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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Opinion: Nigeria, A jungle Where Animals Are Not Equal - By Otunba Yomi Ojo | Southwest-frontier News

President Buhari and APC were  voted into power by millions of Nigerians across all the six geopolitical  regions in the country after they promised positive CHANGE!

2015 presidential election was one of the celebrated APC victory in the history of the country, large  sections of Nigeria, especially gatekeepers believed that a retired General Muhammud Buhari is the Messiah that Nigerians were waiting for, forgetting the first coming of General Muhammud Buhari in 1983, when Nigeria experienced her second highest inflation and lowest standard of living after civil war, well, but his Government then introduced war against indiscipline, which made his 1983-85 military Government popular among the elites before General gbadamosi Babagida took over the Government through the coup of 1985.

After 2015 elections, buhari's leadership started to show a signs of nepotism in his appointments, Government dealings, projects and businesses, that favoured the people of the north, especially the fulani extraditions, and also the top positions in Nigerian security agencies were given to the fulanis and other parts of  the northern state of the country.

The issue of fulani herdsmen and their operation enjoys the support of Nigeria's presidency lead by General Muhammud Buhari to the extent that his Government didn't bother about the lives of other citizens especially our farmers, Benue state being the food basket of the country had experienced the biggest attacks from herdsmen, in the process over 2000 thousand farmers and their families have lost their lives, south west states weren't left out of the massacre of buhari's kinsmen and the president pretends as if nothing has happened, even with the outcry of majority of Nigerians to the president and demands that Fulani Herdsmen should be named as a terrorist group.

After comparing the attitude of president Buhari and his Government towards the people of the southeast states  and the body called IPOB, a group of people demanding for secession from Nigeria, buhari's government quickly named the group a terrorist group after series of their protest and Fulani Herdsmen killing Farmers, burning their homes and farms were left untouched or cautioned by Buhari's Government.

You will agree with me that we are not equal in this country and Buhari's Government is putting his people above everyone else and causing a lot of disunity among Nigerians at home and abroad and led to every regions demand for secession from the country.
Buhari's Government has failed in all areas especially, security, economy, education, health care, agriculture and unity in the country.

Nigeria is battling with the high prices of food stuffs and inflation bcos our farmers have abandoned their farms due to nepotic attitude of the president and his failure to call his people (Fulani Herdsmen) to order, the laughable incidents in Nigeria today is seeing our soldiers escort Fulani and their cattles across the country after giving these herdsmen power to carry AK47 without any challenges.

I really pity Nigerians especially people that have big families, the situation in the country is so bad that to pay school fees and meet necessary needs is very difficult.

Let me advice, that everyone should go out and get their voters cards and be ready to vote APC and Buhari out of power in 2023, we need fresh air, fresh brains and  Nigerian Youths should stand up and hijack their destinies from  Buhari's hyenas in Government!

Otunba Yomi Ojo
Fiwajoye 1

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