Monday, March 28, 2022

BREAKING: 37 year old Tari-Oba Oliver declares for 2023 presidential race

                                            Tari-Oba Oliver

Tari Oliver is a quintessential 37 year old young Presidential Hopeful vying for the Peoples Democratic Party nomination ahead of the 2023 Presidential Elections in Nigeria.

As one of the hardliners who successfully campaigned for the Not Too Young to Run Bill which is now an Act (Law) of Nigeria, Tari-Oba Oliver comes easily to mind among Nigeria's earliest examples that will throw in her hat not just as a young person but a female who will be seeking to be elected as the country's President on a popular party platform.

This is happening at a time there is increasing need or a paradigm shift to free Nigeria's Political Space from the chronic  dependency and recycling of outdated oligarchs who have run out of ideas on how best to manage the country.

Tari Oliver holds the view of a United States of Nigeria where each federating unit is economically autonomous not just in principle but in practical terms.

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The young lady enjoys a vast cross-country origin. Born in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos State, Tari's biological parents hail from the oil-rich Niger Delta where her father hails from Delta State (Otor-Ogor in Ugheli North LGA) and her mum from Kaiama-Kolokuma-Opokuma LGA of Bayelsa State while her two grand parents emerged from Yoruba land in the South-Western State of Oyo and Tivland in the North-Central State of Benue.

She is ready to take the bull by the horns as a young Nationalist by competing against persons in her Great Party who are old enough to be her Grandparents yet are not ready to vacate the scene for new ideas to thrive and flourish

During her 19 years stay as a Member of then ruling PDP to now Opposition PDP at the National Level, Tari-Oba Oliver has never deemed it fit to decamp or jump to any other political party unlike the ubiquitous practice most Nigerian politicians keep doing countless times.

Her enduring years of faithfulness to the Party saw her rise to her present position as Technical Adviser on Agriculture to the Governor of Bayelsa State.

Tari Oliver has also tested her popularity by contesting for several elective positions with the most recent as that of the Lekki State House of Assembly Seat in Lagos and her Gubernatorial ambition which featured her as the only female aspirant in the Bayelsa Governorship Elections in September of 2019.

A strong Feminist and advocate for gender equality. Tari Oliver understands the place of Mentorship and Empowerment so she has dedicated time, energy and resources to supporting, empowering and encouraging young women to participate in politics. 

To drive this goal, over the years she has organized through the *Tari Oba Foundation*, various awareness programmes across Secondary Schools and Universities to get more women in the decision making process.
As a political mobilizer in Bayelsa and Lagos States respectively, Tari Oliver believes that women who hold offices in government are duty bound to encourage, motivate and support women's participation in politics.

She holds a Master's Degree (In View) in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution having Graduated from the National Open University of Nigeria with Bachelors in Criminology and Security Studies. She also graduated from the School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG).

Over the years, Tari Oliver has built a thriving career as a Community Organizer, Anti-Corruption Crusader, a Fitness and Wellness Professional, Child and Maternal Health Activist.
As an Activist, she supervised various community interventions to ensure the protection of the rights of women and children.

Professionally she has managed various fitness and wellness centers within and outside the country, and until her resignation to run as a candidate for the Lagos State house of Assembly, she was a Fitness / Wellness consultant to Shell Nigeria Production and Exploration Company. SNEPCO

In 2017, Tari Oliver spearheaded a Campaign to encourage adoption of abandoned children as a way of crime prevention.

She also played a key role in the anti-corruption campaign in Nigeria by co-producing the movie titled Classical Fraud in partnership with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC) with the view of proactively enlightening the general public on various schemes used by scammers to lure their victims.

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Her long standing advocacy for Electricity to be removed from the exclusive list also paid off recently when the National Assembly voted to remove the obnoxious clause among others such as State Policing which is pending.

Her lifetime goal is to be able to serve not just her Communities of Kolokuma Opokuma, Ngor Okpala, Ughelli North, or Ibeju Lekki but the entire Nigerian State.

To achieve this, she registered with the then biggest Party in Africa, the PDP when she was just 18years old and has since remained an unshaken member.

A recipient of several recognitions, Tari Oliver also prides herself for the recognition she gained from Lagos State Government which implemented her long standing advocacy for a Maternal and Child Health Care Center within the Ajah axis of the State.

Tari Oliver believes that one way or the other like her diverse origin, we are interwoven with each other as brothers and sisters in our rich multi-ethnic and cultural compositions in Nigeria. This is why she is convinced a United States of Nigeria is possible, where all Nigerians have an equal opportunity to harness their God's given potentials.

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Having travelled across the 36 States of the Federation she's got the strong support from the youths, women and virtually all who genuinely desire a new Nigeria

She is calling on all well meaning Nigerians irrespective of age, Religion, gender and Ethnicity to join the support train towards her goal of a United Nigeria. Together we can build a Nigeria of our dream

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