area, Hon. Okediji Samuel Olusegun, also corroborated the allegations leveled against the Seriki Fulani of Igangan, saying that the Seriki has been fingered in the series of security challenges in the area many times.
Addressing the gathering of traditional rulers, government officials and Fulani leaders in Igangan, the Commissioner of Police, Onadeko said: "We have come to assess and listen to you over the incident that happened. I want to appeal to everyone of us to be calm and ensure there is peace. If there is no peace in the community, there won't be growth and development. 
"I want to appeal to the youth. We have listened and they have interpreted all your complaints and I want to say you should not spoil your case by using force. We are a new team. Bring out all the cases you have, put them in an orderly manner and we will make sure that justice is done. 
"So, I want to enjoin all of you to be peaceful and live with one another in a peaceful manner. If we live in peace in this community, we should be able to identify kidnappers, robbers, and rapists. It does not matter where you come from - whether you are from Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. Actually, we have the good and bad ones. Criminality is not only ascribed to a particular ethnic group, it cuts across all the ethnic groups. 
"So, if we don't come together with one voice, how are we going to fish out all these people?
"Please, be calm. Cooperate with the Police, law enforcement agencies and we will make this place secure for everyone, irrespective of where you come from. 
"I want to assure you that all the cases you brought up, a thorough investigation will be done on them and you will see that justice will be delivered.  We will be having more of this interactive session and consultative gathering so that we will be able to sit down, talk and iron things out together without resorting to violence, which does not pay.
“Please, don't take laws into your hands. Just tell us. Let us have peace and everything, by the grace of God, will be okay for all of us."
While also speaking at Igangan, retired Commissioner of Police, Owoseni, said that the government of the day in Oyo State has been working closely with the Police to fish out criminal elements, adding that 51 suspected criminals linked to kidnapping and other crimes committed in Oke Ogun and Ibarapa areas are already in Police net. 
He said some are already charged to court, while others would soon have their days in court.
He said: "Let us put sentiment and politics aside, from what we heard, it is not as if the Ibarapa community is against one ethnic group. What they are claiming and the allegation they have made is that a particular person, who they are now seeing to symbolise an entire ethnic group, has been misbehaving. It is just like what the governor has been saying; that there is trust-deficit between the people and the government, mistrust between the people and law enforcement agencies. 
"If you look at the catalogue of what has been said, they feel they have not been given justice and they feel that someone has been stalling justice.
"They feel that someone has been dropping names in order to oppress the community. I believe that with the steps that have been taken to mend all these gaps and with the assurance that the Commissioner of Police has given that they will look at all the cases again, there will be a change.”
Speaking specifically on investigations and arrests, the retired Police Commissioner said: "There are a lot of narratives that have not been given out. "Everybody believes that kidnapping, assasination had taken place in Igangan and it seems the government was not doing anything. 
“Truth is, 51 suspects have been in detention for various offences that bother on this kidnapping.
"Arrests were made. Some have been arraigned in court. Some are awaiting trial. For some, investigation are still ongoing, which we made them know. "Everyone will learn lessons, especially the police officer that was accused of complicity in some of these cases. "The CP has given that assurance that every victim will get justice and all the allegations they have made as to the Seriki colluding with criminals, will be looked into."
The delegation, which also visited Ago Are and Tede communities, which got engulfed in communal clashes over the weekend, held peace parleys at the Ago Are town hall and the palace of the Onitede of Tede, Oba Rauf Oladoyin.
The Commissioner of Police,  Onadeko appealed for peace between the two communities, promising to host a peace meeting in her office before the end of the week.
Owoseni, who addressed newsmen at the palace, said that it was wrong for anyone to take laws into his hands, adding that the people must learn to trust security agencies to achieve peace in their areas. 
He said of the communal clash between Tede and Ago Are: "This is an evidence of what the governor is doing on the security situation in the state. While the crisis in Igangan was brewing, that was when we heard that these two communities - Tede and Ago-Are - were also at war.
"The purpose of coming here today is to nip in the bud this communal fight. There is an immediate and remote cause but in order to quickly make it not to fester, we are here."
The Olugbon of Orile Igbon, Oba Francis Olusola Alao,  who is also the Deputy Chairman of Oyo State Council of Traditional Rulers, who was in Igangan, Tede and Ago Are, also appealed for peace, insisting that the state can only develop in an atmosphere of peaceful coexistence.
He appealed to the youths to always report their cases to the security agencies, adding that self-help cannot help anyone at the end of the day.
Other monarchs at the Igangan peace parley held at the Igangan Town Hall include the Asigangan of Igangan, a representative of the Eleruwa, the Olu of Igbo Ora, and monarchs from adjoining communities in Ibarapaland.

Taiwo Adisa 
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Over 4,000 ADC, APC Members Defect To PDP With Dikko Salami At Oluyole LGA | Southwest-frontier News


January 23, 2021

Earlylifemirror reports that members of ADC, APC, Zlp in Oluyole Local Government Area have defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), decampees were received at the Oluyole Local Government party secretariat at Idi Ayunre, Ibadan.

Welcoming the decampees, Chief of Staff to the Oyo State Governor, Chief Bisi Ilaka, on behalf of the leadership of the party in the State, stated that defectors would be adopted into the party and they would be accorded the rights and privileges the old members of the party are enjoying.
The Deputy Chief of Staff to the Oyo State Governor, Hon. Olawale Mogbonjubola Jagaban who affirmed that the defectors were thrilled by the good works of Makinde’s administration in the state, assured all the defectors, a fair treatment in the party, PDP.

The Defector and Leader of ADC party Alhaji Mustapha Hamsalad explained their decision to join PDP as a result of the performing administration’s under the leadership of His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde in moving the state from poverty to prosperity status.

Other's include ADC party Chairman, Mr. Taiwo Salami, Alhaji Wasiu, Alhaji Mauroof Moganna, Alhaja Oriaje, Baba Urgent, Alhaji Salam Salam.

Alh. Mustapha Hamsalad commended Governor Seyi Makinde on education, infrastructural development, health and economy of our dear state, Oyo.

While speaking with the news man, Hon. Ibraheem Salami who is fondly called Dikko, ADC House of Assembly candidate in the last general election, sited numerous developmental projects and an all-inclusive governance embarked upon by governor Seyi Makinde led administration as well as his people’s oriented policies in the state as factors for joining PDP.
The Chairman Oyo State Hospital Management Board, Dr Gbola Adetunji lauded the step taken by new members of the party, promising that they would be accorded all rights and privileges derived by old members of the party.

Dignities in attendance to welcome the defectors includes : DG SDG, Hon Kunle Yusuf, SSA to the Governor on Culture and Tourism, Hon Ademola Ige, SSA to the Governor on Local Government, Hon Yemi Aderibigbe, Member Oyo State Vision 2040, Hon Ayo Adedeji, State Party Chairman, Alh Kunmi Mustapha, State Women Leader, Alh. Wulemo, State PRO, Engr Akeem Olatunji, SA Oluyole Fed Constituency, Hon Olumide Akinlade, Caretaker Chairman Oluyole LG, Hon Olaide Popoola Settle, Caretaker Chairman Akorede LCDA, Hon Wahab Kazeem Laskaz and many more.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

FG Rolls Out Plan For N-power Beneficiarie | Southwest-frontier News

Makinde Receives Letter Of Recognition Award As The Best Governor | Southwest-frontier News


January 21, 2021
The Oyo State Governor,  Engr. Seyi Makinde today received letter of recognition award as the best Governor for the year 2020.

While presenting the letter to the Governor, the National President,  Association of FCEX-LG Chairmen of Nigeria (ASELGON). Hon Albert Asipa said that the association decided to honour him because of his achievements within one and half years in office.

He charged the Governor to continue to execute people oriented projects. 
In his response,  Governor Makinde promised to work in tandem with his campaign promises and appealed to the good people of Oyo State to support him to deliver dividends of democracy. 
The Governor advised the association to partner with his government and the door is open for the association for any useful suggestion that can move Oyo State forward. 
In attendance were the Former Governor of Ogun State and the Grand patron of ASELGON, Otunba Gbenga Daniel,  Former Governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the Chairman,  Ogun State Chapter of ASELGON, Rt Hon. Yemi Coker and the Financial Secretary, Ogun State Chapter of ASELGON,  Hon. Isikilu Makinde.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Senator Kola Balogun Empowers Youths In Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Vows To Do More | Southwest-frontier News


January 19, 2021
The Senator representing Oyo South district, Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has empowered youths, women and practising farmers in his district by facilitating Capacity Building and Empowerment Programme on Agricultural Entrepreneurship. The programmne which was organised by Bengam Technologies Limited in Collaboration with Bora Agro Venture held at the Prof E. A. Adebowale Training Hall, IAR&T. 
According to the statement signed by the SA Media to the Senator, this Programme came in fulfillment of Senator Balogun's promise to have a working relationship with The Institute of Agricultural Research & Training (IAR&T) on empowerment of youths and women in Agriculture. Over 100 youths and women are benefitting in the 3 days training spanning value chains of cassava, poultry, fishery and animal husbandry. They will be empowered with materials and tools for improved performance in their chosen aspects.
The Executive Director who was elated at the Partnership of the Senatorial District with the institute acknowledged the efforts of Senator Kola Balogun as being unique in his approach and this was first of its kind in the 26yrs old Institute. 
This will be a yearly training programme as 2021 budget also has similar project captured and domiciled in IAR&T. With this, those who do very well by having improved yield will have the opportunity of benefitting from the consequent programme again. 

According to Senator Balogun; Agricultural Entrepreneurship is very important in reducing poverty and crime rates because the resources available in the sector have not been maximised yet. I believe very strongly that when we do this, we provide jobs for our youths and also make food more available to the people. 

Rotimi Johnson
SA Media.

Hon. Nureni Akinteye Celebrates Dr Anthony Adepoju, Wishes Him Long Live With Greater Prosperity | Southwest-frontier News


January 19, 2021
Dr Anthony Adepoju is a noble, hardworking and very loving man, good mentor and father to all. He played prominent roles in Ibarapa land and his leadership in entire Ibarapa is very commendable. 

Today is a good day to appreciate you for who you are and being such a great and dependable role model in this journey. You remain a symbol of peace, unity and progress not only in Ibarapa land but in Oyo State and the entire country.

On this joyous occasion, I am delighted to join family, friends, political associates and well wishers to celebrate the goodness of the Lord in your life Sir. 

May God's continuous guidance, blessing and wisdom envelope you sir"

Happy Birthday And Many Happy Returns!!!

Afolabi O. Akinfenwa
Media Aide

Monday, January 18, 2021

Fake Amotekun Uniform: Our Suspicion Justified, Opposition Playing Politics With Initiative To Discredit Makinde's Govt–Oyo PDP Fumes | Southwest-frontier News

Fake Amotekun Uniform: Our Suspicion Justified, Opposition Playing Politics With Initiative To Discredit Makinde's Govt–Oyo PDP Fumes

January 18, 2021

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Oyo state chapter, has said that its suspicion of opposition parties in the state having connection with the imbroglio surrounding production of fake Amotekun corps uniforms for sponsored hoodlums to cause mayhem in the state with the aim of blackmailing the Makinde led administration was already justified by capturing some of the producers of the fake uniforms.

The ruling party maintained that nothing could have emboldened any resident in the state to venture into such crime of sewing fake Amotekun corps uniforms for anyone if not backed by some groups and individuals with untamed desperation to discredit the hard earned reputation of this present administration through commitment, dedication, and consistent delivery of good governance making any other political party's chance of wrestling power from Makinde come 2023 a near impossible adventure.

Oyo PDP State Publicity Secretary, Engr Akeem Olatunji, who made this known in a statement he signed on Monday 18th January, 2021, explained that the ruling party was seriously appalled by the unfolding development of unbridled hunger for power and an untamed despiraion by the opposition in Oyo state to deploy all available means to discredit Governor Seyi Makinde's giant strides and efforts in the war against crime within the state.

The statement reads, "It was another great achievement for the state and the Amotekun corps to have discovered and apprehend one of the agents of darkness in our dear state who have perhaps been recruited by opposition of our government in Oyo state to heighten insecurity and create an atmosphere of chaos so that the foiled and failed agenda they have been pursuing since the inception of this administration could materialize.

"It is not a news anymore to all residents in Oyo state that a the Oyo state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has deployed all forms of evil machinations, treachery, and malicious propaganda against the PDP government under the able leadership of His Excellency, Engr Seyi Makinde, since he assumed office as the executive governor.

"In fact, one of their serving Senators once boldly told the world in a show of untamed desperation and hunger for power that the Makinde led government could not escape all three traps his party had set for Governor Seyi Makinde in a battle to steal Oyo people's mandate through the backdoor using federal might, a move which not only failed woefully but further exposed them and their evil agenda to the world.

"Governor Seyi Makinde has consistently said that the present administration is open to constructive criticism and useful suggestions on ways to make the state a much more better place for all to live but what we have continued to witness from our opposition in Oyo state is nothing near constructive criticism but deliberate attacks and well orchestrated plan by the Oyo APC to bring down this government at all cost using insecurity which is part of their evil agenda as excuse to advance whatever script they are executing.

"How else do we rationalize the shocking development that Amotekun corps which was created to complement mainstream security outfits in Nigeria to provide adequate security for the people of Oyo state was already being sabotaged, or was Amotekun corps created to provide security for PDP members in the state?
"We wish to state categorically for the sake of record, that Governor Seyi Makinde is among the very few Governors who have invested heavily on security since assumption of office. It is also on record that he has invested in the security architecture of the state more than the immediate past APC government despite only been in office as the Executive Governor in less than two years, but since our detractors who have continued to meet shame and disappointments at the end of each executed agenda will neither rest nor desist, we as the party in government will always be at alert and remain unfazed because light will always prevail over darkness.

"We will not urge them to stop because the good people of Oyo state already know them for what they are and what their party represents but we will continue to stay ahead of them and their evil agenda because we know their may be other recruits by these evil party elsewhere producing such fake uniforms to perpetrate, aid, and albeit crime with the aim of creating tension and apprehension within the state but just like this one, we assure them that they will be caught and severely dealth with according to the law.

"God has blown away the I'll wind of untold hardship, hunger, modern day slavery by government, which characterized the entire 8 years of APC administration in Oyo state and the good people of the state can now attest to the difference between false propaganda and practical delivery of good governance therefore, all attempts by the agents of darkness to return Oyo state to the dark era between (2011-2019) shall be resisted either through the backdoor or through election poll by the people again and again.

"We urge the good people of Oyo state whose trust in governor Seyi Makinde and the PDP has birthed a new dawn of prosperity under safe and secured Oyo state to be on alert and continue to support the present government to succeed even more, because it is now clear that these agents of darkness in their desperate hunger for power are waging a war to steal their mandate freely given to governor Makinde who has only the masses as his godfather, through the backdoor at all cost."

Engr Akeem Olatunji
Publicity Secretary
Peoples Democratic Party
Oyo State.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Ilu Gangan: The Drummer And Spectators - Deji Ola | Southwest-frontier News


January 15, 2021
Dear esteem readers,  kindly permit me to go triplicative this evening while we enjoy this caption together. Trust me, I will do justice to it and won't bore you with excessive rhetorics.

Apparently, for the past few weeks, I have been trying hard not to dabble into recent happenings in the party and Oyo state by extension. As a core party man, I think at this juncture, it's important I make my stand known so as to serve as reference point for the next generation. Worthy of note is that I am a well bred Ibadan man and will never call blue black even in the face of threats. 

"Ilu gangan" (Talking drum) is one of the most popular drum in the whole world and this is not unconnected with it's ability to imitate the rhythm, the rise and fall of words in languages. Ilu gangan has been used in the past to settle communal and domestic crisis; even to appease the gods. As good as this is, it also on different occasions has been used as catalyst for crisis. History has it that the first Oloolu masquerade killed his only daughter as a result of evil role played by a talking drum. One will ask, did the talking drum played itself? Your answer is as good as mine. The bottom line is that, for all ilu gangan, there must be a drummer and even to spectators.

Can we quickly go practical? A talking drum would be useless without a good drummer who can use his skills to either calm unease situation or cause more havoc. What if there is no cheering spectators who are always ready to cheer  the drummer even when it's crystal clear that there is fire on the mountain? If you will agree with me, the role "we" the spectators play can never be over-emphasized. And as a matter of fact, the power to halt any ill-situations resides with us.

Take a moment to imagine talking truth to the drummer who is ready to ignite fire in the face of nomalcy. Imagine if we collectively agree to give honour to whom same is due without special preference to the highest bidder? 

In order not to deviate from the premise of this pen work,  it's high time we all ask ourselves one million in one question;
Am I the talking drum being used to cause unrest in Oyo state PDP and Oyo state at large?

Am I that drummer who will always do everything possible to cause issues out of no issues? The type who always see joy whenever there is conflicts?

Am I among those  spectators who always cheer key players whenever they are deviating from the core values even to the detriment of our dear state? For all roles we are all playing today, posterity is watching us.

I quiet agree with Albert Einstein on his assertion that _"the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything_. Our conscience is there to do justice to whatever we are doing. We should not forget easily the yoruba popular sayings which says "ilu gangan" can be confusing sometimes, it all depend on where it's facing. This is my own neutral opinion.

Deji Ola is my name, I write to express my self, not to judge anyone.

#renewed zealory.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Security: We'll End Kidnapping, Insecurity In Oyo, Makinde Declares | Southwest-frontier News


...says purveyors of fake news want Amotekun to fail

January 13, 2021
...COVID-19 still with us; procedure for its containment unchanged, Makinde says

Governor 'Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has declared that his government will do everything possible to end kidnapping and insecurity in the state by working with all security agencies including the newly-introduced Oyo State Security Network Agency also known as Amotekun Corps.

The governor maintained that the safety and security of all residents of the state remains a top priority for his government, adding that his administration will work relentlessly to tackle cases of kidnapping and insecurity.

Governor Makinde, who appreciated all heads of security agencies for doing their best to secure the state, explained that the government is already setting up proper information channels for security agencies in the state in order for them to keep the information flow simple.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor stated these while briefing newsmen at the Government House, Agodi, Ibadan, on Wednesday, adding that the government will go ahead to implement the N500 million MSME fund and employment of 5,000 young persons into government agencies as well as the engagement of youths into direct labour schemes to tackle youth restiveness in the state.

He said: “The safety and security of all residents of Oyo State remain our top priority. We will continue to work relentlessly to tackle cases of kidnapping and insecurity in our state. 

“We are also putting in place other policies to address insecurity, especially with regards to youth restiveness. Last year, after the ENDSARS protests, we talked about three things that we will be doing to reduce youth unemployment and improve the security situation in the state. 
"We talked about the N500 million MSME fund that we will set up, employment opportunities for 5,000 young persons across all government agencies  and the provision for the direct labour agency. We could not do all of these towards the end of last year because we had budgetary constraints. "But now, we have put these schemes in this year’s budget and we should be implementing them as scheduled this year."

Governor Makinde, who warned that some individuals who want Amotekun to fail had been assailing it with all sorts of misinformation and fake news, maintained that the community policing model remains the only way to solve the insecurity challenge in the country.

He stated that the state will not sit idly and watch any Amotekun operative operate outside the ambitions of the law and that it would also not yield to blackmail against the new agency.

He added that the state has identified that there is presently some friction between the Amotekun and Nigerian Police in the state, adding that the state will set up a committee to iron out the frosty relationship between the two institutions and bring about an alignment in their operations.

“Amotekun is not operating in a vacuum. They are a creation of the law of the state. The Nigerian Police is a creation of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is normal that we have inter and intra agency friction where possible, but we will get everybody together and seek alignment towards the same end basically," the governor said.

He added: “For the past six weeks that the Amotekun was deployed, we have seen various reports in the news. Most of these reports are good and a few are bad. And of the bad, quite a number are false information and fake news. For example, some newspapers carried the news that Amotekun killed 7 fulani herdsmen in Ibarapa. "Such a story was circulated to stoke ethnic tension. Even some reputable media fell for this. Whereas, the real story was that Amotekun worked with the community members, including genuine herdsmen to flush out bad elements in that zone.
“It has, therefore, become necessary to put the good people of Oyo State on high alert. "Each time you see a news item, you want to ask yourself if it is believable or just some no-good-people at work. "I have to tell you that there are people among us that don’t want Amotekun to succeed and they will use lies and disinformation to push their agenda. We must realise where we are coming from and where we really want to be.

“Community policing is the way forward and we have to make it work. If somebody says he is abused by Amotekun and cannot pinpoint the Amotekun personnel in such an area, you are probably not from that neighborhood and you are a fake news carrier. 

“So, as I always say, I know we do have trust-deficit between the people and the authorities, and this makes it easier to think the worst of people in authority. But we should not cut our nose to spite our face. We must find a balance so that we do not turn the people trying to protect us to our enemies."

The governor charged anyone with a genuine case against the members of the Amotekun Corps to come forward with their grievances by using any of the feedback channels put in place by the government.

The governor equally warned traditional rulers and village heads against allocating lands to undocumented foreigners, stating that some undocumented individuals had been contributing to insecurity in the state.

He added that the state will soon provide documentation for these individuals and especially miners and motorcycle/tricycle operators, saying: “So, we are going to be providing some documentation for them. Those who work in the mining site will be documented and a Task Force is being set up to do this. We will also be meeting with the heads of the association of Amalgamated Commercial Motorcycle and Tricycle Owners, Repairers and Riders Association of Nigeria (ACOMORAN). 

"I also understand that they also have a breakaway faction in Oyo State. Well, we will be reaching out to the two of them to ensure that we get them registered. So, this will go a long way to address how some people are hiding under their platform to commit crimes. 

"The option is very simple for us. It is either you get registered and we know who are the operators or we regulate your operation. We can say that after 6 p.m., we don’t want to see okadas and tricycles on our streets. We have the power to do that but how does that affect our economy? I personally believe that they are filling a gap. If demands exist, we want them to maximise the gains coming from their operation. 

"But if they would not register their people, we will be left with no choice than to just regulate the hours in which they operate. So, I am hopeful that they will cooperate with us by getting their people registered."

Similarly, the governor addressed the resurgence in cases of COVID-19 in the state and the country, saying that the virus is still very much in the state and that residents must continue to adhere to the protocols to prevent the spread while also following the food advisory once released by the state to boost their immune system.

He advised that individuals must show responsibility by owning their actions.

According to Governor Makinde, the data available to the state are not showing a second wave of the virus as the curve was never flattened, explaining that the state tested about 20,000 samples of people who were mostly sick or had direct contact with those who had the virus between March and December 2020 with about 3,000 testing positive. 

He stated that the state has equally conducted about 14,000 tests on people including those not showing any symptom based on the NCDC guidelines between early December and January 2021 and that 696 tested positive.

In.all, he said that the state has conducted more than 34,000 covid-19 tests.

He said: “With recent happenings and talks on the second wave of Covid-19, it becomes necessary that I address you. Let me start by talking about the issue of this supposed second wave. I have always said that all our responses to covid-19 in Oyo State will be guided by data, science and logic. So, as far as Oyo State is concerned, the data we have is not pointing to a second wave as the curve was never flattened.

“The data says COVID-19 is still very much with us. Science is telling us that we can slow down the spread by taking precautions. So, the logical thing to do is to follow what science dictates. We know how difficult the year 2020 was for a lot of us. So, logically, we should not do things that will make the situation worse. This is not the time to let down our guard. If anything, we should not take any of the precautions lightly. 

“In the last month, we have unfortunately had eight deaths. Even though many people have mild to moderate symptoms, it is severe for a few, and since we do not know who it will be severe, we need to keep our guard up.

“On our part, we are doing everything within our power to provide more resources for the EOC to continue to manage the spread of this disease. We are facilitating greater collaborations between the laboratories, the University College Hospital, Ibadan, and our Infectious Disease Centre at Olodo. We are also carrying out training for private clinics/hospitals so they can follow the right protocols.

“For those who may need oxygen, we are signing an MOU with a firm for supply of oxygen and the use of their facilities if need be. They already have facilities in the state and they are providing oxygen at UCH. So, we are just asking them to factor Oyo State into their production schedule."

While speaking on the issue of COVID-19 vaccines, the governor maintained that the 1,800 vaccines allocated to the state by the Federal Government are inadequate, stating that the state will engage manufacturers of Astra-Zeneca Vaccines when finally certified fit for human consumption, as it has been said to be more suitable for the state because of its storage instructions.
“On the issue of vaccines, the Federal Government, from what we read, has allocated 1,800 vaccines for Oyo State. First, in Oyo State, we don’t have a facility to store at minus 70 centigrade. Again, this number is grossly inadequate. If you want to vaccinate 100,000 people out of a population of almost 200 million, it is not going to make any dent. "And Oyo State, which is a population of between 7-12million, 1,800 vaccines are not going to go anywhere. So, we are exploring other means of getting these vaccines to our people.

“I have been advised by the experts that the Astra-Zeneca Vaccine is more suitable for Oyo State due to storage instructions. So, we are opening discussions directly with the manufacturer so that we can get as many as possible for our people once it is certified. For now, the protocol remains the same. Professor Alonge and his team will continue to manage the COVID-19 situation for us but what I will say to everyone is, you have to own your action. I have to own mine action too."

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor Seyi Makinde

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