Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Benue 2023: Guber Hopeful, Susan Waya Urges Residents to Participate In Ongoing PVC Registration 

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party and gubernatorial hopeful, Mrs. Susan Nguveren Waya has called for participation in the ongoing continous voters registration exercise 

Statistics shows that close to 10 million people within the voting populace did not register. These numbers are discouraging and do not encourage a proper democratic process. In view of this, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has again started the online Continous Voters Exercise which would encourage active participation within the voting population. 

The People’s Democratic Party has also started its online membership registration to encourage citizens to join the biggest party in Africa. According to Mrs. Susan Nguveren Waya in a statement made available to SOUTHWEST-FRONTIER NEWS , she noted  that; “Electioneering remains the only viable means of choosing the government we want and rejecting ones we don’t in a democracy.

As we all know, Voting is a civic duty. However, there are processes which are precedents to the exercise of which registration of eligible citizens as voters is the basic.
In this light, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has again opened her portal for Nigerians within the voting age to register and validate their status as voters.  I am using this medium to appeal to the good people of Benue State to ensure that we register before the portal closes in the first quarter of 2022”. 

Whilst I admonishes the Youths within the voting populace in Benue State to participate in the ongoing exercise for betterment of our dear State. Mrs Susan concluded.

0wokoniran a rare combination of politician and technocrat -- Mabel Oboh celebrates PDP scribe's birthday

Chief Rahman Owokoniran, Secretary, Peoples' Democratic Party, PDP, South-West zone, has been described as a rare combination of politician and technocrat, who places primacy on peoples' welfare.

Owokoniran's Publicity Secretary, Mabel Oboh, gave the description in celebration of his birthday, today.
According to Oboh, who was ADC's Edo State governorship candidate in 2020, Owokoniran is an asset to PDP, the West and the country.

She told journalists, "These days, politics and empathy towards the people are hardly partners.
"Technocrats have lost themselves in politicking, resulting in politicians without leadership traits.
"However, Owokoniran has built his personal and political legacy around service -- to the people and party.

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"He has built service around people, his constituents, workers and party in every office he has held.
"I celebrate you on this special day," Oboh saluted Owokoniran.
She added that "although he is a thoroughbred politician, he has all the traits of a technocrat.

"The fact that you put others first, respect and care about the well-being of not only the people that work with you but also every one around you makes you a unique person.

"It takes one encounter to understand how much you are a blessing to our nation.
"I am very privileged to work as your personal publicity secretary. You're versed in knowledge, patience and open mindedness make working for you a blessing indeed. Your excellent leadership style is highly commendably.

"May your days be long with good health. Chief Owokoniran, you are a leader extraordinaire."


I have had cause to wonder if these set of leaders are from among us or illegal aliens, disguising as nationals because they are so disconnected from the people and ability to solve crucial problems has evaded them perpetually.

The present crop of leaders are the worst because their campaigns itemized the major problems that have bedeviled us for so long but sadly, their acknowledgments and promises were electoral gimmicks because till now, almost 7yrs into the administration, there is no solution to any of the acknowledged problems. The most provoking of the attitudes of the present administration is reckless and prodigious spending of our collective patrimony. It is so bad that the country is now in unprecedented debts and genocidal inflation rates.

We have heard of the prodigal son and the lessons from the divine parable but the prodigal father is a sad irony with no opportunity for atonement because the leadership misadventures are wiping out the posterity with insecurity, inflation and extrajudicial killings. I have not seen a failed state before but the level of decadence in Nigeria has given an idea of what that is.

The proposed transport palliative by Federal Government due to subsidy removal is the most stupendous idea ever muted by any government in Nigeria; you claim subsidy costs N1.8 Trillion per annum and willing to spend over N2 Trillion on transport palliative, it's just so unreasonable. The ongoing Dangote refinery is costing $19billion and that means government proposes to spend about half the cost of the Dangote refinery on nonsensical transport palliative in a year, rather than build a refinery.

This government is more particular about the disbursement of cash rather than solving crucial problems for reasons best known to most of us. As prodigal fathers, they keep spending our collective patrimony and we can not see a positive turnout at the same rate. The present militarized democracy has been more of a curse and major setback than progress to Nigeria. Worse still, we have leaders whose trade in stock is lying and gross insensitivity; the agitations and aspirations of patriotic Nigerians are criminalized with disregard for the law and norms.

We either deliver ourselves from the prodigal fathers or remain suffering and smiling until the nation goes into extinction.

LEADERSHIP QUOTE: To act coolly, intelligently and prudently in perilous circumstances is the test of a man and also a nation. - Adlai Stevenson

Adeniyi Rotimi Johnson
Member, Oyo State PDP Media team

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Ibadan the  Political Capital of Yorubaland is a city built on Seven Hills.
The Seven Hills are:
1. Oke Padre
2. Oke Ado
3. Oke Bola
4. Oke Mapo 
5. Oke Are
6. Oke Sapati 
7. Oke Mokola. 

But Ibadan is not just a City of Hills.
It is also a City of 'Bottoms'.
Loosely translated, 'idi' means bottom or the backside. 
Several people have attached sexual innuendoes to the names. 
However, the actual translation indicates that some of the 'idis' were connected with how the settlers converged at a point, thereby leading to how they arrived at the names given.
Go around the city and you can locate the various ‘idis’ 
1. Idi-Arere, 
2. Idi-Ose, 
3. Idi-Ishin, 
4. Idi-Ape, 
5. Idi-Ayunre, 
6. Idi-Obi 
7. Idi-Ito 
8. Idi Ogungun

For instance, Idi-Arere is a location where the early settlers converged and held meetings under an 'Arere' tree. 
The actual full name is Idi- Igi Arere under the Arere (Obeche) tree.
Idi- Arere is located between Oja-Oba and Molete.

Idi-Ose, which should actually be Idi-Igi Ose (under the Ose [baobab] tree), is located around Ojoo/Moniya Road.

Idi-Ishin is located around Jericho GRA area and was named after the Ishin (Ake Apple) tree.

Idi-Ape is located at the intersection of Iwo road and Bashorun and was named after the Ape tree.

Idi-Ayunre, which is located at the outskirts of the city, on the way to Ijebu-Ode, was named after the Ayunre (Albizia Zygia) tree.

Idi-Obi was named after the kolanut tree.

Ditto for Idi-Ikan and Idi-Ito. 

Ibadan is also a city with several junctions popularly called 'Orita'. 
In Yoruba mythology, these 'oritas' or junctions are places where sacrifices are offered.

Popular Oritas in Ibadan are:
1. Oritamefa - a junction that leads to six roads [around UCH]
2. Oritamerin - [a junction that leads to four roads].
3. Orita Aperin. 
4. Orita Bashorun. Some of the names have been shortened nowadays with Orita Bashorun now simply referred to as Bashorun, 
5. Orita Challenge now Challenge 
6. Orita Aperin simply Aperin. 

And still talking about names, several names in Ibadan have their origin in the inability of the residents to pronounce the original names correctly.

For example, the place popularly called Oke-Sapati was originally called Shepherd's Hill [Oke Sheperd] but the illiterate residents couldn't pronounce 'Shepherd's Hill' and it was corrupted to Sapati. 
That was how it sounded to the ears of the residents at that time.

The story behind Kudeti is quite interesting. 
A river runs around that area and the British District Officer during the colonial era was quite shocked at how dirty the river was. 
The river served the residents as they washed, had their bath, defecated and drank the water.
The DO therefore exclaimed, "This water is TOO DIRTY".
The illiterate residents now corrupted the words 'too dirty' to Kudeti. 
Ibadan is still steep in its traditional beliefs, though modernity is fast catching on. 

One of such is the still very popular Egungun (Masquerade) Festival, which usually takes place around June and July. 
This period was a period of fear mixed with excitement. 
Everyone wants to catch a glimpse of the Oloolu Masquerade - except women who are forbidden to see it.
Oloolu is the most popular and the most feared.
He usually carry what looked like a flat tray with several items on it. 
Several years ago, there was a clash between a very popular Muslim cleric now late, called Ajagbemokeferi, and Oloolu.
It was rumoured then that Ajagbemokeferi derobed and unveiled Oloolu.
Then, there is Alapansapa,  the second most feared masquerade after Oloolu.
Alapansapa dresses very smartly in bright colours. 
Even though most Masquerades are associated with canes and whips, it is more so with Alapansapa.
There is also Atipako and Abidielege. 

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In spite of the traditional background of the city and the practices/beliefs of its residents, Ibadan has been rightly acknowledged as the INTELLECTUAL capital of the YORUBAS, and indeed Nigeria at large, and this is not just because the first University in Nigeria is located in the city. 

I really don't know how many cities in Nigeria that has as many research institutes as Ibadan. 
Ibadan has:

[International Institute of Tropical Agriculture]

2. IAR&T
[Institute of Agricultural Research and Training]

[Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria]

[Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria]

[National Horticultural Research Institute]

[Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research]

[National Cereals Research Institute].

All in one single city!
I don't know which other town or city can boast of these.

Ibadan is truly a mixture of the ancient and the modern.

Permit me to also add these as some of the feats Ibadan has made in the history of Nigeria.

1. The first television station in Africa.
[Now NTA, Ibadan]
2. The first sport stadium in Nigeria.
[Liberty Stadium] 
3. The first University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. [UCH] 
4. The first skyscraper building in Nigeria
[Cocoa House].

And Ibadan also entered the book of history as probably the first city with over 25 traditional rulers, all coronated same day!


Monday, November 29, 2021

All Progressives Congress (APC) Splits Into Faction, Rejects Yobe Governor, Buni, Appoints Audu As Chairman

Audu said a National Reconciliation Committee would be formed to reconcile aggrieved members before the February 26, 2021 convention.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has run into fresh murky waters as a faction sacked Mai Mala Buni, the Yobe State governor as the National Caretaker Committee Chairman.

According to Daily Post, the faction also replaced Buni who was also the Chairman of the Extraordinary National Convention Planning Committee (CECPC).

On Monday, the faction within the party, Progressive Youth Movement, announced his replacement.

They named Mustapha Audu as National Caretaker Committee Chairman with immediate effect.

Audu said a National Reconciliation Committee would be formed to reconcile aggrieved members before the February 26, 2021 convention.

He further announced a zoning formula for positions in the new National Working Committee (NWC).

In a reaction, John Akpan Udoedehe, APC National Secretary dismissed the “felonious activities of the purported group.”

The scribe’s statement said they are unknown to the party, its structure or as a registered support group and therefore non-existent.

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“However laughable, the criminal attempt of the purported group to usurp the leadership of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC now bothers on treasonable felony.

“Relevant security bodies must now check and address their unscrupulous activities. The attention the purported group seeks will not be given to them by the party.

“We can only advise that the general public completely disregard them. They are not registered members of the APC and are being used by opposition elements and fifth columnists to cause confusion.

“As widely reported, the successful meeting between the APC leadership, Progressive Governors’ Forum and the President produced February 2022 as the time frame for the National.

Three Feared Dead As Armed Robbers Raid Bank In Ekiti


Three policemen killed as armed robbers raid bank in Ekiti Armed robbers on Monday evening raided a new generation bank in Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti State, killing at least three persons and carted away an undisclosed amount of money.

Although the details are still sketchy, three policemen are feared dead in the robbery which took place around 5.30 this evening.

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According to TVC News, the armed robbers who announced their arrival with gun shots which frightened residents who scampered for safety, also left some bank workers and customers at the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) gallery of the bank with varying degrees of injuries.

The gunmen who blew the bank’s security door with dynamite to gain access into the banking hall, also carted away an undisclosed amount of money during the raid which was said to have lasted for about an hour.

It’s the fourth bank robbery this year in Ekiti State and in all lives have been lost.

Birthday: You Are a Quintessence Of A Wonderful Friend & A Model of Hospitality - SW-F Publisher, Afolabi Akinfenwa hails Hon Ayoola Kolawole Ojo (Arabambi Afijio)


Hon. Ayoola Kolawole Ojo (Arabambi Afijio) 
A businessman and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Afijio Local Government Area, Oyo State.

It is with great joy and astonishing felicitation that I found this medium so imperative to express my sincere wishes to you on this year anniversary of your birthday.

You have assumed the position of a sincere caregiver to everyone around you, particularly to the great people of Afijio 

In the recent time of Knowing you, you have proven beyond doubt; A quintessence of a wonderful friend, brother and father, A model of hospitality, A beacon of glorious hope, A Reservoir of inspiration, very committed and unique in every way.

I'm indeed glad to celebrate you not only because you an epitome of:
Trust, Diligence, and Dedication to humanity,
You have really proved that good relation is truly an attribute of unquantifiable value.

Mere words can't give a vivid description of your exceptional personality, as the totality of your personality is selcouth.

God will never forget your labour of love; He will reward you and give you all round victory.

I celebrate you today as you graciously added a new age
May you continue to grow daily in grace. Good things and sweetness of life shall not seized your way.


Greetings from 
Afolabi Akinfenwa 

PDP NEC Member, Adebakin Felicitates With National Women Leader-Elect  On Her Birthday 

A member of the People's Democratic Party(PDP) National Executive Committee (NEC),Hon Hellen Taiwo Adebakin has congratulated the party's National Women Leader-Elect,Professor Stella Effah-Attoe on the occasion of her birth anniversary. 

Adebakin,Secretary of the former and serving ex- officio members of the PDP ,in her birthday message described Professor Attoe as a woman of substance who is prepared to lead gender advocacy in the party. 

Adebakin said " I am particularly glad to identify with you today on this special occasion of your birth anniversary. While wishing more of the glorious day on earth.Your election into this enviable position had energised the women folks in the party to be alive their responsibilities of exploring their political potentials. 

"I therefore pray for divine protection over you and every member of your family  as you prepare to officially  assume duty soon .

"I sincerely say  happy birthday to our Mama and mentor " she added. .

Brief history of Saki

Originally part of the old Oyo Empire, Saki became a Yoruba refugee settlement after the destruction in 1835 of Old Oyo (Katunga), 70 miles (113 km) east-northeast, by Muslim Fulani conquerors. For those who are unfamiliar with its history, Shaki occupies a very important place among Yoruba towns.

According to the famous Yoruba historian, the Reverend Samuel Johnson, the Okere’s (the king’s) palace at Saki was built “on the very spot” on which the corpse of Ofinran, a deceased Alaafin born of a Bariba woman fell down and “had to be bound up afresh before they (the funeral cortege) could proceed”. The funeral train was on its way to old Oyo from Igboho, the new capital of the Oyo Empire.

It would be recalled that after the fall of old Oyo (‘Eyeo’ or ‘Katunga’) to an invading Fulani army from Ilorin circa 1837, an Alaafin, Eguguojo moved his palace up north to Igboho, northwest of Shaki. Hence, and today, close to Igboho and within the precincts of the old Oyo Games Reserve lie the burial tombs of four Alaafins: – Eguguojo, Orompoto, Ajiboyede, and Abipa.

However, another historian, late Chief Ojo, the Bada of Saki gave the meaning of the town’s name as “Sa-kiri”, meaning ‘a fleeing refugee’. The fleeing refugees, according to sources finally found a respite on the Asabari Hill located in the town. Hence, the ‘oriki’ praise – name of a Saki indigene is incomplete without the addition of ‘Omo Asabari’, (‘son of Asabari’).


I thank God today 29th, November is my birthday, despite the challenges, I am indeed grateful to God for keeping me safe, alive, hale and healthy. 

My accomplishments in the previous years compared to realities of my present conditions, God has been so merciful and am grateful for everything he has done and still doing in my life. 

Today I'm a year older and better, all glory and adoration are returned to the most supreme for His mercies, blessings and achievements. 

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I rely on the favour from God as the sovereign in my journey ahead. My heart desires are beyond human capacity; so I pray to God to ease my pains and elevate me beyond the reach of my enemies as I attained a new Age today.

I pray for greater wisdom, guidance and strength to achieve all my target goals and fulfill my dreams on my new Age and beyond.

I wish myself happy birthday as friends, well wishers and family members are sharing my joy of the moment.


The reputation of a politician depends on his/her competency, integrity and loyalty to her people. 

Ma, You have portray yourself as symbol of competency which is visible through your ruggedness in the field of struggle and masterclass in political strategic planning. 

Your integrity, commitment and dedication during the thick and thin in Party's political adventure have redefined and reoriented large number of people about loyalty in politics. 
May I use this medium to appreciate a Woman who have made selfless immense contribution to my political interest and that of other women in the party nationwide. 

A women of redoubtable personality and exceptional political guru. 

On this occasion of your birthday, I pray may the joy of the moment fill your heart and household. May you always have reasons to celebrate joyful moment without iota of sorrow. Long life and prosperity ma. 

Greetings from your Political Daughter 
Helen Taiwo Adebakin

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Gunmen Trapped Inside Jos Prison After Attacking The Correctional Centre


The Medium Security Custodial Centre in Jos, Plateau State came under attack by gunmen who reportedly stormed the facility in large number with sophisticated weapons.

The invaders were said to have arrived at the Custodial Center at about 1720hrs and immediately made for the main gate where they engaged the armed squad personnel in a gun battle before breaking into the yard.

Although they gained entrance to the yard, they are however trapped within as men from sister security services were immediately mobilised to assist the armed guards to cordon the perimeter wall and the entire area.

Reinforcement from the response squad of the Service has also been mobilised to the center.

The situation is presently under control as the attackers firing power is being subdued by superior fire from a combined team of security agencies. Update will be made available as event unfolds.

BREAKING: Gunmen Attack Jos Correctional Centre

This maybe another jailbreak as gunmen on Sunday afternoon attacked Jos Correctional Centre, SOUTHWEST-FRONTIER NEWS  gathered.

As of the time of filling this report, no victim has been reported dead or injured despite, heavy gunfire in the area.

Details Later


The history of Irra in present day Oyun Local Government Area of Kwara State, of Nigeria began at IRRA -FERE founded by Laage. The site of Ira -fere is some three kilometers away from present Ira and one can get to the place through a turn-off at a hill called kereloriaje, about one and a half kilometers away from the present Irra on the way to Offa. Live other ancient Yoruba towns and villages, there is no date of its founding. But when one considers the fact that Oya, the famous wife of Sango the fourth Alaafin of Oyo came from this place, one would note that it is a very old Yoruba settlement. Without the history of Irra, the hiatory of Yoruba is not complete. History informs us that Laage, the son of Laru, the founder of Irra-Fere came from Oyo. He was a warrior and hunter. It was hunting expedition that brought him where he settled at the place called Irra-Fere.

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The name Irra-Fere came about as a result of his using magical power to disappear (ra) and re-appear suddenly later.

Whenever he was not found in his hut, people would say ''O ra fere ni, o feree yoju na (He has just disappeared, he would soon appear again). It was from ''O ra fere' that Irra-Fere was coined. When Oya left Oyo at the demise of sango Alaafin, she decided to come home to her birth place Irra-Fere. It was a sad event for the Irra-Fere people that sango died because they wouldn't know Oya's fate after Sango. There were stories that Oya had left Oyo but no one know exactly for where and what route she took. It took the hunters quite some time before they stumbled on a site just some one and as half kilometers outside of the present site of Irra.

The hunters and other elderly people that later went to the spot noted that the paraphernalia on the ground surrounding a hole belonged to Oya and concluded that ''Ibi ti Oya ra si niyi (This is the spot into which Oya disappear). Oya was deified and became an object of worship. Laage would come from Irra-Fere to worship Oya on the spot she had suck into the ground and a shrine had been built. The area is know as ''Igbo Oya'' (Oya's grove) till today. When Laage became very old and the distance between Irra-Fere and Igbo-Oya was too much for him, he consulted with his people and moved to the present site which is not far from Igbo Oya. ''Fere'' was dropped from the name of the place they left and ''Irra'' is retained till today. Irra shares boundary with Ekosin and Iyeku in Osun State and with Iresadu in Oyo state.

Irra shares boundary with Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State at Aboto. There are many villages on Onira's land. At one time or the other in history, the Onira granted people from various parts of Yoruba land permission to settle on his land. Among the villages are Inaja Alaro, Inaja Maliki, Ahogbada, Sanni Ode, Bakin, Asaoye, Egbejoda and Ago Owode. Onira owns the land. HERE IS A BRIEF ORIKI OF IRA: Irra moja Kanmi Oge Omo Laru Osin Omo Onira Laage Iloko Omo arelu Eyo Iloko t' omu I' da to dele Iloko t' omu 'da to dero Agedegede ''Iloko lo''

Lagos PDP Inaugurates Caretaker Committee

The Lagos State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) has inaugurated the Caretaker Committee that will steer the affairs of the party till February next year. 

The National Working Committee of the party had announced the constitution of the Caretaker Committee on November 17 after the elective state congress was cancelled in October.
The NWC appointed Engineer Julius Akinsola as the Chairman of the Committee in a statement by the PDP’s National Organising Secretary, retired Col. Austin Akobundu.
Other members of the committee that were sworn in on Friday the 26th of November were Mr Ade Adeniyi who will serve as Secretary, Mr Ademola Oyede as the Publicity Secretary and Dr. Babs Akinlolu who occupies the office of the party’s Legal Adviser.

Also inaugurated were Alhaji Nuru Abiodun Lawal as Youth Leader; Alhaja Nourat Atinuke Babs-Olorunkemi as Women Leader,; Alhaji Hon. Ganiyu Alani Ige as Organizing Secretary, Mrs Olabisi Odunsi as Financial Secretary and Alhaji Bode Oladeinde as Treasurer.

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At the inauguration ceremony, Engineer Akinsola said the Committee will hit the ground running to strengthen existing party structures and solidify the unity within the party in the state.

He added that plans were already in full swing to ensure there is a successful state congress where permanent party officials will be elected.


When I see the sky painted blue and goldenly decorated I was astonished and my inquisitive drived me to inquire about whose year is being celebrated. As I patiently waits for someone to tell me whom the celebrant was, I keep perceiving that smell of sumptuous vanilla's cake and wine. Now I don't need to ask anyone whom the celebrant was "I can see boldly on a tag, the main celebrant's identity; HON. HELEN TAIWO on your new year on earth, you keep looking younger than your age and I admired you for this Ma.

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Your note worthy achievements as Oyo indeginous at PDP National level can't be erased on the marble. May God give you grace to celebrate many years in all longevity of health, wealth and relevance.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Happy Birthday to our very own Oyo State Pride achieving great feats in the National Level - BASA Lauds Adebakin

Hon. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu (BASA) in a congratulatory message made available to newsmen, described Hon Helen Taiwo Adebakin as a dedicated, focused and determined personality who is very passionate about issues relating to women’s participation in politics

I wish Hon Helen good health, peace and happiness. Congratulations as you mark your years of existence on Earth today. May you have many more years and sound health to continue to do great exploits

Am wishing you lots of happiness and sweet memories on your special day Hon Helen. 


Osun 2022: PDP has no candidate yet and nobody is my favourite - Adagunodo

The National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in the South West, Hon. Olasoji Adagunodo has come out plainly today that the party has no anointed or adopted candidate ahead of the 2022 gubernatorial contest.

Adagunodo made this assertion today in a phone-in life program with Fresh 104.9 FM, Osogbo during a media chat anchored by the ace reporter and broadcast journalist, Sola Ajala and made available to the press.

 According to Adagunodo while responding to a question by Mr. Ajala on how the party will be able to manage the disaffection that has arisen from the pronouncements of Senator Ademola Adeleke as candidate party by a group within the party, Adagunodo said, as far as the constitution of the party is concerned, the party has no candidate, not even aspirant until they obtained the nomination and intention forms.

Hon Adagunodo stressed further that even if a candidate is adopted as consensus candidate, the constitution mandates the party to go to the field and do affirmation. Hon. Adagunodo said the PDP will do everything possible within its power to make sure that whoever that wants to carry the flag of the party will be chosen unanimously and such person will be acceptable to all.

On who is his favourite aspirant, Adagunodo said he has none but said he will definitely have someone he will have sympathy for at the right time. He also added that none of the aspirants is his anointed yet. 
Hon. Adagunodo also assured that PDP will win in Ekiti, Osun, the entire South West and also win the presidential election in 2022 and 2023 and beyond because the present APC regime has failed Nigerians in all sectors, economy, education, infrastructure and virtually in every aspects imaginable.

Jonathan, Fayose, Bafarawa, Others Felicitates Adebakin On Her Birthday

Former Nigeria President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has rejoiced with his political daughter and chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Honourable Hellen Taiwo Adebakin, on the occasion of her birth anniversary. 

Jonathan, in his birthday message to Adebakin, prayed to God Almighty to continue to bless and provide for the PDP leader in all her endeavours.

“My daughter Helen Happy Birthday. May God continue to bless and provide for you. Wishing you many more prosperous years in good health,” Jonathan said.

Also facilitating with Hon Adebakin, two-term governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa sought God’s grace and protection over her.

Alhaji Bafarawa admonished the celebrator to continue her good work for the party and humanity 

Bafarawa said: “Helen happy birthday to you and I wish you more years and good health. So that you continue to do the good work you are doing.”

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Former governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose described Adebakin as a strong woman who is determined to find a voice in men dominated world.

Fayose said: “Congratulations to our sister Helen Abidakun. You are celebrated for your uncommon strides and the determination to find a voice in men dominated world. You are an exemplary woman whose focus is nothing but success”

In her message, the PDP National Women Leader-elect, Professor Stella Effah-Attoe,  described Adebakin as a very focused, dedicated and determined personality, who is also very passionate about PDP affairs,

Attoe said Adebakin is always ready to lend helping hands at party events stressing that her love for the PDP would not go unnoticed. 

“Congratulations to Hon. Mrs Helen Taiwo Adebakin, as she celebrates her birthday, today Saturday 27th November 2021. Hon. Helen is an astute politician and a great mobilizer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) extraction. 

“She is a very focused, dedicated and determined personality. She is very passionate about PDP affairs, especially in issues relating to women’s participation in politics. That explains why in every PDP event, Hon. Helen is usually all over the place, helping to tidy up things perfectly, here and there. Hon. Helen’s love for our great Party has not gone unnoticed. She will always be admired for this.” the message reads in part.

“Here is wishing Hon. Helen Adebakin a very Happy Birthday! May God grant her many many more years on earth, good health and fruitfulness in all areas of her life. Hip Hip Hip! Hurray!” Attoe said. 

BREAKING: Oyo Lawmaker, Hon Popoola Is Dead

Hon. Ademola Olusegun Popoola, a lawmaker representing Ibadan Southeast con...