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Makinde, Other Governors Can't Be Blamed For Insecurity In Their States - Alaafin | Southwest-frontier News

I’ll Work With Traditional Rulers To Tackle Insecurity In Oyo - Makinde

...Mandates LGS To Hold Security Meetings

Makinde, Other Govs Can't Be Blamed For Insecurity In Their States- Alaafin

March 31, 2021
Governor of Oyo State, 'Seyi Makinde, on Wednesday, declared that his administration will continue to work with traditional rulers in all the nooks and crannies of the state to tackle insecurity, adding that his government would equally continue to protect the lives and properties of citizens.

Governor Makinde maintained that as part of measures to improve the security situation in the state, the administration has set up a Security Task Force comprising cabinet members and heads of security agencies including Operation Burst and Amotekun.

He added that the government has equally introduced the voluntary policing approach in which non-state actors will work together with other security agencies to tackle insecurity in the state.
Describing them as all-important stakeholders in the issue of security, the governor called on traditional rulers to join hands with the state government to improve the security of the state.
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor stated these during a meeting with  traditional rulers and security agencies, held at the House of Chiefs, Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan.

The meeting had in attendance the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III; Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Adetunji, Aje Ogungunniso I; a representative of the Soun of Ogbomoso; members of the Oyo State Traditional Council; the Commissioner of Police, Oyo State Command, Mrs. Ngozi Onadeko and other security commanders, among others.

The governor, who reiterated the need for qualitative intelligence gathering, said there could be no security without intelligence gathering, adding that his government would continue to improve security in the state, as the economic growth being experienced in Oyo State can only be sustained if there is adequate security.

He added that the government will collaborate with traditional rulers to improve the security of the state, as, according to him, intelligence gathering would not succeed without getting closer to the people, especially the royal fathers.

He said: “I have said before that security cannot work without intelligence gathering and we cannot gather intelligence without getting closer to the people. In all of the troubled areas across our state, the royal fathers often get information before we do, and that is why it is important that we must collaborate with you.
“The reason we are in this meeting today is because security is one of the four pillars of our administration, and one of our key policies as contained in the roadmap for accelerated development in Oyo State (2019-2023). 
"There are actually four cardinal points, which this administration is standing on. We have Health, Education, Expansion of our Economy and Security. So, If Oyo State is to continue on the path to economic growth, then, the state’s security architecture must be maintained.
“So far, Oyo State is doing well economically and this is as a result of the policies which this administration has put in place. For example, the February 2021 inflation report for all food items showed that Oyo State has the lowest inflation rate in the country. 
"While other states are battling with increases in food prices and other things, in Oyo State, the cost of transportation, housing and food items, including bread, yam, fruits and vegetables, have remained stable. But if we want to continue to enjoy this stability, we must ensure that we maintain a secure environment."

The governor equally explained that the state's Security Task Force was set up as a matter of emergency to address the various security challenges and ensure that the state is always on top of security situation. 
He added that the committee would regularly link up with traditional rulers and stakeholders across all local government areas to have requisite information on happenings across localities.
“Earlier this month", he continued, "we reviewed the security situation and it has stabilized a little bit but the improvement is not what we want, as it is marginal. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our security agencies because they are trying their best. They have been responsive but there is still a lot to do. 
"After the evaluation of our situation, we decided to set up the Security Task Force/War Room. We call it the War Room because the situation we are faced with is war in the sense that Oyo State people must sleep with their two eyes closed. And until they are able to do that, we also will not sleep.
“So, we had our inaugural meeting and since then, we have been meeting weekly to address security issues. Why I set it up as a Task Force was because this time last year, when the COVID-19 came, we set up a Task Force. Members were meeting every 48hours for almost six months; and afterwards, we made it a weekly meeting and, by the grace of God, we led the entire country in tackling that pandemic. So, it is an approach that has worked for us and we know that it will work for us in tackling the insecurity issue too.
"If our plans are to work effectively, we need the buy-in of everyone in Oyo State, but most importantly, you, our fathers in each of our communities, we need your buy-in and that is why I have invited you for this meeting today.”

The governor, who sought the cooperation
 and support of all stakeholders across the state to enable the state government have the right security information on a prompt and regular basis, said: "I called you here today not to threaten you but to ask you to work with this administration to tackle insecurity in our various areas of the state. 
"We also know that if you understand why we are taking some measures against insecurity, you will be the ones in the best position to communicate this to our people. For instance, if we talk about people working in the mining area, some of our traditional rulers in Oke-Ogun will sign documents for those who need land for mining for peanuts. If we interact on what we desire to do, you can also advise us on the local situation in your areas. 
"So, I believe that with this, misunderstanding about some policies of the government will reduce and that is part of why I have called this meeting. You are the ones who see some of these foreigners as they enter Oyo State and you can report when strangers have come in. You can give government information because you know whoever is accommodating strangers.”
The governor noted that the traditional rulers have demonstrated their support for the government and have shown that the security of the state is so paramount to them and must be maintained.
On the issue of voluntary policing, he said: “With the approach of voluntary policing, all non-state actors can also be reined-in and we need your support to achieve that. If you know some stubborn youths around your areas, they should go after the criminals," he said, adding that the state government has directed that in all Local Government Areas in the state, there must be security meetings at least twice a month.

Governor Makinde also assured the traditional rulers that his administration will continue to work on improving the security and, by extension, the economy of Oyo State, stating, however, that the country's weak federal system has been a major constraint to the states.
“We won’t shy away from the assignment you have given to us. We won’t come back to you with excuses. Yes, there are constraints as the Kabiyesi [Alaafin of Oyo] has said. The peculiar federal arrangement we have is a challenge. 
"They said we are fighting against federal arrangement. No, we are actually fighting against a unitary arrangement. The founding fathers of Nigeria signed up for a federal arrangement, not a unitary arrangement but this is where we are. There are challenges but it is this issue of insecurity that actually brought the challenges up. 
"But I give you the assurance that we will not throw our hands in the air and say it is because we don’t have a very smooth interaction between the state's representatives and the people in Abuja.
“Whatever we can do will be done and with the support of everyone; the state actors, non-state actors and traditional rulers, I believe we will achieve a secure Oyo State."
Earlier, the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, said that state governors should not be blamed for the insecurity within their states, as, according to him, they are not the ones controlling the security agencies in their states.

He added that all the security agencies in the states are being controlled by the Federal Government, as security is in the exclusive list of the Nigeria Constitution.
While advocating the introduction of  State Police, the Alaafin of Oyo said that if we do not embrace state police, all the state governments will remain puppets under the Federal Government.
He explained that Governor Seyi Makinde cannot be blamed for the present insecurity in  the state, as he maintained that the present administration in the state has been working day and night to curb insecurity in all the length and breadth of the state.
The foremost traditional ruler commended Governor Makinde and other South-West governors for the establishment of Amotekun, saying that the establishment of this security outfit was apt and that it served as a breakthrough.
He said: “I want to say that we traditional rulers and royal fathers are stakeholders in the issue of security. They are killing and raping our sons and daughters in public. They are killing our people as well.
“It is appalling that we still see some of the people we have arrested and handed over to the Police on the street gallivanting around. Our governor is doing the right thing but we don’t really have superior power over the constitution guiding us. "So, when it comes to the issue of insecurity, there is nothing the state government can do if the Federal Government fails to do the needful.
“If our governor orders Police to carry out an assignment and another order comes from the FG, definitely nothing will be done. So, don’t let us deceive ourselves. Even our governor cannot command the Army and he has no power over it.
“Now, 70 per cent of our farmers in Ibarapa have left their farmlands. They no longer farm again. If we do not succeed in having State Police, the states will continue to be puppets under the Federal Government.
“Your Excellency, you can actually put up a wonderful edifice but the operation of the constitution will not allow you to achieve the goal.”
In his remark, the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Saliu Adetunji, who spoke through the Otun Olubadan of Ibadanland, High Chief Senator Lekan Balogun, said three groups including the government, security agencies and traditional rulers must collaborate for the security of any state to be guaranteed.
Similarly, the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mrs. Ngozi Onedeko, said that the security agencies need intelligence gathering and necessary information from the general public so as to assist them do an effective job of securing the society.

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor 'Seyi Makinde'

Fulani In Sub-Saharan Africa Have Concluded Plans To Adopt Nigeria As The Homeland For All Fulani | Southwest-frontier News


March 31, 2021
Another civil war in Nigeria has become imminent and inevitable. The reason for its inevitability is simply because Muhammadu Buhari, the Northern Nigeria Fulani oligarchs and the wider network of Fulani in Sub-Saharan Africa have concluded plans to adopt Nigeria as the homeland for all Fulani in Africa. 

Fulani have realised that the wandering and rootless lifestyle of cattle herding is no longer tenable in the twenty-first century. Fulani need to have land to call home and rear cattle and that land should be Nigeria. The indigenous peoples of Nigeria have clearly, vehemently and stridently opposed this diabolic plan and both sides are mobilising for war. 

The Fulani won't relent and the indigenous people will not give up their land.

The same Fulani Project, having failed so shamelessly and woefully in the Central African Republic, will not be allowed to fail this time as the Nigerian Fulani project is better funded with the massive [stealing] of the sovereign wealth of Nigeria through nationwide kidnapping for ransom by lower class Fulani and the seizure of the reigns of Government and wealth by the elite Fulani. 

Kidnapping and the seizure of the institutions of Government are all for the purpose of implanting Fulani into the mainstream and control of politics and the economy of Nigeria for the objective of funding the Fulani Project in Nigeria.
The Central African Republic (CAR) has gone through exact same experience that Nigeria is going through right now in the hands of the Fulani. The country has been run down by the killings and destitution wrought by rival gangs in the fight to destroy the chokehold the Fulani had on the politics and economy of their country. Although the Fulani hegemony over the CAR has been defeated, the street gangs that defeated the armed forces have turned on one another and themselves, unable to rise above petty gang warfare to rebuild their nation. 

The Fulani have become a blight on Africa and it’s biggest country Nigeria. Unable to break out of its centuries old cow herding and wandering culture, it continues to pull down every nation wherever it has any populations. Some countries in West Africa, Ghana and their ancestral home Guinea, have mastered the brutal tactics of dealing with Fulani and the Fulani have learnt the bitter lesson by staying away from these countries.

In the CAR, the Fulani following the pattern of their ethnocentric politics, had seized control of the commanding heights of the country’s military and financial institutions, the foreign exchange trade, the mining and export of gold and above all the governing structures of Government. Mitchel Djotodia, a hare brained military officer and his Fulani faction seized power in a brazen coup by a demographic minority. All the non-Fulani military officers were flushed out of the forces, all the mineral deposits in the country were seized by Fulani merchants, non-Fulani traders were barred from trading in foreign exchange and the entire top echelon of the Civil Service were occupied by Fulani by as much as 83%.

France, the former colonial masters of CAR watched them do all these over the years and did not raise a protest. As in Nigeria, the Fulani were just 3% of the population of CAR, tucked in the desert recesses of the nation’s Northwest. No world or regional power raised a whimper even though the ethnic groups of the rich southern forest regions roiled. 

In CAR the Fulani went even beyond the provocative as they are doing now in Nigeria. 

They started seizing ethnic lands, raiding churches and killing worshippers, the most brazen being the attack on Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in a town near Bangui the capital, where dozens of Catholic faithful were massacred during mass. The Fulani used their cattle bases allotted by Government to launch attacks and gun fights on the surrounding communities for robberies and ransom paying kidnaps as is happening now in Nigeria.
Again, as is happening in Nigeria today, the purpose of all the action of the Fulani was simple; to transfer all wealth available in the CAR by all and every  means and place it in the hands and control of the Fulani. 


The same play book used in Central African Republic is guiding the actions and policies of the Buhari Government in Nigeria. 

1). The Fulani elite are raiding the Central Bank, buying dollars and other currencies at heavily discounted rates.

2). Other Fulani are raiding the NNPC, ploughing through the vaults and trading Nigerian crude for personal gain. 

3). The educated wing are mowing down governing structures, taking forceful charge and control of all commanding heights of  Government and the armed forces.

4). The uneducated Fulani herdsmen are engaged in kidnapping for ransom and now primed to take over ethnic lands, spreading themselves across the nation in settlements acquired with public funds to terrorise indigenous populations.


It will be of great use to retell the story of Central African Republic so as to have the understanding of how the youth of the country removed the yoke of unremitting oppression by the Fulani. The youth formed street gangs and committed to take on the army with all their vaunted training and intimidating and deadly weaponry. The youth had locally fabricated flint guns and machetes, while the army was menacing with their machine guns, grenade throwers and rocket launchers. 

When the fight started on that fateful day in 2013 in Bangui, everyone expected a complete annihilation of youth on the streets but the youth took the fight straight to the Guard Brigade near the Presidential Palace. 
By evening of the same day, soldiers bodies were seen littering the streets while some were cut to pieces. By night fall, the streets of Bangui had become the play ground and the killing field of the youth of Bangui. In 3 days of street fighting, the entire Presidential Guards of the army of the CAR was decimated, in disarray running to their ethnic base in the far north and President Djotodia, the Fulani tyrant had abdicated and run away from the Presidential Palace and Capital, Bangui. 

Tyrants survive for only as long as the people live in fear and choose to tolerate them. The Buhari Government is counting on deploying the Nigerian armed forces against the many ethnicities where the RUGA will be sited, beginning with the minority groups. 

Buhari's plan is to deploy Nigerian troops to subdue Nigerian people for the benefit of Fulani. Central African Republic provides a veritable lesson on how to deal with the unrelenting Fulani menace. The Niger Delta and Boko Haram if anything, have shown that the Nigeria army is not invincible in a fight with local forces. If anything, the Nigeria Army will likely disintegrate if made to fight in many fronts at once. 

It is a known truth that the Fulani will not relent in their quest for the conquest of Nigeria until they have seized all sources of income and made everyone else subservient to their rule and hegemony. 

The Fulani in Nigeria, in nearly a century of political and economic ascendancy have acquired so much power and money that it will defeat the purpose of such acquisition if they don’t deploy it for the very purpose for the grasp for power, which is the conquest of Nigeria for the overlordship of the Fulani. 

The final stage of the grand plan to subdue Nigeria for Fulani overlordship are afoot and Buhari and his people cannot back out now. So a war has to be fought to resolve matters. 
Our people say that you don’t strip a woman naked just to start looking. Nigeria has been stripped naked and with the RUGA monstrosity on the works, the next thing is to start the deployment of troops to protect RUGA in their various locations of development. 

It was bound to happen that the Fulani who have been taking so much out of Nigeria and have succeeded in binding Nigeria hand and foot politically and economically, will take the wrong step into the abyss one day. The logical culmination of all the rapaciousness would be the last ditch attempt at the ultimate land grab, to seize the lands belonging to indigenous communities and hand it over to Fulani.

Internecine war in different RUGA locations and different fronts is therefore inevitable. Communities will rage to keep their land or lose it to their eternal shame and regret. Communities, particularly in Igboland will rather choose to be annihilated than lose their land to a hostile and predatory People. 

Fulani have no land in Nigeria because they are not indigenous to Nigeria. They are migrants into Nigeria. 

The decision by the Fulani to seize land by force in Nigeria can only lead to war in the many places where this seizure will happen. The people must resist as of necessity. They have done so in the Central Africa Republic and reduced the country to rubble and they will do it again in Nigeria. 

Buhari will be compelled to deploy police and soldiers to defend the settlements and war will be declared everywhere there is a RUGA settlement in Nigeria. Fulani have no land to hold dear and protect in Nigeria. In fact, Fulani have no stake or investment in the project called Nigeria and will not care if Nigeria burns, in fact Fulani will be very willing to let Nigeria burn if the people are not willing to submit to their overlordship. 

So they are minded to adopt a scorched earth policy to obliterate Nigeria. They have nothing to lose. They did it in CAR and they will do same in Nigeria. It will be the responsibility of the indigenous people of Nigeria to find common grounds to protect the land of their ancestral inheritance and prevent the Fulani from putting a knife on their unity and their need to bind themselves together in one nation, but they cannot do this without first containing the Fulani. Fulani will try to divide them. 

Buhari and the Fulani oligarchs are counting strongly on deploying the armed forces to quell insurrections that will arise from this massive land grab, but that will be the Achilles heel of their grand plan. Once soldiers are armed to put down these insurrections, they will turn against their commanders to defend their communities. Nigerians should therefore await the great unravelling of their armed forces. 

Do the Fulani have the firepower, the men and the capacity to fight? In the entire history of the Nigerian armed forces, the Hausa/Fulani officers and enlisted men have always been promoted far beyond their qualifications and competencies. The capacity to fight and man the different departments of modern warfare will be put to overwhelming test in any ensuing encounter. 

The Fulani never fight an enemy in a frontal war. They attack isolated and undefended villages. In any direct confrontation, they run away. It was evident even in the battle of Bangui. Well armed Fulani soldiers could not take on street gangs with flint guns and machetes. It has also shown in the war against Boko Haram. The poor performance of commanders of their ethnic stock is a bad joke among soldiers in the front.  

Hausa/Fulani soldier had to be sorted out and protected from slaughter by Boko Haram forces. This is not to talk of unending betrayals of their Christian colleagues and commanders in the battlefront.

Buhari, a Fulani irredentist, will use to his advantage and for the benifits of his agenda to divide, the ethnic and religious cleavages among the people of Nigeria. But the people aught to know that the Fulani are friends to no one and that a Fulani friend today can become an adversary tomorrow. You are only friend to Fulani for as long as you continue to serve a purpose in their overall plan.

Let the talk cease and the battle begin.

Leadership Perspective; The Lesson From An “Atole” - By Rotimi Johnson | Southwest-frontier News


(Reloaded from October 13, 2016)

March 31, 2021
Atole is a derogatory Yoruba word for someone that frequently urinates while sleeping. This is a very shameful thing for both the Atole and those close to him or her and today I want to share a very crucial lesson I learnt from a 8year old girl in 1999. This lesson has been with me ever since then and I have meditated extensively on it with modifications and adaptations to other situations. 

It was a Saturday morning and I was at my friend Yinka Omibiyi’s place at Ogba in Ikeja Lagos state. We were standing outside the house and this precocious 8year old girl was entertaining us when her mother came out and interrupted; “what’s she talking about? I will come to your school on Monday and tell your whole class that you “bedwet”. She said irritatingly and in desperate attempt to threaten her. The little girl pulsed for a while, then without looking in the direction of her mother answered: “Hmmm! Come now. What do you know other children are doing in their houses that are bad, but you come and tell the whole world that yours bedwets”. To say we were all shocked at that response is an understatement; in fact, the mother was speechless while others busted into laughter after we recovered from the mother–child altercation. That was the last time I saw the girl but I can never forget what I witnessed that day. As you can see, i can't remember the girl's name but you can guess what will first come to my mind if i see her today, 17years after. 

Many times in life, we are confronted with great and embarrassing challenges but in an attempt to give drastic solutions, we are confronted with options that can damage institutions (families, churches and administrations). I have discovered from deep meditations on this Atole example and many others that I have considered that public embarrassments don’t solve many problems; they only cause emotional wounds and damage relationships. In this particular case, as the little girl posited, the mother would have ended up embarrassing herself too because many people will later see her as the mother of the girl that wets her bed, even many years after the girl must have stopped bed-wetting.

I see many friends on social media who are swift to make comments that suggest the challenges they have with their spouses and I just sigh; I don’t know how that would solve the situation but I can't forget in a hurry the impression it gave me of the one who posted and the spouse in question. No doubt, blowing the whistle sometime works but that’s when it’s well executed. I have made several mistakes in the past too but whenever I consider the situation from this perspective, I take redress. Even in public leadership, we must be very careful not to destroy institutions and the systems in an attempt to solve a great problem; we must consider the bigger pictures and be careful not to lay a wrong precedence.
Many political leaders enjoy embarrassing their followers in public; it makes them feel like the boss. However, truly it makes you feel like the boss but it also gives a lasting impression of your leadership which many people might remember forever. There are many examples in our polity and society: the Governor insulting the deputy in public, the Pastor describing his ministers as terrible, President calling his Ministers as noisemakers. I have studied and discovered that the aims of such public comments and treatments are never achieved. Like the case of the Atole, announcing in the class is not a guarantee solution to bedwetting, in fact, it might compound it.

The lesson today is: deal with the drastic problems drastically from the roots without destroying the institutions. Never lose sight of the big picture and be careful not to set a memorable wrong precedence. I have always asked myself what is the ultimate aim of this reaction; causing a public scene and embarrassment always appear easier but in the long run, they are always more costly.

Hmmm! Friends, as leaders and leaders-in making, we must be very careful how we handle issues. There is always more than one route to a particular destination but the shortest one is not necessarily the best one.

LEADERSHIP QUOTE: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”. –Friedrich Nietzsche.

Rotimi Johnson-Ojasope

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Roadmap For Accelerated Development In Oyo State: The Document Of Service Delivery In Oyo State | Southwest-frontier News


 By Bashorun Saintabey

March 30, 2021
A plan intended to achieve a particular goal is said to be a standard roadmap, the governor of Oyo State,  Engr. Seyi Makinde has proved to the world again that Nigeria Politicians can show the features of an  icon of unblemished character.

In his inaugural speech on May 29 2019 that Governor Seyi Makinde made reference to "Ají ṣe bí Òyó làárí, Òyó ò kí ṣe bí baba ẹnìkan.” Oyo leads and others imitate" truly since then, Oyo State has return to her lost glory where many states now use Oyo State as a template of good governance. From the moment of abolishment of #3,000 feesin public schools, payment of his salary to the pensioners in Oyo State and many more that was well captured in his inaugural speech.

Judging from all available data and facts, Governor Seyi Makinde has turned Oyo State to construction sites, evidently where you get to, you will see the hand of his government.

His government embark on extensive reformation of the Hospital Management Board for more effective service delivery in our hospitals, Oyo State civil servants now enjoy prompt payment of salary,  pensioners smiles to bank, good education, effective subventions to higher institutions, upgrading of the college of education to degree awarding institution, sole ownership of LAUTECH, Establishment of integrated farm settlements, Light up projects in all zones, revitalization of the 12 water schemes, ultra-modern parks, remodelling and construction of stadia, road constructions, reduction in school fees of some higher institutions, free books to public and private schools, construction of classrooms and many more light shinning projects and programme.
In that document of roadmap for accelerated development in Oyo State, Governor Seyi Makinde said he is not promising miracles but policies set up for tackling the infrastructure deficits, enabling an efficient health sector, improving security, youth empowerment, social inclusion and protection will be well maintained.

Evidently, his policies reflect an understanding of the magnitude of problems Oyo State people face and he has been using the instruments of his focused leadership to tackle them, this he has been doing and it is showing in growth and development in Oyo State. 

Have you lay your hand on that document?
If no, kindly read and you will appreciate God more for giving the pace setting state, a trailblazer.

Monday, March 29, 2021

We Will Soon Fix 200km Rural Roads In 2021 Through Raamp - Makinde | Southwest-frontier News


March 29, 21021
...says Oyo keen on increasing agricultural outputs

Oyo one of six states for agro-processing zones project'

Oyo State Governor, ‘Seyi Makinde, on Monday, said that the state would soon fix at least 200 kilometres of rural roads through the Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP).

The governor said that his administration was committed to improving agricultural outputs of the state so that it could take its pride of place and take many unemployed youths out of the streets.

He stated these while receiving the delegates of the African Development Bank (AfDB), International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), who paid him a courtesy visit in his office.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor informed the team, which will equally embark on a trip to the state's agro-processing project, that through RAAMP, the administration would fix no fewer than 200 kilometres rural roads in 2021.
He said: “We are excited about this programme, because the four pillars, which this administration is standing upon are education, health, expansion of our economy and security. And in expanding our economy, we are looking towards where we have a comparative advantage and that is agriculture.

“We are keen to take our space in terms of agricultural outputs. So, this could not have come at a better time for us and, as an administration, because we want to take many of our unemployed youths off the streets,  we know agriculture and agribusiness is the way to go.”

Governor Makinde commended the Rural Access and  Agricultural Marketing Project  (RAAMP) for the commitment to fixing over 200 kilometres of rural roads in the state.
He added that the special Agro-Processing Zones (SAPZ) Project will also have the support of the government of the state at the topmost level.

“Let me use this opportunity to also thank a partner, IFAD. They are involved in the Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project. Though we are about to kick off on that one, but this year we are fixing over 200 kilometres of rural roads.

“When Dr. Debo Akande told me of this visit, I had to cancel all other schedules to meet with you to show the importance we attach to the SAPZ programme. "So, you can expect support and attention from the topmost level of the government of Oyo State," the governor added.

Earlier, the team lead of the African Development Bank, Dr. Chucks Ezedinma, said the Bank is currently in the country to undertake what it calls the Special Agro- Industrial Processing Zones (SAPZs).

He said the programme is designed for six states and that Oyo State is one of the beneficiary states.

He said: "I bring you greetings from our president, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina. The bank is currently in the country to undertake what we call the appraisal of the Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones, which is the lead African strategic programme of the bank. 

"Currently, the project is designed as a programme that will be done in six states and Oyo State happened to be one of the six states that we are going to be starting with.

"We are looking at designing the programme in a way that will be transformational, youth-oriented, gender-oriented, environment-sustainable and ensuring that we also put into cognisance the issue of climate change."

Taiwo Adisa
Chief Press Secretary to Governor 'Seyi Makinde

Darling Int'l Services In Collaboration With Possibility Specialists Foundation Honours Prominent Nigerians | Southwest-frontier News


March 29, 2021

By: Southwest-frontier News

Darling International Services And Possibility Specialists Foundation have honoured eminent Nigerians for their contributions to societal development.

The Award ceremony took place yesterday at the Aviation Hall, SDM Hotel, Opposite UCH Second Gate, Ibadan, Oyo State.
The awardees have distinguished themselves in different fields.

The CEO darling International Services, Mr. Rotimi Johnson (Ojasope), said the awardees had made great impact in the development of the country at their respective domain and they deserved to be encouraged to enable them not to relent in their efforts.

Mr. Edris Busayo Olawoyin of Nigeria tribune as coordinator of the event, added that the award was initiated by the organizers to celebrate industrious and excellent performance.
“We have not and will never shy away from speaking truth and in doing so, we commend what is good and condemned what is bad.

“The rationale behind the award is to celebrate those who have done well and distinguished themselves in philanthropy, public service and human development. This award is to charge them to do more.”

Mr. Rotimi Johnson assured participant and the awardees that they would not relent in protecting the interest of common man.
The Oyo State Commissioner for Information, Culture And Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun who was in attendance said “Today’s occasion is different because people seated here represent Nigeria as it comprises people of different cultures, tribes and religions that make up that entity called Nigeria"
Dr. Ayobami Owolabi, the President of the Institute of Personality Development and Customer Relations Management, the Director of Public Affairs of Lead City University who is the Guest Speaker at the Media and Service Award charges the awardees to continue being a good ambassador of Nigeria and encourage other people in their domain to replicate the same to achieve a better Nigeria.

the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Oyo State and the Chairman of the Media and Service Award presentation Rev Idowu Ogedengbe who was represented by his wife Mrs. Idowu Ogedengbe in her remark said, You don't need the whole world to believe in you before you can produce results. The organizers have done well and with this, we can all hope for a better Nigeria. 
At the event, Dr. Ahmadu Fatimah was honoured for Best Volunteer Services. While Ayoola John Oluwafemi was honoured for Creative And Innovative
Mr Tolulope Olukokun received award of Recognition in Innovative and Creative category and was highly recommended by the organiser for his creativity profile
Mr Akeem Kareem of Fresh FM, was honoured as Best Political reporter, while Mr. Ayomide Adetunji of Splash FM, Abeokuta was honoured Best NewsCaster; 

Mr Abraham Egona, of Possibility Specialists Foundation and Mrs Remi Olaogun of TGFR Olaogun Foundation were given Humanity Award.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ajimobi Did Not Pay For Akobo Flyover, Speak The Truth Always – Makinde’s Aide, Taiwo Adisa Cautioned Fijabi | Southwest-frontier News


March 28, 2021

The Chief Press Secretary to Governor ‘Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, has cautioned a former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Saheed Akinade-Fijabi, to stick to speaking the truth at all times.

Adisa, who was reacting to comments credited to Fijabi when he featured on an IBR FM, Ibadan programme tagged BOTTOMLINE, said that since the truth is always constant, Governor Makinde’s actions and position cannot be muddled up in hay of lies by opposition elements.

He stated that it was shameful that Fijabi attempted to sweep under the carpet the unsightly and incomprehensible conduct of the immediate past administration in Oyo State, which frittered away millions of Naira in its failed bid to construct the Akobo flyover.

“Rather than criticise Governor Makinde over Akobo flyover, every well-meaning indigene and resident of Oyo State should praise the governor for saving the state a little over N400 million, in the award of that contract,” Adisa said.

He added that it was shocking to hear that Fijabi was “annoyed” at the feat achieved by the governor, stating that only people who have lost their souls to lying would celebrate falsehood and impropriety above transparency, which Governor Makinde demonstrated in re-awarding the Akobo flyover project.

The statement further read: “It comes as a surprise that Hon. Fijabi would publicly express anger at the governor’s insistence on probity and accountability to the extent that he would go on the radio to express such disgust.

“Fijabi needs to tell the world whether he was happy that the sacked contractor had close to N400 million of the state’s resources in his hands but failed to deliver on the project since 2017, putting thousands of residents plying the Akobo-Ojurin road in hardship.

“He should also explain that he is unhappy with the insistence of Governor Makinde to recover every kobo illegally paid to the contractor by the previous government and tell the whole world whether grandstanding on the side of falsehood is how to be an opposition politician.

“Whereas the previous government had awarded the contract for the bridge in May 2017 at the cost of N1.464 billion and paid N368 million to the contractor, no tangible work has been done up to May 2020, when the contract was terminated.

“In any case, we need to put it out clearly that the government of Senator Abiola Ajimobi has not paid for the Akobo flyover as erroneously claimed by Fijabi.

“What that government did was to overprice the contract by as much as N400 million and paid N368 million in 2017, for a ‘mickey mouse’ job inherited by the Makinde government. Signs of the poor job done by the contractor after collecting N368 million are still at the foot of the bridge as we speak.”

On the Ibadan Circular Road, Adisa said: “We need to educate Hon. Fijabi that Governor Makinde is only clearing the mess left behind by the APC government in its unproductive eight-year reign in the state.

“The truth is that most of the APC elements like Fijabi, who have become overnight commentators and armchair analysts on radio, were too subservient to the late former governor to really know the reality of the situation when he held sway.

“We challenge Fijabi and other APC lackeys , to pick a date and a time and we would meet them up for an inspection tour of the Circular Road, which they blindly hail their late leader for ‘nearly completing’ or better still, they can organise and use their falsehood machinery to fly a drone over the project and see how the Ajimobi government fleeced the state.

“For the records, not one single kilometre of the Circular Road was delivered throughout the eight years of the APC, but we can report that at least two kilometeres of the road (on either side) had been taken to the asphaltic wearing cost level, following the push by Governor Makinde.

“If the past administration had applied such pressure in its eight-year tenure, we won’t be talking of the Ibadan Circular Road still being in progress at this time or at least, the first phase of 32 kilometres would have been done with.”

He restated that Governor Makinde will deliver the 32 kilometre first stretch of the road not later than May 2023 as earlier promised.

Palm Sunday: Hosanna For The Son Of David, Hon. Gbaroye Congratulates Christians | Southwest-frontier News


March 28, 2021

Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye, A PDP Chieftain in Ona-Ara Local Government Area has felicitated with Christians around the world, particularly with the good people of Ona-Ara Local Government Area and Oyo State for the year 2021 Palm Sunday.

In his remark, He said as we celebrate yet another Palm Sunday, I urge our people in Ona-Ara and Oyo State at large to live peacefully with one another and to imbibe the spirits of Palm Sunday to enable the veritable reflection of Jesus Christ to reflect on them.

I also enjoin our people to keep faith in the determination and ability of Governor Seyi Makinde's led administration to change the Oyo Sate and Nigeria story for the betterment of all.

I wish all our people a very happy Palm Sunday.

Hon. Oluseye Gbaroye
PDP Chieftain,
Ona-Ara Local Government Area, 
Oyo State.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Akin Fagbemi: An Icon Of Unblemished Character | Southwest-frontier News


March 27, 2021

Mogaji Akin Fagbemi, PhD has is living  a life distinguished by humane principles, refined values and remarkable achievements. The Mogaji of Agunleyinju compound is a man
distinguished by several distinctive qualities, including his goodness of character and uncommon political philosophy of value addition.

Dr. Akin Fagbemi who is a multiple award winner locally and internationally is a reminiscent of the day that one is delivered into a whole new world of wonder and uncertainties, the tides and storms of human existence are important in our lives as it either rekindles the flames of our aspiration, or refocuses our gaze into the deep and wide horizon of life.

 By and large, life  is truly measured on the basis of the impacts the life it bears makes in a society.

Through the office of OYRTMA, Mogaji Akin Fagbemi has been able to safe many lives. 

History will be judged based on our impact in life. His days on earth have been on the service to the fatherland.

Looking into his effective way of managing Oyo State Road and Traffic Management Agency. It has been observed that his classy touch has shown to the world that management is about proper coordination and service delivery while  Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.

The leadership skill of Dr. Akin Fagbemi at the OYRTMA has really contribute a lot to the management of traffic in Oyo State. 

The introduction of number of men and women in the State known as OYRTMA Mayors for voluntary service towards easing traffic congestion as really make the public roads free.

Officers of OYRTMA due to their effective and hardworking nature now has assess to free uniform and kits.
 Governor Seyi Makinde Administration has provided operational kits and other gadgets as well as high quality crested vests, berets, jungle boot, reflective jackets and operational trousers as this will help them to deliver their duty effectively.  
OYRTMA now operates with power bikes and sophisticated operational vehicles.

 Mogaji (Dr.) Akin Fagbemi has been able to introduce FERO, Fast-track Emergency Response Operations which played major role  during and after the recent agitations by Nigerian Youths in the the #endsars protests as well as the effective management of movements during the height of the global Covid-19 Pandemic particularly in Oyo State. This has further safe lives of accident victims in the State.

OYRTMA under Mogaji Akin Fagbemi has been able to curb road crashes, and ensure ease  of human and vehicular throughout Oyo State. 

OYRTMA now has command in each local government of Oyo State for effective road traffic management. With the command in each local government, OYRTMA has been able to ensure effective traffic management, carry out rescue operations through the use of their ambulance, maintenance of law and order on the highways.

Effective touch of Mogaji(Dr.) Akin Fagbemi on OYRTMA has create a safer travel environment with minimum delay for all users of road transportation system in Oyo State, flowing and efficient traffic environment has also been observed.

Akin Fagbemi is a man of influence
Akin Fagbemi  is a man of impact
Akin Fagbemi  is a man of wisdom and understanding 
Akin Fagbemi is a man of many attributes that one will love to emulate

He is a kind of man whose nature is rare.

I wish you God's goodness and mercy in everything you do.

You've come a long way to be someone admire so much by  professionals and the political class. I pray you will continue to rise from Grace to Grace.

Friday, March 26, 2021

We'll Continue Blocking Loopholes To Save Oyo’s Resources, Makinde Declares | Southwest-frontier News

We'll Continue Blocking Loopholes To Save Oyo’s Resources, Makinde Declares

...Attends Book Launch Of Former UCH CMD, Alonge

'APFA, A Saving Grace For My Administration'

March 26, 2021
Oyo State Governor, 'Seyi Makinde, has said that his administration will continue to block all the loopholes in government so as to prevent wastages in the state and save resources that can be channeled towards development.
The governor stated this while speaking at the public presentation of two books authored by the immediate past Chief Medical Director, CMD, of the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan, Professor Temitope Alonge, titled ’Public Private Partnership in Health' and Driven by Passion, Enabled by Grace.’ 
A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, indicated that the governor praised Prof Alonge for adopting Public, Private Partnership during his tenure, adding that the same approach which the state called Alternative Project Funding Approach (APFA) is the saving grace for infrastructure development in Oyo State at the moment. 

Speaking at the event held at the Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan, Governor Makinde said that  there would no longer be free money anywhere, as, according to him, the administration will ensure that the state's resources do not end up in wrong hands.
He said: “Is it all rosy? No. There are people within the system that are used to free money and they are still there. And all they can say to me is that I am messing with their honey pots and have blocked loopholes they are making money from. 
"They do threaten me on 2023 ambition, saying I will come back again but I may or may not; that is the news for them. I will ensure that those loopholes remain blocked."
The governor maintained that the Alternative Projects Funding Approach introduced by his administration remains the best way to hasten infrastructural development.
“The PPP, which Professor Alonge wrote about, is the saving grace for Oyo State right now. We actually call it APFA, Alternative Project Funding Approach, which for us, is very simple.
“We go to a capital organisation with access to money and tell them that the government cannot take everything on at the same time. We will give you an Irrevocable Standing Payment Order. What that does is, it allows government to execute projects without paying upfront 100 per cent. 
"So, for us, by the time some of these projects are being handed over, the government would have paid only 35-38 per cent of the total cost. But in the approach of the previous government, you have to pay 30 per cent upfront for the contractor to even mobilise to site," the governor added.
He explained that the APFA has been helping the government to deal with the paucity of funds while also ensuring quality.
According to him, “If you have travelled through the road going from Eleyele/Ologuneru to Eruwa, the work that has been done right now is not up to 40 per cent. The government paid more than 60 per cent upfront and the quality is just so bad. 
"But with the PPP that we call APFA, by the time we are paying 38 per cent, the project has been handed over to us and we have over 60 per cent of the contractor’s money with us. So, he will better do a good job, otherwise, we will  use the remaining 60 per cent to fix the bad portion. So, it is not just dealing with the paucity of funds but also ensuring quality. That is what we get from APFA."
In his response to an earlier statement by the author indicating that civil servants and politicians are the major challenges in the society as a result of corrupt practices, Governor Makinde, advocated a clean-up in the environment and the society,  so that the right set of people would be thrown up as leaders.
He maintained that politicians are a product of the environment and that "if we need honest politicians and those that will focus on the people, then we have to clean up our environment because society will throw them up."

The governor commended the writer of the books, Prof. Alonge, for contributing to the upliftment of Oyo State, adding that he has never let down the state since his involvement in the management of COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

“We do have people who, according to Professor Alonge, are outliers. We have many outliers out there but they are scared to come out.
"I want to use this opportunity to encourage them; if we have maybe two per cent of the outliers in, we need to encourage them to come out. If they occupy 70 or 80 per cent of political positions, then, we will see a major difference. 

“I can announce to you that the entire state and I have never been disappointed in Professor Alonge, because he has done very well," Governor Makinde said.
Earlier, the author of the books said: “My relationship with Governor Makinde has been smooth-sailing. He has given me the privilege of a new life."
He said that his appointment by Governor Makinde has "removed the garment of reproach from my body. People thought I was useless and good-for-nothing. I believe he is not in politics to make money and to ‘eat.’ He has more than enough to use to feed millions like he has been doing before. 

"But many have taken politics as a profession.
“Governor Makinde is also an outlier in politics just the way I am an outlier in some other realms. You do not fit into the norm because you are a star many of us are envious of. So, that was the reason I wrote the book. 
"First is to provide information about other models of Public-Private Partnership that can be deployed in the health sector such that the governor will not put too much money in the various sectors including the economy and education.

“Many must have heard about ‘The Platinum.' People are fighting against the governor because he brought in a private investor to streamline excessive wastage of money, and having saved over N1billion for the state, all they could say is they don’t like the governor because the civil servants are not allowed to steal.”

Just In: Oyo PDP Unveil Names For Chairmanship & Vice Chairmanship Candidates for 2021 LGA Poll | Southwest-frontier News

Names of PDP Chairmanship and Vice Chairmanship Candidates for Oyo 2021 Local Government Elections.

March 26, 2021
Successful Candidates should start preparing for documentations which will commence very soon

Ibadan North West
Chairman - Hon. Rahmon Olanrewaju Adepoju
Vice Chairman - Hon. Ganiy Abiodun Omotoso

Ibadan North
Chairman - Hon. Yusuf Shuaib Oladayo
Vice Chairman - Hon. Waheed Adeniyi Akanbi

Ibadan South West
Chairman - Hon. Kehinde Adeyemi Akande
Vice Chairman - Hon Tajudeen Adigun

Ibadan South East
Chairman - Hon. Emmanuel Oluwole Alawode
Vice Chairman - Hon. Teslim Ogundeji

Ibadan North East 
Chairman - Hon. Ibrahim Akintayo
Vice Chairman - Hon. Mary Esiomor
Chairman - Hon. Sheriff Adeojo
Vice Chairman - Hon. Saka Fashola Abiona 

Chairman - Hon. Oyedele Sikiru Sanda
Vice Chairman - Hon. Amos Olawoyin

Ona Ara 
Chairman - Hon. Musibaudeen Sanusi
Vice Chairman - Hon. Kunle Balogun 

Chairman - Hon. Popoola Settle Olaide 
Vice Chairman - Hon. Tunde Ayoade 

Chairman - Hon. Kazeem Gbadamosi 
Vice Chairman - Abiodun Badmus

Chairman - Hon. Taoreed Jimoh Adedigba 
Vice Chairman - Deacon Kayode Funso Peter

Chairman - Hon (Mrs) Kafilat Mojisola Olakojo
Vice Chairman - Oguntona Seun Olunloyo

Chairman - Hon. Sunday Akindele Ojo
Vice Chairman - Toyin Bukola Oyebamiji

Oyo West 
Chairman - Hon. Akeem Salami Babatunde 
Vice Chairman - Nureni Alade

Oyo East 
Chairman - Hon. Saheed Arowosaye
Vice Chairman - Bamise Alabi

Ogbomoso South
Chairman - Oyedokun Oyeniyi Timothy 
Vice Chairman - Olajide Isaac Adisa 

Ogbomoso North
Chairman - Akanji Kabir Ayoade
Vice Chairman - Adijat Aremu (Mrs) 

Chairman - Alabi Olateju Micheal
Vice Chairman - Mrs. Lydia Bankole

Chairman - Hon. Isaiah Adegbite 
Vice Chairman - Morufu Gbadamosi 

Chairman - Hon. Adesoye Seun Ojo 
Vice Chairman - Ajala Abraham Onaolapo

Chairman - Hon. Mufutau Abilawon 
Vice Chairman - Fasasi Ajibola Raheem

Chairman - Jelili Oyinloye
Vice Chairman - Mr. Tajudeen Oluwafemi Bello

Chairman - Afolabi Adebayo Salimonu
Vice Chairman - Oyediran Gideon Bolanle 

Chairman - Ojo Akintola 
Vice Chairman - Azeez Jimoh Olaniyi 

Saki East 
Chairman - Hon. Mrs Adeniran Rahmat 
Vice Chairman - Mr. Fatokun Emmanuel 

Saki West 
Chairman - Omirinde Sarafadeen 
Vice Chairman - Akinola. OLUGBENGA 

Chairman - Fasasi Adeagbo
Vice Chairman - Ayoola Makanjuola Joel 

Chairman - Hon. Sulaiman Adeniran Lateef 
Vice Chairman - Oyetunji Joe

Chairman - Raheem Akeem Adepoju 
Vice Chairman - Atoyebi Ebenezer Durojaye

Chairman - Akanni - Ika Julianah Oluwakemi
Vice Chairman - Mutiu Badmus

Ibarapa East 
Chairman - Obalowo Gbenga
Vice Chairman - Ojebola Idowu Yinusa

Ibarapa Central 
Chairman - Mr. Adedoyin Oloyede Adeoye 
Vice Chairman - Olasunsi Zaneb Folasade

Ibarapa North
Chairman - Lateef Adebare Lawal
Vice Chairman - Balogun Amos Olatayo

Thank you.

Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke
Oyo State PDP Secretary

PDP Hails Court For Jailing APC Rigging Prof...Says More Will Be Brought to Book | Southwest-frontier News


March 26, 2021
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) commends the judiciary for its courage to stand on the side of the people to jail one of the corrupt returning officers, who connived with the All Progressive Congress (APC) to rewrite election results against the PDP in the 2019 general elections.

The party said the three years jailed term handed to Prof. Peter Ogban, a professor of soil science at the University of Calabar, for manipulating the result of Akwa-Ibom Northwest senatorial election and attempting to foist the APC and its rejected candidate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, on the people, is a huge lesson for compromised individuals working for the APC to subvert the will of the people.

The PDP asserts that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with other corrupt returning officers, including some shameless professors who were heavily bribed and compromised by the APC to alter results and rig it into power at various levels in the 2019 general elections.
It is shameful that individuals who had attained the peak of enviable career in the academia could submit themselves as willing tools in the hands of a fraudulent, debased and manipulative political party, like the APC, to alter election results and subvert the collective will of the people in the 2019 elections.

Such individuals can now see the deplorable situation of economic depression, excruciating hardship, terrorism, killings, kidnapping, social and infrastructural decay, which their fraudulent and unpatriotic action has plunged our nation. 

If these unpatriotic elements had not manipulated our electoral process in favour of APC and allowed the will of the people to prevail, our nation would not have found herself in this sorry state.

Our party holds that this courageous judgment would stand as a deterrent to the compromised returning officers and a signal to the APC that result alterations will have no space in the 2023 general election.

Ahead of the off season elections as well as the 2023 general elections, the PDP urges Nigerians and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to remain vigilant as more effort is being made to bring other compromised electoral officers, who brought the present misfortune on our nation, to book.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Oyo South Senator, Kola Balogun Bags Special Award Of Recognition 2020 | Southwest-frontier News


March 24, 2021
The senator representing Oyo South Senatorial District, Oyo State, Senator (Dr) Mohammed Kola Balogun, has been awarded with a special recognition award for a standard representation, today at the National assembly complex Abuja.

The award which was presented during the SFA Leadership and Excellent Award 2020, is to honour exemplary representation by outstanding lawmakers in the country.

Southwest First Alert Publisher, Oladokun Charles Aridunu Omo noted that Dr. Balogun earned the award based on his passion and commitments to give his Constituents the best in terms of quality representation at the national level. 
Testimonies abound on his positive impacts since he assumed office. 
Dr. Kola Balogun has sponsored Bills and motions that meaningfully affect every Nigerians.

Among his legislative prowess are the likes of Bill For an Act to Alter The Provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,1999 (AS AMMENDED), which is to make provisions for periodic conduct of national population and Housing Census in Nigeria and 
A Bill For An Act To Develop A Decentralized System of Vigilantism peculiar to every Local Community in Nigeria, to facilitate community policing, Neigbourhood watch, local intelligence gathering and for other related matters.

Also he has moved motions such as urgent need to upgrade the status of Ibadan Airport from local to international Airport and the need to immortalize Late Chief Richard Akinjide SAN due to his contribution  toward national development.

Dr. Balogun has touched many lives positively, giving succour to the needy in the constituency, his empowerment programmes are best to none across Oyo State.
Grants were giving to the Constituents during the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown to cushion effects of the pandemic on the people.

This program witnessed distribution of palliatives and cash donations. 
When asked on way out of the present insecurity across boarders in Nigeria, Dr. Kola Balogun lamented the devastation the vices had caused the citenzenry and admitted the government is experiencing a collective failure. Stating it's not about political parties.
His words, "The number one responsibility of any responsible government is to provide security for lifes and properties of the people, when you are not able to do that, then you have failed woefully".

Giving a solution to the insecurity threat, Dr. Kola Balogun claimed that creation of community police is a proper way to tackle this act as criminality occurs on the local level. 

Dr. Kola Balogun appreciates southwest first alert publication for their consistent and accurate reportage of activities in the National Assembly, southwest region and other sectors of government. 

He dedicated the award to his constituents and promised not to relent in providing legislative best practices for the people and ensure periodic delivery of democratic dividends at all time.

Courtesy SFA

Opinion: How Friendly Are You With Your Kids - By Anonymous | Southwest-frontier News


March 24, 2021

A child lost money on his way to purchase what his mother sent him. He climbed the bridge to jump into the river before good Samaritans, caught him...!

 His fear was his mother... Let him kukuma die rather than fall into his mother's hand! {After all, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of mummy almighty!}

Certain jambites drank sniper, and committed suicide; (ask me why).

 They feared that they were warned never to come back, if they didn't pass their JAMB this time around.

Then they killed themselves rather than come back to their 'heavily harmed' parents!

A Lagos tout drank coke and refused to pay the little boy, that was left to cater for the shop.

While the mother was away. He went after the tout to pay up... 

The tout warned him to lay off, that he has no money today. The little boy followed the tout everywhere, with tears, begging him to give him his money... People begged the boy to go back to the shop. He refused, that his mother would kill him if he didn't recover that money!

 When the tout got more irritated, he turned and sliced open the boy's tommy with a sharp whatever...and jumped into the crowd. The boy's intestines poured out and he dropped breathing!

 People tried to pack back his intestines into his stomach but it got infected!

The mother surfaced to see a body covered with sheets! The question is who killed the boy? The answer is, the mother!

A 12 yrs old girl ran away from home, because her maternal uncle was raping her.

 Why did she run? She said that if she complained to her mother, who was well known in the church, she would kill her!

Our children are supposed to confide in us, not to fear us. 

Daddy, mummy, it's negative when you pride yourself that your children are afraid of you! You will be part of the dividend when they are not yours to have any longer.

Discipline your children, right? But don't make them afraid of you so that they can tell you things when they are perturbed.
I do leave my phone number written on the class writing boards after teaching sex education; as I get home, I receive so many calls from babies, children, grown-ups...who tell me things they cannot tell their parents!

That is all shades of wrongs!

Are you aware that a 13-year old JSS 3 student in one of the schools confided in a counselor during sex education session, that she had done abortions twice?

She was still living with her parents but they knew nothing, what was happening under their noses because she mustn't disclose to them!

When your children fear you, you don't have them!

All About Parenting 
Read and put to practice.

Make that your neighbour's child confide in you ever if he/she can't confide in their parents.

Be a help to the helpless, especially your own children!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Six Yahoo Boys Die In Auto Crash During Celebration | Southwest-frontier News

Six yahoo boys die in auto crash during celebration

March 22, 2021

The accident, which involved a Lexus SUV, occurred near the Ekiugbo junction along the Agbarho-Ughelli axis of the East-West Road in Ughelli North Local Government Area of the state.

The victims reportedly died on the spot after their vehicle rammed into a stationary truck.

They were said to be celebrating one of their friends who had just bought an exotic car shortly after recording a breakthrough in the Yahoo business.

“The accident took place near Ekiugbo Junction at about 8pm on Friday. One of them bought a 2021 Lexus GX 460.“The Lexus arrived Ughelli around 5pm while the accident happened around 8pm.“They were returning from a joint where they had gone to celebrate the arrival of the vehicle.

“The new vehicle rammed into a pay-loader truck along the expressway.

“The six of them died on the spot,” a source who claimed to have witnessed the evacuation of the dead bodies revealed. 

The source added that the new vehicle was damaged beyond repair.

This was coming barely a week after a similar accident also claimed the lives of two suspected Yahoo Boys near Wetland Hotel in Ughelli

Sunday, March 21, 2021

NGO Lauds Makinde's Sterling Performance, Hail Oyo Speaker's Support For Good Governance | Southwest-frontier News


March 21, 2021

The entire members of Female Orientation Team Initiative and Moyology Orientation Empire Foundation expressed our good wishes to sincerely appreciate Oyo State Governor  Engr. OLUSEYI ABIODUN MAKINDE on the recent irrevocable and unbeatable record breaking of the  FLAG-OFF of the kind awaiting FLYOVER and conversion/upgrade of EACOED to University of Oyo, Oyo state.

Also, we commend the distinguished honorable members of this 9th Assembly under the Leadership of Rt. Hon Adebowale Edward Ogundoyin, the proactive speaking speaker from the constituency Ibarapa  East in supporting the approval of this great project  and beyond.

Effectively, we appreciate the oneness, unity and peaceful coexistence  among the members of the cabinet and Governor Seyi Makinde towards ensuring the reality of this giant Stride effort projects come to lime- light.

It's another history written on this day via the government of the day in ensuring and making bold to have an enabling environment as  better Oyo State is assured and improving the envisioned Infrastructures, boosting the economy of the state now and for the future.
Interestingly, the flyover  will in a way solve the problem of time wasting while going about to office, solve the high records on the issue of major or minor accident on that route, pollution effect, it will also contributes to the economic growth of the state.

When completed the residents, commuters, business owners of Bashorun, Akobo, Ojurin and Olohunda Aba, Aiyegoro, Odogbo Barracks will have a complete omen of joy especially from traffic congestion where valuable time is wasted by motorists and commuters.

Progressively, the conversion and upgrade of the  newly approved EACOED school to Emmanuel Alayande University of Education Oyo is a welcome development since the creation of the school about 120years ago.
The school in recent times has been running an affiliated degree programme with another university and government has discovered that the students in that programme actually out-numbered the registered NCE students that represent the core mandate of the school.

Amazingly, with what is on ground, the school with the infrastructure, materials, and skills of the educators there, can actually take off as a university hence the decision of the government under the Leadership of H.E Engr Seyi Makinde and with the backing of Honorable members under Rt. Hon. Speaker Adebowale Edward Ogundoyin showed that this administration has the interest of the people, students and youth at heart.

In a nutshell,I noticed that students of nowadays prefers to have a degree than just NCE, therefore with the location of the school and the presence of the Federal College of Education in Oyo and College of Education at Lanlate, the people of Oyo State were widely convince that the school has sources for students that can take the degree programme.

From the Governor's speech, he said and I quote, "It can stand, and based on that, the cabinet approved the upgrading of the school. 
“Now, we will take steps to apply to the relevant authorities for upgrading any moment from now.”

On a final note, the leadership of FOT/MOE Foundation respectively hereby encourage Mr Governor to continue his open, transparent door policy as promised during the campaign and in the interest of the people to make his administration succeed and continue to deliver more dividends of democracy alongside an all inclusive government in the name of his LEADERSHIP.

May God the Father being your Godfather gives you the wisdom, audacity to deliver a real better Oyo state as assured beyond charlatans.

"Oyo State people know where we started, we know where we're and definitely would like to follow Seyi Makinde to where he's taking us".

This is a MISERY of CONFIDENCE/ASSURANCE that some VILIFIED oppositions calls HAUGHTINESS.

Together we can work/walk together and Make a Difference (M.A.D) in our dear State and Country Nigeria.

 ✍🏽 Signed:


BRT/Train Crash: Bus Driver Undergoes Psychiatric, Drug Tests; Begs For Forgiveness

The driver of the Lagos State Government Staff bus who was blamed for the incident that led to a train colliding with a bus...