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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A Team Playing Fed Honourable, Which I Am, Is In The Best Interest Of Our People - Hon Ajibola Muraina | Southwest-Frontier News

June 22, 2021


Hon Dr Ajibola Muraina, federal lawmaker representing Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North in the 9th House of Assembly will like to acknowledge all the kudos and appreciations that greeted the mid-term account of his stewardship titled: My Mid-term Account Of The Last Two Years In The 9th House Of Representatives, which was dated June 19, 2021. While the overwhelming majority of the feedback has been positive and complimentary, a few had been sprinkled with scathing criticism which even though unpalatable should not be ignored, on the benefit of doubt that the author of such criticisms may simply be not adequately informed about the duties and responsibilities of a Member, House of Representatives and the modus operandi of being an effective federal people representative. Hence, the need to make the following points: 
1. Twelve successful motions raised in two legislative years for a Parliamentarian, in a parliament of 360 Members, with limited time and resources for motions, bills, et cetera, to put it mildly and humbly, is a distinguished achievement. To God be all the glory.
2. Five out of those twelve motions directly affect our constituency. There is a motion on need to investigate the gruesome murder of Dr Fatai Aborode which sad event occurred on Friday December 11, 2020 at Igangan in Oyo State. Hon Muraina successfully moved this motion on Wednesday, December 16, 2020. 
3. Once a Honourable Member is elected into the House of Representatives, he not only represents his immediate constituency, but the whole of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
4. Making motions and bills that have national appeal is the most potent way of lobbying one's honourable colleagues so that one can always have their ears and one will not be seen as a myopic or parochial person. One must be seen as a team player. 
5. A federal honourable who is involved in moving motions and raising bills relating to other constituents like Hon Muraina does, is well respected and supported at all times, earning the constituency he actually represents a lot of goodwill.
6. A Member of the House is not a meddlesome interloper by raising motions or bills from other parts and constituencies in Nigeria. He is simply showing his appreciation of our national problems and issues while seeking national solutions to them. 
7. Rather than having reservations about Hon Muraina's motions and bills of national outlook, it should be a thing of pride for his constituents (as it actually is for most of them) that his motions are not parochial nor sectional and he is worthy of commendation by them for promoting the constituency on a national scale.
8. All the motions, indeed all the five motions that directly relate to our constituency, indirectly relate to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the remaining seven that appear directly related to other areas of Nigeria, indirectly relate to our Federal Constituency. The distinction is one without a difference and no useful purpose will be served by creating that distinction.
9. Several developmental bills not mentioned in his mid-term account is for strategic reasons, however as clearly stated in the account, they are listed on the National Assembly website, anyone could access and see them there. 
10. Hon Ajibola Muraina will not publish the names of the beneficiaries of his financial support because it is contrary to the tenets of Ibarapa customs and tradition as much as it runs contrary to God's expected standard of morality and values.
11. Renovation of schools were evenly distributed ie a school each was picked from Igboora, Idere, Ayete, Tapa and Igangan. Ditto for all the other projects, no sentiment was allowed. Subsequent projects distribution will follow this just, equitable, even and exemplary distribution.
12. Scholarships, Quiz, Essay and Football competitions being, "special support for extra-curricular educational activities in all secondary schools (public and private) in Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency" are tokens of Hon Muraina's personal contributions and were sponsored from his own purse. 
13. The avenue of Town Hall meetings for getting feedback from constituents will be explored after Covid-19 has been laid to rest. In the meantime, Hon Muraina will continue to obtain feedbacks remotely through the social media and his constituency office as he had been doing without any pressure from any quarters. 
14. The development of agriculture, the founding of the College of Agriculture and Technology, and the repairs of roads are the exclusive preserve of the Executive. All that a clever Parliamentarian can do is to make use of motions to call the attention of the Executive to these matters as Hon Muraina did in the motion on Alh Fatai Yusuf (AKA Oko Oloyun) by calling on FERMA for road repairs. 
15. Hon Ajibola Muraina has been visiting his constituency at least twice in a month. It is disappointing that any allegation regarding this is coming when he was home during the burial of Chief M. F. Adeegbe on June 5th and promptly on June 6th immediately after the unfortunate invasion of Igangan visited and commiserated with his constituents (the first government functionary, be it state or federal to get there) before proceeding to Abuja on June 7th to move a motion of urgent public importance on the invasion of Igangan, on the floor of the Green Chamber, on June 8th. Early in May, he was home on May 19th for the PDP constituency meeting and on May 27th for the Muraina Saubana Ajibola Annual Football Competition Finals and the Children's Day celebrations.

With the knowledge of these facts, our people can be more understanding in their perspective of issues, situations and circumstances surrounding how Hon Ajibola Muraina has been doing the job the good people of Ibarapa Central/ Ibarapa North Federal Constituency had given him to do.


Olubunmi Sodipo
S. A. Media
June 22, 2021.

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