Friday, July 16, 2021

Mass Appointment of Educational Officers in Oyo State: A Fulcrum That Propel Sound Education - By Saintabey | Southwest-frontier News

A journey to make real impact that changes lives, give meaning to life and living, and turns vision of the masses into realities demands a true focus, an utmost zeal and robustness and an unfailing tenacity to do whatever necessary within the powers and reach of a true leader, and with all needed dexterity, wit and wisdom, to make real impact have a meaning and give real liberation to the masses. Judging from 5h3 actions of Oyo State Governor, it is easier to observe that Governor Seyi Makinde has the good vision for Education in Oyo State.
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Few months ago, Oyo State climbed the ladder of success by moving from 26th position in WASSCE to 11th and this was achieved mainly as a result of the input of both students and the teachers where learners in SS3 class received sound extra moral class and the state government distributed compendium for all final year students in the state, both in Public and Private Secondary School. 

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Good governance is the art of putting wise thought into prudent action in a way that advances the well-being of those governed. When the news of the appointment popped out from the office of Chairman Civil Service Commission, Alhaji Aderibigbe, an outstanding teacher of ages, the work done on it is an evidence of good person at the right place.

Governor Makinde believe that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest,his notion is that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today and that make his to invest massively on education. 

The role of educational officers in our school system will ensure provision of teaching services for schools and other educational groups, they make arrangements for courses, programs and meetings that develop educational objectives, It is educational officers that will ensure training and staff development  for teachers. 
Putting the cap of success on educational system, Governor Seyi Makinde recently appointed 5000 teachers into teaching service and the lid of it is the appointment of educational officers as they will be responsible for strategizing, implementing and overall management of education programs in a school.  As education Officers they will provide technical leadership for all the education activities, including leading and coordinating the non-formal education program and systems support activities in a given place.
Illiteracy rate is dropping in Oyo State as high number of out of school children have returned to classroom, the newly appointed educational officers will also undergo training that will equip them on how to oversee training, coaching and  support of teachers, tutors and learning facilitators in order to improve instructional practices in literacy, numeracy and social and emotional skills in the State.

Governor Seyi Makinde actions has inspire others to dream more, let the new educational officers learn more, do more for the educational system of the state.

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