Sunday, July 25, 2021

President Buhari and APC's Government a national embarrassment? - By Otunba Yomi Ojo | Southwest-frontier News

Nigeria has witnessed many events in the recent time that show the present Government under APC and President Muhammudu Buhari has no respect for the  human rights and dignity 

The same party that crucified the former Government under the PDP and president Goodluck Johnathan for abuse of power and misuse of office have done the worst, they have turned democratic system of Government to a dictatorship system of Government where there's no respect for lives and properties.

Nigeria is still in the sad mode of Lekki killing, the event that the recent panel of enquiry set up by Lagos State Government confirmed and recorded that over 90 (ninety) bodies were deposited at Lagos mortuary after the Nigerian's army used dark of the night to attack the peaceful protesters that were demanding for the end of SARs, an anti-robbing department under Nigeria Police force and  improvement in the standard of living of the country's citizens.

The killings and kidnapping of students in the northern part of the country and the attitude of the federal government show that Buhari's Government lack the capacity to manage the complexity of Nigeria's security.
APC Government has committed the same sin they accused previous Government under the PDP and Nigerians continue to witness a government that doesn't tolerate peaceful protest and expression of speech of her citizens, Nnmadi Kanu and Sunday Adeyemo Igboho were silenced with all the mights of the presidency, this action has curse many embracement to the country, I am not surprise when a lawyer in Benin Republic stated that Sunday Adeyemo Igboho will not get Justice  under buhari's government, what an insult on the entirety of the country!

Is it true that ordinary citizen cannot get Justice  under the Government of APC?

I remember Sheik Ibraheem Yaqoub El-Zakzak who has been in detention for the past four years and his followers were mishandled by Nigerian army and many lives were lost during their peaceful protest to demand for the release of their leader. 
The last Governorship election in Imo State is another example of impunity under the present Government where the candidate that came fourth in the  election was sworn-in as the governor of the state, Imo State is not the same till today, the state is moving from one crisis to another.

Nigeria Judiciary aren't left out from the impunity of the   Buhari's administration, the style adopted by the government to remove the former Chief  Justice and President of Supreme Court has killed the moral and true Justice in our courts, especially cases against Government and her Political associates. Majority of Nigerian judges don't want to be in the bad book of the presidency so not to face the same treatment encountered by Hon. Justice W. S. Nkanu Onnoghen, GCON, who was unceremoniously sent out of office.

Nigerians are still wondering why Mr President cannot go to United Kingdom to further his medical checkup and why his last trip was cancelled, some sections of the public and international community believed that he  was denied entry because of the usual protest/unrest  by the Nigerians living in United Kingdom anytime President Muhammudu Buhari visits the country on medical issues.

General Muhammudu Buhari RTD and his Government didn't respect Nigeria's Constitution neither the international laws, he continues to show nepotism and dictatorship in his decisions on National matters and these has lead to many agitations in and outside country.

People believed that the agitators or secessionists are right in their demand to have their own countries out of Nigeria, all  because of the nepotism of the  presidency on the federal appointments, sharing of National resources and failure of buhari's government to name Fulani's herdsmen and bandits as  terrorist organizations after naming a peaceful agitators in the southeast of the country (IPOB) as a terrorist organization. These developments has call the attention of international community and organisations to the dictatorship style of President Buhari's Government.
Nigeria is now a laughing stock in the Committee of Nations, the country have also lost her position as the giant of Africa and also bad example when people are talking of the human rights protection laws, one of the recent embarrassment was the trending video of a man in far away Australia that embarrassed Super falcon of Nigeria. (Nigeria Senior Female Team) inside a train, he demanded that the ladies should be ashamed of representing a terrorist country like Nigeria, what a disgrace! this is where we find ourselves under the leadership of President Muhammud Buhari and APC. 

Are we going to continue like this? NO!  I strongly believe that majority of Nigerians are ready to vote out APC in the next general election and give the country a new direction and a fresh bliss.

Nigeria shouldn't continue like this!

Otunba Yomi Ojo
Fiwajoye 1

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