Saturday, July 10, 2021

APC hidden agenda or just a political strategy towards 2023 - Otunba Yomi Ojo(Fiwajoye 1) | Southwest-frontier News

 General Muhammudu Buhari RTD. came to power after many attempts, Since 2003, the retired General has tried his luck in many political parties, ANPP and CPC before emerged as candidate of APC and won 2015 presidential election.

APC, a party that was Formed in February 2013, the party is the result of a merger of Nigeria's three biggest opposition parties – the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and the new PDP - a faction of then ruling People's Democratic Party with the believe in some quarters that the party will be a better alternative to the then ruling party (PDP), APC used all the available media formations, social media, prints media international and local radio and television stations to pushed her CHANGE agenda and manifestos to Nigerians.
APC adopted a strategy of "pull it down" against PDP in 2014 and used all Propaganda techniques available to discredit Dr Goodluck Johnathan's Government and his party PDP.

The issue of chibok girls, Boko Haram, corruption and crisis in PDP was so helpful to the destiny of the APC and political bookmakers believed that the party was the future of the Nigerians and country.

APC and president Muhammudu Buhari sworn into power with expectations from Nigerians home and abroad, with the hope that he would implement the needed CHANGE they promised during their campaign.

Indeed, APC and President Muhammudu Buhari brought "negative" change,  foods and commodities scarcity, high inflation, poor standard of living, insecurities, Naira weakness, disunity among ethic groups, banditry, kidnapping, nepotism and dictatorship are the major changes we are presently experiencing under President Buhari and APC.

The lastest move by the government and APC to gagge the media and supress the freedom of speech, expression and association made some political watchers believe, if there were hidden agendas towards 2023 general elections by APC and Buhari's Government.  
Recently, one of the APC Federal Honourable and a member in the House of Representatives from Oyo State, Hon. Segun Odebunmi Bonvic  sponsored a bill  "Nigeria Press Council (NPC) Amendment Bill"  targeted at gagging the press freedom and the use of internet (especially using of social media by Nigerians) on the floor of the National Assembly.

The oppression or suppression of agitations  coupled with  the effort by Buhari's Government to silence Oppositions in the country are the pointers to the doubts of the political gatekeepers  towards 2023 elections.

Why does buhari's government want to force an APC member as INEC commissioner and what is the meaning of the desperation by this Government towards the up coming elections? 
With the fears mentioned by this writer and the believe of the political gatekeepers, Nigerians must be very active politically and the main opposition party needs to be very smart and be one step ahead of APC if we are to experience peaceful transition in May 29, 2023.

May Almighty God bless Nigeria!

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