Sunday, July 11, 2021


I was walking in my political neighborhood, Dugbe in Ward 7 of Ibadan Northwest LG in 2002 or thereabout and I saw the wedding convoy drove pass me. On the vehicle where I suspected to be carrying the Bride, I saw this phrase; "TO THE ALTER".

I can't remember who was with me on the stroll or where we were going but I can't forget the message that mistake conveyed to me and I pointed it out to my company, rather jokingly, I said it's to the alter indeed.

With over 20years in marriage and about 18yrs since I saw the vehicle plate tag, I am even more persuaded that Marriage is a place of alterations, more than before.

So, I have discovered that marriages fail when both spouses or one of them refuse the alterations after leaving the wedding altar. I can still see the vehicle in my imagination till now and that was a SIMPLE MISTAKE TURNED MESSAGE. 
I sincerely hope that couple got altered and still very married. Alterations take place at the altar but some spouses hold on for too long, resisting the alterations and condemning their partners for the attempted alterations.. 

In this school of alterations, you receive your graduation certificate of the Institution immediately you get admitted and almost all the tests and trials are alterations focused. 

I often wonder why spouses that were so excited on the wedding day get so bitter and frustrated later in the journey but the truth is that resistance to alterations make the frictions unbearable. Always having your way in marriage suggests you will soon be alone on the way. 

I have been indoor in the last 24hrs, I have had cause to ponder on so many things and this message came back to mind. 

Simply put, if you're not submitting to alterations in Marriage, the Institution won't be conducive for you; remaining who and where you were before admission into the Marriage Institution will spell doom for you and your spouse and fasting and prayers can't replace submitting to the alterations, except you're praying for grace to flow with the alterations.

Furthermore, when only one spouse is getting altered on the journey, frustration soon sets in and frictions build until it becomes unbearable. 

I am not a marriage counselor but I have read books and have enough insights into Wisdom by the grace of God to understand some issues of life. 

If only couples spend quarter of the money they spend on wedding on education about how to make successful marriages, many homes wouldn't break up. I have no one in mind while writing this short article but since I have not written any article in weeks, except for official press releases, I am inspired to release this message to bless someone.
TO THE ALTAR, prepare to be altered and together you will get smooth operations as you progress further on the journey. Meanwhile, so many pretend to have started the alterations before the wedding but as soon as the ceremony is done, they revert to status quo.


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