Monday, January 31, 2022

My Boss Promised Me N30M To Produce, Deliver Human Parts To Buyer In Lagos – Suspected Human Part Seller Confesses

 I usually dump the human parts in waste bins for buyers to pick

Officials of the Ondo state security outfit codenamed Amotekun have arrested a 35-year-old suspected ritualist, Timothy Odeniyi for being in possession of human parts.

Odeniyi told Vanguard after he was paraded by the Amotekun that he was promised N30m if he could get the human parts and deliver to buyer in Lagos.

He was arrested in Ondo town motor park last week Sunday by men of the security outfit while conveying the human parts to Lagos.

While the state commander of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye said the suspect killed the victim, removed the human parts and hurriedly buried the corpse, the suspect disagreed saying that he exhumed the corpse from a grave and removed the body parts.

The suspects, a truck driver who reportedly wrapped the human parts in a bag said his former boss in lbadan introduced him to the business of making money through rituals.

Speaking with newsmen, the suspect said “I went to the burial ground to cut the legs and hands of one of the corpses buried there. Before I was caught, I had planned to take the human parts to the person that sent me in Lagos. He promised to pay me N30 million once I deliver the items.

“I only went to the burial ground in Sabo area of Ondo town to cut the parts, I didn’t kill anybody and this is my first time. I used to be a trailer driver

“The person that sent me used to be my boss when I used to drive truck. I used to dump it in a waste bin and he will send those who will pick it.”

However, the Commander, Chief Adeleye who dismissed the claim of the suspect, said that the suspect killed someone before severing the parts and buried the victim in a shallow grave.

Adeleye said “We want to intimate the public on the need to be very careful. Of late, the trend is shifting gradually from daily kidnapping to ritual killings.

”The public should be generally careful about the craze to make money by this young men.

“We have a suspect in our custody, Timothy Odeniyi who was caught and arrested with legs and hands of human being wrapped in paper.

“Upon interrogation, he took us to where he severed the body of the person killed and hurriedly buried the person in a shallow grave.

“He was arrested in Ondo town and committed the crime on January 30, 2022.

“We want to warn the public to be careful of who they go out with. We have a number of them that we are still investigating that will go out with their girlfriends solely for her purpose of killing them for ritual purposes. I think the public should be wary and careful about this.

Speaking on those arrested last month, the Amotekun boss said that no fewer than 35 suspected kidnappers, armed robbers, ritualists, vandals were arrested.

Adeleye added that “underage herders as well as criminals who disguised as scavengers were also arrested in various parts of the state.

“Within this January, we arrested about 150 suspects of various crimes and out of them 32 are still currently with us.

“Some of them are suspected kidnappers, armed robbers and some of them were involved in the vandalisation 132 KVA power lines under construction.

“Some of them were ex-convicts that ran away from prison cells, some of them jumped bail and rearrested.

”Some of them pretend as if they are scavengers but we found weapons, guns, locally made pistols in their trolley.

“The teenagers among the suspects were caught contravening the underage anti-open grazing law.

”They were found to be grazing with about 300 cows. They were about 10 to 11 years of age. We are still waiting for their parents to come and face the music.

Adeleye added that ” some of them will be handed over to the police for further investigation, especially the homicide issue. After discreet investigation, the remaining ones will be taken to court for prosecution.”

Oyo South Senator (Dr) Kola Balogun Facilitates N31m Agric Empowerment For 1,130 People

One thousand, one hundred and thirty people from Oyo South Senatorial District were direct beneficiaries of an agricultural value chain training and empowerment programme facilitated by Senator Kola Balogun.

A total sum of N31million was given out to the beneficiaries, with the least getting N25, 000 as a seed fund to help them in starting small-scale businesses from the training they had.

The first batch of the two-legged programme was held for the beneficiaries drawn from the seven local government areas in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

The local government areas included Ibadan North, Ibadan North East, Ibadan North West, Ibadan South East, Ibadan South West and Ido.

The training and empowerment programme, held at the Alice Place, Total Garden, Ibadan, was conducted by experts from the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), Moor Plantation, Ibadan.

Declaring the programme open, Senator Balogun said he has been facilitating such training and empowerment programmes for more than two years, noting that three were conducted in 2021 alone.
He said, he is more interested in training and empowering his constituents as a means to make them to be self-reliant, rather than giving out stipends which he said they may spend on frivolities.

Senator Balogun said a training in agricultural value chain would go a long way in lifting people out of poverty and urged the beneficiaries to put the training into good use.

He also assure that he would not relent in facilitating more of such trainings for the people of Oyo South Senatorial District, adding: "I will continue to use my office to serve God and humanity."
Also speaking, Deputy Director of IAR&T, Dr Jelili Saka, affirmed that the institute had been in a long-term partnership with Senator Kola Balogun, training the people of the senatorial district on agricultural value chain.

He admonished the beneficiaries to make good use of the training, noting that it would require the cooperation of all, starting with the individuals, to revive the ailing national economy.

Dr Saka also solicited support for Senator Balogun as he said: "If there is someone doing well, such a person should be appreciated and his efforts reciprocated.
"Senator Kola Balogun is one of such persons. He has been doing lots of things that are beneficial to his constituents. I am not a politician, but I want to say that he should be appreciated and supported in his political endeavours."

The beneficiaries were taken through trainings on agricultural value chain as Professor Bosede Lawal of IAR&T emphasised its importance in the face of the escalating cost of food items.
She said virtually all food crops can be grown and livestock reared in any part of the South-West, adding that the beneficiaries can also invest in value addition by turning agricultural products into various end usages.

Nigerian Man Shot Dead After Allegedly Stabbing Police Officer

A Nigerian national has been shot dead by police at the Kwabenya Hills Valley Police Station after stabbing the police commander multiple times.

According to the police, the suspect identified as Hakimu Friday had earlier been reported for threatening to kill one Linda Akpor, his neighbour; a case which is still under investigation. 

On Friday, Ikena Alozi, Peter, both Nigerians and Richlove Kwabena Ahiavor, a Ghanaian, were also at the same police station to report that Friday had threatened to kill them.

While with the investigator at the station, the deceased reportedly entered the office with a sharp knife and threatened to kill anyone who confronted him. 
He went straight to the station officer, Inspector Osei Yaw, and stabbed him several times on the head and also caused damage to the office furniture, the statement from the police read.
The statement further reads, “On 21/01/22, Linda Akpor reported a case of threat of death against a Nigerian national now deceased Hakimu Friday who happened to be her co-tenant.

“Case under investigation. Then today, 28/01/22, now deceased Hakimu Friday threatened to kill Ikena Alozi and one Peter, both Nigerians and Richlove Kwabena Ahiavor, a Ghanaian. The three reported the case at Kwabenya Hills Police station.
"While the complainants were with the investigator, D/L/Cpl Albert Azameti at the station the deceased entered the office with a sharp knife and threatened to kill anyone who confronts him.

"The deceased went straight to the station officer, Inspector Osei Yaw, and stabbed him several times on the head and also caused damage to the office furniture. He later turned his attention on the investigator and punched him on the face injuring him as well.
"Deceased also caused damage to other office and the glass doors and windows. Police in an attempt to immobilise the now deceased whilst trying to flee, he was fired upon and he died while being conveyed to hospital. Body deposited at the Police Hospital Morgue. The Kwabenya District Crime Officer has visited the scene to assess the situation.”

Yoruba Indigenous People of Togo

The Yoruba Territory in Togo is called Atakpame. These are the ones whose ancestors migrated to the West African country when tribal wars raged in the 17th century.

"The majority of these Ife settlers migrated from Ija-Oku in former Dahomey into the Togolese territory and subsequently founded the city of Atapkame all of who migrated from Ile-Ife.

The Battle of Atakpamé was an armed confrontation between the Ashanti Empire and neighboring Akan Allies under the leadership of the Kingdom of Akyem who joined up with the Oyo Empire and the Kingdom of Dahomey in and around Atakpamé in Togo in 1764 which was a sever defeat on the Ashanti

The indigenous yoruba language in Atakpame is Ewe or Ife. Ewe is an indigenous yoruba dialect that Is also spoken in neighbouring Ghana. Ife another indigenous and independent Yoruba dialect spoken by the majority of Atakpame indigenes, who trace their origins to Ile-ife.
In terms of landmark, Atakpame shares some similarities with Ibadan and Abeokuta. While the capital cities of Oyo and Ogun States flaunt the Olumo Rock and Oke Ibadan as their ancestral symbols.

Respectively, Atakpame, a settlement town that is about 160 kilometres away from Lome, the Togolese capital, defines its origin by seven mountains that surround it.

Just like many other towns in Yorubaland, where myths are explored to trace the people’s roots, Atakpame’s history is not complete without reference to the mountains. According to some elders of the town, the rocks played supernatural roles when the natives were engaged in battles with other ethnic groups. 
This is how Atakpame also shares topographical and historical similarities with Idanre, Ondo State, a town famed for the huge and acrobatic mountains that surround it.

Ife Togo is widely used in Atakpame because the people, who trace their descent to ile-Ife, are the dominant group there. 

As a result of the entrenched cross-fertilisation that Ife Togo has had with French, Ewe, et cetera, it is easier for the Yoruba in Lome, Cotonou and Ajase, among others, to understand one another than for the immigrant Yorubas in Lome to understand Ife Togo speakers in Atakpame – and vice versa.
A Yoruba scholar, Dr. Felix Fabunmi, notes that a language that is spoken by many people, such as Yoruba, usually has dialects that may differ from one another. Denisef Fantchede call the attention of Yoruba Worldwide to continue speaking yoruba language because our language represent us

One of the Popular Yoruba Actress from Togo is Liz Da Sliva, and also one of the popular Yoruba Fothballer from Togo is Emmanuel Seyi Adebayor (Baba Tunde).

2023: Strengthen Women’s Political Participation and Decision-Making Power: NPPBG Meets PDP Nat'l Woman Leader (See what they discuss)


I bring you greetings from the Board of Trustees (BOT), the National Working Committee of our Association, National PDP Professionals and Business Group (NPPBG) and our Women fora.

Our leader, we thank you for the approval of this courtesy visit which has made our gathering possible.
It is with great joy that we stand before you today, congratulating you once again on your emergence as the National Woman Leader of our great party.

We pray that God shall grant you the enablement not only to get more women involved in politics but to also help more women participate in bringing the party back to the Centre come 2023.
Our leader, the women stakeholders of our association met and resolved as follows;
1. That we shall support the activities of the National Woman Leader across the nation, helping her to succeed maximally.

2. That we pledge our full support and loyalty to the National Woman Leader and the leadership of our great party.
3. That having spread our structures to all the wards of the federation, we request the National Woman Leader of the party to coopt us into her Team for further and necessary action
4. That we seek to partner with your office to sensitize all women in one profession/vocation or the other to join our party, support the party, be involved in the party, and vote the party’s candidate when the time comes.

5. That we seek your nod to bring in more women in the scheme of things of the party.

6. That you grant us a listening ear to share ideas and programmes from time to time to move our party forward.
We are grateful for this audience granted us, as we look forward to a smooth and productive working relationship moving forward.

Thank you once again Ma, God bless you.

Rtn Adaure Odu
National Woman Leader,

The PDP National Women leader, Professor Stella Effah-Attoe in her response said, I'm so proud of you all for the wonderful work you have been doing at your various constituencies, 

She noted that womanhood itself is a big constituency that cannot be underrated in politics, and when you don't realized that, you keep bitten around the bush. whilst admonished them to be more focus on growth and development of women (in politics) at their respective constituency. 

Girls and women have a right to engage in civil society, vote in elections, be elected to government office, serve on boards, and make their voices heard in any process that will ultimately affect them, their families, and their communities. Investing in girls’ and women’s right to political participation is a necessary step to achieving global gender equality and democratic governance.

I am  pleased with the PDP Professional and Business group and their commitments and am assuring you all to carry NPPBG Women along in my startegic plans, Prof Attoe concluded. 

2023: Atiku Dumps Obi, Picks Wike As Running Mate   

There are indications that the former Vice President and aspirant for the office of the President in the 2023 general election on the platform of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, may have picked Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, as his running mate in place of Peter Obi.
Obi, a former Anambra State governor, and economist was Atiku’s running mate in the 2019 general election. A former banker and technocrat, Obi brought charisma to the 2019 electioneering campaigns with his brilliant knowledge of economic management.

Sources say Atiku’s decision to dump Obi was because he allegedly made little financial contributions to the 2019 campaign purse as well as inability to win his state Anambra and the South East for the party in the presidential election.

“Prior to the 2019 election, Governor Peter Obi didn’t have a strong political structure outside the South East. People just loved him because of his vast knowledge of the economy, winning an election goes beyond all that.

“For instance, since he left office and joined PDP he has not been able to have his nominees win the governorship election in the state. Although he is brilliant and can speak good grammar, interprets the economy very well, winning an election is much more than that. How much did he bring to the table?

“To successfully run an election in this country you need money, connection, strong and vast political structure, etc, and these you find in abundance in Nyesom Wike. He is a good material any day and that’s not the kind of man you leave behind, especially if you want to win election in Nigeria,” according to a source close to the Atiku campaign team.

There is also the thinking that rather than lose out completely in 2023, a vice-presidential slot would be better for the Igbos. Those who hold this view allude to Atiku’s promise to rule Nigeria for only one term of four years if elected president in 2023 and facilitate the election of an Igboman as president.

VIDEO: Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu, Launches BASA 4 GSM, gives Grants, Sets up Community & Mobile Libraries, Others  through BASA Foundation in Ibadan.

Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu, Launches BASA 4 GSM MOVEMENT to recruit more volunteers to support Good Governance, Governor Seyi Makinde is giving the people and Launches the 2022 Programs for BASA FOUNDATION to offer Educational and Business Grants, Sets up Community & Mobile Libraries, Health Outreach and Others  through BASA Foundation in Ibadan.

Governor Makinde's aide, Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu, popularly known as BASA empowers Artisans, traders, students among many others in communities at Bashorun area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Sunday 30th, January 2022.

You would recall that through the BASA Foundation, Hon Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu has been empowering widows, indigent school children, orphans and the less privileged in the society for over two(2) decades 
According to Hon Bolanle Sarumi in a statement made available to SOUTHWEST-FRONTIER NEWS , she said
I appreciate the Governor for the rare opportunity he accorded me by including me to serve in his administration has constituted. It is our prayers that God gives us more to do more for the people and humanity”.

The empowerment program which include Education Scholarships And Grants, Health Care Outreach, Artisans And Market Traders Grants, Community And Mobile Libraries, Cleaner Streets and Markets, BASA Unity football competition and many more...

The beneficiaries lauds Hon. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu for her constant support to them and prayed God continue to strengthen her to do more for humanity. 
Hon. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu in her close remark said this is what she has been doing at a very young age to give back to the people and impact lives and she will continue what she can in her capacity to support good governance and His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde for all the good works he's doing in the Educational sector, Health sector and various sectors. I will continue to support with the little I have to ensure the Governor's plans is a huge success. BASA concluded.

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Defamation: JAMB PRO Sues Human Rights Radio, Demands N6bn‌

The Head, Media and Public Relations at Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB), Dr Fabian Benjamin, has dragged Mr Ahmed Isah of Human Rights Radio (2nd defendant) to court over injurious broadcast, false allegations and innuendos which amounted to defamation of the claimant’s character.
The JAMB spokesperson, Dr Benjamin is claiming N6 billion as compensation for general damages.

A statement obtained from the Board on Sunday in Abuja noted that joined in the suit as 1st defendant is Premier Broadcasting Ltd (owners of Human Rights Radio) of Plot 1184, Kaura District, besides Games Village, Abuja.

In SUIT NO. CV/3211/2021 filed by the claimant’s lawyer Chris Alashi, before an FCT High Court, sitting at Gwagwalada and presided over by Justice A.O. Ebong, Dr Benjamin is claiming N6 billion as compensation for general damages for the deliberate, libellous and malicious public broadcast by the 1st defendant and anchored by the 2nd defendant, Mr Ahmed Isah.

The claimant avers that on April 16, 2021, between 7:30 am and 10 am, the 2nd defendant, while on air on Human Rights Radio and Television (Brekete Programme), put a call to him via his mobile number from the 2nd defendant’s mobile number during which the latter maliciously defamed the claimant by impugning, maligning and discrediting his integrity and reputation as the PRO of JAMB and an academic.

In particular, the claimant alleges that the 2nd defendant, while on air, accused him of forging his PhD certificate as well as being an insane, incompetent, unscrupulous, sadistic person of questionable character.

The claimant also charges the 2nd defendant with saying his (claimant’s) bad behaviour and arrogance are hereditary, were acquired from his parents; that there is no solution to it; and that the claimant’s parents are also arrogant and damnable.

A hearing has been fixed for February 14, 2022.

EKiti 2022: Fayose, Oni Clash, Allege Sellout, Rigging Over Ekiti PDP Primary

A former Governor of Ekiti State and Peoples Democratic Party governorship aspirant in the state, Chief Segun Oni, has accused former Governor Ayodele Fayose, of selling out the party’s candidate to the All Progressives Congress.


Oni also took a swipe at the PDP National Working Committee led by Iyorchia Ayu for having hurriedly ratified the outcome of the governorship primary election, which he alleged was conducted in shoddy and abysmal manner.

In a statement in Ado Ekiti on Sunday titled, ‘Kolawole is APC candidate’s duplicate copy – Oni’, the Director-General of Segun Oni Campaign Organisation, Yemi Arokodare, stated, “The candidate of the PDP and Fayose’s protégé, Bisi Kolawole, can be best described as a duplicate copy of the APC candidate in the June 18 governorship election.”

Arokodare, who alleged that the outcome of the “flawed” PDP governorship primary in the state was orchestrated by Fayose to sell the party to the ruling APC, said, “It is an open secret in Ekiti political circle that the PDP ticket handed over to Kolawole is a duplicate copy of the APC ticket, it won’t produce any useful result.

“It is a big shame that the PDP NWC could not see through this deception, but deliberately connived with Fayose to force Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Emmanuel on the Ekiti process to achieve a predetermined hatchet job.”


The campaign organisation challenged Ayu to, in line with section 45 (a) Part VI under the General Provisions of the Electoral Guidelines for Primary, explain why he allowed Emmanuel to come for the second exercise in Ekiti.

But Fayose’s media aide, Lere Olayinka, who dismissed the allegations, said, “The PDP has produced a governorship candidate in the person of Kolawole. Those who had issues with the conduct of the primary had made presentations to the appeal panel. The panel has affirmed the result of the primary election.

“If anybody is saying another thing, he is on his own. The level now is that we wish and feel that everybody in the PDP including Engr Segun Oni will work together to ensure the victory of our candidate.

“Kolawole went to Oni’s house at Ifaki Ekiti on Thursday and was told that he was not at home. Our candidate has visited other aspirants; we are talking to our people so that all of us can come together and win this election for PDP and for the people of Ekiti State.

“But anybody saying any other thing outside that is on his own. We know those who have remained in PDP and those who have moved in and out of PDP. We know those who were among the people who rigged PDP out in 2018,” Olayinka said

Another Monarch In Oyo State Joins His Ancestors


Oloko of Oko Ile,Oba Gabriel Adepoju has joined the ancestors.
Oko Ile is located in Ori ire local government area of Oyo state.

A source close to the palace, Mr.Samson Ayoade disclosed that the monarch transited in the early hours of Sunday 30th January at the age of eighty five.

Oba Adepoju ascended the throne in 1997.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Landlord Twin Sons Allegedly Defile Tenant’s 10-Year-Old Girl

A 10-year-old girl was allegedly defiled by 16-year-old twin brothers in Abagana, Njikoka Local Government of Anambra.
The Executive Director of Davina Care Foundation, Mrs Rachel Yohanna, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday, in Awka that the case was brought to the foundation by the mother of the victim, Mrs Benedict Sunday, a nurse.

NAN learnt that the suspects were children of the caretaker of the house where the victim lived and had been continually harassed for her refusal to be defiled a second time.
Yohanna said the alleged crime was reported at Abagana Police Station on January 16, and the suspects and their mother, Mrs Chinwe Okpe, were arrested.

She said the girl was taken to Ntasi Centre for Sexual-Assault Cases at Enugu-Ukwu General Hospital, where it was confirmed that she was defiled, following perennial tears (the area between the vagina and the anus).

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She also said that the victim, accompanied by a police officer and an aunt to the suspects, went for a second test at the police clinic when the mother of the suspects said the medical result from Ntasi centre was forged.

According to Yohanna, the result still came out positive.

“The mother of the victim said her daughter complained of pains in her private part and stomach sometime in November 2021, without telling her the caretaker’s sons defiled her.

“As a nurse, she bought drugs and used a hot towel to massage her daughter’s vagina area.

“On January 16, she said she got back from work and met vigilante group with her daughter waiting. The group said they brought back her daughter after she ran to them for safety.

“She said the twin boys tried to sleep with her daughter a second time and because she refused, they beat her. When the girl reported to their mother (caretaker), she slapped her and threatened to deal with her if she did not keep quiet.

“The girl ran to the vigilante group for safety. And her mother reported the matter to the police station in Abagana afterwards,” she said.

Yohanna said that during police interrogation, the victim said the twin boys attacked her in the bathroom while her mother was away, held her down on the floor and defiled her.

“The twin boys are still denying the defilement, “she said.

Yohanna said the victim was on treatment while the case had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Akwa, for further investigation.

She said the case would be charged to family court after investigation, while the foundation will mobilise support and follow up the case to ensure the victim get the needed medical help and justice.


BREAKING: Oyo Lawmaker, Hon Popoola Is Dead

Hon. Ademola Olusegun Popoola, a lawmaker representing Ibadan Southeast con...