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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Ibadan Destiny-ADP Group Led By Baba Adesina Sheu, Passes Vote Of Confidence On Govr Makinde | Southwest-Frontier News

Since the present Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde was sworn into office on May 29, 2019 at the Liberty Stadium, we the members of DESTINY group have watched with keen interests the strides of the government towards making life more meaningful for the people of Oyo State. To say we have not been disappointed is an understatement because the Governor has impressed us beyond our expectations. He has indeed destroyed the age long myth that Governance is complex and can not be demystified in Nigeria. 

Coming into office to meet backlog of salaries and pensions which the late Ajimobi left behind, Governor Seyi sworn into action by paying the salaries and emoluments owed civil servants and giving them a promise that his government would not pay with “Oh God” at the end of every month. He made good his promise of paying at the 25th day of every month a move which has been a motivation for all workers in the state.  The government revealed recently that it has spent more than 11.7 billion in paying the backlog of pensions and arrears of retired civil servants. No wonder he is the new bride of pensioners and civil servants and their prayers are enormous for him. 

As a group, we are advocates of judicious use of government resources and we are not unaware of the stride of this administration’s stride to continue to make prudent use of government resources by embarking on the completion of abandoned projects by previous administrations and reviving moribund industries where government have investments that has been hitherto seen and dead and buried. Some of the projects include the Akala expressway that runs through New Garage to Apata, Moniya-Iseyin Road, Akobo express road just to mention but a few. Some of the moribund but now revived industries include the state’s asphalt plant at Moniya, Garri processing industry at Ido, Juice processing industry at Oolo in Ogbomosho just to mention a few. 

The Governor has also proved that the is indeed serious at repositioning Oyo starts with his massive investment in the renovation and remodeling of a Lekan Salami Sports Complex, Adamasingba. The Complex has been turned to a world class sporting facility that will definitely play host to many international competition and will be home to our darling 3SC football club, the pride of the state. All this investments will have a multiplier effect on the economy by opening many windows of opportunities for businessmen and women in the state. 

With all these giant strides by the Governent of Engineer Seyi Makinde, we were surprised to read that some elements within the ruling party in the state could descend so low to discredit a performing Governor. The pronouncement of these elders that are supposed to be role models is disgraceful and demeaning. The decision is borne out of their selfish interests and not in the interests of the good people of the state who are gradually enjoying the dividends of democracy with they have been denied of many years. We expect these sectional elders to retrace their steps by going with the majority of the people of the state who believe so much that Governor Seyi Makinde is taking Oyo Statte back to its pace setter status. 
We implore the good people of Oyo State to ignore the utterances of these selfish and greedy politicians who do not have another source of income aside politics, we know too well their antics as they are always in terms with any government that priotises their interests over the interest of the majority. We members of this group hereby pass a vote of confidence on the Governor because we believe so much in his ability to transform the state with the many things he has done with just two years into his administration.  We implore all progress and peace loving people of the state to keep faith with their Governor and also advice the Governor not to be distracted by these enemies of progress. 

In conclusion we want to implore the Governor to urgently look into issues of security. As stakeholders in the Oyo State project we believe safety of lives and properties will boost the people’s confidence in his administration. We therefore advice the Government to go a step further in his quest to ensure the security of lives and properties by moving to dismantle all joints where drugs are been sold to young people who are been used by politicians that are hell bent at destroying the relative peace we enjoy on the state. This step will go a long way in reducing meeting point for these gangsters. God bless Oyo State.

Signed by:
Baba Adesina Sheu... Eleyele

Hon Oluyedun Bello Babatunde JP
     Secretary General

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