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Ibadan Northwest Legislators hail Govr Makinde over training programme | Southwest-frontier News

......says training will make them to be more dutiful to work 

Ibadan Northwest local government Councilors’ has expressed their gratitude to the Executive Governor of Oyo State, His Excellency Engr Seyi Makinde for organizing a 3-day training program for all the 351 councillors and 33 clerks of Local Government Legislative Councils in the state.

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According to a statement made available to SOUTHWEST-FRONTIER NEWS by leader of the legislatives arm of the local government, Hon Muili Kazeem Kolawole, noted that
Governor Makinde's exemplary leadership is second to none for organizing such an impactful and eye opener program which is first of it's kind.

Whilst commending the Special Assistant on Legislative Matters to the Governor, Hon Ademola Adejumobi Samuel, the grassroot legislatives arms said the knowledge and insightful experience they have acquired from the training programme
will make them delivered their Legislative duties effectively and efficiently.

The legislators from the eleven wards of Ibadan Northwest local government stated that the training will enable them to replicate Governor Makinde's approach to good governance at State level to the grassroot level.

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We look forward to have more opportunity of such as we acknowledge this to be one of paramount strategy that is capable of promoting us economically that will indeed take positive effects on all other sectors.

We would represent the interest of our various wards and harness on the knowledge equipped from the program to bring about intended objectives of the program to develop our communities. The legislators said. 

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Friday, July 30, 2021

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons July 30th 2021: We'll deepen our engagement with the Oyo State Anti-Trafficking Task Force to stop Trafficking - Makinde's aide, Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu

.....says those behind the dehumanising trade will be handed over to appropriate Security Agencies: (NAPTIP) for prosecution.

By: Southwest-frontier News 

The Senior Special Assistant to Oyo State Governor on diaspora affairs, Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu(BASA) has noted that human trafficking is one of the biggest human rights challenges that mostly attack the vulnerable, strips them of their freedom and often their humanity, and commits them to a life that, for some victims, is a fate worse than death.
Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu made the statement known to SOUTHWEST-FRONTIER NEWS today 30th July, 2021 in commemoration of the World Day Against Human Trafficking.

The Honorable SSA Diaspora, futher reiterate that, the Oyo State Government under the watch of His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde will not condone or accept cases of trafficking of any of her citizen, as the Goverment will not relent in her efforts to ensure trafficking in persons ends for good in Oyo state. 

While giving account of rescued victims, she noted that over 100 citizens of Oyo State were repatriated from May - October 2020 despite the prevalence of COVID-19, with support of the Oyo State Government. And there is an Anti Trafficking Task Force in place which was inaugurated last Year by His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde. 

The Citizens of Oyo State should be rest assured that Governor Makinde's led administration will continue to strengthened social awareness in communities to discourage trafficking and other forms of human rights abuses in the state. She said.

Arapaja hosts Oyo state PDP state working committee, Promises to reposition party Ahead 2023 election | Southwest-frontier News

Arapaja hosts Oyo state PDP state working committee, promised to do everything within his capacity to reposition the party in the region

Earlier today, Oyo state PDP state working committee paid a courtesy visit to Arapaja, congratulated him on his well deserved victory as National Vice Chairman. They also commended him for his effort towards resolving all lingering issues within the party stakeholders in South West region. They emphasized his swift  intervention on the complaints as lodged by some aggrieved leaders of the party. 

In a press statement signed by the special assistant to the National Vice Chairman on news media and publicity made available to news men in ibadan.
Oyo state PDP under the leadership of Alhaji Kunmi mustapha admonished Ambassador Arapaja to continue the mediation in resolving crisis among PDP members as this is the only way to reclaim our position as ruling party in charge of states in the zone.

The state working committee also enjoined  him to work closely with the state chapter of the party as the leadership of PDP in Oyo state is committed to peace and  unity within the party.

Arapaja in his response promised to do everything in his capacity to make sure that all hands are on deck to make PDP win 2023 general election in all states in the zone. He emphasized his belief that with a united house, it's achieveble.
 He therefore call upon al aggreved stakeholderss to make use of the party internal machanism in resolving their greviances as his door is open to all and sundry.

In company of the state Chairman of the party are, Secretary Alhaji Wasiu Adeleke, Deputy Chairman, Hon James Omikunle, vice Chairman north, Alhaji Oluwakemi, Vice Chairman central, Hon Mufu Ogunremi ,  publicity secretary Engr. Akeem Olatunji, woman leader Alhaja wulemoit Ibitoye, orgranizing Secretary,  Hon. Taiwo Alabbi, Treasurer, Ho. Lanre Oladeji, financial Secretary, Hon. Akeem Arinola and Auditor Alhaja Olayiwola Ajeiya.

Opinion: Politics, Politicians and interests, the game of the smartest - By Otunba Yomi Ojo | Southwest-frontier News

Politics, a game of the throne, some people call it a bad game, is politics a bad game? No! It is a long path to hijack or get to the throne and a lot of things must happen,  when a game involving many players series of intrigues will come to play and getting to the throne is alway determined by people's management, tricks, strength, connection, Money, strategy and propaganda. 

Politics was defined by a dictionary as  the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status, While a politician is a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office by manipulative   devious ways, typically to gain advancement within an organization. 
Some sections of public still argue that politics is not a profession but in my opinion, politics in some part of the world is a profession and also a family inheritance. If Politicians are professionals in Politics and dedicate their time, money, resources and energy there must be a return or gain for their efforts,  ( one adage says, no one is in politics because of others, we are all in politics because of our different interest). 

The major reason why Africans are being ruled by bad politicians is because the good conscience people believe politics is a bad venture or profession, if the trend should continue Africa may remain underdeveloped politically for so many century,  We must get involve either you're a Pastor or an Imam.
Politics is never a bad game, it is a game of smartness and intelligence,  it is not easy to take-over the throne that many people are interested in, so  your relationship with people, your strategy, strength and  courage will determine how far you can go in the game.

Past experience in politics has taught us so my many lessons and the series of past and present political leaders has shown different methods of hijacking or manipulating  structure's to get to the throne.

The most important tool  of Politics is PEOPLE, Baba Lamidi Adedibu of blessed memory taught us how important people are and their interests to the game of the thrones and if you must get to power you need a very strong structure and loyal people in your camp (strong followership).  

Baba never joke with a begger with voter's card talk-less of a blind man that has control of his community, everyone is important, he always say,  politics is a game of numbers.

Any politician that doesn't understand or manage his follower's interests will never last long in the game, they always come like a flash and gone to extinction in a matter of time.

Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, former Governor of Lagos State and leader of APC in the country, he was one of the 36 governors that were elected into power in 1999, out of the 36 governors elected then, he remain the most relevant factor in Nigeria politics till today, Why?

Bola Tinubu invested more in people and his followers than majority of his counterparts,  he uses state resources, power and his energy to push his followers to thrones and holders of political offices, some Political watchers believe, he sees  the future better than his counterparts, he knows you can only get into the future with strong followers, no wonder his loyalists dominate Nigeria's corridor of power, don't be surprise if Bola Tinubu's name continue to win elections after he departs this world, he has paid his dues and he also understand's the real meaning of  politics and interests!

Chief James Onanefe Ibori (former Governor of Delta State) also remain the leader and  election decider in his state and South-south States of the country not because he was a former governor but because he has invested in the people, he made many strong politicians in  and outside the state, I was laughing when some people criticized a Senator kneeling down in front of James Ibori in his house, they fail to understand that the present senator did that not because of Mr Ibori but for the ibori's structure and strength that can determine his future or any of Delta State's politician. If a political leader can still be very strong after spending so many years in prison and still control the heart of his region's politics, we need to understand that he has paid his dues and his investment in people are making ways for him,  it will continue for  many years to come.
Political leaders at all levels that want to stay long in politics must understand 'everyone' is very important and his or her investment in his followers will determine his future. 

Getting into power is very tactful, to remain in power is also important after leaving the political offices.

No matter how powerful you are presently,  you need your 'strong' followers to remain relevant in the game in the future, you cannot be voting or controlling your polling unit in Ikeja and still vote in a polling unit in Ikorodu in the same day, some people have to manage other polling units for you, a smart politician or leader needs to understand that only a strong follower with "strength of funds and influence" can win unit, ward and local government in today or future elections.

Politics is like a daily contribution, you will surely harvest what you sow!

Otunba Yomi Ojo
Fiwajoye 1.

History Lane: Sebiotimo Elewa Sapon (Cut your cloth according to your size) - The historical Sapon in Abeokuta | Southwest-frontier News


By: Southwest-frontier News 

Sapon was extracted and coinage from the word "Saponloore.... Se Apon loore" meaning; help the bachelors.

Sapon was the meeting place where people, especially men who had not married used to go and eat delicious foods and drink in those days in Abeokuta.

Sapon connects Ijaiye, Ago-Oba, Itoku, Lafenwa, Isale Igbein and Ake roads.

Many people are unaware of what led to the popular slang "Sebiotimo, elewa sapon", literally meaning "Cut your cloth according to your size".

Now sit back and let me tell you.
There was actually a woman called Madam Janet Ewusi Odesola was was selling Beans at Sapon. Important personalities, Kings, Govt officials, Men, women and children loved her sumptuous cooked beans with stew, Ewa Pekule.
Madam Janet was born in 1925 and went to Methodist primary school, Ijoko Abeokuta. She was initially hawking dry fishes, before she forayed into cooked beans in 1951.

Her beans was selling very fast despite cooking a big bag of beans daily.

People bought with cash and when they were out of cash, they buy on credit.

It got to the point that the beans seller could not handle the credits anymore!

She devised a means of preventing people from buying on credit.
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Whenever they came to her, she asked for money, if it was 10kobo they had, she sold 10k worth of beans.

If they beg for more beans on credit she told them, "SEBIOTIMO;" that is "cut your cloth according to your size"

With time, people got used to her new style. Before they asked for more, they already knew the response she would give.

As a result, the nick named her "Se biotimo, elewa sapon".

More so, she only sold one big pot of beans per day, she did not cook extra. So when people asked her why she didn't cook more, she would reply; "Mo se bi motimo ni") meaning "I cut my cloth according to my size".
At any point in life, Sebiotimo! Cut your cloth according to your clothes.

A man who is living in a single room apartment with 2 wives did not cut his cloth according to his size.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Governor Makinde's aide, Kazeem Bolarinwa bags distinguished award of Excellence (Read more here)... | Southwest-frontier News

The Special adviser to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State on youth and sports, Hon Kazeem Bolarinwa has bagged distinguished award of Excellence at the finalist night's held on 28th July, 2021. The event which was organized by the outgoing students of Mass Communication department of the Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State. 

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According to the Organizers, Hon. Kazeem Bolarinwa has contributed positively towards the realisation of Sustainable Development of the youth and sports constituency and has distinguished himself.

Receiving the award, Hon Bolarinwa dedicated the award to God Almighty and His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde, he added that his office will be motivated more in reaching out to the youth constituency and sports

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“I am grateful to God for this award and I would like to appreciate His Excellency Governor Makinde for giving me the opportunity to serve under his watch, without him I wouldn't have had the grace to serve in the youth constituency to showcase my ability and capability

I want to urge everyone to always put in their utmost best and impact lives so we can build a better Nigeria.” he said.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Hon Bolanle Ashabi Sarumi-Aliyu(BASA), urge Electorates to Participate in Ongoing Continuous Voters Registration Excercise | Southwest-frontier News

Distinguished Nigerians wherever you are in the world, don't forget to register for your voters card, schedule a convenient month n day you will be available so you can physically do the 2nd stage, then once your card is ready, you will be notified by Inec.

This is how we can be able to elect credible leaders!. No more complaints on Social media, please join the process and let's build a better Nigeria together. 

Hon Bolanle Ashabi Sarumi-Aliyu(BASA)
Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affairs to,
Governor Seyi Makinde 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Senator Balogun At 65: He's A Worthy Ambassador - Providence Coalition | Southwest-frontier News

A Sociopolitical organization with it's headquarters in Ibadan, Providence Coalition has joined other Nigerians to celebrate Senator Kola Balogun of Oyo South District on the occasion of his 65th birthday anniversary today, describing him as worthy Ambassador of his People.

According to the statement personally signed by the President of the Organization, it is a good opportunity to appreciate God for his life of impacts, show love to him and also pray for more decades of great impacts ahead.

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"I thank God for the life of my friend and dear brother who has always made us proud with his lifestyle and great impacts in serving his people. 65years of grace, mercy and impacts is what we are grateful for and he is doing very well in serving his people. On behalf of the leadership and members of Providence Coalition across Nigeria, we celebrate you today and enjoin you to continue in your servant leadership style that has made you darling to your people."

Happy 65th birthday to Dr Mohammed Kola Balogun, more glorious years in vibrant health and great impacts.


Prince Niran Adeyoju
President, Providence Coalition

Birthday: Oyo South Senator (Dr) Kola Balogun @ 65years, Grace Progression Of A Public Coach | Rotimi Johnson

 Senator Mohammed Ademola Kola Balogun was born on Friday 27th July, 1956 to the Aliiwo ruling family of Ibadan NorthEast in Oyo State. The Distinguished Senator Kola Balogun is the second Senator among his siblings as his elder brother (High Chief Moshood Olalekan Balogun) was a Senator in the 5th National Assembly. A day like this is a good one to itemise how God has been gracious and merciful to this Servant of God in public service, a namesake of a Prophet.

I like to describe a Coach as someone who impacts knowledge through practical demonstrations and activities. So Mohammed Kola Balogun has done enough to justify being referred to as public Coach. I have been in partisan politics for a while and I have the understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly because of how I have journeyed in the political terrain for over two decades. Senator Kola Balogun appeals to me as a servant of God, elected to serve God in the public sphere, not as clergyman. He has demonstrated this in the last two years and I think it's noteworthy. 
Grace progression because the grace keeps increasing; responsibilities are thrusted at him and he has consistently shown both capacity and competence in service. I don't want to delve into how he became over national party executive about 30yrs ago but would look at governance and his sterling leadership qualities. I believe Nigerians deserve the kind of leaders they get but sometimes, by mercy, God makes few divinely orchestrated emergence of leaders happen. Mohammed Kola Balogun is a man that has learnt to submit to the will of God once he perceives that's the flow of his Maker.

As Commissioner for Commerce and later for Works, Dr. Kola Balogun became the "go to" Commissioner in the then Governor Alao Akala's administration. The surprising thing was the fact that he came on his elder brother's nomination for the post and his dedication and loyalty to the Governor and the state soon distinguished him among his peers. 
Interestingly, there are two Kola Baloguns in Oyo State politics and I never really knew who was who until this quintessential gentleman became the candidate of the PDP for Oyo South senatorial District around late October 2018 and I met this man for the first time in the first week of November. Like many party faithfuls, I felt it would be difficult to sell this former opposition party Governorship aspirant, so I requested for his profile. I was thrilled and felt the public most be aware of the prospect of getting him elected. Like how he became the Commissioner, he became elected despite all contrary permutations from oppositions and scheming from enemies within the party.
THE GIANTS' KILLER: Just like in Psalms 136 that the Mercy of the Lord was ascribed to do all things, I can see how the Grace of God has availed for Mohammed Kola Balogun in his strides in public service. As a member of the campaign team, I knew of the constraints; financially, after journeying from APC to ADC as Governorship aspirant with all the heavy spending before landing in PDP, the limited human resources, because majority of the PDP members just reluctantly accepted him because he's the Leader's preferred candidate and the shortness of the time to the election. With these constraints, he had to contest against incumbent Senator and incumbent two terms governor, who was even a Senator in same district. So, you can't blame those who never saw him as a major contender in the race. However, the Grace of God worked against his opponents because they made more error of decisions and same grace worked for him as he kept doing the right things which produced quantum of positive results as we gravitate towards the elections. 
As a purposeful servant of God, Kola Balogun knew and acknowledged the Grace of God all through the race. As a Christian, I know the spiritual import of acknowledging the hand of God and proclaiming same at every opportunity. At first, I became confused and concluded that it's a political sloganeering because he was always swift to attribute any success to the Grace of God and when people called him Senator, he always (at all times, not most times) with "By the Grace of God". I only needed to flow with the grace of God and see where it would land us. The Grace of God landed us at the National Assembly with an unprecedented victory with uncontestable margin. Yes, the grace of God also frustrated all the efforts of the main opposition party to manipulate the true outcome of the election, despite all the resources and machinations deplored to achieve same.

PROGRESSING IN SERVICE: If the grace of God brought you this far, it would take the grace of God to go farther; Kola Balogun knew this and never stepped outside the canopy of His grace. Very unlike many first term Senators, Kola Balogun capitalized on the grace of God in relating with his colleagues at the Red Chambers and within a short while, he found his voice among the veteran Federal lawmakers. Without mincing words or exaggerating, Senator Kola Balogun has become a great lobbyist at the national Assembly because when it comes to national and district matters, party divides are not sufficient to hold him back.
AMONG THE CONSTITUENTS: understandably, because he didn't emerge from the popular channels of party structure as candidate and many felt they were denied of the opportunity to "task" him maximally; even after the victory, there were still reservations from the party members who were always complaining. These complains filtered to the constituents and many complained without any reasonable cause. We soon discovered the source and progression of the complaints and by the same grace of God, we were able to change the narratives, though the Covid 19 pandemic made us have a slow start. Now, it's no longer "he has not done anything", it has become "come and give us our portion too". Personally as a PR man, I know this is a big progression because Nigerians don't ask for "their portion too" unless they have evidence of others getting something. So, by the grace of God, Senator Kola Balogun is not just doing well, he has become a major factor in the 2023 elections because the people love to be served sincerely and they can identify with true public servant, when they find one 

According to the Iyaloja General of Oyo State and the Mother of the Oyo State Speaker, Chief Mrs Tina Ogundoyin: "No Senator has ever done so much for Ibarapa land like Senator Kola Balogun". Ibarapa land has 3 of the 9 local governments in the Oyo South District. Expectedly, they always FEEL marginalized but by the grace of God, Distinguished Senator Kola Balogun has always maintained their lot and entrench fairness in his distribution of dividends of democracy.

Gracious in speeches, humble in conducts, firm in principles, humourous in interactions, impacting in service and posterity-focused in priorities; beyond reasonable doubts, though thorough breed with pedigree of royal birth and international experience, the Grace of God that brought him to office is still at work in helping him produce the desired results. 
I hate to contest against the Grace of God and I wish to have the opportunity to ask Governor Seyi Makinde what informed his decision of Dr Kola Balogun as the candidate for Oyo South. Like I acknowledged at every available opportunity; working to make the election of Kola Balogun a reality was winning Engr Seyi Makinde's election by 60% before his actual election because defeating the incumbent Governor and leader of the APC Governorship candidate was a task that must be accomplished for Omi Tuntun 2019 to become a reality.
This epitome of Grace is 65years today and still so youthful because even his stature and strength is another measure of Grace. Working with him can be so exhausting because once there is work to be done, no procrastinating, no resting. The good thing is that this same man of Grace also enjoys playing, his dexterity with words are legendary, his humours can spring up when least expected.

As a political Scientist with PhD, he has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that depth of academic knowledge in politics can also translate to exemplary Public service, where the heart is right and the grace of God is sufficient.

Mohammed Ademola Kola Balogun, "Omo Erin ka'wo ijaleri" Happy 65th birthday.

Rotimi Johnson -Ojasope

Monday, July 26, 2021

Oyo State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde bags double award in United Kingdom(Read details here) | Southwest-frontier News

By: Southwest-frontier News 

The indigenes of Oyo State Diasporas UK, Honours Gov.Seyi Makinde with an award of Excellence at The 1st Oyo State Investment Forum organised by The Oyo State Diaspora Office which was held in the United Kingdom from the 18th of July till the 25th of July 2021. 

The UK Diaspora group and Association of Ibadan Indigenes in Manchester, London and Northampton, has honored Governor Makinde with an award of Excellence

.....says we are proud of his achievements in 2 years. And we wish him continued Success. 

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has been honoured by the Indigenes of Oyo State living in the United Kingdom at The First ever organised investment Forum in the UK, as a diasporants’ Friendly Governor and conferred with an Award of Excellence in Governance...

The Pioneering Members of the UK group:
Mr Olagunju Ojo, Yeye Adejoke Suberu, Mr Kunle Mustapha in the London Forum stated that they have full confidence in the Governor's ability and capability to take Oyo state to a greater height and pray for him to continue experience all round God's guidance, protection and wisdom.
Spokespersons of the Diasporans at the events that was held in Northampton on the 18th Mrs Doyin Ashiru and in London United Kingdom on the 24th of July, both disclosed that Gov. Makinde deserves the award because, in his administration, Oyo State diaspora office was established and it's linking all the Oyo state Indegen in Diaspora to come in one form for recognition. While, presenting the award, she noted that, Oyo state Diaspora Investment forum, "UK chapter", appreciate Governor Makinde's government, we are proud to be associated with him, also proud to be Oyo State Indegene, she said. Another Distinguished guest at the event Otunba Soji Adewusi who showered praises on Governor Seyi Makinde's great achievements in 2 years.

The President Association of Ibadan Indigenes in Manchester Alhaji B.A Oyebamiji while presenting the award at the event held in Manchester yesterday 25th July, noted that, we proudly present the award for the good work our Governor is doing in Oyo state, we say a big thank you to him and pray that the Almighty God will continue to let him go higher. 

The Governor ’s Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affairs, Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu, at the Investment Forum said this is a surprise and I appreciate it on behalf of my leader His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde. Let me use this medium to reiterate that, the Governor would continue to give support for the diasporants who are willing to come home to invest and we equally encourage our people that have been in diaspora for many years to come and invest massively at home for betterment of our dear State.

See more photos:

You may also watch video of the events on Instagram: @oyostatediasporans

Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu(BASA) mourns Seriki Hausawa, Says He will be greatly missed | Southwest-frontier News

I extend my deepest sympathies to the family and the entire Hausa communities in Oyo state and those abroad.
I am deeply saddened by the news of the Seriki's loss.  

Seriki was a loving and humble father who knows the importance and welfare of his people and community. Him and my late dad Hon Alli Balogun Sarumi ( Alli Bay) were very close, and the Late Seriki was very accomodating and supportive during the start of my political career. 

I pray for his immediate family and the Hausa Community  that God shall grant them fortitude to bear this great loss; my prayers and thoughts are with the entire Hausa community.

Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu(BASA)

Oyo South Senator (Dr) Kola Balogun Mourns Seriki Hausawa - Southwest-Frontier News

The Senator representing Oyo South District in the 9th national Assembly, Dr. Mohammed Kola Balogun has expressed shock at the death of the revered traditional Leader, Alhaji Hammed Dhairu Zungeru, the Seriki Hausawa of Ibadan land.

The statement released by the SA Media further describes the Seriki Hausawa as a detribalized and amiable leader who has contributed immensely to the harmonious living of the Hausas in Ibadan land for many decades.

"Seriki was a nice, humble and loving leader who prioritized the progress of his community and welfare of his people. We shall greatly miss him and I pray almighty Allah grants him eternal rest. I also extend my condolence to the family and the entire Hausa community in Oyo State and his close associates, majority of whom have been my loyal supporters too". Senator Kola Balogun concluded. 

Rotimi Johnson -Ojasope

Sunday, July 25, 2021

We have streamlined operations between Amotekun and other security agencies in Oyo - Makinde | Southwest-frontier News

...celebrates Pastor Femi Emmanuel @66

 ...He has touched several lives positively'

Oyo State Governor, 'Seyi Makinde, on Sunday, said his administration has been able to strenghten the security architecture of the state by streamlining  operations  between Amotekun and other security agencies.
The governor, who was speaking at a special Thanksgiving Service to mark the 66th birthday of the presiding Pastor of Livingspring Chapel International, Pastor Femi Emmanuel,  held at the Livingspring Chapel International, Dominion City, Aduloju, Ibadan, said that his government has invested heavily in security more than any of the previous governments in the state.

He also decleared that his administration is doing everything to make Amotekun more professional by giving its operatives necessary training,  adding that no administration has committed more resources to the issue of security than the current government in the state.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, quoted Makinde as equally extolling Pastor Emmanuel, saying that he has touched many lives positively. 
He said: "I thought of leading this message with the book of Psalm 90 vs 12 where the Psalmist implored us to number our days in wisdom.
" It seems to be an appropriate scripture to use since we are here to celebrate a new year added to the life of our friend, father and spiritual leader, Pastor Femi Emmanuel.
"In truth, as we cross each year in our lives, we need to think more about acting in wisdom.

"When I look at the large turn out of worshippers here, it is a manifestation that our father has been touching lives."
According to the governor, Pastor Emmanuel prayed for him and supported him during the campaigns, adding that the Pastor has affected millions of others souls across the world positively.

Speaking on the state of security in Oyo State, Makinde said that his administration has tightened security by ensuring a seemless relationship between Amotekun and other security operatives.
He explained that Amotekun was established to complement the activities of other security agencies, saying that its impact has been felt in all the nooks and crannies of the state.
"Sometime ago, in this part of Nigeria, we only hear about killings, kidnappings from faraway places but now, we are experiencing it. "Yes, we will do our part, put things in place like we have done here in Oyo State. 

"Before the advent of this administration, there was nothing like Amotekun but we set it up, equipped the outfit and the operatives are all over the place now. People cannot imagine Oyo State without Amotekun.
"Now, we are making the agency more professional, giving its operatives more training. When Amotekun was established, the Police thought it came to take over their jobs but we have been able to streamline between Amotekun and other security agencies and they are now working together in unity.
"I want to say it again that no administration, in the history of Oyo State, had committed more resources to the issue of security than this administration. 

"We have the emergency contact number, 615. The number is our magic number for security. You don't need credit on your phone to call it. You can put it on your phone as speed dial. You only need to witness somebody or the house close you being attacked before you dial it.

"If people are coming to complain that they dial the number and there was no prompt response, we will address it. 
"But most times, if we ask people if they are aware of the number, they say they thought it won't work. 
"Please, try it at your own time as well. Just try it for the sake of convincing yourself. The number is working and the people are at alert.

"We also went into voluntary policing arrangement where you don't have to be a policeman. We have people that have volunteered and we are working with them. 
"After we have done all we can, we will hand over everything to God because we are only human."
He also congratulated the Pastor and his wife on their wedding anniversary.

The governor assured the people of Oyo State that his administration would continue to work to ensure that lives and properties  remain safe and secure.
He said:  "Let me also assure the people of Oyo State that we will continue to work to ensure that our communities are safe and secure. You know we cannot have a perfect system but we will continue to perfect the system for the benefit of all of us."

Governments & Corporations Hold The Key To Achieving Global Climate Change Targets - Olubunmi Sodipo | Southwest-frontier News

Mr Olubunmi Sodipo, the National Coordinator, Environment Ameliorators (EA), a non-government organization focused on the nurturing of cleaner and healthier environment has reiterated that governments at all levels and 'big business' are the major drivers of the indices of climate change and their actions or inactions will determine if global climate change targets will ever be met.
The consummate environmentalist made this assertion to contextualize the statement originating from the Environment and Energy Ministers of G20 Nations Conference of 23 July, 2021 in Naples, Italy.  
In the said statement, the UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinoza, called on countries to provide the necessary leadership to achieve the central goal of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, which is to hold the global average temperature rise to as close as possible to 1.5 degree Celsius.
This is in order to prevent the worst impact of climate change, which include ever more frequent and severe floods and fire of the type the world is witnessing right now. 

The UN's top climate change official recalled that the G20 was founded in response to the 2008 financial crisis, with the goal of achieving global economic stability and sustainable growth. "The G20 accounts for 80 per cent of all global emissions. There is no path to 1.5 C without the G20," she added.
Mr Sodipo therefore uses the opportunity to encourage all EA State Coordinators to step up their efforts at engaging the government of and corporations in their jurisdiction towards more effective climate change/ environmental policies and action. As an illustration, he recalled his observations in India, "Incidentally, I've once been in India and I remember how impressed I was with how 'green' the city of New Delhi is." This is an example of what can be achieved once the political will to succeed is applied. 
Mr Olubunmi Sodipo (MSc, Botany).
National Coordinator
Environment Ameliorators.
twitter: @bunmidipo
koo: @bunmidipo
instagram: sodipo.olubunmi
July 24, 2021

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