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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Akin Fagbemi: An Icon Of Unblemished Character | Southwest-frontier News


March 27, 2021

Mogaji Akin Fagbemi, PhD has is living  a life distinguished by humane principles, refined values and remarkable achievements. The Mogaji of Agunleyinju compound is a man
distinguished by several distinctive qualities, including his goodness of character and uncommon political philosophy of value addition.

Dr. Akin Fagbemi who is a multiple award winner locally and internationally is a reminiscent of the day that one is delivered into a whole new world of wonder and uncertainties, the tides and storms of human existence are important in our lives as it either rekindles the flames of our aspiration, or refocuses our gaze into the deep and wide horizon of life.

 By and large, life  is truly measured on the basis of the impacts the life it bears makes in a society.

Through the office of OYRTMA, Mogaji Akin Fagbemi has been able to safe many lives. 

History will be judged based on our impact in life. His days on earth have been on the service to the fatherland.

Looking into his effective way of managing Oyo State Road and Traffic Management Agency. It has been observed that his classy touch has shown to the world that management is about proper coordination and service delivery while  Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.

The leadership skill of Dr. Akin Fagbemi at the OYRTMA has really contribute a lot to the management of traffic in Oyo State. 

The introduction of number of men and women in the State known as OYRTMA Mayors for voluntary service towards easing traffic congestion as really make the public roads free.

Officers of OYRTMA due to their effective and hardworking nature now has assess to free uniform and kits.
 Governor Seyi Makinde Administration has provided operational kits and other gadgets as well as high quality crested vests, berets, jungle boot, reflective jackets and operational trousers as this will help them to deliver their duty effectively.  
OYRTMA now operates with power bikes and sophisticated operational vehicles.

 Mogaji (Dr.) Akin Fagbemi has been able to introduce FERO, Fast-track Emergency Response Operations which played major role  during and after the recent agitations by Nigerian Youths in the the #endsars protests as well as the effective management of movements during the height of the global Covid-19 Pandemic particularly in Oyo State. This has further safe lives of accident victims in the State.

OYRTMA under Mogaji Akin Fagbemi has been able to curb road crashes, and ensure ease  of human and vehicular throughout Oyo State. 

OYRTMA now has command in each local government of Oyo State for effective road traffic management. With the command in each local government, OYRTMA has been able to ensure effective traffic management, carry out rescue operations through the use of their ambulance, maintenance of law and order on the highways.

Effective touch of Mogaji(Dr.) Akin Fagbemi on OYRTMA has create a safer travel environment with minimum delay for all users of road transportation system in Oyo State, flowing and efficient traffic environment has also been observed.

Akin Fagbemi is a man of influence
Akin Fagbemi  is a man of impact
Akin Fagbemi  is a man of wisdom and understanding 
Akin Fagbemi is a man of many attributes that one will love to emulate

He is a kind of man whose nature is rare.

I wish you God's goodness and mercy in everything you do.

You've come a long way to be someone admire so much by  professionals and the political class. I pray you will continue to rise from Grace to Grace.

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