Thursday, February 24, 2022

Human Capital Development Will Be Prioritized — AIB Vows 

Hon. Abeeb Idowu Balogun, The All Progressives Congress (APC), aspirant into Oyo State House of Assembly has promised to prioritise enhancement of human capital development, after he is able to secure his way into the legislative chamber.

AIB, who decides to represent Ibada Southwest Constituency II come 2023, in a statement he personally signed and made available to Southwest-frontier News disclosed that concerted efforts would be geared towards enhancement of human capital development.
The young business mogul, stressed that human capital development remains the only strategic and futuristic plan through which the constituents can be better elevated.

AIB maintained that the foundation of every state is education of its youths, that all the concerned, notable and relevant stakeholders would be called to a round table discussion to fashion out ways through which the youths would have better access to western education.

He added that, prevalence of poverty and hardship would be very easy to fight while education is given to all and they are equally taught how to make effective use of education to benefit their lives.

AIB said, though the functions of lawmaker are defined and restricted, working in tandem with the executive arm of government will unequivocally trigger an acceleration of educational development in the constituency and beyond.

In another vein, the aspirant said he would ensure he dissipates painstaking efforts on constituents’ skills’ acquisition, which would definitely enhance their survival and extinction of hardship in their lives.
He promised to diversify the mode of empowerments and take to modern way of elevating the constituents from alleged hardship ravaging the communities and beyond.

AIB, however called on constituents to throw their weight behind him, in order to attain the feasibility of long dreamt ambition.

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